Virgo Horoscope 2018


Your Virgo horoscope 2018 has Saturn in its house of creativity and lovers. It’s time to work hard on fun! Other possibilities with Saturn in this fun sector is that you put pressure on your partner to settle down and make a commitment, or they may make the same demand of you. There is a very strong parent/child dynamic here, where you might want to play the child in relationships and just have fun! However whenever you do go out to play, Saturn’s firm hand reins you away from frivolity. Such a waste of time..

The Jan 31 Lunar Eclipse will throw a shake-up in the area of your daily routines and diet choices. This will, in turn, affect your intuition and psychic awareness. Because the 12th house is the place of self-undoing, there could be a crisis which shows you how much damage you are actually doing to your extra sensory perception due to really bad daily habits. For example you may be taking in far too much plastic energy through junk food, which does not make your body receptive to subtle changes in the organic-sphere. Other interference can be from wifi, computers and of course recreational drugs.

Virgo Horoscope 2018 ~ January to March

The Feb 15 Solar Eclipse in your health and service sector. How this Solar eclipse effects you will tell you a great deal about how at ease you are with your daily routine. Are you happy with your day job and your working hours? Do you get a sense of satisfaction with serving others, or do you feel like the office slave? Have you had trouble saying no to clients and as a consequence been on the treadmill for what seems like forever. The mind/body connection is awakened big time with this eclipse. Dis-ease is exactly what the word says. It arises because your body is unhappy with what you are throwing at it.(or letting others throw at it!)

Virgo Horoscope 2018 keywords

Work on fun, hands-on healing, mystical treats, youth revival, divinely inspire

Mars enters your domestic zone on Jan 27 and will be there until Mar 17. The home turf can be the source of conflict at this time, but this is only because you are more confident about asserting yourself. If you still live with your parents then this can be quite a challenging time as you seek to cut the umbilical. There are mixed feelings as you want to maintain the connection but at the same time feel like you have outgrown the nest. If your domestic situation has always been generally supportive then your request for severance should not leave any lasting scars. If you have already left home, this transit will simply play out is a lessening of reliance on family support and a greater step towards independence.

Virgo Horoscope 2018 ~ April to June

Saturn continues to sculpture ideas in your joyful 5th house. The best way to use this period is to work really hard on creative projects, for you will find you have great self-discipline when it comes to the arts and craft. This could be a wonderfully inspiring time for very sculptural projects and or a creative engineering project would go very well. You can be very ambitious while playing around with ideas. Taking a job that involves working with children would be perfect. As your progress, you start to feel increasingly more mature and patient. This allows the kids to enjoy themselves while you take care of practical matters.

Jupiter expands his great gaseousness in your learning sector until Nov 8. This is also a fantastic time for expanding your mind, you might be tempted to blow those synapses using psychedelics or some other sacred juice, but you might not even need to go that far. Your brain is already throbbing with excitement and able to absorb new wisdom with ease. The mind will naturally be able to see alternative vistas, with very little herbal prodding. Dutch courage will not be needed to unzip a reticent mouth, as words leap out before you even have a chance to contain them.

Ceres spends an extended time in Leo and therefore your mystical 12th house until Jun 27. Becoming obsessed with a guru or some sort of idol is a possibility at this time. Keep well grounded and avoid getting involved with Neptunian type people until you can see things more clearly. Good relationships may become warped and distorted, so that they are hard to trust or seem too good to be true. Bad relationships seem more glamorous and seductive. It really is like being in a hall of mirrors. Black Moon Lilith in is in your 5th house all season. Lilith transiting through your pleasure zone means creativity is heightened and the sexual urge is high. Generally though, Lilith here is a time of forbidden pleasures, taboo indulgences and acting like a teenager again. Be prepared for a period of great drama where emotions boil over and ones daily life feels like a soap opera. The effect can also feel rather like a mini midlife crisis as you try to relive and retrieve lost parts of your carefree and possibly more honest youth.

Virgo Horoscope 2018 ~ July to September

The Jul 13 Solar Eclipse in your friends and wishes sector shows the importance of social networking at conferences, festivals and seminars related to your career or a subject that you are passionate about. If you feel like you cannot relate to your friends any longer and have been feeling left out for some time then this Solar Eclipse could throw up an event that really does exile you for good. The Jul 27 Lunar Eclipse falls in your 6th house of healing. You want to be careful at this time not to consciously provoke people into revenge behaviour because right now you are not in the strongest position (Unless you have other mitigating transits). Mostly though, this is a time of much internal cleansing. This means you might well experience quite a few sniffles at this time in the form of colds or flu. (These can be the tears of unacknowledged grief too) Don’t try to work over it or suppress your body’s natural wisdom, just help it heal itself.

