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Virgo season usually lasts from about August 21 to September 21. It is a transition time from Summer to Autumn and can sometimes feel like a bit of a nothing time after all the fierce Leo energy of Summer. It’s time to stop playing and get back to work.

It is also the time when children go back to school. Virgo season urges us to put things in order. If we have been holidaying or travelling, then we might have let our chores build up. There is often a backlog of things to do by the middle of Virgo season.

This period is also bereft of any pagan festivals unless we include the autumn equinox, which is on the cusp of Libra and Virgo. I think Autumn fits more with Libra than Virgo because from Libra onwards, we have Fall. The Sun literally ‘falls’ as it gets lower in the sky and winter draws in. Virgo is the last sign of the first half of the zodiac wheel. It marks the midpoint of the astrological year.

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Maiden To Mother To Crone

So Virgo is the transition from maiden to mother or from mother to crone. It is when the harvest comes in. Virgo is a mutable sign, so this season is about change and adapting to the new season. In Virgo, we have a real sense of the seasons. You can feel the difference in the air. It feels crisper, and there is an autumnal twang.

Fruits mature to their full sweetness, and it is the last harvest of the year. The belly is full! It’s like we have to gorge all the sweet pickings before the scarcity of winter.

Virgo Season Gifts

In Europe, Virgo season is when my Aunties and Uncles harvest the tomatoes and bottle the salsa for the rest of the year.

It is a hectic month because it is also grape harvesting, so the wine is bottled from the end of August into October. Virgo is all about thinking ahead.

Preserve & serve

Your cupboards will be very bare by December if you don’t work hard bottling and preserving the summer fruit. Of course, these days we have supermarkets. However, the hardworking, dutiful energy of Virgo persists.

Virgo’s flowers are anything bright and small, like buttercups and daisies. Unlike the big-headed Leo sunflower from last season. Virgo is Mutable Earth. It is cold and dry and ruled by Mercury. Cold gives passive aggression (The critic), and dry so needs hermit time after serving others.

Be Prepared!

Virgo’s mutability means it merges with others but can lose itself. So just like Virgo, the neat little buttercup is inoffensive and blends into the surroundings. Joyful and light, BUT it is poisonous to animals. The buttercup is considered a noxious weed. Never cross a Virgo!

Do not underestimate the power of this transitional month then. It is all about preparation for a time of scarcity. Virgo saves for a rainy day, and we do not know what the universe is going to throw at us during this dark phase of evolution. So ‘Be prepared’ as the girl guides used to say!

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  1. I really love when you do your discussions. I live in the USA . Sometimes I am home working ( I drive a bus earlier in the morning and watch the moon ) and sometimes I am at my beach home. Staring at the stars and listening to you. Please keep your talkies. It grounds me and helps me figure out my own life.

    • Hi Susan, Thanks for the feedback. Maybe I don’t have to commit to a whole hour. In Leo season there was a lot more going on so it was easy to talk for an hour. I guess it just depends on the month. I’ll see how I feel next month!


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