Solar Eclipse April 2014 ~ Mind-over-matter


The Solar Eclipse on April 29 is at 8º Taurus and falls on Hamal in the forehead of Aries the ram. Eclipses are always important, but solar ones can blot out the Sun during the day which freaked out our ancestors. This eclipse is not total but it could freak us out anyway due to it containing the…gasp…tremor…faint…etc etc…Cardinal Grand Cross. Behold it’s a sign…zzzzzzz. No, it’s not the end of the world. In fact this eclipse (via Mercury) is casting a healing trine toward Pluto in the grand cross, filtering out to the masses whatever he is trying to uncover. This revealing could be related to Jupiter on Sirius opposite in the cross.

Lately I have been looking at the possibility that we are in a binary with Sirius. The Binary Research Institute has done a great deal of research of evidence of this through exploring ancient civilisations and their myths and it’s everywhere! I love the idea of our Sun/Osiris having a consort in Sirius/Isis and that golden ages occur when they are close to each other. As humans we are always looking for that lost star to complete ourselves, wether it be through a child or a partner. But if we follow the cyclical rules of the cosmos, growth is only achieved when these star mates move away from each other and experience their own personal “dark ages.” Maybe this binary relationship is also reflected in the story of Persephone and Demeter (Ceres).


The eclipse aspects suggest scribes and magic. There is need for personal empowerment through taking control of our health. Sun conjunct Mercury and Moon conjunct Mercury, bring up the question of health and quackery since we also have Sun sextile Neptune which can be deceptive even with a sextile because the energies are still forming and Neptune’s tide can change at any moment. Moon sextile Neptune is in-tune with the collectives hopes and dreams however. This can be a very nurturing and self-sacrificing guru figure. Someone who is the panacea for the people, like Princess Diana was. Sun trine Pluto can spell caste without you realising, we could automatically defer to their power and be blind to their manipulation. It could be a religious icon with a brooding Moon trine Pluto sex appeal? (Oh god, not Russell Brand again…)


Positively this aspect can be about human rights and empowering others. It makes survivors, but negatively can inflate ones sense of power and create a tyrant despite the trine. All these aspects are making me think of how the EU and FDA are trying to outlaw our freedom to buy certain high-dose vitamins and minerals. The effect of this eclipse might be felt through our health very literally. It is thought that we do feel the effects of solar flares or coronal mass ejections (CME’s) from the Sun. Check out the amazing Facebook response a post about my own weird symptoms over the equinox period. Mercury holds the caduceus and is associated with medicine. He is also Hermes, the founder of the Hermetic arts and healing through the influence of the fixed stars and zodiac.

Mercury conjunct the Solar eclipse and trine Pluto emphasises the healing power of words. The word prescription comes from the same root as scribe. In ancient times scribes handed out magical cures written on pieces of paper. These magic -word potions cured people, such was the power of auto-suggestion. This also shows why curses and the poison pen letters can do so much damage. The media is the modern day vehicle through which these “spells” are cast out. So it’s very important what media we let influence our brains. Neptune and Pluto spell sorcery and Mercury is binding their influence to the eclipse. We must not underestimate the intelligence of our own body, and its ability to heal itself. But we need to remove the negative Pluto/Neptune brainwashing and environmental toxins for it to be able to do that.


Solar eclipse April 2014

The New Moon is situated between two fixed stars Hamal and Schedir. Hamal is closest the ecliptic and the one that speaks to us the loudest. This is not a great star according to the ancients because it is of a Mars/Saturn nature. Not good with the Sun at all “Dissipation, evil associates, loss and disgrace.” It is also described as being brutish and cruel. But, and it’s a big Aries head butt here. The Moon’s influence on Hamal calms this tendency down considerably “Patient, slow success through hard work, trouble through love affairs but favorable for marriage, marriage partner gains by business or speculation.” Interesting that genuine committed relationships do really well here. But that doesn’t mean settling for co-dependent relationships. They do more harm than good, like using a crutch when you don’t need it. You don’t want your bones or muscles (own support system) wasting away do you? In this eclipse the Moon will block out the ego’s influence and the problem of “domination” will be worked on. In the wider world we should find Sirius’s compassionate influence filtering through from Jupiter. If Sirius is Isis then there can be some re-membering going on. We are piecing together lost knowledge that can help heal humanity.

