Achieve, receive & Recharge months

The list below shows your peak periods to achieve, receive and recharge as explained in my Season and the Zodiac post. Plan your year ahead and chart your best times for love, career, health, success and more!

Aries achieve Months (Electric!)

  • Aries Season ~ March 21 to April 20*
  • Capricorn Season ~ January 1 to 20 and December 20 to 31
  • Libra Season ~ September 20 to October 21
  • Cancer Season ~ June 21 to July 20

Aries receive Months (Magnetic)

  • Leo Season ~ July 21 to August 20
  • Aquarius Season ~ January 21 to February 21
  • Taurus Season ~ April 21 to May 20
  • Scorpio Season ~ October 20 to November 21

Aries recharge Months (Earthing)

  • Pisces Season ~ February 20 to March 20
  • Virgo Season ~ August 21 to September 20
  • Gemini Season ~ May 21 to June 20
  • Sagittarius Season ~ November 20 to December 21

Aries monthly Horoscope seasons

Winter Horoscope

Aries starts the year in Capricorn season with the Sun in its ambitious 10th house. It is not spring and officially Aries season yet, but Aries will still be feeling very potent. So while the Sun is still in cardinal Capricorn (until January 20/21), Aries should focus on its career and achieving as much as possible. Start the year with a bang and put those new years resolutions firmly in place. Stick to them! Aries can sometimes find it hard to follow through.

It’s time to receive now with Aquarius season. It will activate your social networking 11th house until February 20/21. Promote whatever business you initiated in the Achieve stage. Go crazy. Attend as many parties and accept every single invite because the next month is your peak recharge period of the whole year.

Sun is in your 12th house is until March 20/21, your birthday month. We all know what that means for Aries. Yes, you will be totally on the go and firing on all cylinders. You will want to be in peak shape for your best achieve month in terms of popularity. Pisces season for you is about getting lots of sleep. It is cocoon time for you even if you can’t slow down. Please try. You will thank me at the end of the third week of Aries season when you need that extra push.

Spring Horoscope

As I’ve already said, the Sun is in your 1st house from March 21. Aries season is like a double Mars effect. You will be at your peak! Everything in nature is surging, as are your hormones… Probably the best time of the year to find a mate then, but keeping to one might be difficult. Not because of them, but because of YOU.

Aries wants all the candy in the shop. (Libra season might be better for commitment!) You will flit from flower to flower, be the social butterfly and feel very virile and potent in March. Go disseminate! Taurus season from April 21 is receiving time with the Sun in your 2nd house, it should be a profitable one.

Gemini Season is fun for you from May 21, even if it is a recharge month. The Gemini Sun in the 3rd house likes to play, learn and participate in easygoing local events. Make no stressful long-distance travels. Reconnect with neighbours and nearby friends instead.

Summer horoscope

Summer starts with an achievement month for you. It is more low key, however, since it is down in your 4th house of home. Cancer season from June 20 for Aries means putting energy into repairs and decorating your homestead. It’s not one for being too ambitious and leaving your family in the lurch. Be active with the family, do sports or burn up the energy in group home projects.

From July 21 Leo Season is a lovely receiving time with a fiery Leo Sun, which suits you fine. A perfect time to enjoy family fun or flirty holidays if you are single. You will find it easy to attract lovers with the 5th house activated. Another period to indulge in leisure time, but more active fun, we are not recharging yet!

Virgo season from August 21 is the 6th house and health-focused. It is the right moment to take a restful holiday at the beach. Get the rays, flop on a sunbed but eat healthily! Try to avoid fast Aries food in Virgo season. Chargrilled BBQ food might satisfy your Mars cravings, but try and stick some fruit on that skewer too.

Autumn horoscope

Libra season is the best for romantic achievement, but not if you have become a slob over Virgo season. No worries, from September 21, you have the energy to get fit and frisky. Aries are known to have commitment issues. However, 7th house activation means the partner will make the rules. You will have to follow them or no nooky for you. 😉 The carrot is dangled. If you refuse to compromise, the 7th house becomes the enemy. Your achievement energy will go to waste here fighting.

Scorpio season from October 20 can be the best or worst time of the year, depending on whether you made a friend or foe in Libra season. The 8th house is a spooky Halloween zone. But there may be nothing to receive here at all if you have been a nasty little ram. Just a slap in the face. Ouch!

Sagittarius season is in your 9th house from November 21. You have a chance to redeem and resurrect yourself. Officially this is recharge season, but the Sun in another fire sign helps you recover in a jiffy. You can even prematurely launch yourself at the end of Sagittarius season. That way, you get a head start in front of the competition when you get to super ambitious Capricorn season, which begins on December 21. So you end the year as you started, in tip-top form.

* Dates change depending on the year