Virgo Decan 2 ~ Sep 3 to 12 (10º-20º)

Virgo Decan 2 ~ Fixed Stars

Virgo 11º 11′ ~ Alsuhail in the sails of Argo Navis the Great Ship. 2.2*
Virgo 11º 19′ ~ Zosma in Leo the Lions back on the rump. 2.6
Virgo 13º 25′ ~ Coxa in Leo the Lions back on the hind quarter. 3.4
Virgo 15º 42′ ~ Mizar in the tail of Ursa Major the Great Bear. 2.4
Virgo 15º 52′ ~ Alcor in the tail of Ursa Major the Great Bear. 4.0
Virgo 17º 42′ ~ Asterion in the hunting hound Chara in Canes Venatici . 4.3
Virgo 18º 58′ ~ Delta Vela in Vela the sails of Argo Navis the Great Ship. 2.1
*Magnitude. Star positions for the year 2000.

Virgo Decan 2 ~ General Meaning

Virgo decan 2 is ruled by Venus and Saturn (Capricorn triplicity). The Sun navigates through the constellations of the Lion, the Great Ship, the Great Bear and the Hunting Hounds from September 3 to September 12. Most of the stars here have a Saturn/Venus nature, which is going to make them all rather bittersweet. Saturn gives Venus a bleeding heart, but it can also make this person somewhat of a masochist. Virgo decan 2 can push people away and then wonder why those people sometimes stay away. They seem to need to test their partner’s backbones and push them to the limits. Only the strongest will stick around, (if there is something worth staying for) otherwise their partners could become masochists themselves.

Virgo decan 2The Persephone myth then, turns up here, just as in Virgo decan 1, but becoming even richer and darker. This Venus-ruled decan is more like Babylonian Ishtar, the goddess of love and war. Talented Virgo decan 2’s will attract powerful Plutonic mates because they are the only people who can handle their prickly and temperamental side. Low vibration Virgo decan 2’s will just attract co-dependant, hypercritical and abusive partners who stay with them because they are too lazy or insecure to leave. This, of course, breeds resentment and a whole lot of blame and victimisation on both sides.

Virtuous in Shame & Great Stalkers

The tarot card that is associated with this decan is the 9 of pentacles which is an extremely positive and successful card which really helps counteract any of the dark edges found in this decan. You could say this card is like a positive Pluto. Wealth! This card is about hard work paying off and prosperity. Karmically this card tells of many hard lives of hard graft

“To say that you have made a success is an understatement, but both you and I know that it was hard-earned. By the way, you have done this almost single-handedly too, with very little input from others.  This card can suggest that you have made many sacrifices or denied yourself freedom and spontaneity in order to achieve your goal or dream. You are not afraid of hard work even though you may miss out on fun in your life.” ~ teachmetarot. As we have seen in the general description, Virgo decan 2 can run itself ragged even if it doesn’t need too. This life you must learn to sit back and rest on your laurels for once.

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Virgo Decan 2

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Sun Virgo 2

Zosma 11º ~ “ To receive, or cause, suffering. Struggling with the mentality of the victim, either in oneself or other.” [4]

The Sun is not very strong here because this is a planet that wants to shine in a sign that would rather work behind the scenes. Mostly these natives identify very strongly with their work, but with that, there is the danger of if they lose their job that they feel like they do not exist. Yes, Virgo is most definitely the service sign, and the Sun here’s mission is to do just that. Their product has to be perfect and is very much a symbol of who they are, so it has to work! They work best-creating something tangible because they enjoy the actual physical labour of producing their wares. The list below may not be very ‘true’ for regular Sun Virgo 2’s as most of them will not turn up on these sort of famous lists. Instead, these folk will be the unsung heroes that do great healing work but are shy of having to stand on stage and receive any awards.

Brady seems to have quite a negative view of the Sun here, but I think these natives will probably excel in working as the wounded healer. This means that these folk can do very well helping addicts come out of self-pity and victim mentality by serving as a role model. Sun Virgo 2 work very well as sponsors in say a 12 step program or doing voluntary work after they have retired and have a comfortable pension to live off. Yes, these folk can cause suffering to others, but only if they are bitter in themselves because they are leading a life that is not gainfully employed. Those evolved types, aligned with their life-calling, will simply be too busy being productive and have no time for petty and resentful behaviour.

SUN VIRGO 2 EXAMPLES: Bernie Sanders, Bachar al-Assad, September 11 Attacks, Ivan The Terrible, Peter Sellers, Michael Moore, Charlie Sheen, Ian Holm, Maurice Chevalier, Hugh Grant, Raquel Welch, Rachel Ward, Colin Firth, Guy Ritchie, Martin Freeman, Micheal Keaton,  Freddie Mercury, Buddy Holly, Beyonce Knowles, Barry White, Buddy Holly, Moby, Roger Waters,  Pink, Gloria Gaynor, Chrissy Hynde, Sylvester, Patsy Cline, Harry Connick Jr,  Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Barry Sheen, Jimmy Conners, Sarah Aldrete, Liz Greene, Darkstar Astrology, Arthur Koestler, Leo Tolstoy, Los Angeles, Pitt/Jolie Davison, Vicious/Spungen Davison chart.

1. Secrets Of The Ancient Skies. Diana K Rosenberg. p. 629
2. Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars. Bernadette Brady. p. 269
3. Manilius Astronomica 1st century AD
4. Star & Planet Combinations. Bernadette Brady. p.251

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127 thoughts on “Virgo Decan 2 ~ Sep 3 to 12 (10º-20º)

  1. girl, this zosma interpretation stil kinda irks me ;P “being of service to those they have victimized? like an addiction counsellor.. hmmm.. It sounds like a corrupt new age ideal.. Like sure, Jesus must have been a terrible person in his past life to be put on the cross right? Or nurses must have killed quite a few people during the wars, and are now tending to the weak.. Having compassion and being of service to others is a sign of inner strength and humility, not karma.. And who is to say that if you were good in a past life, this life offers a grand opportunity to walk over those who may have done you wrong, and thus continuing the cycle of an often missused word “karma.” And writing egotistical, shameless and so forth in the same sentence as caregiver or social worker seems contradictory to me.. Like those who chose to do good in this life, does not do it because of their big heart, but simply burning off karma, like WTF.. Thats kinda fluffy puppy new ageism if you ask me, other than that, good article as always!

