Libra Monthly Horoscope

Libra Monthly Horoscope ~ March

Your Libra monthly Horoscope for March 2018 puts you in follow-the-timetable and tick all the boxes mode. If there was a month for doing a gluten-free detox or a juice-fast then this would be the one. It is good to give your body a break from its usual habits and addictions sometimes and doing something like a 30-day yoga challenge or caffeine/sugar/alcohol break gives your liver a chance to flush out all the excess that has build up over the year so far. It’s also a period where you do boring routine tasks like your accounts, or cleaning annoying things in the home like ornaments in display cabinets or fiddly chandeliers. From Mar 21 you can devote time to committed relationships and impress them with your shiny worktops and sleek body..

The March 1 ~ Full Moon 11º Virgo  is a healing one where you might need to put yourself in confinement away from other peoples germs and negative energy. You need this time to repair any holes in your psychic shield that might have taken a battering over the year. This is a potent lunar time where you can acutely feel where those auric holes are. The sharp moonlight can assist, as you carefully sew strands of silver moon thread through the tender flesh of your armor. There is no one there to scold you or tell you, you are too sensitive as you cry out in pain. This is a wonderfully mystical time as you go through the dark night of the soul and sob cleansing tears of purification. Let it go…let it go…

Libra Love Horoscope ~ This is the most auspicious time of the year to get married! The balancing action of Venus auto-tunes you to match and compliment everyone you meet, so you cannot help but attract admirers. Best of all, you will get on fabulously with your partner. Of course, not everyone will get married with Venus in their relationship zone, but this is the text-book placement of commitment and harmony between couples. If you are seeking more durability from a casual affair then this is the time to push for it to go long-haul.

Mercury Retrograde From March 23 to April 15

“We need to talk”, the dreaded sentence that comes out during Mercury Retrograde in the house of relationships. This doesn’t mean that you are being fired for being the “other half “, but it does mean that you cannot avoid revealing what is behind your glazed eyes, yes even Scorpios.. It will be very obvious that you do have something on your mind, so best to just be honest and get it all out. It’s all good health. At least Mercury here can be quite objective about things and avoid triggering sensitive childhood wounds. You will be pleasantly surprised that you are able to discuss intimate matters quite cooly and dispassionately, like a doctor.

This period brings up a medical for your love life. Not in the gynecological sense! (Unless you like stirrups, metal doodahs and white coats..). You will also find that you need the help of your partner to problem solve, two heads are better than one as they say. As this is the house of contracts, avoid entering one for now because you could easily change your mind. If you really have to though, do not sign anything until you have read and re-read every last word of the deed. It is so easy to overlook things at this time. Sometimes you get communications from an ex-spouse when Mercury Retrograde through this zone. If this happens it usually does the trick of making you see why they were an Ex in the first place, just in case time has rose-tinted your memories of them.

Libra Monthly Horoscope ~ April

Your Libra monthly horoscope for April 2018 suggests that you will be greatly receptive to counseling. This could be for help in your intimate relationship or simply for problem-solving. Conflict with others prompts you to seek an objective, outside opinion. For some, this can be a time of competition and rivalry which actually helps to show who you work best with, while allowing you to dispense with those with whom you are not so compatible. This re-evaluation of relationships lasts until Apr 20 after which you will retire further down into the underworld of your psyche to see why you attracted certain people into your life in the first place. What is the mirror telling you?

The March 31 ~ Blue Moon 10º Libra, is in your own sign, which makes you extremely emotional for the next two weeks. Don’t be surprised if you burst into tears at the drop of a hat. If you are a manly type you can just say you’re really in touch with your feminine side… seriously you will feel pretty mushy. Don’t worry though, it won’t last so just wallow in it and let it be cleansing. So really this is quite a good time to purge yourself of any internal rage and turmoil. There’s is absolutely no point trying to keep a lid on it and get all Buddhist with your unfulfilled desires.

Libra Love Horoscope ~ Be careful who you let under your skin while Venus is in your taboo zone. You might find yourself obsessing over a person for months afterwards if you become sexually bonded with them. Think carefully whether you really want to put yourself through those intense, gut-wrenching emotions before you enter the underworld. It could be quite a struggle to get back up into the sunlight again. On the other hand, sometimes, this is just what you need to rid yourself of deep down toxins that are really resistant to removal. Sometimes the body needs to be shocked into the healing crisis that is needed. PREVIOUS MONTH

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Libra Horoscope Decans

Libra Monthly HoroscopeTo get the most from your Libra monthly horoscope read for your AscendantYou are more than just your Sun sign! Learn about the decan that your Sun, Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven are in. You can find this out by using the horoscope maker.

Libra 1

Sep 23 to Oct 3 (0º-10º)

Ruled by Moon & Venus (Libra Triplicity) These people are adept and bringing peace and harmony into the most fraught situation. They have a reputation of being the good guys, your best friend in the whole world, the one who you can call at 3am in the morning and a softly spoken voice will say ‘That’s fine hon.’

Libra 2

Oct 4 to 13 (10º-20º)

Ruled by Saturn & Saturn (Aquarius Triplicity) Here we find ourselves in one of the most notorious zones in fixed star astrology. This is the home of Algorab in the crow, but it’s all wrapped up in finest Venusian silk! This is where victims of the crafty crow come unstuck…

Libra 3

Oct 14 to 22 (20º-30º)

Ruled by Jupiter & Mercury (Gemini Triplicity) There is a big feeling of transition here while we sail into the unknown. At the same time, as we dip our feet into the occult, there is great potential for illumination. These natives often go through a period of initiation, maybe an endurance test that involves some suffering…

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