Mars Retrograde is also your 6th house from Jun 27 to Aug 2. Mars can feel quite inflamed in the house of health, you might get quite sweaty while it’s here and have strange rashes. But this doesn’t have to be the case if you are open and honest with your feelings and don’t keep your anger bottled up. Otherwise this is where Mars will do its psychosomatic thing and show up as weird symptoms. Your body will speak to you in strange ways, and have you looking up what ‘nasty boil on chin’ means. You will learn that every part of the body corresponds to a humour, it’s not just for medieval doctors! At this time you could benefit from a good detox, so refresh your blood. Again you don’t need to get hold of some leeches, but foods that purify the blood such as cabbage, lemon and garlic will be very beneficial at this time. Mars rules the blood and iron, so check iron levels also. Apart from health, this is also the house of daily work and servants.

The Aug 11 Solar Eclipse falls in your mystical 12th house. The universe is speaking loudly and you are divinely inspired. If however, there are some unrecognised boogie men that are giving you nightmares, then it’s time to open the creaky cupboards of your subconscious and shoo them out. This area of your chart is also one of hidden enemies so there is the possibility of psychic attack, which could show as psychosomatic illness. Mars Retrograde reverses back into your 5th house on Aug 13 and turns direct there on Aug 28. In terms of starting a love affair, these could be a period of shy courting, where you enjoy the chase and hype up expectations. This becomes like the drawing back of the arrow before it is released. Mars then hits the target at twice the speed since it has built up such traction. So, play this strategically and resist the temptation to rush in and spook your prey! Yes it will feel like you are on a hunt, but Mars is not the god of sex and war for nothing.

Virgo Horoscope 2018 ~ October to December

Black Moon Lilith has been your 6th house of health since Aug 11 and remains there until the end of the year. Some sacrifice to the goddess will have been made or will need to be made, as you are forced to give up something in order to move on. The forfeit might be a good wage, the camaraderie at work or even the affair with the boss. Lilith does not mind being of service if she has found her niche however. That is where the priestess energy comes in. If you refuse to see that you are trapped in a situation that does not support your soul then you may actually become ill. If the work environment is really draining, you have to figure out if the wage at the end of the week is worth it.

Venus Retrograde from Oct 6 falls in your 3rd house of neighbourhood and study. Starting an art course or something that re-ignites your creativity would be very beneficial. It may re-kindle talents you had as child. Learning a craft can be very therapeutic and will also massage those rusty brain cells back into action. Making things with our hands helps raise intelligence in other areas, and learning new skills is a sure way to keep your mind young and memory fresh. Learn a musical instrument! This would be perfect during this period and studies have shown this helps to raise IQ. The theme at this time is using beauty and harmony to help heal the mind. What you take in visually is felt acutely in the synapses. You might re-visit a place where you used to live or felt very happy. Taking scenic walks, admiring the view from your favourite cafe feeds your head with natural happy pills. So then, during the first half of this period until Oct 26, Venus is in her more sensible, prudent phase and will want to learn a new skill while during the second half from Nov 1 to 16 she becomes the Luciferian temptress who just wants to spend, spend, spend on her. Generally, you could make a lot of money or equally loose a lot!

Jupiter moves into your 4th home of roots on Nov 8. Connecting with your ancestral soil would be extremely fulfilling over the next 12 months, even if you have to make a bit of a pilgrimage to get there. Usually one would like to stay close to home with Jupiter in house 4, but in this case maybe not so. You could visit relatives who make you feel very anchored or you are incredibly moved spiritually by the nature of your land of origin. Eating your native foods, picking fruit from the same tree as your grandfather or mother did can have a profound grounding effect. Mental travelling to home is also possible just by researching your family’s history and culture.

VIRGO 2018 ~ The Decans

Virgo Decan 1 ~ Aug 23 to Sep 2 (0º to 10º)

Virgo Horoscope 2018Practically all year Virgo enjoys the benefit of the solid Saturn trine until Dec 19. You are blessed by the supreme structure of Saturn while this trine is in effect. But you will need to build on it so that you can keep this framework for the future. Trines are gifts, but are so often taken for granted and not ‘banked’. This is an opportunity not to be squandered! Saturn gifts are like that old dusty antique that has been sitting in the attic for years, unappreciated until an expert tells you it’s worth a fortune under the grime.

The Lilith trine from Jan 1 to Feb 6 adds some magic to Saturn and turns him into a wise old wizard. Convening with ancestors or getting excited by history could be quite a theme this year. Saturn and Lilith are brilliant at practical magic, so making potions and heal cures is well starred at this time. Just cooking wonderful food is enough! The Mars square from Jan 27 to Feb 11 is a time you could find yourself working really hard, but it shouldn’t be too challenging. The Venus opposition that overlaps from Feb 11 to 18 means there could be a mild lovers tiff on Feb 11, but all is moonlight and roses by Valentine’s day. The Saturn trine isn’t just about work, but it can also be great relationship glue. Your love life gets a great boost with two sensual trines one overlapping the other. The Mars trine from Mar 18 to Apr 4 and the Venus trine from Mar 31 to Apr 7. This year looks like one where relationships become more serious and committed.