    1. Well I knew it would “Irk” some. It’s an irksome star. Yes it’s full of contradictions. I’m only trying to make sense of what has been written by others before me. Charlie Sheen and Michael Jackson certainly had been victims of drug dependency. If they are stars it ain’t because of Sun on Zosma. The Sun isn’t the be all and end all of a chart either.

      Not all savior’s have been victimisers in the past or in past lives. I’m not saying that. But Zosma carries that meaning.

    2. its okay to be controversial, which is why this site is so interesting.. But like, carefully not to fall into the trap that India is stuck in, where the rich are basking in the past life karma, and the poor all must have been terrible people and re-paying their debts.. And in my mind, I follow the teachings of Lao Tzu from time to time, money and riches isnt necessarily good karma, I would say a fullfilling life is being able to have deep and interesting bonds with friends and family, having plenty of memorable experiences, and being able to love those around you and go through the currents together.. Not all those who are rich have satisfying relationships, or plenty of soul-mates having joined them in this world.. But if we continue to valua money as the best karma there is, arent we kinda missing the point of what is truly valuable? nurses might feel satisfied and content on the inside knowing what they do is right, and brings them plenty of joy, while banksters, might go home and getting drunk on alcohol for example 😛

  2. oh, and charlie sheen, beyonce, freddie mercury and michael jackson all have sun conjunct zosma, so the leo-like quality of this star actually does need to be put into consideration 🙂

  3. True, I think it’s time to rethink the ‘karma’ concept. Nothing against your interpretation, Marina-I find right and to the point. However, from my own observations it’s rarely that the ‘bad deeds are being punished’ in the next life. It’s just the interpretation that opressed and powerless people found to feel better-that there is a higher force that works for all. In reality the ‘masters’ continue to have power and control over ‘slaves’ and exploit their efforts.

    As an example, I was at the dinner yesterday. The host is the heir of colonial family-he was bragging how his family was using and abusing, how little a life of slaves meant to them. He expressed his nostalgia to the time that has passed. Other dinners have expressed consent and admiration for the story. He continues such pattern in current life, and a fortune his family amassed gave him a good start in life and a possibility to continue the pattern of abuse of power and complete control over the people he made dependant on himself.

    So what is really the karma?

    1. I read somewhere that being of a wicked nature is enough punishment in itself, while having a good nature is a grand reward within itself.. And so it goes outside the concept of karma, but rather is about just being

    2. I have taken the word karma out of this post. I don’t want my observations on Virgo 2 to be derailed about a discussion over karma. If people misinterpret karma as an excuse to justify their wealth then that’s their own business.

      Pay back happens, it’s natures way. You reap what you sow. This is Virgo, Ceres is about natures cycles. I have seen this in people close to me who have Zosma prominent. They are getting fulfilment out of caring for others. Who mentioned money as being the best karma there is? I didn’t.

      It doesn’t have to be about past lives like I said. You can see it working within a life time.

    3. im sorry Marina, but there is a thing called victim blaming that is well established in society.. Especially in middle eastern societies, and when incorprating victim blaming in astrology due to the interpretation of a star, it is just as bad as it would be elsewhere.

    4. I’m not victim blaming. We all need to take responsibility for our actions. Blame is not something I like at all.

      You just don’t like this interpretation because its a star you have. Your defensiveness only confirms you need to love yourself more. I can’t help what Robson et all say about Zosma. We all have some difficult stars in our charts, you’re no different. The Virgin doth protest too much!

    5. well, my point is there is a reason why there are so many interpretations on the venus in cancer analysys, and why people chose to seek out different point of views regarding such a placement, and why there should be free room to discuss its implications and effects upon an individual.. Why should not the same be applied to fixed stars? I am sure astrologers in the past also quarreled about the effects of the stars, and how they should be read. If there is only one way to read sirius, based upon the interpretation of a single individual, we are giving that individual too much influence regarding something that should be open for discussion and scrutiny. I personally do believe the zosma and coxa stars carry a more leo-like quality, and perhaps has something in common with the sphynx, the leo and virgo blend. But if you do not wish to discuss the nature of certain stars, or question what has been written about them up until this point, that is fine. But with the re-discovery of fixed stars, one should keep an open mind in order to create expansion and a multi-layered understanding. But I will protest no more.

    6. I have always done that. See my Algol post. I did put my own interpretation for Zosma afterwards and I tend to align with Bernadette Brady who is a modern interpreter. Diana K Rosenberg also comes to similar conclusions if you read her book. She has spend 30 years researching the fixed stars so I will trust her judgement. I am all for getting personal experience of these stars, but its funny how we all tend to agree with the positives much more than the negatives… Who really knows their own shadow until someone reflects it back at them?

      We are focusing too much on Zosma anyway. It’s not the only star in Leo decan 2.

    7. And don’t take one part of the quote out of context please
      “Pay back happens, it’s natures way. You reap what you sow.” Its misleading

  4. My son´s Sun is on Delta Vela. Hope he sails his life happily and away from Sacred Plants… (he seems to be doing the latter right now, though one never knows…).

    I have met people whom I call *emergents* that came from a not pretty surroundings and seem to be ending like the worst controller and people exploiting jerks, ever!

    And, funny enough, my father was a Virgo D. 1 and his behavior seems much more like this Virgo D. 2. And my son is D. 2 and -for me- looks like the D. 1.

    Thanks Marina.


  5. I’ve got Sun (11º 48?) almost on Zosma … Just great 😉 My Venus, Mars and Mercury are in Leo, so maybe there is some balance between not-loving and loving myself. And I feel more like sphinx (Virgo decan 1) or maybe even manticore with scorpio ASC 😉

    1. heres an interpretation of the spynxh symbolism, maybe it resonates 🙂 Legends state that when someone came upon a Sphinx that person
      would be asked to answer a Riddle. If the person solved the Riddle
      they were allowed to pass. If they could not solve the Riddle they
      would be devoured by the Sphinx.

