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Aries April 2021 Horoscope

So we’re into April and you are feeling bright and bushy tailed with Mars square Neptune in your ninth house. And now this Mars, again it’s your ruling planet, but with the square of Neptune doesn’t feel like ruling much! Now the best way to use this energy… Well I call it the Joan of Arc aspect because it is a spiritual warrior. There’s struggles because it’s the square and Mars is like electricity and water sometimes with that one. But Mars is in Gemini and the Neptune is in Pisces. It really will be a kind of spiritual warrior energy. And I think you can probably use it quite well. The only thing is, is where to use it. And it’s the local environment, again with Mars still in the third house. That’s great for study again, so studying mystical matters, maybe having a look to what your addictions are? 

Mars square, Neptune is notorious for addictions, you may fall for an alcoholic or want to save somebody. It could even be a sibling as well, who has a drug problem, something like that. But whatever it is, you might have to resist and be strong and say, “you know, no, I’m not going to get into rescuing at the moment, thank you very much.” Just do some work on yourself instead. Then you have the new moon in your own sign on April 11. So you’ll be feeling pretty strong in yourself anyway. A new start for you, the beginning of a new birthday cycle really. So make use of it. If you’re going to be independent anyway, go off on your own, do some exercise get physical. Because it’s a physical Aries Moon, it is all about your body as well. It’s very sexy, too, if you want to go down that route.

And if you’re involved with a relationship, you should be able to pull the birds (as we say in the UK! ) also, you have Mars Trine Jupiter, which you’re going to love as well. That’s on April 17. Mars being your ruler and also with Jupiter. They just love each other, they get on like a house on fire. Plus, you like the air signs too. So Mars in Gemini, study local things. It just seems to be the year for new friends for you, just enjoying your neighbourhoods and really, really getting out and mixing there. Not a lot of Aries like being cooped inside, that’s for sure. And you’re not good at being a hermit really. So this is an extra, extra sociable month for you. It would be anyway because the sun is in your sign. But there’s extra boosting properties as well with some of these transits. March 23, Mars moves into Cancer, this is actually more home time for being more in the home. But again, doesn’t mean you’re going to be a hermit, it just means you can invite people to your home, do social things, have parties, and put a lot of energy into the home as well, while it’s there.

Saturn is going to trine the North node. Same situation, again, is those two houses (H11 and H3) being activated, but this time, it’s now focused on the neighbourhood study, and siblings plus your friends and hopes and dreams as well. All those should align and be sympathetic towards each other during the month of April. So invite your friends around and introduce them to your neighbours. Or make friends by going to common interest groups will be a really great thing to do as well. Learn a new skill because that is Saturn in the 11th house. And also because you know that it’s local too. So make local friends while in a common interest group.Make new friends in a common interest group and it could be destiny, changing your life as well because with the north node being in the third house it realigns you with fellow travellers as well. So you may meet someone that is supposed to be with you on this journey in this lifetime. Of course, Saturn is also the lord of karma. So it’s very karmic with who you meet at this time. And in a good way, as well, because it is a trine to the north node.

The full moon is in your eighth house on April 26. It is a bit more of a navel-gazing kind of energy, and it could bring up some demons that need exorcising as well. Maybe the new friends that you’ve made, have triggered things somewhat. And sometimes that’s a good thing, especially if it’s going to get you onto the right path. Because if you have gone on the wrong path somehow or just completely off track, some new influences and new people in your life could actually make you realise; “I’ve been doing this all wrong. I need to completely change my train of thought and my thinking really.” So with that full moon, (because the full moon is always about other people as well and being in Scorpio, ) It will make you think deeply about things. Then on April 30 Ceres is square Pluto and Ceres is in Aries too.

So this is the Persephone energy, especially with Ceres square Pluto. It is standing up to the bully. Even if it’s your own annoying voice in your head that is constantly telling you that you’re worthless that everything you do is wrong. That’s what we are being programmed with every day! It could be a bit of a battle on April 30. This takes place because it’s so personal to you with Ceres being in your first house. It is also also squaring Pluto while in your 10th house So it could very well be the boss that triggers you in some way, and makes you feel inadequate. You just have to try and use that energy to strengthen yourself and strengthen belief in yourself. Don’t believe them. They may be right, but you have to question it, don’t just take it blindly. Maybe if you’ve been a bit arrogant lately, this could be something that does take you down a bit.

But, at the end of the day squares are always good. Squares are needed. They push you and they challenge you. But it’s resurrection time as well. So the end of April that Ceres square Pluto is a very important transit for you. Especially for Aries decan 2 because it’s at 26º. So you’ll definitely be affected a lot more than just normal Aries but it’s still there in the important foundational houses. So take heed.

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