July Onwards

You continue to enjoy Saturn working quietly away in the background for you. This Saturn trine is not particularly exciting but is a great stabilizer. Offers that come at this time will seem pretty drab, but don’t pass them by without giving them a serious test drive. A new relationship is likely to grow on you also. Anything worthwhile is going to take time to mature with this transit, but it really will be the case of an ugly duckling turning into a swan. The Ceres conjunction from Jun 28 to Jul 22 compliments the grounding energy of the karmic one very well as both carry the wisdom of ages and the healing power of natural law. In the middle of this nurturing period you get a caring, sharing Venus conjunction from Jul 10 to 18. The second half of the year is slow paced and serene. There is really not much to get anxious about, but at the same time not many surprises either.

Everything just slots into place quite easily and without resistance until the Mars opposition from Nov 16 to 30. This is not a long period really, so not enough time to get too downcast if deals don’t go your way or that person you had your eye on romantically just wants to be friends. Jupiter moves into Sagittarius for a whole year, so it will now square your decan from Nov 8 and into 2019. Jupiter square your decan will test how wise you really are. Suddenly you realise the more you know the less you know. If you are a humble sort of person then this transit will give you the confidence to speak out in public and also demonstrate your beliefs. If on the other hand you are already a super confident individual then this transit could inflate that confidence into something a lot less savoury.

Your bombastic approach could frighten potential clients which is a shame at this time because generally Jupiter can be very lucrative in that it puts you in the right place at the right time so don’t blow it. Even the square can still be lucky if you know your limits, and take on board judgements that others make about you too. Since Jupiter is the law, a court case could erupt at this time which could be challenging, but not if you learn how to compromise. Jupiter then will take over as your main outer planet transit which will make life a lot less predictable and a lot more dramatic. Get ready for some excitement now, 2019 will certainly not be boring that’s for sure.

Virgo Decan 2 ~ Sep 3 to Sep 12 (10º to 20º)

Virgo Horoscope 2018The euphoric Neptune opposition is floating in the background of your decan all year, this might give you brain fog at times but, this foggy thinking is very easily transmuted into a great imagination since you also have the Jupiter sextile on and off during the first half of the year also. This dates for this sextile are Jan 1 to 20 and Apr 26 to Aug 18. Jupiter provides an ease of flow in this sextile position. You can enjoy sitting back and watching your creative flowers blossom. Events in your life are likely to go harmoniously and you feel optimistic but not too pushy. You won’t really need to chase people or contracts as they will most likely come to you. So this is a relaxing, happy and joyful time. It also has a certain innocence here too.

Learning through play and leisure are emphasised, and you won’t feel stupid wishing upon your wildest dreams. This kind of blind hope often brings unexpectedly good results because the energy is serene and not grasping. The combination of both Neptune and Jupiter can be quite fairy tale like so it might be difficult to keep your feet on the ground. You are also lucky enough to have the empowerment of the Pluto trine from Jan 1 to Feb 5, this also comes to your aid in the second half of the year too. But so much is happening during this period. Enjoy the romantic Venus trine from Jan 3 to 9 which gives you an idea of what dreams you can turn into reality. Neptune even in opposition can work as a great manifester, especially in terms of creative collaborations. But you could even dream yourself up a soulmate too. Be careful what you wish for with Neptune though because the Mars square from Feb 12 to 28 could vomit up more than you bargained for. A partner gets too clingy, or plays on being the victim just to keep you looking after them. Don’t let them guilt-trip you into giving them more time than you really have.

The Venus opposition from Feb 19 to 26 can work in your favour once you have contained the flooding action of Neptune. This sopping wet sponge can make some embarrassing leakage.. After mopping up the mess, the Lilith trine from Feb 7 to May 7 presents you with a glittering chalice. There are more terrific trines to come which can be used for creativity and good loving! A passionate combination of the Mars trine from Apr 5 to 23 overlaps with the Venus trine from Apr 8 to 15. Take this opportunity to waft around like the subject of a pre-Raphaelite painting. Sorry that’s the Neptune influence.. Once you have stepped back into the 3D world it might be hard to get back into the swing of work and doing sensible things with the Venus square from May 3 to 10. At the same time you cannot swim around in Neptune land forever, now it is time to take those gorgeous visions and give them some structure.