      In Symbolism, when attempting to understand a Symbol we must
      take into consideration all the possible meanings, and concepts, that
      the Symbol represents.

      Entrances exist in all realms and dimensions. Here are some
      examples of Entrances: material (doorways); mental (new ideas);
      spiritual (higher planes of Wisdom); esoteric (Obscure Wisdom).

      Entrances also exist at the beginnings of new Cycles, ages, and eras.
      We are currently standing at the Entrance of the Age of Aquarius.
      We are leaving the Age of Pisces. What Riddle is the Age of
      Aquarius about to present to each one of us?

      Whenever we begin to develop an new idea, open a new book,
      acquire a new skill, attend a new school, move to a new city, or
      Learn a new language, we are Symbolically standing in front of the
      Sphinx who is guarding the Entrance to the knowledge we Seek and
      the Adventure we are about to experience. An uneasy sense of
      anticipation usually possesses us at these times. The knowledge
      we Seek, and the Adventure we are about to pursue, is new and
      foreign to us; it is a Riddle! Upon mastering our new skill (Riddle)
      we are then allowed Entrance into the new knowledge, the new life,
      and the new Adventure which we have been pursuing.

      In taking this Symbolism a step further, the Sphinx is also the
      “Spiritual Guardian of the Mysteries of Nature”. Once we solve a
      mystery it is no longer a mystery. It then becomes new knowledge;
      new Wisdom. Whenever we solve a mystery (Riddle) we conquer
      and tame the Sphinx. This is when a new realm, a new dimension,
      a new Adventure opens itself up to us.

      In the Tarot deck the Sphinx sits on top of the Wheel of Fortune,
      which represents the Cycles of Eternity, and guards the Entrance
      of a new Cycle. This card is also the 10th card of the Major Arcana.
      The number 10 represents completion . As one Cycle ends a new
      Cycle, of a higher degree, begins. The Sphinx, with its Riddle sits at
      the Entrance of this new Cycle. These Cycles, and the Riddles that
      accompany them, are eternal.

      Here is another concept regarding the Sphinx. Ancient historians
      state that the Egyptian Sphinx originally had the head and face of
      a woman and that some unknown pharaoh had the original woman’s
      face modified to represent his own likeness. There is enough
      evidence to make this a very convincing argument.

      If this is True, then the Egyptian Sphinx could represent the cusp
      (Entrance) of the Age of Leo. The Age of Leo is Entered after the Age
      of Virgo is complete. The woman’s face would, therefore, represent
      the Age of Virgo, the Virgin, while the lions body would represent
      the Age of Leo, the Lion. This would make the Sphinx incredibly,

  6. maybe this is a better interpretation for the humanitarian leos that take the task upon themselves to be caregivers and providors of those in need, as opposed to simply switching the roles and helping those in need simply to “balance the equation.” During the higher phase of Leo the individual recognizes this truth. They are the King, the ruler, the prince, the Soul ~ as a wise and just king who rules those under his care according to the good of the whole. They sense the fear and hear the cries for help from those around them. They use all their acquired knowledge, skills and experience to benefit the whole. They literally subordinate the will of the lower self to the Divine Will, the will of the whole!

    1. Zosma is Delta Leonis in the rump or hindquarters of Leo, the Lion, a star that is accompanied in these celestial longitudes by Alioth, Epsilon Ursae Majoris in the tail of Ursa Major, the Greater Bear (the 1st “handle” star of the Big Dipper asterism), Al Wazn, Lambda Velorum in Vela, the Sail (of the great ship Argo Navis), Lambda Hydrae at the first rise of the back of Hydra, the Water Snake, Beta Sextantis in the modern figure of Sextans, the Sextant, and Galaxy/Black Hole M106 in the modern constellation Canes Venatici, the Venatician (hunting) Dogs. In the ancient lunar mansions of India, Zosma was a determinant star of Purvaphalguni “The Former Reddish One” or “Front of the Culprit;” a mansion of fulfillment, cleansing, good luck, well-being and amorous pleasure. In Arabia, it was a determinant of al-Zubrah , The Mane (of a huge, extended Arab lion). In ancient China, Lambda Hydrae was one of the determinant stars of the lunar mansion Tschang, Drawn Bow, or Spread Net (used to catch game or birds who fed on crops); it presided over the imperial kitchens, food preparations, feasts, utensils, gifts; if the stars of this mansion could not be seen, it was a sign that the Emperor would fall ill
      You are a passionate pilgrim, carried by Argo’s sail into fascinating yet dangerous explorations of mind, soul and human experience. With the courage and intense sensuality of the Lion, you challenge authority, attempting to go beyond accepted ideas and behavior, sometimes shocking people, then using your notoriety to advantage. Adventurous, determined, absolutist, you use your deeply intuitive intelligence to pry and probe your limits. Ideas and convictions are important; you have a need to be true to yourself, believe in acting on your principles, and carry the banner of your causes even to the extent of fanaticism and putting yourself in harm’s way. Audacious and unsettled, you are drawn to the primal and primitive, love to perform, and need an audience. Tough, pragmatic and versatile, you may be capable in two or more fields and may bring about sudden breakthroughs, realizations, and discoveries, contributing to fields such as religion, philosophy, literature, education, communications, military tactics, police methods, finance, theatre, music, dance, science (especially medicine, chemistry, aviation, space exploration), technology, invention, psychology (especially related to sexuality), food preparation, astrology and psychic research. You are imaginative – even if devotedly scientific and fact-oriented, you allow a tinge of the wild and weird to edge into your psyche. In this lifetime you will be physically, mentally or morally challenged, and in response will develop courage to deal with adversity; a good sense of humor and whimsy is one of your greatest assets. The overlay of tropical Virgo gives you a concern for the Earth and all who sail on her, and the Virgo urge to be of service manifests in environmentalism and concern for human rights, especially women’s rights – many pioneering feminists were born with planets here (Purvaphalguni was related to fulfillment in marriage, yet a few males here are misogynists, i.e. women-haters). You may deal with issues related to religion, economics, ethics and greed, communications and connections, nature versus technology, intellect versus emotion, selfishness and self-indulgence versus benevolence and generosity; a tendency to melancholia and brooding can be counteracted with positive thinking and a re-organization of mental attitudes, and you will be presented with choices to be made between waging war and working for unity and peace. The realistic, analytical and perfectionist influence of tropical Virgo combined with the navigating, guiding Sextant keeps you on course, and, if well-embarked, Argo will bring you through the dangers and storms of life’s trials.. this is an interpretation that I prefer of zosma, but as you said, I have some bias because of its jupiter conjunction 😉

