Capricorn Season Meaning


Capricorn season is most notable for being the month of Christmas* and Yule. When the Sun hits 0º Capricorn, it is at the lowest point in the sky in the Northern hemispheres. Tromso in Norway has no sunrise at all from November to January!

Capricorn season generally lasts from December 21 to January 21. The pagan festival of Yule runs from December 21 to January 1 and initiates at the winter solstice. Our Christmas holidays end on January 6 at the three kings’ arrival. The Magi (Astrologers to you and me) came from the east because they followed a star. Most likely, the vision was a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, making the ‘star’ unusually bright.

Capricorn Season Meaning

As we shall see, many of the Christmas traditions mirror older pagan celebrations. Of course, the birth of Jesus coincidently falls close to the winter solstice. From December 21, the Sun begins to rise in the sky once more, and the Sun is reborn, just like the Christ was.

Here are some ways to tune into winter and Capricorn season.

  1. Build a yule altar using a gold or yellow candle, which represents the return of the Sun. Decorate with pinecones and evergreen branches of the pine tree. Cleanse with sage.
  2. Make an evergreen pine wreath for your doorway as evergreen shrubs are associated with prosperity and offer protection to your house and all who enter it.
  3. In Nordic tradition, there was the burning of a yule log for the 12 days of Yule. Often they would burn a whole tree. But if your modest abode cannot accommodate such an item, stick a small log in your fireplace. Failing that, stuff your face with the chocolate version.
  4. Make a yule goat out of straw.
  5. Decorate a Christmas tree! Originally the trees would remain outdoors and be decorated with celestial ornaments to represent the souls of the ancestors.
  6. Exchange gifts. In pagan times these were simple items sourced from nature, seeds, fruits or a handmade wreath.

The word Yule originates from the Germanic and Nordic people who would experience the harshest winters in Europe. The Holly King rules over the dark part of the year from midsummer to Yule. At the solstice, he hands over power to the oak king.

The Yule goat perfectly resonates with Capricorn season. In Sweden, the Yule goat was an invisible spirit that supervised family yule preparations to ensure they were done correctly. The yule goat was thought to be the original Santa as he was said to bring gifts, and one of the male family members would dress up as the Yule goat. The secret element is there. In Swedish tradition, a goat made out of a straw is placed in a neighbours house without them noticing it as a prank.

Sacred Plants Of Yule

Mistletoe. This sacred plant was much revered by the druids. It is a protector and healer. The mistletoe must be cut down carefully so as not to touch the earth. The plant is magical because it is believed to live in two worlds.

The mistletoe is attached to the tree that reaches for the sky. At the same time, it is connected to the rooted tree. The white berries of the plant are supposed to represent the white semen of the male, which gives life. That is why we kiss under the mistletoe, to stimulate fertility.

Holy. The spiky leaves are believed to repel demons. Newborns used to be sprinkled with ‘holly water’ to protect them. Holly water was made by soaking a holly branch in water overnight under a full moon. Holle is a Germanic underworld goddess, similar to Greco/Roman Persephone. Holle symbolised eternal life and is a potent life force.

The red berries represent feminine blood. Together with mistletoe, these plants symbolise the sacred marriage and the resulting birth of the sun/son. Ivy is associated with resurrection and immortality. The spiral pattern it makes around the tree reminds us of reincarnation.

Where do the Christmas colours of red, white, gold, and green come from? 

Red and green were a common pairing for the religious screen in medieval churches. Of course, the only colour seen in nature during this barren time will be the red berries of the holy and the Poinsettia flower. Red also represents the blood of Jesus Christ. But we can thank Coca Cola for solidifying red and white into the American consciousness with their 1931 advertisement of Santa Claus drinking coca cola. 

Gold represents the return of the Sun but also the gift from one of the three kings. It also conveys wealth and prosperity. Green comes from the evergreen plants but also the eternal nature of Christ. Green symbolises health and wealth through the holidays.

Last but not least, white represents the snow and frost of this season. In pagan times white represented purity and the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness and the hope of renewal in the new year.

Roman God Janus

Let’s not forget that Capricorn season takes us into January. The Romans had something to say about this month with their god Janus, the namesake of this month. Janus is the god of beginnings, duality doors, gates and endings. He symbolises transitions. 

Janus had two faces, one facing the past and one the future. This god was the first to mint coins, so he ruled civilisation over barbarianism. His double face is found on many Roman coins. So we evoke Janus at this time of the year where we take stock of the year that has passed before making plans for the new year.

*We still say Christmas in Europe!

