Lunar Eclipse June 2011 – Kill or Cure


The June 15 2011 Lunar Eclipse is at 24 degrees Sagittarius and on the Fixed Star Lesath. The Lunar Nodes are important in an eclipse and the North Node is still on Ras alhague in Ophuichus. The most relevant aspect to this eclipse is the Mars sextile Ceres which both plug into the Moon and make an aspect pattern known as a “Provocative”.

NEW! PODCAST that discusses this post and the rest of the months celestial weather. We had one of these same patterns with the so-called “Supermoon” in March. This is a person who takes it upon himself to bring things out into the open that would otherwise remain in hiding, a whistle-blowing eclipse then. Attack is the best form of defense with this pattern in the sky, and as it involves Mars (War) and food/resources (Ceres) we should see some hard bargaining in the world market place. The Lunar eclipse is on Lesath the stinger in the scorpion, which is quincunx a Mars on Algol, Phew!

Eclipse on Lesath

This is not going to be a peaceful six months at all. Lesath is “Of the nature of Mercury and Mars. It gives danger, desperation, immorality and malevolence, and is connected with acid poisons”. [1] A piercing intellect and an acid tongue then. There is even a semi-sextile from Mars to Mercury to make things even more cutting. Stinging words in the media. Someone is going to take revenge and spill their story, their tell-tales will have a devastating effect.

Mars on Algol, well I don’t much like the planet of war being on a star that means “Piled up corpses”. But I will try and keep it positive since I didn’t find anyone too fearsome with Mars on Algol in my research.

So following Jamie’s idea, we could well be talking about some revelations about the human genome, something that had been hidden. Mars with Mercury; splicing, medical procedures, genetic manipulation. Remember Medusa’s blood could heal or poison. If this sharp intellect is ignited, maybe we will have some new scientific breakthroughs in these 6 months or a medical cure.

The North Node is still transiting over Ras Alhague the medicine man, which fits the general theme. Ras Alhague is also the shaman, so this could be either prescribed, or street drugs. Ceres square Moon talks of controversy over what we put into our bodies. Herbs and vitamins V prescription drugs or even a “War on Drugs”. This may be about wanting to ban patients from treating themselves somehow.

Algol can be about castrating personal power, letting the “Gods” (doctors) decide what’s best for the patient. It describes the process of loosing touch with what our bodies are telling us and fearing the consequences if we don’t go to the so-called expert.

Body Talk

On a personal level this is about getting in touch with our bodies, listening to them and not always trying to mask that pain. We could decide to look at our diet and nutrition. Mars sextile Ceres is great for cutting out those fattening and unhealthy empty calories. Of course with Lesath the stinger it’s also asking us “What’s your poison?” and Algol Mars? Well we have already discussed its association with the demon alcohol. Talking of which, another manifestation could be alcohol-fueled violence. We are coming up to summertime in the Northern hemisphere. The season of the refreshing outdoor pint ands sweaty guys watching pub football. I’d keep clear of drunkards during this eclipse.

The only asteroid of note conjunct the Moon, is Eudora 217 a rain nymph. She is one of the seven sisters that comprise the stormy Hyades star cluster. The wine theme continues, as they were also known for nursing the wine god Dionysus. Let’s hope we don’t get anymore marathon floods. It could just be floods of tears though, as this is a passionate, ultra-emotional and even vengeful moon.

The card I picked for this eclipse was “The 4 of Pentacles”, and in this deck also the constellation Orion. This great hunter was stung to death by a scorpion (Moon on Lesath!) for defiling nature. Like Algol’s monstrous creations there is the arrogance of thinking one can cheat nature somehow. The pentacles are about resources (Ceres). This card questions how much man should control nature.

In relationships this lunar eclipse will be about letting things take their natural course and not trying to manipulate things too much. The temptation for revenge is high, but hold back before lashing out and you might find the universe will take care of things for you anyway. There is no need for overkill. Ramming things home could backfire.

1. Fixed stars & their Constellations, Robson, p.173.