Virgo Decan 1 ~ Aug 23 to Sep 2 (0º-10º)

Virgo Decan 1 ~ Fixed Stars

Virgo 00º 29′ ~ Phecda in the rump of Ursa Major the Great Bear. 2.5*
Virgo 01º 04′ ~ Megrez in Ursa Major the Great Bear. 3.4
Virgo 03º 40′ ~ El Kophrah in the hind quarters of Ursa Minor the Great Bear. 3.8
Virgo 04º 07′ ~ Alpha Sextans in the Sextant of Uranae. 4.5
Virgo 06º 13’ ~ Spindle Galaxy Sextans. Super massive Black Hole. 8.8
Virgo 06º 39′ ~ Alula Borealis in the hind foot of Ursa Major the Great Bear. 3.7
Virgo 07º 21′ ~ Alula Australis in the hind foot of Ursa Major the Great Bear. 3.9
Virgo 07º 21′ ~ Thuban in the tail of Draco the Dragon. 3.6
Virgo 08º 56′ ~ Alioth in the root of the tail of Ursa Major the Great Bear. 1.7
*Magnitude. Star positions for the year 2000.

Virgo Decan 1 ~ General Meaning

Virgo decan 1 is ruled by the Sun in the Chaldean system and Mercury (Virgo) by triplicity. The sun navigates through the constellations of the Great bear, the Dragon and the Sextans from August 23 to September 2. Virgo decan 1 is an odd section of the zodiac since it carries mostly stars that are far from the ecliptic except for just one alpha star in Sextans. These people are a little more ‘far out’ than your average Virgos, some of them almost flip over to their opposite in Pisces.

8 Of pentaclesThese seers usually develop their sensitivity after a period of suffering, dutiful caring and even after a broken heart. You will see that none of the stars here are particularly easy or ‘fun’ in any sense at all. It doesn’t mean that these folk are always dour or miserable, (though some can be fantastic Victor Meldrews) they just won’t be your  ‘happy-clappy’  type. Instead, Virgo decan 1 has an ironic, dry sense of humour. They are also good at turning very tragic situations into something humorous.

Guardian Angels, Persephones & Seers

“There is a violent, brooding, malignant side to this area that can manifest in aggression, cruelty and malevolence. Set against tropical Virgo’s equally strong will-to-good, these stars force clear good-or-evil choices on their heirs. It would be well for those born under them to choose their philosophy with care, for once a belief is adopted, it is likely to be followed to the end” [1] Diana K Rosenberg also notes that the stars between 6-8º Virgo have a Saturn/Neptune flavour which I would say goes for the whole of this decan.

The tarot card associated with this decan is the 8 of pentacles. This is a card of commitment and craftmanship. Karmically this will be a life where one pays a lot of attention to detail and completing tasks. Education and scholarships are important and it is about giving something back. In this life however the native must learn “you may be working hard to build a secure future for you and your partner or family. Make sure you remember to go home regularly and make some time for fun and social activities.  The type of person you are, leaves you exposed and vulnerable to becoming a workaholic.  If you let this happen, then it may very well destroy your lovely relationship.  You must work hard at striking the right balance. (This life) you can have both you know!” ~ teachmetarot.

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Virgo Decan 1

Virgo Decan 1

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Sun Virgo 1

Thuban 7º ~ “One who finds, collects or gives a treasure. To instinctively collect information or things, the need to avoid meanness with your knowledge or resources. A national treasure receives attention.” [4]

Usually, this placement is one of humble service with an intense dedication and thoroughness in their life’s purpose. These folk are very hard workers tend not to have a large ego unless other factors in their chart suggest this. Their perfectionism and excellence mean that they can rise very high in their chosen career, but they don’t really feel comfortable with praise. Modesty is one of their best traits, but they can sometimes be too self-deprecating. The Sun rules this decan in the Chaldean system, but its brightness is used not to shine for itself, but rather to throw the spotlight onto the talents of others. Sun Virgo 1 feels it is their duty to elevate the less fortunate and with these underdogs they have infinite patience. However, when it comes to their personal life it can be quite a different story. Unfortunately, Sun Virgo 1’s high standards mean that they can actually be hypercritical of those they love the most. The criticism is meant to be constructive and is done out of love and care, but offense is often taken if the partner is very sensitive. The problem is also that Sun Virgo 1 expect their partners to be their equal in terms of perfection. Virgo Sun 1 can punish themselves too severely if they fail to make the grade, and again those closest to them can also bare the brunt of this frustration. This decan has to beware of becoming the opiate for those that it helps and totally draining themselves in service to strangers. Though their devotion is admirable, Sun Virgo 1 often finds that they have no tolerance left in caring for their own family. Relationships can suffer because of this and sometimes these folk find they are better off alone.

