Aries Monthly Horoscope

Your Aries Monthly Horoscope for November 2018 calls you to exorcise some of the meanest demons from your life, but don’t think that it ends there. You will also be forced to admit that these repulsive figures are just reflections of your disowned soul. So you might have to do some deep cleansing of your very own back passage so to speak… From November 22 your life lightens up considerably! New horizons beckon and give fresh vistas on your life. This is the time to get metaphysical as the Sun in this sector of the chart questions dogma and shines its brilliance on dimensions you might have been previously blind to.

Aries November Horoscope 2018

The October 24 Full Moon (effects last until November 7)could make you feel very nostalgic so it is quite a good time to visit museums or go to retro clothing markets where you can actually stroke the musty old velvet. It will feel very comforting! You could feel so strongly identified with your values that any attack on them will feel very upsetting. Try not to take it too personally if someone does not have the exact same taste as you.

The Learning Triangle For Aries

November 7 will bring closure in the area of what it means to be your lovely self! If you have not been fair then Jupiter will serve his last bit of justice to you before he leaves your 8th house of self-examination and taboo topics for good. This past year has been one where you have been put on the psychiatrists’ couch by others and you have been forced to look deep into the eyes of your shadow. This will then bring closure in the area of your psyche and will get to examine deeply the stuff of your nightmares. Well, that’s a relief!

Who wants Jupiter amping up your shadow, hammer-horror style for a year. Now you can say goodbye to that emo face you have been wearing for too long. There is one more round of the fight to go, however, but then that’s is it! Meanwhile, partners are more forgiving of your faults than the rest of the world and you are given one more chance for redemption. You realise how important your home is and if you are far away from it you might think about returning to your roots at this time. With Venus opposite Uranus across your relationship axis, there could be a break-up if you have failed to really to exterminate the spooks from your shadowy 8th house.

Aries November Horoscope ~ Love & Career

Venus turns direct in your 7th house of marriage. Hurrah! And what’s more, this is the most auspicious time of the year to get married. The balancing act of Venus auto-tunes you to match and compliment everyone you meet, so you cannot help but attract admirers. Best of all, you will get on fabulously with your partner. Of course, not everyone will get married with Venus in their relationship zone, but this is the text-book placement of commitment and harmony between couples. If you are seeking more durability from a casual affair then this is the time to push for it to go the long haul.

Mercury is retrograde after November 17 so go to the dedicated Mercury retrograde post to see what that means for your career and communications this month

These horoscopes are most accurate when read for your ascendant, but if you have your Sun plus a stellium (2 or more planets) in this sign then you will find that these horoscopes will ring true for your Sun also. All mainstream horoscopes are written using solar houses, which, in others words, is writing for your ascendant. However, the majority of astrologers won’t tell you that because they realise most of their readers will not know their ascendant. If you do not know your ascendant please use this free chart maker to find it. Once you have done that you can also read more about your rising decan and star too! It is the most personal point of your chart and the only one (Along with your ruling planet) that really describes you personally and your incarnation for this lifetime. Please read my The Zodiac Decans ~ Astrological Use & History post for greater understanding in using the decans in general.


Ascendant Aries 1

Aries Decan 1 ~ Mar 21/ Mar 30 eBOOK

The ascendant gives the purest expression of the decan’s energy since no planets will colour its expression. The ascendant is also the relationship axis, so the influences above will play out mostly in how the subject relates to others. With Aries decan 1 the “boldly going forth” behavior will be most notable in love relationships. The ascendant is a Martian type energy anyhow so these people will be in your face and upfront and personal pretty quickly if they take a shine to you. The ascendant is the physical body so (if other attractive aspects in the chart support it) these natives could also be described as “hot” in the colloquial sense. Relationships can be tempestuous with many ups and downs and passionate arguments. These folk will bravely defend their partner against all odds, but will equally slap them back into shape if they misbehave. Aries 1 ascendants suit bolshy partners who can take their rather spartan relationship approach.

