Lunar Eclipse November 2021


The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse falls at 27º Taurus Decan 3.

This Eclipse will be conjunct the notorious fixed star Algol in the head of Medusa

The moon is usually exalted in Taurus, but there is no such assurance in this decan. Saturn’s impact as decan ruler can bring tremendous obstructions at this time. Moon in Taurus 3 will not prohibit achievement indefinitely however, so try not to get too glum! Keep in mind though at this new moon, any stardom that dose manage to materialise comes with some amount of infamy. The Moon is still afflicted by the melancholia of its Saturn rulership. However, this time period is exceptional for those who exploit and make money out of calamity and malaise unfortunately. Some could find the agony associated with such a tender moon becomes totally unbearable. The seduction of numbing oneself with drugs (Especially alcohol) can be immense at this time along side the black dog of depression. Feelings of distress could be troubling too. There is a propensity to self-destruction and those influenced by this moon might feel their lives are cursed for a few weeks. Despite the trauma, eventually you realize that if the dark fates haven’t killed you then it has actually made you ten times more vigorous and tough!  It can be the phoenix rising from the flames. Generally, the Moon in Taurus 3 supports those who are survivors! Crushed and sometimes shattered, they will resurrect and reshape themselves to proudly display their cuts and bruises. Around this eclipse, there can be night mares, but dreams will be remarkably lucid and can even be predictive. Our future visions can also be uplifting and inspiring if we switch off the news for long enough. A ritual to banish severe fears and phobias would be excellent at this full moon eclipse. 

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 2021


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