Virgo Decan 1 ~ Aug 23 to Sep 2 (0º-10º)

Virgo decan 1 is ruled by the Sun and Mercury (Virgo Triplicity). The sun navigates through the constellations of the Great bear, the Dragon and the Sextans from August 23 to September 2. Virgo decan 1 is an odd section of the zodiac since it carries mostly stars that are far from the ecliptic except for just one alpha star in Sextans. These people are a little more “far out” than your average Virgos so that they almost flip over to their opposite in Pisces. These seers usually develop their sensitivity after a period of suffering, dutiful caring and even a broken heart. You will see that none of the stars here are particularly easy or “fun” in any sense at all. It doesn’t mean that these folk are always dour or miserable, (though some can be fantastic Victor Meldrews) they just won’t be your happy, clappy type. Instead Virgo decan 1 has an ironic, dry sense of humour. They are also good at turning very tragic situations into something humorous.

Guardian Angels, Persephones & Seers

“There is a violent, brooding, malignant side to this area that can manifest in aggression, cruelty and malevolence. Set against tropical Virgo’s equally strong will-to-good, these stars force clear good-or-evil choices on their heirs. It would be well for those born under them to choose their philosophy with care, for once a belief is adopted, it is likely to be followed to the end”
[1] Diana K Rosenberg also notes that the stars between 6-8º Virgo have a Saturn/Neptune flavour which I would say goes for the whole of this decan. The Sextans is used for navigating Neptune’s sometimes treacherous waters which means these Virgo sailors maintain a healthy level of skepticism alongside their mysticism.

Virgo Decan 1 ~ Fixed Stars

Virgo 00º 29′ ~ Phecda in the rump of Ursa Major the Great Bear. 2.5*
Virgo 01º 04′ ~ Megrez in Ursa Major the Great Bear. 3.4
Virgo 03º 40′ ~ El Kophrah in the hind quarters of Ursa Minor the Great Bear. 3.8
Virgo 04º 07′ ~ Alpha Sextans in the Sextant of Uranae. 4.5
Virgo 06º 13’ ~ Spindle Galaxy Sextans. Super massive Black Hole. 8.8
Virgo 06º 39′ ~ Alula Borealis in the hind foot of Ursa Major the Great Bear. 3.7
Virgo 07º 21′ ~ Alula Australis in the hind foot of Ursa Major the Great Bear. 3.9
Virgo 07º 21′ ~ Thuban in the tail of Draco the Dragon. 3.6
Virgo 08º 56′ ~ Alioth in the root of the tail of Ursa Major the Great Bear. 1.7
*Magnitude. Star positions for the year 2000.

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48 thoughts on “Virgo Decan 1 ~ Aug 23 to Sep 2 (0º-10º)

  1. Hi,
    Could you please explain how Virgo Decan 1 is ruled by the Sun rather than Mercury?

    Also, now that Regulus has precessed into Virgo, should it be included in the list of related Fixed Stars?

    Thank you so very much for your knowledge and insight.

  2. Thanks. I just updated it and added this NOTE to the decans page. “I started off just using the Chaldean/Egyptian rulership system for the decans, but am also now adding the triplicity system onto the new versions as I complete them. The old ones mostly still need updating.”

    As for Regulus. I though about this and decided to keep it in Leo for now since all the stars positions for all the decans are based on their year 2000 position. Everyone reading this blog for at least the next 15 years will have their Regulus in Leo. The vast majority will, even in the next 30 years. In the mundane world, most people in power and the world we live in is still shaped by the generations with Regulus in Leo. The sky moves, but very, very slowing, but my interpretations should be good for another 50 years as these new shift take generations to unfold in those born with the new sign change.

    When I’m gone someone else will have to take this material and update it I suppose! Much of the interpretation come from the rulership, especially for the planets in the decan, and that does not change thankfully.

  3. I have Juno on 0 Virgo (with Phecda, and by now Regulus has joined her too). My Mercury is at 4Vir36, with Alpha Sextans.
    I would never have thought that Virgo could be the location of my psychic sensitivity, but everything you say here is true for me – this unfortunately includes the darker side of your analysis/interpretation; my will-to-good and the brooding malignancy do battle with each other. If I didn’t know about karma, the bad side would sometimes win, I think. Seeing that Regulus zaps you if you give in to vengefulness, I would say that this is a pretty dangerous decan.

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