Aries Horoscope July 2020

Your Aries Monthly Horoscope July 2020 sees you pining for the security of the homestead. You seek refuge in the bosom of the family and may feel like you need to spend time with parents or relatives. If there has been some dysfunction between family members in the past it is vital to spend some time healing those childhood wounds. The root of the injury may stem from a few generations back and it could be that revising the history of that time period can be instrumental in rewiring the brain into a more positive path for growth.

This is an excellent time for making the peace in domestic situations and repairing trauma. From Jul 22 you come out to party and socialize as the vibe lightens up and you have a more fun-filled end of month.

Aries Horoscope July 2020

Aries 2020 Horoscope

July 2020 contains the last of the eclipses from the summer eclipse season. You will enjoy watching the July 5 Lunar Eclipse thunderbolt show from your 10th house of career where you could see big shifts in what you think your life purpose actually is. Check out the Lunar Eclipse meaning for each sign post for the full interpretation.


July’s highlight is Saturn’s retrograde back into Capricorn for the final solution, where it will be until the end of the year. Look for some closure and cutting off karmic ties for good in your 10th house. It is the end of a cycle there which will facilitate the start of a brand new one in December 2020 when Saturn enters your 11th house of friends. So whatever projects or love affairs you begin now, it will probably take you until December to fully complete or commit to them.

This is also a month of retrogrades with Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, Ceres and Mercury all retrograde. Therefore July is a period of karmic retribution, taking stock and going back to make amends. For you Aries its all about your reputation in the world. 

Aries July Career Horoscope

Mercury retrograde is in your 4th house until July 12. But what will happen when it goes direct there? You may find yourself thinking about the structure of your business or ways to spruce up your ‘home’ page. This is a good time to re-decorate your office so that it is more inspiring to work in. Clear out any distracting clutter and do some cleansing rituals. At least give that coffee-stained keyboard a polish!

Aries July Love Horoscope

Because of the Venus retrograde, the love planet has spent an extended period of time in your 3rd house.  Your mind continues to want to go back in time to some beautiful quaint olde worlde village… which might be quite hard if you live in a grey concrete jungle. But hey sometimes in the right sunlight, your neighbourhood could look like modern urban… sculpture? Hmmm, anyway. If your immediate environs are looking a bit too stark, then maybe you could get together with other locals to help spruce things up with a mural or some potted plants. Again if you are single, this could be the perfect opportunity to find a mate while you are working on those communal areas.

How to read Your Monthly Horoscopes

Darkstar LogoThese monthly horoscope reports are based on the movements of the faster moving planets of the Moon, Sun, Mercury and Venus through your horoscope houses. Therefore it is more accurate to read for your rising sign. (Mainstream astrologers don’t tell you this since  most people do not know their ascendant!) Mercury and Venus usually stay within a sign of the Sun so the scope of these reports is limited. The aim is to make these horoscopes ‘Pop’ and entertaining for newcomers, but with enough nuggets to encourage them to explore further.

Yearly horoscopes go deeper and ignite the transpersonal themes of inner development and transformation that we get with the outer planet transits. Next year I plan to make the month-by-month reports included in the 2021 yearly horoscopes available in transcript here. So 2021 promises you much more granular and detailed reports. Until then, purchasing the 2021 report will give you an advance view of what is to come. (Coming Soon!)

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Aries June Horoscope 2020

Your Aries Horoscope June 2020 means connections with your nosey neighbours are highlighted. Locally there are many events and a call for you to participate, so don’t be afraid of space invaders. You can’t hold back from involving yourself locally, even if you tried as a ram cooped up is not a happy one, so dive right in with gusto. 

This is not a month to keep quiet! You will be asked for your opinion and also speak out about local issues if you have been active in the community. There is a restlessness about you, and you will want to keep busy with visiting siblings or reconnecting with friends you haven’t seen due to the lockdown.

This the time for catching up with local gossip. Research and learning are well starred too as your mind is hungry to chew on a book or twelve. This is a great time to learn something new. From Jun 21 the focus falls on your home and you are drawn to snuggling up on the sofa or pottering around the garden. It feels like you need to ground yourself again and get closer to your roots, whether that is about connecting with family or just doing tree pose barefoot in the garden.

Aries Horoscope June 2020

Aries 2020 HoroscopeThis is a very eventful month for all the signs with Neptune and Mercury joining the retrograde party. (Jupiter conjunct Pluto and Saturn are all retrograde now. The soul mining conjunction may slow things down in Aries’s 10th house. However, you will find this to be the area where you reap some karmic rewards. (Or debts if you have let things slide.)

Hurrah! Venus will go direct which will turn things around for the better in your love life. So if things have been rough with a soulmate, they should improve when Venus changes direction on Jun 25. See your love horoscope below for details. The June 5 Lunar Eclipse influence brings with it a wanderlust for foreign shores. Only this is not the best time to travel due to restrictions… Check out the eclipse meaning post for how this eclipse will affect Aries.

Aries Career Horoscope

Mercury will station retrograde on Jun 18 until Jul 11 in your 4th house. So until then use this time to get as much work done as possible. If you are working from home due to the lockdown, you will have some trouble unchaining yourself from the desk. If the restrictions are being lifted however you might find it hard to drag yourself to the office. (That is unless the work itself concerns selling real estate or entails actual building work. Mercury will then be in its element and work well for you.)

At work, you feel more like taking on a practical role and doing more physical work. This might mean getting out from behind the desk and having to look after the human resources. You could be showing clients around, making them feel welcome, and making a lot of coffee. (Even if you have to do all this at a distance, keep smiling!) Check out the Mercury Retrograde post to see what this means for Aries. Check out the Mercury Retrograde post for what this will mean for Aries

Aries Love Horoscope

Venus retrograde has been flirting with the neighbours in your 3rd house. But what will happen when she goes direct there? With your neighbourhood looking rather more lush and beautiful this month, you might also be more open to finding love locally. By now you are probably sick to death of immediate surroundings due to the lockdown. Nevertheless, as you stroll around your homestead you see people are less nervous about venturing beyond their doorstep.

Because of this, you become aware of your town’s positive qualities, even some graffiti could look quite artistic. You will find that interactions with shopkeepers are becoming more friendly and cheerful than usual. Indeed if love is on your mind you mind bump into someone literally on your doorstep. Make sure your slippers are presentable!

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  1. Social distancing has been pretty challenging for everyone. I am excited about my love life this month! Venus is finally getting back to normal. Thank you for the detailed love horoscope Marina!


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