    2. Sounds more like my Zosma ascendant indeed. Even the sensitivity to bias makes sense. I call upon Oscar to, for once and all, bun these fixed stars back to where they belong; in the middle astro ages. Love your darkness though. Big hugs

    3. If you do shadow work, the fixed stars will tell it how it is. No psychological sugar-coating here. That’s my Pluto square AC talking. 😉

    4. doing shadow work and recognizing your dark side seems to be something you highly value. So if you write an interpretation of someone, based off a fixed star where you claim they are egotistical, mysoginist, a past-life douchebag, psycopath, and if they dont agree, they are simply not just recognizing their shadow? bullshit, it may take years to truly know someone, and then they can show you your shadow, but just jumping to conclusion and calling someone all kinds of negative words isnt shadow work nor truth, its just weird and kinda religious psycho babble.. You seem to have a grudge against those with a zosma conjunction, and use the interpretations to convince yourself they are all a bunch of disgusting individuals. This isnt pluto sq asc talking, this is crazy talking. And synce when did it become psychological to call someone selfish and immoral when you dont even know them? This blog is getting weird

    5. That’s an interpretation of the star set between Alioth and Zosma. So it’s not just zosma. Diana does include some negatives too. Do u also agree with “many males here are misogynists”. Also you didn’t include the last paragraph of this section which includes: mental and intestinal ailments, communication problems, sexual extremes, possible pedophilia, brooding, depression, suicidal impulses….Also when she gives some famous examples: “Franchise Bertrand, a sexual psychopath (according to Ptolemy, the lions hind quarters can be an area of complete depravity” she goes on to list a few other “depraved” folk.

      Now of course not everyone in this star-set is going to be a pervert! But if Zosma has a dark side than we have to acknowledge it. You can’t go cherry picking just coz it suits you. A very evolved person will always be able to take even the most negative star to a positive vibration.

      I came to my conclusions about the decan in the first section of my post and I list the stars attributes later so you all know what I’m basing my theories on. I thought my own take on Zosma wasn’t offensive, but maybe just not very savoury for the proud Lion. Listing the interpretations from past commentators doesn’t mean you agree with them 100%.

    6. the only thing you accomplish by writing in such a manner as you are, is to turn people off from astrology, and make them dislike it. Its not a very honorable thing to do, seeing as you are an astrologer.

    7. Nope. Just you I think! I have nothing against Zosma. Far from it. Two of my closest friends have it conjunct moon and AC. Not forgetting my dear husband. He has no illusions about his own Zosma Moon. Maybe we should ask him? Or maybe not since according to you he’s too busy “emotionally betraying” me…

      Why don’t you get het up about some of the other stars with bad reputations then? Why are you so precious over your Jupiter? I thought you weren’t going to protest anymore anyway…zzzzzzzz

  7. and i here i always considered it was my cap moon-neptune that made me a masochist who must suffer in order to deserve anything worthwhile. at least i do know that about myself.

  8. interesting that you said zosma was part of leo decan 2 as opposed to virgo decan 2, got me thinking.. While we do have “fixed placements for the 12 zodiac signs, according to the changing seasons, one begins to wonder, what would be the fixed position of vulpeca for example? Is the energy of vulpeca in its domain around 2-5 degrees aquarius, around 23-25 of january, or elsewhere. And if there were to become a widespread acceptence of the 88 constellations, and using perhaps 48 of them, where would they be placed according to their “original” domain, and within what degrees of what signs. Maybe zetus is aries like, and so forth.. Its an impossible equation I guess..

  9. My Sun/ASC ruling Pluto is at 10VIR00′ in mutual reception to Mercury (yes-s-s-s-s!) which disposits all of my natal planets and CAP Saturn by accidental 3rd house. I see so many of my idols associated with the 2nd decan, especially Freddie Mercury, Chrissie Hynde, and Michelle Pfeiffer. My ex-wife had Moon 19VIR, and she was a real “black magic woman” that I met through an ELP fanzine (how intense is that). And like the Rolling Stones’ “Winter”, “a lotta’ love…burned out” after 15 years (and some sexual orientation changes). She did teach me candle magic and blue Moons, though.

  10. Thank you for this post DarkStar…my sister is smack on these aspects. Sept 7th 1956 San Diego Calif at 10:45 am…she destroyed 4 people’s lives , has suffered breast cancer karmically for lives as a recluse and is doing all she can to take anything left from all of us…a real pathetic soul…i have tried to reach out to her a million times but she is venomous…i may not get near ever again. Your post explains a lot for me…i have been so hurt and confused i turned to astrology just in the hope i would find some logic somewhere…she devastated all of us for nothing but money… anyway…this puts much into a context i can cut and possibly digest without choking…thank you again xoxo

  11. Yes, there is a lot of death about. My father died on his own terms and in his own bed on August 5th. He was 85.

    A little dog is part of this story. A little dog with cancer, that couldn’t help himself. He should have been put down sooner–but wasn’t. That little dog seemed to me to be a symbol of all poor hurt things.

    I could go on about death and illness, and all the other terrible things in the world. I think of poor Syria as I write, but I won’t go on, at least, not this time.

    I have Algol conjunct sun natally, and Sedna is transiting my sun too…Chiron, Jupiter and moon are part of the configuration. Last full moon I blew-up and raged about.
    I feel much better. Other people won’t change but I might…

    I would like to wish Marina all the best during this tricky and tense time. Your writings and intuitional timing (shall we say) have helped me enormously.
    Don’t doubt yourself.



