Gemini Season Meaning


What does Gemini season mean for us? Gemini is a chatty, mutable sign that loves to connect. The Sun is in the sign of Gemini this year from May 20 to June 20. Spring is now transforming into Summer for when we reach the solstice point of 0º Cancer. So this is an exciting time of the year as by now it should be feeling like we can safely keep the central heating off for a few months and start to hang our washing outdoors. Yep, with May we dust off our winged sandals and get a lot more mobile.

This is the time to come out of hibernation and get very social. Gemini is an air sign and loves to flit about from flower to flower and flirt like crazy. Any social distancing that is enforced is going to be intolerable for affectionate Gemini’s as we head into June. By now we are all absolutely desperate to get busy and buzzy again.

Gemini Season Meaning

Gemini rules local travel and community so it absolutely HAS to social network. But we are not talking online as Gemini is hugely tactile. Cyber friends and zoom chats are for Aquarians… Instead, Gemini, with its crazy hand gestures wants to poke and prod all your wobbly bits..

So what does this season bring in terms of nature? The traditional flower for Gemini is Lavender and Lilly of the valley. Lavender because its aroma can permeate a large area, the plant itself spreads far and wide and faces all directions, just like a Gemini!

Gemini Correspondences

May birthday flower Lily Of the Valley falls under the protection of Hermes for the Greeks and Mercury for the Romans so it totally fits with Gemini season. Its sweet little flowers resemble bells and the flower itself is associated with purity and chastity.

It has a very childlike and innocent feel about it. Gemini is a very youthful sign generally and here we are in a very fertile, nubile period of the year when everything is in full blossom.

Gemini falls in-between the cross-quarter festivals so there is no Pagan feast day to refer to during this season. We are just waiting for the summer solstice and Litha which I will talk about next month.

The crystals that are associated with Gemini season are those that support the throat chakra. Mercury retrograde is the ideal time to heal blockages around the throat area and speak your truth!

Release any blockages and fear surrounding expression by wearing Amazonite, Turquoise, Aquamarine or Lapis Lazuli around your neck.

How Gemini Season Affects Each Zodiac Sign

One size does not fit all, and Gemini season will be better for some signs than others. Check out my “How DOES astrology work?” post to explain why this is. We all have our different ‘Achieve, Receive and Recycle’ periods, so some of the signs will have more going on than others in certain months. Check out the monthly horoscope for Gemini season as a whole.

Aries In Gemini Season 

Gemini Season is fun for you even if it is a recharge month. The Gemini Sun in the 3rd house likes to play, learn and participate in easygoing local events. Make no stressful long-distance travels. Reconnect with neighbours and nearby friends instead.

Taurus In Gemini Season 

Spring ends with you in the receive stage, which for you means bagging loads of cash. The Sun is in your 2nd house of possessions and self-worth. You won’t need to make much effort now if you had put yourself out there in Taurus season.

Gemini In Gemini Season

This period feels extra spring-like for you. You can blossom now with the sun in your 1st house. Your mojo is back, while your libido reminds you that it exists. The time to get dating is now. You will see that there is interest out there all of a sudden. Time to wax those hairy Gemini limbs..

Cancer In Gemini Season 

Sun in Gemini falls in your 12th house making it the biggest, fattest, relax-fest of the year. A complete retreat into that Cancer shell is permitted, and in fact, encouraged. So find your sanctuary, pull up the drawbridge and cleanse yourself from all the office politics.

Leo In Gemini Season 

Gemini season is super networking mode with the Sun is in your 11th house of friends. Work your Leo magic, and no one will realize you are hustling. They will laugh too hard and dance too wildly to notice. After all the revelry, you will have to rest.

Virgo In Gemini Season 

You will be as busy as a bee with the sun’s activation of your 10th house. Achievement time is nigh; the world and its dog are jamming your inbox. You will need help responding to the avalanche of interest. Time to hire an assistant, perhaps?

Libra In Gemini Season 

You are out of the dark and into light-hearted Gemini season now. It might be hard to recharge during this period because you will be feeling both sociable and inquisitive. Unwind in a 9th house manner and meditate after each party!

Scorpio In Gemini Season 

The Sun is in your 8th house and is deceptively re-ceptive there! (Especially it being Gemini season) You don’t like this duplicitous time. It makes you feel uneasy, and others have control over your money as well. Not good. Don’t fight the receptive vibes; you can’t control everything!

Sagittarius In Gemini Season 

Gemini Season is the best for your love life! Yep, that 7th house activation means you are poised for soulmate connections. It’s Achieve month and it’s love related. What’s not to like?

Capricorn In Gemini Season 

It is recharge time with Sun in your 6th house. You are most likely to come down with a bug if you have been overdoing it. Focus on your health during this period as Gemini in your 6th house makes it double medicinal. You will learn which potions work for you and which don’t at this time.

Aquarius In Gemini Season 

Hurrah, it is your fun time of the year! The 5th house beckons with all sorts of treats and hilarity. This Receive month orders you to indulge yourself thoroughly. Romance is also on the cards. Don’t get too serious too quickly. Test the waters, flirt and takes things very lightly with flighty Gemini there.

Pisces In Gemini Season 

Gemini season is one of achievement for you with your 4th house property and family sector being activated. You will enjoy being sociable at home. During Gemini season generally, folk will love intense debates and passionate discussions over a BBQ.