Virgo Season Meaning


Virgo season usually lasts from about August 21 to September 21. It is a transition time from Summer to Autumn and can sometimes feel like a bit of a nothing time after all the fierce Leo energy of Summer. It’s time to stop playing and get back to work.

It is also the time when children go back to school. Virgo season urges us to put things in order. If we have been holidaying or travelling, then we might have let our chores build up. There is often a backlog of things to do by the middle of Virgo season.

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How Virgo Season Affects Each Zodiac Sign

One size does not fit all, and Virgo season will be better for some signs than others. Check out my “How DOES astrology work?” post to explain why this is. We all have our different ‘Achieve, Receive and recycle’ periods, so some of the signs will have more going on than others in certain months.

Aries In Virgo Season 

The Sun is in your 6th house and, therefore, health-focused. It is the right moment to take a restful holiday at the beach. Get the rays, flop on a sunbed but eat healthily! Try to avoid fast Aries food in Virgo season. Chargrilled BBQ food might satisfy your Mars cravings, but try and stick some fruit on that skewer too.

Taurus In Virgo Season 

It’s receiving time for you with the Sun in your 5th house. It’s all about the harvest here. Has all that flirtation earlier in the year left its impression on any potential mates?

Gemini In Virgo Season 

This is an achieve period for you. The 4th house of home is the least ambitious of the achieving months. The Virgo flavour means you will put your families needs first. Honour your parental duty by working together as a family on home projects. Gardening is perfect for getting happily grubby together. Planting seeds and nurturing plants is so Virgo.

Cancer In Virgo Season 

In Leo Season, it was spend, spend, spend but now you will have to clamp the purse tightly shut and take a breather. It’s a 3rd house recharging period. Keep local, or if you travel, take a ton of books and educate yourself.

Leo In Virgo Season 

With the Sun in your 2nd house, you will have to be more prudent with money even if it is Receive time. Conserve the cash, and don’t spend it all at once.

Virgo In Virgo Season 

Now you can do no wrong, all is forgiven, and you can safely become a tyrant again. No, seriously, the Sun in your 1st house means you can achieve like nobodies business. Your efficiency will rule supreme, and you will surpass all other signs in the amount of work completed this month.

Libra In Virgo Season 

This is your laziest time. Venusian Libra’s get accused of slackness. But the Sun in your ‘Idle place’ (Ie the 12th house.) permits you to be as idle as you like. Every year we get a cocoon month, and Virgo season is yours. Get that onesie on then..

Scorpio In Virgo Season 

In Leo season, your nemesis’ were swaggering in the Sun. But in Virgo season, there is far less braggadocio and more civilised debates with your peers now. You can network confidently and feel slick socially with that Sun in your 11th house!

Sagittarius In Virgo Season 

Ok, it’s time to pull your finger out, Sagittarius! Virgo season is a shed load of hard work for you. It’s back to achieving VERY hard and fiercely with the Sun in your 10th house. You have had a succession of very easy-going and indulgent months. But now you are refreshed, raring to go and certainly up to the tasks at hand.

Capricorn In Virgo Season 

You are out of the dark and back in those golden wheat fields again. Time for a roll in the hay and a recharge after disturbing Leo season. With the Sun in your 9th house, you are grounded again and far less easily spooked.

Aquarius In Virgo Season 

You are Persephone pulled into the underworld in Virgo season. You have the potential to become the Queen of Hades if you are allowed to escape, that is! Take Sat Nav and a broom. The 8th house can be murky, and Virgo will make you clean up every last bit of grunge.

Pisces In Virgo Season 

It is achievement time for you in your 7th house of relationships. Yes!! The Sun in this position is fantastic for your love life. Therefore it is the best time of the year for you to find your soulmate. Virgo season will force you to be discerning. But once you have narrowed down potential mates, the perfect partner will stand right out for you.