SUN VIRGO 1 EXAMPLES: Caligula, Lyndon B Johnson, John McCain, Prince Albert Consort, Maria Montessori, Mother Teresa, Dorothy Parker, Mary Shelley, Tim Burton, Sean Connery, Richard Gere, Ingrid Bergman, Salma Hayek, Keanu Reeves, River Phoenix, Cameron Diaz, Rupert Grint, Stephen Fry, Lily Tomlin, Macaulay Culkin, Michael Jackson, Jean-Michel Jarre, Florence Welch, Van Morrison, Barry Gibb, Billy Ray Cyrus, Charlie Parker, LeAnn Rimes, Shania Twain, Shirley Manson, Gene Simmons, Mia Zapata, John Phillips, Edward Gein, Claudia Schiffer, Guillaume Apollinaire, Johann Von Goethe, Leonard Bernstein, Paulo Coelho.

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48 thoughts on “Virgo Decan 1 ~ Aug 23 to Sep 2 (0º-10º)

  1. goethe! favorite author..
    Virgos are the closet freaks of the zodiac, the freaks between the sheets 😉
    As you said, nature has a way of balancing things out, and so that outwardly calm and stoic demenour is balanced by the inner freak, that few are allowed to see..

  2. Marina you minx – you wrote this about me didn’t you! I can’t fault a single word! And its only my asc and Mercury in decan 1 too!

    1. Oooh I can’t wait for decan 2! That’s my decan – I know Virgo! I have my Sun 13 deg, Asc 21 deg, North Node 26 deg and Saturn 5 deg all in Virgo… I resonated with parts of your decan 1 summary, especially the “calibrating the self through adversity” bit. You’ve got me waiting with baited breath. Thanks Marina!

  3. not devoid of theatrics, after high pitched hysterics the unappreciated will go right back to cleaning up your mess, making endless jars of tomato sauce, editing children’s master pieces, being there for those in need. While confusion mounts, one usually has fits to get out of work not extend some unhealthy self pity and exhausted press on. But if the work isn’t there our woe-be-gone soul falls into despair. “they don’t want me!” I remember a beautiful little girl who had the whole class dancing to her anxiety of “it isn’t perfect, it doesn’t fit,” only the little sensible Libra boy was able to say, “let her do it,” One wonder’s if she’s alive.
    and the neat slob showed up in a kid I grew up with. He was a brilliant but notorious slob, beard and hair didn’t end or begin, flip-flops, torn flannel but his place was like a military academy, he was quiet sweet and so in love with my Piscean friend he broke his hermitage and drove the whole crowd around.
    just had to hang a mobile on your wonderfully painted ceiling, Marina

    1. virgo men seem to choose beautiful mates, the pick of the litter, discarding, discounting others, seems a basic insecurity prohibits less than perfect. But they can be great work-mates, quiet, supportive, dry humor, covering up the nerd inside, our man w/ the flannel shirt had a discreet pocket protector, and a like-wise virgo nerd wore a waist length to-die=for red hair in a long pony tail, he eventually ran his own company, beautiful wife naturally.

  4. I know all about “can find they are easy prey for energy vampires because of their knee-jerk reaction to be of service”.
    Now I rather to be alone sometimes, instead of feeling completely drained… it’s my energy we’re talking about!!!
    my best regards!!! <3

  5. I am Virgo Rising 0′ degree ‘south node’ is conjunct .!
    what does that mean?……. I could write a book on fated
    life events…. Wow!….. When will I learn to stop giving?

  6. I am 2 degree into Virgo and you are dead on. I can’t stop helping people. I have no clear boundaries. I’m a hand on healer and I have been into some weird relationships.
    Thank you for your post!

  7. Have you also profiled 3rd decan Leo? My Uranus culminates my chart at 0VIR24′ (progressed Uranus at 29LEO) between Regulus and Phecda. The “deviant” part is spot on };). Can’t wait for 2nd decan VIR as my Pluto is 10VIR.