  12. Very interesting to read! Thank you. I have Sun in Virgo decan 2, Moon in Leo and Ascendant in Capricorn. I do recognize myself, in good and bad, especially as the truly rebellious masochistic healer-type. But I also do love myself very much and care deeply and with devotion about others, so all the death and addiction-parts have never really crossed my life, and I know I have the power not to let those things occupy my living either.

    All the best for you Marina during these interesting times. They have been a test indeed! With broken homes/relationships, diseases etc. , but “It’s always darkest before the dawn”. I have a profound feeling -the occult side coming up 🙂 – that everything that has happened and happens now, no matter how bad or testing, has a very good outcome!

    So, strength and love for all!

    1. With Virgo decan 2, loving yourself is the key. Once that happens, Persephone is crowned Queen of the Underworld and takes this energy to an extremely fine healing and purifying vibration.

      Thanks La, I have learn a lot writing about Virgo. I seem to attract Virgo people into my life and this has helped me understand them much better. At times I though maybe I should hold back and not write that just because I am so close to it. But I couldn’t help it. It just had to all come out. I can’t sugar coat and I can’t censor. It wouldn’t be Darkstar and I have to be true to my soul. I actually didn’t realise just how deep the whole Persephone/Isis archetype runs here. Libra will be interesting because that’s sidereal Virgo. I think we will get more of an Eris flavour there since its opposite Aries.

      Your Leo Moon will certainly give you a big generous heart to love yourself and others to balance the Virgo. We always look at the whole chart. All of us have some spiky areas we have to work on. We wouldn’t be human if we were perfect!

  13. Beautifully written post, Marina, thank you. I have a few things in Virgo, my 6th house, aspecting the rest of my chart which is weighted in the spring stars. As usual, you have brought a constellation to life, fully rounded.

  14. This so describes my former best friend, I have distanced myself a little from her to sort myself. She is very generous to help others and yet she did sink into a very dark hole 10 years ago and although on anti depressants so she isnt experiencing the depressive/anxious thoughts, that energy colours everything she says and does, doesnt understand why others treat her as being cruel and unfortunately, doesnt really want to understand. I hope to be able to be a good friend to her again in the future. She has evolved from a very kind person into a bully and her husband remains with her because it feeds her being the victim and he is too lazy and insecure to leave, he is also an alcohic.
    It gave me chills when i read what you wrote as it was as if you knew her.
    I hope she finds a way to over come it and be a kind giving person again one day, she really doesnt deserve to be suffering as she is 🙁
    I am waiting with bated breath now to read decan 3, see if it makes as much sense to help me understand my 29′ Virgo brother, very Mr Jeckle/Hyde 🙁

    1. I’m actually quite scared to write Virgo decan 3 now after all this (And the FBI incident- see Weekly horoscope)…. I think its going to get me into no end of trouble 😉

  15. gurrl, about that, hmmm, sorry bout it ;P it was just a percieved observation, with no merit.. Only you two truly know the dynamics and functionings of your communion, and no stranger knows what is true and untrue regarding such matters.. It is prolly just my prying sun and moon square pluto, seeing ghosts were there are none 🙂

  16. Very powerful and true. People are being embarrassed by their sexual adultery, and are at risk of std? So true. Relationships are breaking up because of being based on false, fraudulent, delusional, and fabricated foundations with high disrespect.

    Thanks for the article

  17. here is my friend, who with special talent supported her family in style, and she is bashful, embarrassed also daring and persevering, quietly attending to mental and physical pursuits, besting me Everything, quiet contemplation, all -girls prep school, Smith, Bryn Mar, medieval studies, (4th/hs/sun/con/SN/venus..scorpio/M, Cancer/AS..), working in uniform, (mars/leo), always it seems a thorny palace, a wait and the prince did arrive. She as secretary at his office for the construction company he ran, He w/ both sun and moon opposing, (pisces/Taurus) found irresistibility of heart. And so it was he built her a house, their first child arrived and then he left. Now my friend withers away, then he is abandoned by the new secetary in California and there’s a 10 month pause. As it happened his dad, her father-in-law, retired admiral, flew out to save the day.
    The picture is the two together again, his 6’2? frame deprived of all cover, down to the bone, my friend in skeletal form, their eyes the same green, pale-white skin, her hair permed to match his natural dark curls, they were a pair, and never parted.
    I’d leave you here but….she became bread winner, he house husband, that was it, his Saturn Gemini, ran from responsibility, and now he set cannonade, made his own saw-mill lived the Maine dream, and their beauty returned, his natural, of the elements, he also liked dressing up squiring his wife around.
    She started out as a secretary to a pathologist, soon she was identifying specimens and someone else was secretary…”Isn’t that illegal?” I asked, “well yes,” she said. Later she became a cop of sorts, a very well paid enforcer, taking on Medicaid fraud for 2 states, she held 3rd position, and inadvertently covered the top man for his clandestine trysting, involving younger men…. but then accusations of sexual harassment gave her a share of his spot, impressive office, trips all over expensive suits.
    Everthing was great, “she has her life set up,” her libra mom said. Then as if to get her she contracted lyme disease, and that was it. It affected her mind so she took it out on me.
    another thing is the fierce dog, she had one that put me on top of my car, and a second that had a horrible skin infection causing it to chew it’s feet down to the bone.

    1. Moved it here from Virgo decan 1 Lucy. It was important for it to be in the right place. Decan 2 is definitely the edgiest Virgo decan. I’m writing decan 3 now which has a different feel again thanks to Crater the cup being there. Thanks for your examples, they always add to our understanding.

    2. Thank-you Marina….they certainly are “close cover before striking” people or better yet don’t strike at all. They take offence, one plays back time wondering for what?
      I’ve always been the needy one and when my friends/family see me on my feet they’re challenged.

  18. Someone very influential, healing and then destructive in my life has an AC somewhere round Virgo/Leo. Reading the description of this decan, tempts me to use amateur rectification and put it right here. Dog and all.

  19. This is so fun to consider in relationship to the progressions of my natal planets and my transformational experiences. I am looking forward to virgo decan 3.