July Onwards

The second half of the year is much, much quieter with not nearly as many transits, but what you don’t get in quantity you do get in quality. The great Pluto trine is back from Jul 14 to Dec 12 and this should really help transform your whole life from the bottom up. With Pluto the theme is usually detoxing, which is not just physical but also mental. If Pluto has victimised you, the challenge here is resurrecting from acting in victim mode and being able to resurrect into a position of self-determination. Any psychological abuse from the dark lord does not have to scar you for life. At least with the trine, the journey out of the underworld will feel quite thrilling. It is probably the case that you chose to aid the ‘dying’ in Pluto’s pit, so because it was voluntary there will be much less chance of being trapped down there or getting caught into an addiction cycle.

Just be careful that the Neptune opposition doesn’t hoodwink you into becoming too self-sacrificial. This is always the danger with Virgos generally as the Persephone myth forms part of the Virgo archetype. Some wonderful healing is sent your way with a loving combination of the Venus conjunction from Jul 19 to 27 and the cuddly Ceres conjunction from Jul 23 to Aug 14. During this time you can attract pampering and protection. Don’t worry about showing your vulnerability either as you have earned having your needs met first after much self-sacrifice from the past. Just at the end of the year there is some raunchy energy to play with when you get the Mars opposition from Dec 1 to 16. This puts oomph back into any relationships that have got way too spiritual. The problem with Neptune is that he can make your love life too chaste which is ok if you are a nun, but not if you are still a fertile human animal. Because of pan-dimensional Neptune, you may find that people you are attracted to may be unattainable in some way. Getting the balance right between the 3D and the other realms is the biggest challenge this year.

Virgo Decan 3 ~ Sep 13 to Sep 22 (20º to 30º)

Virgo Horoscope 2018You start the year with an optimistic Venus trine from Jan 10 to 17. This paves the way for your only outer planet transit this year and it’s a really good one! You get a lucky and auspicious Jupiter sextile from Jan 21 to Apr 25. What a pleasure this transit is going to be, it won’t be hard work in any sense at all. Instead this will feel like the wind is in your sails and all you really need to do is keep an eye on the steering. Even if you do fall asleep at the creative wheel, the universe will gently guide you to a safe harbour. All that meandering and contemplation brings out some wonderful ideas and beautiful, harmonious imagery.

The Venus opposition brings love into your house of marriage from Mar 1 to 6, this should add to the romantic spirit that Jupiter has already graced you with. The Mars square from Mar 1 to 17 cannot irritate you too much thanks to Jupiter, so instead it will work as a spicing-up aspect which will put passion and zest into any ongoing courtship. It will also give you’re the courage to push forward ideas and ambitious projects in the workplace. After that you get a period of fantastic trines which ensure yet more harmonious activities and an enjoyable social life. They follow each other so first is the Venus trine from Apr 16 to 24, and then the Mars trine from Apr 24 to May 15. The sequence is fitting as Venus attracts people into your life and ensures compatibility, then Mars comes along with the excitement and energy to motivate the partnership onto the next level. Yes there is a saucy Venus square from May 25 to 29, but that just adds to the passion with a little heated debate. Some friction is always necessary to cut those diamonds! The magic of the Lilith trine takes you into the summer from May 8 to Aug 10. Lilith can work as priestess mode or flirty mode here, so you could meet likeminded spiritual souls or your love affair at this time can seem destined or supernatural, with many synchronicities.

July Onwards

The Venus conjunction from Jul 28 to Aug 6 puts you in fine spirits for the summer holidays, again this is great for romance and your love life. You won’t be affected by the Venus retrograde this year, so look to the future and don’t get tempted by old flames. Let go of that limpet ex too. Jupiter is about new horizons. The Ceres conjunction from Aug 15 to Sep 5 keeps you grounded so that you don’t become too carried away with any new romance however. At the same time don’t be too sceptical either. If you have been hurt or let down in the past, Ceres can act a little bit too much like “once bitten twice shy.” Hopefully Jupiter has made you feel like luck is on your side and you can be enthusiastic about the future. Anything happening in your life now asks you to have faith that it will all work out. That sweet and hopeful Jupiter sextile returns from Sep 19 to Nov 7. You won’t feel bothered by annoying people, instead you will just wave them off cordially with a twinkle in your eye.

Doesn’t this all sound so languid, like a slow-moving gondola. Indeed that’s how the rest of the year plays out because there are really no more harsh aspects. All there is, is a Mars opposition from Dec 17 to 31. Unfortunately this does happen to fall over the Christmas period and by then Jupiter has bid he last farewells. However this is nothing to get your stockings in a twist about because Jupiter never leaves you empty-handed. With all those gifts you have banked can be used to avoid any problematic relatives or work colleagues. This could be because you booked a holiday escape route when Jupiter was still sextile your decan, or you found a great teacher who helps buffer you from idiots. If you did happen to just splurge away your Jupiter luck, then at least you will have learned a valuable lesson. Jupiter is all about learning after all!

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