How Capricorn Season Affects Each Zodiac Sign

One size does not fit all, and Capricorn season will be better for some signs than others. Check out my “How DOES astrology work?” post to explain why this is. We all have our different ‘Achieve, Receive and Recycle’ periods, so some of the signs will have more going on than others in certain months.

Aries In Capricorn Season 

Aries starts the year in Capricorn season with the Sun in its ambitious 10th house. It is not spring and officially Aries season yet, but Aries will still be feeling very potent. So while the Sun is still in cardinal Capricorn (until January 20/21), Aries should focus on its career and achieving as much as possible. Start the year with a bang and put those new years resolutions firmly in place. Stick to them! Aries can sometimes find it hard to follow through.

Taurus In Capricorn Season 

Taurus starts the year with the Sun sleepy in Capricorn season. It’s coming to the end of a recharge period, plus its winter up north. Taurus then will be in an ultra snuggly mood. We sometimes forget the godly 9th house is cadent. And for Taurus, Capricorn season sits near the top of the chart and is trine the ascendant.

So this cadent house is not ‘falling’ in a stupefied, negative way. Instead, Taurus will be getting in touch with the godhead, meditating and having quiet, spiritual time. Walking through the snow can be an enlightening, purification ritual in itself.

Gemini In Capricorn Season 

Gemini starts the year with Capricorn season activating the dungeons of their chart. Yes, that’s the ‘charming’ underworld of the 8th house for you. Still, it is a receiving position. That means you could get an unexpected inheritance or a karmic debt paid back to you. It’s not bad news at all if your conscience is clean and you have kept your evil twin in check.

Cancer In Capricorn Season 

Cancer starts the year with Capricorn season activating your romantic 7th house. Woo hoo! You might notice that the festive season is where you have a surge of interest from potential mates. The popularity lasts from January 1 to 21 and of course again at the end of the year. Achievement in a partnership is the name of the game.

Leo In Capricorn Season 

Leo starts the year with Capricorn season activating your 6th house of health which is a rest period. Go for extreme recharge as it’s the wintertime and sunny Leo hates the cold, dark months away. Use this time healing time to start the new year’s resolutions by forging good exercise and diet habits.

Virgo In Capricorn Season 

Virgo has Capricorn season lighting up its 5th house of love affairs and fun. What a great way to begin the year. You always enjoy Christmas even if you have a reputation of being frugal and practical with presents. But now you are in receiving mode until January 21, and those gifts keep coming. You will have to put the playthings down and take a breather when Aquarius season starts, for this is Recharge time for you.

Libra In Capricorn Season 

Your Sagittarius season recharge time is in the 3rd house. So it is best spent researching and getting spiritual in the ancient house of the goddess. From November 21, connect with your local nature sprites and nymphs. Go hug some healing trees.

Scorpio In Capricorn Season 

You start Capricorn season, hibernating in your 3rd house with a load of books. Yes, it’s recharge time for you, but a fairly active one mentally. You will come out now and again to partake in the season’s festivities to not offend anyone. But you are best advised to keep inside your home office until January 21. You are not nice when you are grumpy.

Sagittarius In Capricorn Season 

Sagittarius has Capricorn season flashing the cash in its 2nd house from January 1. This is receive period and should be a profitable one in sensible Capricorn. You will be prudent and save it all. You will be served well by this foresight because Aquarius season for you is a recharge period. You can use some of that stash to invest in books and new courses of study.

Capricorn In Capricorn Season 

You are in top form as always at this time of the year. It’s YOUR season. Oh yeah! This means you positively thrive in the winter months. This time everyone else is grumpy and miserable. Not to say you are a dour sour-puss or anything. Sun in your first house means to achieve as you have never achieved before. (Well, at least since last winter.) The snow and barren trees are energising. You feel in your element and comfortably gothic until January 21.

Aquarius In Capricorn Season 

Aquarius starts with Capricorn season activating that pesky house of self-undoing. What a way to start the year! It feels like the most prolonged hangover until your birthday month from January 21. Until then, make sure you get some rest, even if the Capricorn energy keeps giving you a horny head butt towards the office chair.

Oh no, you don’t! Take Saturnalia instead because this is your most crucial recharge period of the year. Work hard at learning how not to be a workaholic. Pitch up your tent on this mountain for a while. Dance with the snowflakes and hug the silver birch trees. Enjoy your wintery revitalisation.

Pisces In Capricorn Season 

Pisces has Capricorn season in Receive mode for you. The Sun is in your 11th house of friends from the beginning of the year. That means you receive praise from an older crowd and will attract mentors in your peer group.