  20. Agree with Notch there, after reading Virgo Decan 2 for myself, I’m also looking forward to Virgo Decan 3 as my mother is one! She is a very strong persona, like a tiger mother to me and my brother…and our friends and well, everyone 🙂 And then my father is a Libra Decan 1…

    I also like to say how wonderful it has been to find this page and Marina’s work, as I have never come across such a full package of knowledge put together in such an understandable way. The examples and stories given enlighten it all very much and even I ‘get it’. So, do keep up the awesome work only you can do so well!

    Thank you.

  21. Would this apply to one who has outer planets only in Virgo Dec 2? Or could it apply to anyone who has prog,[lanets in Virgo decan2/

  22. I posted on the New Moon thread re Michael Le Vell and the accusation of child rape – he has Uranus, Mars and PLuto conj in 2nd decan Virgo – 14-16 degrees, opp Chiron. So Mirzar/Alcor are conj. He is currently being Virtuous in shame during trial. Delta Vela is conj his Mars. Not looking good for him at the moment.

    1. Osiris is me and apparently Isis is looking for me for god’s sake . I am number 9 i am the Sun and I am Aries . Do you understand me ?

  23. WOW. I just read Virgo dec 2 and. . .. it freaked me out.. . . I am gemini, with moon, uranus, pluto and mars, between 10>19 degrees, all squaring all my gemini. . . . and I have been in quazi relation with a woman with her saturn at 7 degrees, progressed now to 9 virgo. Let me say that was a priceless read. UNbuleevabley pin point on, all around. Astounded, really. . . . . Mm!

    1. Thanks :). I didn’t realise that Virgo was going to be this juicy to be honest! They get the most boring write- ups in the standard sign sign books, its time the Virgin was given back her power. I have always been drawn to Virgo’s but not really known why. It could be my Gemini AScendant likes fellow Mercury ruled signs or my Pluto/Uranus in Virgo square the AC/DC. I never really considered the fact that Pluto/Uranus were in Virgo since it was generational. But I guess the very tight square to my AC (Pluto 08º) makes it more personal for me.

    2. Yes – that Mercury ruler ruler ship is very important in mental relationships! Read that as you like!!
      The woman who turned me on to astrology some 40 years ago told me she thought Virgo was the best asc to have because it guaranteed self reference and analysis which is essential for growth. I suppose Virgos are good at separating wheat from chaff. And lets not forget the origins of the idea of virgin – the vestal virgins and houris (divine whore I think we call this now!)
      The Virgoan association with purity and chatity is curious! The associations of “virgin” and chastity and the meaning of chastity became subtly changed when they arrived in the English language. Chastity didn’t always mean not having sex
      and the earliest “virgines” or women who didn’t marry and have children. The original template for the vestal virgin was Rhea – who with Acca Larentia, a midwife Vestal described as a “courtesan” were credited with giving birth to all the ancestral spirits called “lares” by Romans. “Akka” appears in several cultures all with similar spelling from central America to the middle east etc. She is the founder who forms life.
      The Roam vestals were never altogether “virginal” – they were “married” to the phallic deity of the Palladium and the secret ceremony conducted by high priest called Pontifex maximus created a “bridge” – the Pontifex idea was adopted by early Christians but not the Vestals! THe Vestals eventually lost their status – their endowments and immunity from taxes and only the pagans supported their significance.
      Now it seems to me that there are several Virgo issues bound up here! – The star Zosma – is associated with wanting to be associated with a great cause – marriage to the Palladium. Virgo at its worse can be full of disdain for lesser mortals – and seeks to cleanse itself from the riff raft. The vestals were not the possessions of husbands, and virgo never really attaches itself to anyone. It likes to be alone, to be singular in many respects. But then it also likes its fetish sex… (maybe the origin of fetish is on ritual?)
      I wonder if the blurred area with Leo (stars in sideral Leo etc) accounts for some of the less savory aspects of Leo??
      Anyway, food for thought.
      And another thing – I think the generation of Pluto Uranus in Virgo has so many confused issues around diet, sexual morality, eco issues, money, toxicity etc – perhaps this generation is reincarnated from a time when these issues became crossed? Early Christian “corruption” of meaning of virgin and chaste – back to the Cathars and way before that!
      Marina – don’t underestimate the generational positions of planets – these are very karmic!

    3. oh, and lets not forget cosmetics, always having to be prim and proper ;-P
      being skinny, etc etc..
      A lot of pluto in scorpio kids has developed eating disorders and suffer from poor self image due to the plutonian virgos exerting so much pressure on routine and being perfect at all times ;P

    4. oh, lets not forget the anti-depressant medications, the psychiatric wards, the finger pointing psychology of today..
      The pluto in virgo carries a lot of dark shadows, pointing its fingers at anyone and everyone who does not conform to their rigid idealaization of “normal” and “conform.”
      Many of my pluto in scorpio friends have felt guilty about their weight, one skinny girl even felt guilty she had gained a few pounds after quitting smoking, another used to be bulimic, another friend is on anti-depressant (even though I tell her theres nothing wrong with her, and to get off the pills)
      My cousins friend commited suicide while on psychiatric ward,
      and there has been plenty of cruel and inhumane practices in the norwegian psychatric wards were young teenagers were chained to the bed for 3 days straight.. The news report was horrific..

      pluto in virgo is probably also most new age ideals, about conformity and beating your head up each time it “disobeys.” New age ideas are nothing special, its just pluto in virgo wrecking subtle havoc on peoples mind.

      Think about us poor pluto in scorpios ;-P
      Being persecuted by the crusaders of right and wrong.

    5. Great insights; unfortunately, though, pluto in virgo generation does NOT have a monopoly on conformity/norms, right/wrong rigid moral views, etc.

      Pluto in virgo also sees the generation that ushered in the interest and advocacy of natural medicine, holistic health, alternative medicine etc [which have been partially usurped by parasitic new age cult mindset, true]. But the very right to receive a massage is legal in states in the US due to this advocacy, or to go to an herbalist, buy over the counter supplements, etc. Virgo does also emphasize natural healing [purity theme again] and the ‘physician’ archetype is connected.