ASCENDANT ARIES 1 Examples: Charles Atlas, Benjamin Franklin, Che Guevara, Nostradamus, Marshall Applewhite, Billy Graham, Steven Hawking, Annie Besant, Barbra Streisand, Joan Baez, Beck (musician), John Entwistle, Captain Sensible, Joan Rivers, Princess Margaret, Joan Collins, Debbie Reynolds, Angie Dickinson, Bo Derek, Heather Locklear, Barbara Hutton, Mary Crosby, Theo Van Gogh, Kanesha Berry, Eddie Kidd, Lucy Lawless, Stephen Arroyo, Philip K. Dick.

Ascendant Aries 2

Aries Decan 2 ~ Mar 31/Apr 9  eBOOK

Alderamin 12º ~ (Heliacal rising star) ” To be a source of peaceful strength. Which becomes the foundation of life. To know that the greatest benefits and success coming through gentle determination, rather than undertaking dramatic aggressive action.” [7]. Alpheratz 14º ~ “If it is in affinity to propitious stellar bodies and with the personal points MC, Asc, Sun, Moon, one can count on becoming well known in public and popularity with the masses.” [4] (Heliacal rising star)”To lead a life based on decisive action. To have a resourceful, independent nature which propels one to reach for ever greater levels of self-expression or freedom” [6]

The ascendant gives the purest expression of the decan’s energy since no planets will colour its expression. The ascendant is also the relationship axis, so the influences above will play out mostly in how the subject relates to others. With Aries decan 2 the jailbreaking & simmering queen behaviour will be most notable in love relationships. It will be very hard to get these folk to commit and the very phrase ‘tie the knot’ is enough to break them into a bad case of hives. ‘Simmering’ is another great talent. They can simmer with sexuality or equally simmer with rage if they are rebuffed by the object of their desire. These folk do best in relationships where they are the boss and their partner gives them plenty of freedom. Otherwise, they are better off single or serial monogamists.

ASCENDANT ARIES 2 Examples: Alexander the Great, James Dean, Heath Ledger, John Lennon, Steve Nicks, Shakira, Rihanna, Paul Keating, Mario Lanza, Bobby Womack, Brian Eno, Bette Midler, Sammy Davis Jr, Griff Rhys-Jones, Jon Voight, Alec Guinness, Johannes Brahms, Johann Sebastian Bach Wilhelm Reich, John D Rockefeller, Salvatore Guillano, Amy Fisher, Samantha Fox, Joseph McCarthy, Gordon Brown, George Blake, Brett Whitely, Frieda Hughes, Martina Navratilova, Zola Budd, Herschell, Griffith/Banderas Davison.

Ascendant Aries 3

Aries Decan 3 ~ Apr 10/Apr 19  eBOOK

Alrisha 29º ~ (Heliacal Rising star) “To have the skill to bring ideas and/or people together. Being able to join separate concepts to gain a greater understanding” [4]

The ascendant gives the purest expression of the decan’s energy since no planets will colour its expression. The ascendant is also the relationship axis, so the influences above will play out mostly in how the subject relates to others. With Aries decan 3, the bounty hunting and epic proportions will be most notable in love relationships. These folk find it hard to have a “normal”, traditional relationship because they start snoring once they get past the drama and rollercoaster feelings of the grand passion they experienced at the start of a relationship. The Jupiter nymph-chasing is very marked with this aspect since these folk enjoy the thrill of seduction and the chase so much, that when the flames die down, the relationship can seem far too pedestrian and they seek to spice things up.

It can be hard to get these folk to commit as they fear to be held under the lock and key of Andromeda’s chains. When things go wrong with their partner Aries decan 3 will turn up at their long-suffering friend’s doorstep, panda-eyed, with arm draped theatrically across their brow and holding a half drunk bottle of vodka. ‘It’s divorce!!!’ they declare (Again….). I think I need not write anymore, just listen to Harry Nilsson’s “Without you”. It’s Aries Decan 3 melancholia all over..  or there’s the Mariah Carey version for those with Jupiter trine this AC from Leo!

ASCENDANT DECAN 3 Examples: William the Conqueror, Errol Flynn, Penélope Cruz, Kourtney Kardashian, Bill Cosby, Barbara Cartland, Quentin Crisp, Liz Renay, Marshall Applewhite, Karl Wilhelm Naundorff, Phil Andros, Valerie Solanas, Vladimir Nabokov, Joe Cocker, Harry Nilsson.

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