  8. they are often insecure about their place in society so become indispensable, accountants can’t be fired they know to much, systems people know codes, passwords, security people have keys, etc. underpinning is attractive. They use their minds and often know to much.
    Food is given and taken away, it’s love replaced, cures nerves…. have you gone to Virgo’s home and not been offered tea? They know a lot about curative properties, and are pack-rats. A lot of fear & interest surrounding it, where to buy, what if there’s a problem w/ supply….virgo hates leaving things up to change, but has (like all earth) a desire to solve problems with things.

    1. …..virgo hates leaving things up to chance, they don’t like chance but go for agreements, love the written word, references. research, archives, maps, will listen to expect advice, like credentials and often have their own displayed in frames.

  9. Lucy, Re:: Decenber 25th,1951.
    last night I left a post… I have never seen my birth time on any of my birth records only what my mother wrote in the
    family Bible which she says I was born 10:01 PM. eastern
    standard time…. she was but to sleep during my birth…
    how does one calculate the exact time…. I always experience things before they happen such as full moon
    ….. I do know my south node conjuncts my ascendant.
    Sun Cap. 5* degrees conjunct Chiron 5th house /Moon Sag. 0 degrees .

    everything written by you is meaningful…and I’m thankful
    for your sharing… I am a very giving person with an extraordinary compassion for people….

    I often wonder what the meaning of South Node conjunct the Virgo Asc…. meaning is?…. and if the degree is 0,or 1*
    could you give feed back on that and do you know of others
    with that placement?

    Many thanks!

    1. must wonder at times when the experiment will be over, why placed here, at this time, earth is a hard place, laws are unjust antiquated, why stay…then people come to you with their cares and you take them seriously, share secrets, lighten mood as people open up to you so does the world as your calling is to be around those in need.

    2. Wow!…OMG!….

      getting very confused here…
      not sure if the reply was for me….?

      Can someone Please tell me when Virgo Asc. is at 1 degree and ‘SOUTH NODE
      makes a conjunction to it on the line what does that mean?

      maybe there is someone out there that has this with their chart??

      Many, Many Thanks!

    3. Dear Char,
      Your South node is at 3 degrees Virgo and may conjunction your ascendant with actual birth time.
      South node brings behaviour from past lives that may need to be modified to bring a happier state of play. Virgo is a perfectionist and often life is not perfect yet it is beautiful too.
      So there is a message that things cannot be overly controlled, that life works and unfolds anyway.
      There is also a message to love your self and honour your private space where you can reconnect
      With a higher power. Sun conjunction Chiron in Capricorn shows a sense of responsibility,maybe since childhood,you have had to be self sufficient.
      Chiron can give a sense of fragility,which gives you great empathy with others. By loving self and allowing others in – may help you to receive nurturing too. You do have moon in Scorpio not Sag
      Making a lovely conjunction to Venus,very feminine and deep.

    4. Hello Stella,
      I thank you so very much for
      taking your time with me….
      ‘your note was enlightening…

      I have always felt my feelings
      were not important..absoultly these
      past few years have taken a toll
      with my self confidence……..when…
      transit Pluto conjunct Sun &Chiron
      nothing prepared me for the extreem
      events that ripped my whole life …..
      heart and soul… ‘sometimes pain
      takes a very long time to heal if it ever
      does…..the human travels many
      dimensions in a life time ..when the
      journey is over …I wonder what we
      take with us?….

      I Trust,
      ~ Kinder gentler souls …..
      and the power from senseless
      suffering …..


    5. Hi Char,
      Glad to be of help. Certainly all the Cardinal activity in the skies these last few years have been hardcore!
      There is a widely felt view that Earth is trying to heal and that human beings have had their lives speeded up energetically,so we are really pushed through our own and collective crisis, to remove it and help raise our vibration and thus help to heal Earth.
      We are thought to be headed to a golden era of better living for all. Of course this takes time. If this resonates you may like to read Diana Coopers 2012 and beyond.
      Strong Virgo can be all about caring and healing as you know.
      I was touched by your hope for kinder gentler souls and the power from senseless suffering .
      seems we are heading this way 🙂

      Wishing you Blessings and much Healing.

  10. I married one of these, super disorganised, should have let me, the arien, project-manage his business down to the last nail while he tore around starting and never finishing anything. But he’ll give you the shirt off his back and it’s true, after a series of losses and near fatality he has become a splendid if compulsive nurse and very tidy in the kitchen.

  11. This is a phenomenally accurate description of my 3 d. Virgo ASC. I am just stunned. Pluto conj from 12th house probably ties into this as well. Thanks for the great post. Love that the Signs are broken into decans. PS – I am very neat.

