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Moon Phases 2016

Click on the images below to the charts for every lunation and eclipse of 2016. Detailed reports of each Moon will be completed at least 1 week before it occurs.

Full & New Moon Meanings

New Moons tend to make us want to plant new seeds and start afresh. But we are essentially working blind however, without the illumination of the Sun’s wisdom. With a New Moon we are working 100% on our instincts, so any decisions made at this time will be from habitual drives and infantile cravings which may not be in our best interests. Yes we should listen to our body, because the more we tune into it, the more we can tell the difference between a wounded ancestor who is crying out for attention and a genuine gut-feeling that is one’s trusted intuition. Otherwise discernment is needed, because the guidance of the Sun (the light of truth) is missing at the New Moon and one may easily be hoodwinked.

A New Moon can work powerful manifestation magic because the Moon is furthest from the earth and this frees the imagination from material limits. Thought-seeds planted at the New Moon will grow, so be careful what you wish for! A Solar Eclipse is like a really powerful reboot. The blinding light of the Sun is blocked for just enough time to get a new perspective. It is mind-altering and refreshing, but it can turn your world upside down too.

Full Moons tend to make us purge and release things from our lives, so we need to make sure that we are in control of this and no one is forcing our hand! Sometimes we can let go of things that we regret later, due to heightened emotions and the Full Moons perchance for saying ‘F*** You!’ The bright light of the sun throws a spotlight on our subconscious and our shadow. This can feel uncomfortable as the Sun literally blasts out the demons who have nowhere to hide. Often the full moon is a time when we reap what we sowed at the New Moon,.. for good or for ill. The veils between the worlds are thinnest around a full Moon, so be very careful what you invite in.

 Instead the Full Moon is best used to purge things out, and banish entities/bad habits back to the underworld from whence they came. Make sure you close the door firmly afterwards! This is a good time for exorcism, but make sure you are completely grounded and fully in control of the process. If in doubt, lie low and protect yourself. A Lunar Eclipse is a turbo charged Full Moon where the blood red moon makes a graphic statement of any symbolic ‘deaths’ or aborted projects that might occur at this time in our lives.

Solar & Lunar Eclipse Meaning & Tables until 2020

Solar & Lunar Eclipses showing global visibility & shadow appearance.

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    • Dear Lisa, I am replying to your comment for the betterment of your relationship with your son. Position of Moon in your sons chart is the key . If it is good then relation will be good and if moon is badly positioned or afflicted then relation will be not so good there can be misunderstandings, conflicts, detachment etc. People with weak moon are always short tempered you can judge him from that. Best regards.