Gemini Season Meaning


What does Gemini season mean for us? Gemini is a chatty, mutable sign that loves to connect. The Sun is in the sign of Gemini this year from May 20 to June 20. Spring is now transforming into Summer for when we reach the solstice point of 0º Cancer. So this is an exciting time of the year as by now it should be feeling like we can safely keep the central heating off for a few months and start to hang our washing outdoors. Yep, with May we dust off our winged sandals and get a lot more mobile.

This is the time to come out of hibernation and get very social. Gemini is an air sign and loves to flit about from flower to flower and flirt like crazy. Any social distancing that is enforced is going to be intolerable for affectionate Gemini’s as we head into June. By now we are all absolutely desperate to get busy and buzzy again.

Gemini Season Meaning

Gemini rules local travel and community so it absolutely HAS to social network. But we are not talking online as Gemini is hugely tactile. Cyber friends and zoom chats are for Aquarians… Instead, Gemini, with its crazy hand gestures wants to poke and prod all your wobbly bits..

So what does this season bring in terms of nature? The traditional flower for Gemini is Lavender and Lilly of the valley. Lavender because its aroma can permeate a large area, the plant itself spreads far and wide and faces all directions, just like a Gemini!

Gemini Correspondences

May birthday flower Lily of the Valley falls under the protection of Hermes for the Greeks and Mercury for the Romans so it totally fits with Gemini season. Its sweet little flowers resemble bells and the flower itself is associated with purity and chastity. It has a very childlike and innocent feel about it. Gemini is a very youthful sign generally and here we are in a very fertile, nubile period of the year when everything is in full blossom.

Gemini falls in-between the cross-quarter festivals so there is no Pagan feast day to refer to during this season. We are just waiting for the summer solstice and Litha which I will talk about next month. The crystals that are associated with Gemini season are those that support the throat chakra. Mercury retrograde is the ideal time to heal blockages around the throat area and speak your truth! Release any blockages and fear surrounding expression by wearing Amazonite, Turquoise, Aquamarine or Lapis Lazuli around your neck.

Goddess Hebe

Gemini is the most childlike sign of the zodiac and those with a Gemini ascendant are said to radiate youthfulness. The Goddess that most resonates with Gemini season is Hebe. Hebe is also associated with the concept of eternal youth and rejuvenation. As the personification of youthful fertility, she symbolizes the eternal cycle of life, growth, and renewal. In some myths, she is depicted as having the power to restore youth to the aged, offering them the chance to regain their vigor and vitality.

Hebe’s perpetual youth also correlates with hebephilia, a distinct sexual preference for individuals who are past puberty but still legally underage. Hebephilia is frequently conflated with pedophilia, an attraction towards prepubescent children. This inclination was prevalent during the Middle Ages, characterized by shorter lifespans and the betrothal of children from affluent or noble backgrounds at infancy, followed by marriage upon reaching puberty. Hebe embodies an attraction rooted in biology, albeit restricted by societal norms and shifting cultural standards. Of course Gemini season falls in the cusp between Spring and Summer where we have this burgeoning fertility and the peak of blossoming, very much like the newly pubescent youth.

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