    1. Tee hee… I used to be a librarian and even my knicker drawer had the pants and bras folded a specific way and stacked in rows like index cards. That way I could go to exactly the ones I wanted and remove with a deft flick of the fingers.
      My Sag daughter with Uranus/Venus conj the asc however was the antithesis as a child. I even found a three month old sandwich under her bed… I knew it was a sandwich because it was wrapped in cling film but otherwise it was just a brown liquid… You can imagine the stress!!!

    2. Ha ha ha ! Hello UberQWands. Yes – I can imagine the stress! So hard to be a Virgo type mom with a messy child. My daughter’s chart is a mirror image of mine – with 0 d Pisces rising and a Sag MC so it was a struggle. for me too. Now she tells me she likes to clean but I know she is still a bit messy. And btw, I still fold my panties … and at one point aspired for librarianship! Too funny.

    3. Well I used to… I’m over it now! But they’re still colour co ordinated in separate lingerie bags….

    4. A ahh… I knew it made sense! See? There is a truth there…!

  12. Seems that many of us with Pluto in this decan are definately being givent the choice to “go with the force Luke” or look to become your father….:) Of course many of us with pluto in this decan do have the potential to completely heal this cruel choice as we have Chiron in Pisces in opposition, ah yes intuit your way through the mists of Avalon as if blindfolded by the mists and battle your own dark side enroute to the goodness of life…

    1. for me, I had spent so many years trying to avoid being like my father it took a series of traumatic events to see, that I had almost become him, nought strange as folk eh? hahahaha!

  13. And just adding, I was born after a risky pregnancy in which my mother had many restrictions for I had 2 and a half turns of umbilical cord around my neck. “Joined with the Moon, it will be an indication of possible danger during pregnancy and delivery”. After a caesarean the doctor said I had little and less amniotic fluid. It was past the moment for me to come into the world. For me the association of Allioth and the Moon with danger in pregnancy and delivery stands correct.

  14. I love this article, thank you. I can very much relate to it. I’m a 1st decan Virgo in the 4th house.

  15. I have been waiting for this a long time ago, I am a virgo sun 9°11 conjunct virgo venus 12°30, I have some of those fixed stars conjunct my sun Alioth,Zosma,thuban,Alula Australis

  16. This article made me kind of depressed, I have a lot of bad fixed star tied to important point

    1. Don’t be depressed, you can choose how these things affect you. This is our purpose in life – to master it! And these things are here to test us. In astrology you have to look at the whole chart too. There are probably lots of other things which outweigh the not so good ones. Focus on your strengths.

  17. Blessed with…..

    Virgo Asc. 1 degree /
    Cap.Sun 3`Chiron conjunct Sun 4`& Vertex here.

    my question is: ‘Virgo rising 1st. decan.
    Is this placement seen with Maternal Grandmother
    being a Virgo’ playing part in raising grandchild ?

    many thanks’

  18. Where are the Leo decans? I have the moon at 4 Leo.Just wondering—-
    Do you take into account the different decans for all your planets or is the main focus on sun/moon/rising—–

    1. Hi Jane. Here are the Leos. Click in the links in violet.

      In my research I look up the Sun/Moon and Ascendant people because I think it shows the most obvious expression of the decan. But when I get down to writing the book I will go into how each planet works in each decan in more detail. This is really just the start of a huge project.

      For now we have to imaging how say Mars would work in a decan, its also hard to do a cookbook approach because you do have to consider so many other things like is Mars in a strong house, dignified in anyway, it’s aspects etc etc. But I think its tho only way you can begin to understand things if you break them down to their essence and then add all the modifiers.

  19. Hi, This is the first time Virgo horoscope describe this core part of my personality so clear 🙂 I am Virgo 1 decade, and react almost instinctively on grieve, sorrow, wounds of people. And yes I have developed this empathy an sensitivity trough my own suffering:). All-trough always aware of world tragic side and ready to sacrifice, physically I have some bright presence… like can transmute negativity :)… Naive ..yes 🙁 never learn there are (bad) people , always see white core in them :).. Q> My two mentors (Professor and boss) have their Pluto conjunct my natal Sun. Now I am thinking about that dark side link…yeaa learn a lot 🙂

