Libra Monthly Horoscope

Libra best months of the year

The list below shows your peak periods to achieve, receive and recharge as explained in my Season and the Zodiac post. Plan your months ahead and chart your best times for love, career, health, success and more!

best achieve Months (Electric!)

  • Libra Season ~ September 20 to October 21*
  • Cancer Season ~ June 21 to July 20
  • Aries Season ~ March 21 to April 20
  • Capricorn Season ~ January 1 to 20 and December 21 to 31

Libra best receive Months (Magnetic)

  • Aquarius Season ~ January 21 to February 21
  • Leo Season ~ July 21 to August 20
  • Scorpio Season ~ October 20 to November 21
  • Taurus Season ~ April 21 to May 20

Libra best recharge Months (Earthing)

  • Virgo Season ~ August 21 to September 20
  • Gemini Season ~ May 21 to June 20
  • Pisces Season ~ February 20 to March 20
  • Sagittarius Season ~ November 20 to December 20

Libra Seasons Horoscope

Winter Libra Horoscope

You start your Libra yearly horoscope in Capricorn season. It is setting your home fires blazing in your 4th house of the home. So achievement and great energy are placed within the bosom of your family. The 4th is not the most active place to start the year. However, the home is the centre of activity. Of course, it IS the holiday season! So a very apt way to start the year. You are in this active, festive mood until January 21

Aquarius Season is one you adore because it activates your flirty and frivolous 5th house of fun. Get into unusual and off-the-wall pastimes, and you might even meet a mate until February 21. Act like a child and do daft things with children. Receive quirky artistic ideas and keep a notepad/iPhone/sketchpad handy.

Pisces season sees you out of wintertime with your health house activated. The first recharge season of the year is in the 6th house, where you are most likely to feel run-down if you have been overdoing it. Swim, sail or do anything that involves Neptunian activities. Have a relaxing bath with a poet, for example!

Spring Libra Horoscope

Are you still having baths with poets and flirting with sailors? If so, it could become a permanent relationship once the Sun hits your 7th house. Aries season from March 21 is ultra-frisky for Libra. Suddenly your libido bouncing like a spring lamb. It’s an achieve season, so go get! After April 21, it’s calmer. However, experiences are intense.

Taurus season in your 8th house pulls you into the underworld where ye shall receive an inheritance and/or Pluto’s treasures. Make sure you can pay it back if it’s a loan. 8th house ‘gifts’ come with conditions.

You are out of the dark and into light-hearted Gemini season now. It might be hard to recharge during this period because you will be feeling both sociable and inquisitive. Unwind in a 9th house manner and meditate after each party!

Summer Libra Horoscope

Cancer season is the busiest time of the year for you. The Sun activates your 10th house from June 21. Your energy is more potent when you are in leadership positions. Accept the caretaker role and be sensitive to the needs of others. That’s how you will impress others in your achieve month.

Go Mumsy for a bit. After July 20, you can let your hair down! Leo season in your 11th house means networking with a passion. Milk that Libra charm for all its worth until August 21. You will magnetize quality people to you and generate some great leads.

Virgo season is your laziest time. Venusian Libra’s get accused of slackness. But the Sun in your ‘Idle place’ (Ie the 12th house.) permits you to be as idle as you like. Every year we get a cocoon month, and August 21-September 20 is yours. Get that onesie on then..

Autumn Libra Horoscope

Hallelujah, you know what comes next! You emerge a butterfly on September 20. Back to your vibrant self with Libra season and a 1st house lit up by the Autumn sun. You can achieve in just about any area you want as this is your most personal house. It makes you more proactive and Aries-like too. So it is the best time to do anything that makes you scared!

Scorpio season activates your 2nd house of cash. You should be able to harvest gains made from brave pitches in your Libra season. The temptation is to spend, but you might want to keep hold of your pentacles until Sagittarius season.

Your recharge time in the 3rd house is best spent researching and getting spiritual in the ancient house of the goddess. From November 21, connect with your local nature sprites and nymphs. Go hug some healing trees.

Then we end the year back in Capricorn season, and you can get all cosy in your 4th house again. Technically it’s an achieve month for you. But it’s the end of the year, and you are tired. 😉