      Also, while the seeking of perfection often manifests in neurosis and/or duality that derides anything that does not fit in [ie, your emphasis that the scorpio pluto generation has been ‘effed up’ b/c of the pluto virgo ideals and distortions thereof], perfection is a tool is necessary and valuable, and does not inherently lead to rigid norms and rules. Perfection created the Sistine Chapel, airplanes, Einstein, automobiles, homes with central heating, running water, the internet, etc etc. Perfection is the artist’s tool, and while it drives some to the brink of insanity, it also inspires the highest expressions of what is possible. The interpretation by many that this perfection is simply a negative psychological trait, ignores that it is also what leads us into new potential, new heights and endeavors, and the possibility and potential that are available to us, as humans.

      Perfection is what led the Buddha to continue on, and for spiritual techniques from many traditions to refine themselves into tools that we can readily use. Perfection is related to beauty, to truth and yes, to purity.

      So while Virgo in Pluto may have a karmic implication and be recycling some past confusion over the place of purity, the energy and the potential is there, to bring to the forefront the gifts that Saturn and Venus bring=Beauty, Time/timing and perseverance are all connected to purity.

      I have a stellium in scorpio [not pluto, though], including sun and venus…and I can say that scorpio in pluto cannot fully ‘blame the virgo pluto regime’ lol, for in some ways, this darkness exploration as it manifests through addictions, distortions etc is part of the scorpio journey, as is truth saying. So those who can call out this dualistic virgo pluto tendency for how it has been adversely applied, will be doing their great service to humanity, as well. ie, the virgos bring it in, the scorpios transform and rename it. Make it new. IMHO.

    6. Also, I think pluto in libra also created some of the energy of ‘conformity’ for the sake of harmony and balance.
      Keep in mind, that ‘poor pluto in scorpios’ (as you referenced) have their own job to do, and pluto in virgo has paved the way for many legal and paradigm changes. While humanity gets caught in the logistics and in group think as a means to survive and/or fear of being ostracized, the work that pluto in virgo completed to transition from puritanical christian severity, is substantial, and is in many ways, why scorpio plutos this time around vs last time we had these generations in history, is able to contemplate the kinds of choices, options and freedoms they do. Many of these basic ‘rights’ or ‘lifestyle choices’ were considered the work of the devil (and still are by some, but at least it’s not law of the land anymore), even such things as astrology and alternative healing.

      Pluto in virgo are not the ‘crusaders of right and wrong’; Society has for most of history, taken this stance of the mainstream and fitting into the norm being the ideal and criticizing those who don’t. This is not unique to virgo pluto, in my experience. You can certainly look back several decades and find A LOT worse than teenagers chained to beds, as far as experiments on humans and treatment of those who do not act within the norm.
      I don’t personally regard new agers or ideas as anything specific to virgo pluto, but more that virgo pluto and libra pluto generation were susceptible to them as a mindsest. Scorpio pluto can now break apart the fallacies and the tendency to associate blanket ideas with subtle, sovereign nuances that an individual must grasp on his/her own, not as ‘part of the group’. But blaming the previous generation will interrupt the ability to do that. With maturity, though, comes the ability to use the scorpionic insights in an effective manner. This is the scorpio journey from scorpion/snake to eagle/phoenix anyway. How the same information and experiences are used and applied in relatively higher and lower ways. True, it does not matter is someone wants to do the ‘lower expressions’, b/c this is not a hierarchy good vs. bad. It is an observation of the pragmatic level, that application of insight can take place at different levels of awareness, and can be refined based on ‘desired outcome’.

      Interestingly, the same ‘right and wrong’ crusading and narrow view can arise out of even the seeming ‘alternative view point’, in as far as that view is considered the only alternative [ie, good vs. bad], and in as much as that alternative is based on a narrow interpretation of that which it is ‘rebuffing’ [in this case, virgo pluto]. I love the adage that one’s medicine can become one’s poison; it’s easy for a liberating idea or thought or movement to very quickly become stagnation and limitation. It’s when the magic of the potential becomes accepted and blindly followed [especially at the micro/individual level], that it turns to myth and becomes part of the subconscious vernacular of a group or society. Alchemy is the result.

    7. Are your parents Virgo Plutos, Simon? LOL. I am, and my kids are Scorpios. The pressure to be super thin and diet conscious goes WAY further back than us – Maybe it started in the mid sixties but the people pushing it were Cancer and Leo Plutos. Similarly the awful social, sexual, drug pressures that your generation face, ending up in psychiatric treatment as often as not, are possibly being largely pushed by the Libra generation coming to the fore in media and music promotion.

    8. Yes, good point Simon – the PLuto in Virgo obsession with diet has resulted in all manner of weirderies! One PLuto in V. woman I know who is a strict vegan, brought her child up strict vegan and the poor child had stunted growth and other problems due to insufficient protein.

    9. Yes, Virgin originally meant/means, virgin unto oneself, beholden to no man. Sovereign, really. Purity is misinterpreted greatly by most in the modern world. Purity of intention, action, etc, is truth in action, integrity, and these are necessary for liberation and sovereignty, as well. Purity has nothing to do with morals or even ethics; it’s more pragmatic and karmic as a term. To truly know what you are creating through your intentions, is purity. Know Thyself, as the saying goes, IS purity.

    10. I htink the early idea of vestal virgins and purity was more to do with a dedication to a cause – they were dedicated to keep the flame of Rome burning via the goddess Vesta. As I mentioned above, they did engage in secret ritual which probably involved sex but they did not marry or have children.

    11. I like how before the greek age, there was the etruscan age (taurus)
      and they valued comfort above all else, and were very sexual with seriously no inhibitions 😛
      I recommend reading about,
      gives a nuanced perspective of how the world doesnt change, all it does is turn :))))

    12. Off the top of my head I thought they were put to death if caught having sex, but I may be wrong.

    13. Truly uncanny indeed! This IS my spouse of 15 years, to a tee. And with a stellium in Virgo in 12th, at that, including Sun and Asc. [We seem to fall somewhere in the middle of the plutonic attraction as far as whether it manifests brilliant gifts or co dependent drama, but I’m definitely the ‘plutonic partner’ ,with a stellium in scorpio; still sticking around-lol]. Bittersweet, always climbing an unnamed mountain, making things hard for no apparent reason and suspicious when gifted; the whole thing is accurate beyond belief. The decan nuance is amazing, really. Virgo as a whole, when I read about it, is accurate, but your decan work has taken it to the next level. Thanks, Marina!