  20. I have my [email protected]º16’ Virgo, meaning what? – exactly conjunct a super massive black hole? How wonderful. I don’t really know what that means but it sounds crappy.
    Yes, I have been going through a period of suffering for 5-6 years now. Last 2 years intensively. But I don’t like to talk about it or put it that way because I would hate to sound like a martyr. All the emotional suffering really has a purpose – it cleans your heart and you learn a lot. I know I will be a better and a happier person at the end of it. It is like some intuitive knowing you know from the start of that descending process.
    You are also right about lack of boundaries, but this happens because you pick up other people’s emotions so easily. I am a magnet to energy vampires, but I have become aware of that just recently because giving out my energy and absorbing other people’s negative emotions used to be my normal mode of functioning. It was normal for me to feel drained after hanging out with almost everyone I know, while all of them would feel much happier and up-lifted than before our meeting. I needed a lot of me-time to recover. But I never thought there was something wrong with that, I never questioned it, it was a blind-spot, a part of my script. I had to learn to set boundaries and resist saving people and not feel responsible and guilty of other people’s feelings. It can be learned, that’s good.
    And about the “wrong uns”, you are right again. As soon as I became aware of that, I got myself a therapist because I believed that every person is my mirror. I have been working on myself for years now, I cleared tons of subconscious and scripted crap, I really know myself pretty well and I have truly grown and evolved. And what has happened with my relationships – I now attract guys who are even more screwed, like obsessive compulsive, borderline personalities, self-sabotages, and so on. I recognize them fast&easy, it is much easier for me to turn my back and walk away, but I still haven’t met anyone who is emotionally healthy and I am very sad about it. And I don’t understand why is that still happening if everyone is a mirror. Everyone is not a mirror. The more conscious I become, the worse potential partner I attract. I believe it is going to end one day, and I hope soon because I’ve had enough of suffering and broken heart.

  21. Really impressed, Marina! This is the best description of this decan I’ve found and it’s seriously relatable, especially in regard to the grieving, self destruction, part-time martyr, and naivety aspects. The other decans of this sign do feel different and I can’t say it’s appreciated when we’re lumped together. I think we’re drawn to the darkness and have a tendency to fall and rise many times, fickle when it comes to staying in either world- I guess that’s why gaining balance always seems so difficult to achieve. Of course as you mention we push ourselves to the limit, so all the more wisdom to gain from a nasty experience that near enough finishes us, which can then be used to aid another so they don’t need to suffer alone as we did. There’s this element of ‘I’m used to pain, I can endure it’ but allowing it to happen to another is unbearable.

  22. I’m decan one..8/23..the sacrifice. Yes, Pisces moon conjunct mars. I’ve given it all away to the people I find who need help..I seek them out. I suck up their feelings and problems..I’ve had to learn. Give to the givers..I’ve waded through s87t so many times thinking this is how I’m supposed to be. I’m to suffer..I don’t understand it. I never will..

  23. This is my map,can you please tell me if it’s a good one or a bad one?Thank you

  24. Hi,
    Could you please explain how Virgo Decan 1 is ruled by the Sun rather than Mercury?

    Also, now that Regulus has precessed into Virgo, should it be included in the list of related Fixed Stars?

    Thank you so very much for your knowledge and insight.

  25. Thanks. I just updated it and added this NOTE to the decans page. “I started off just using the Chaldean/Egyptian rulership system for the decans, but am also now adding the triplicity system onto the new versions as I complete them. The old ones mostly still need updating.”

    As for Regulus. I though about this and decided to keep it in Leo for now since all the stars positions for all the decans are based on their year 2000 position. Everyone reading this blog for at least the next 15 years will have their Regulus in Leo. The vast majority will, even in the next 30 years. In the mundane world, most people in power and the world we live in is still shaped by the generations with Regulus in Leo. The sky moves, but very, very slowing, but my interpretations should be good for another 50 years as these new shift take generations to unfold in those born with the new sign change.

    When I’m gone someone else will have to take this material and update it I suppose! Much of the interpretation come from the rulership, especially for the planets in the decan, and that does not change thankfully.

  26. I have Juno on 0 Virgo (with Phecda, and by now Regulus has joined her too). My Mercury is at 4Vir36, with Alpha Sextans.
    I would never have thought that Virgo could be the location of my psychic sensitivity, but everything you say here is true for me – this unfortunately includes the darker side of your analysis/interpretation; my will-to-good and the brooding malignancy do battle with each other. If I didn’t know about karma, the bad side would sometimes win, I think. Seeing that Regulus zaps you if you give in to vengefulness, I would say that this is a pretty dangerous decan.

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