Schedir in Cassiopeia “This star is not considered unlucky, but a certain amount of demonic power seems to be ascribed to it. Should good living transgress reasonable limits the results will be disadvantageous.” With this star we must be careful not to abuse our position, lest it releases that ‘demonic power’ My own interpretation of Taurus decan 1 relies on the influence of both Queen Cassiopeia and the constellation of Aries, which takes up the whole decan. “so many natural leaders here. These are the steam-rolling bulls, once they get a momentum going there is no stopping them and they will flatten anything in their path so be warned…. These people are gifted orators and fight their battles with words. They are supreme propagandists. For them the pen really is mightier than the sword.” So you can see the power of words comes up yet again!

Solar Eclipse April 2014

Words are so important with this eclipse because Taurus decan 1 (Where this Moon falls) is also ruled by Mercury. Mercury at 12º Taurus becomes the strong, “raging bull and ravenous raconteur”, very eager to take on that cardinal grand cross as he makes aspects to all of it. 8º – 12º Taurus then are the tea and sympathy for all those cardinals suffering from the effects of the grand cross. They will write you prescriptions to make you feel better. But their powerful speech can also bully, so pick your Bovine guru wisely. Words carry responsibility and need to be served ethically. The internet can be a source of Neptune poison, because there is so much instant, unsolicited information out there. Word porn! Even the so called alternative can have an agenda and it so easy to hide behind an avatar. We can only trust our gut feelings. This eclipse will shut off our logical mind if we are facing information-overload meltdown and force connection to the maat-erial. Sometimes the answer isn’t in a book, but in the sensation of dew-covered turf under a bare foot.

Asteroid Toro

The Moon in Taurus conjunct Asteroid Toro. Double steam-rolling bull energy. Demetra George says it shows the octave progression from Mars to Pluto “transforming the raw, instinctive desire of Mars to the controlled focused and penetrating power of Pluto. Toro describes how we confront and handle the onslaught of violent or negative influences that we experience either from without of from within our own minds…more skilful application of Toro includes the mastery of the martial arts that seek to deflect and reverse aggression….the ability to transmute potentially harmful forces into protective ones. Knowing how to turn one’s enemy into an ally is indeed a potent power, especially when this “enemy” lies within your own being” [1]

This is a fantastic example of how we can use this Moon to heal any negative propaganda coming from Pluto, for it is pointless just seek vengeance and project hate onto it. As Demetra beautifully points out, Toro is a clue to what we need to heal and expel from ourselves. It is a great gift, but not if we run away from it in fear and miss the potential of inner healing. It’s also ok to alert others to it’s darkness, but not to fall into sensationalism. The energy must be transmuted. The Moon is also conjunct Asteroid Philomena, a sad myth that shows us what can happen if we react too raw and instinctively (Mars) to dominators. Philomena was raped by her sister’s husband who insisted she keep silent about it. Philomena threatened to reveal all and had her tongue ripped out. The tongue is needed for speech of course and takes us back to our communicative Solar Eclipse conjunct Mercury.  There could be a tendency to shoot the messenger here because the truth is something just too unpalatable.  In the case of haughty Queen Cassiopeia, she was also punished for speaking out, though in her case it was simply boasting. Therefore those that use this energy negatively through the “Kiss and tell” could find it backfires on them. Either way, punishment for speaking out is highlighted wether it is truth revealing or sensationalism.

Eclipse Summary


The propaganda power of this eclipse is very strong, I think some corporations and politicians will attempt to tell some very big lies, but the public will simply not buy it. The potential for whistle blowing is also high. Maybe some information will come out about our Sun and the behaviour of all stars in general which will help us understand ourselves better. As above, so below as Hermes said. Monotheistic religions are based on the theory that there is the one and only Helios and everything revolves around him. But if we are part of a binary, that shifts our thinking somewhat.

Mercury likes duality and linking opposites, while Solar Eclipses join the Sun and Moon (Right and left Brain). Religion and the stars are deeply connected, but the connection has been used to control. People still shudder a little when eclipses are approaching. I’m sure this stems from fear-mongering by those who had the knowledge of eclipses in ancient times and therefore the ability to predict when these dark days would come. You can imagine how that could be used to manipulate the ignorant. The same is happening today. Who knows what is still being kept hidden (Pluto) and what sorcery is happening through it. With this solar eclipse, knowledge is power and if you dig deep enough it will set you free.

Solar Eclipse Keywords

Health issues, mind-over-matter, separating ego from thinking, spin masters, common sense, shape-shifters, yarn spinners, creative tale telling, lairs, sorcery, forbidden knowledge, kiss and tells, digging deep, knowledge is power, propaganda, brain food, binary systems, curses, poison pens, prescriptions, scribes, re-membering ancient wisdom, connecting with the maat-erial world, word porn, discernment of mass media, filtering out toxins, transmuting anger, martial arts.

1. Asteroid Goddesses. Demetra George & Douglas Bloch. Pg 191.