  24. I am The priestess, she. . . the whore, not so holy, but pathetic as all get out. . . . I really am astounded at the perfection and completeness with witch you described our basic story! LMAO!! :)) Crazy.

  25. well, I tend to see zodiac signs as different cultures these days,
    and virgo is definetely a representation of christianity, the so called purific perfection..
    Leaving the age of pisces behind which is opposite of virgo, and entering aquarius which is opposite of leo.
    We are seeing more emphasis once more on other cultures.

    Many artists were more drawn to greek mythology, and created pictures around such tales. And greek mythology I see as leo energy.
    As Edgar Cayce said, there are many dimensions, and he said that the so called christian dimensions were boring compared to the greek, egyptian and a thing called happy hunting ground.. Who knows..
    I have never seen perfection as being possible, for anyone or anything, and I would say Michelangelo was more greek in his mannerism which is opposite of the cleansed and purified perfection.
    And Michelangelo created the sistine chapel, he was a pisces, so was einstein, and I still struggle to this day to see christianity as a piscean culture. I would say virgo is.
    The piscean temperament I would rather say reminds me of shamanism. Some say Jesus was a virgo

    So I would in truth say that virgo was an opposition to the true energy of pisces, just like leo might perhaps be an opposition to the true nature of aquarius in the coming ages.

    1. If you look at one sign though you must always consider its opposite?
      At the centre of Christianity is the ideal of a saviour/redeemer who is self sacrificial. All these ideas seem to involve both signs?

    2. well, I believe virgo hijacked the true piscean age (which is now lost) kinda
      You had the native indians and their spiritual approach to life, hijacked by christianity (virgo)
      And so the mystic experience, and its spiritual significance was put into rigid forms of expression by the virgo energies.
      This is true spirituality, blah blah blah, this is false spirituality. follow our rigid lead on what is truly spiritual, and what you must dismiss.

      Much like the neptune in pisces opposite virgo today,
      true spirituality and mysticism is being hijacked by new-agers and their rigid and unevolved view of mysticism and spirituality, leaving the fishies true expression to be diminished once more.

      Also alchemists and witches, and mystics and so forth were persecuted during the past, although they held the true pisces energy within them.
      So I would say the age of pisces was corrupted in many ways.
      The age of aries was not however..

    3. I’m not sure about witches etc as Piscean – the whole Piscean age is subject to esoteric Ray 6. Ray 6 deities/teachers are Christ, Buddha. The teachings are definitely Piscean.

  26. i love your insights laurie lotus 😀
    very reflective and insightful.. But lets not forget pluto is in its domain in scorpio 😛
    its a sextile to virgo, so im sure the issues will be resolved.
    I dont have much insight in the pluto in libra mindset though

  27. my personal observations is that pluto in scorpio tends to lean towards psychedelic drugs (obviously) and in its absolute detriment to crack, crystal meth and so forth.
    And pluto in virgo to natural herbs and medicine, and in its detriment, anti-depressants and a magical pill prescribed by doctors to make ones reality “perfect” once more.

    1. Also ayahuasca for Virgo and magic mushrooms. I read somewhere that the French consume more anti depressants than any other nation ( proportionately I suppose?)
      Pluto in Scorpio has a fearless quality to it and think hard drugs like heroin belong there – also the most self destructive. There was a “plague” of heroin addiction in the late 80s while Pluto was in Scorpio – Europe was flooded with cheap heroin and for a while it was cheaper than hash or grass. Scorpio tests things to the limit even if it means self destruction and PLuto in Scorpio says to Death “have a go if you think you’re hard enough.”

  28. just like we are discussing greek mythology as if myth, people back in the days saw it as absolute truth.
    And just like some still believe christianity as absolute truth,
    in the future, it will be common to see it as myth.

    The problem with christianity is that it has occupied the spiritual thought for so long, while only being a part of the zodiac energies.
    All zodiac energies needs its expressions, which is why it would be detrimental to limit thought and perspective while having tunnel-vision, only seeing particular fractions of expression as truth and admirable.
    When we need to respect and honor different types of expression, without creating boundaries for one another and dogmas, restricting and scrutinizing those with a different avenue and set of energies.

  29. no, Rachel.
    They are pluto in leo, and we get along, no major conflicting views, but I do have a leo moon so 🙂
    They are a bit more concerned about money and wealth than I am, but still spiritual folks in their own right.
    My capricorn brother is more materially concerned, and loves luxury. Dont know if he is letting his 13 degrees pisces moon breathe though :-/

  30. Rachel, I thin k you;re right. Etruscan society was extremely family orientated and they were into pairing and monogamy.
    “The apparent promiscuous revelry has a spiritual explanation. Swaddling and Bonfante (among others) explain that depictions of the nude embrace, or symplegma, “had the power to ward off evil”, as did baring the breast, which was adopted by western civilization as an apotropaic device, appearing finally on the figureheads of sailing ships as a nude female upper torso. It is also possible that Greek and Roman attitudes to the Etruscans were based on a misunderstanding of the place of women within their society. In both Greece and Republican Rome, respectable women were confined to the house and mixed-sex socialising did not occur. Thus the freedom of women within Etruscan society could have been misunderstood as implying their sexual availability. It is worth noting that a number of Etruscan tombs carry funerary inscriptions in the form “X son of (father) and (mother)”, indicating the importance of the mother’s side of the family.”

    I have old friends in Umbria, Italy, whose land has an Etruscan burial chamber and tunnels running under it. I was lucky enough to go ito them – the tunnels went into a deep valley with an olive grove reputedly 1000 yrs old. The tunnels were scary! Pitch black mostly and the entrance full of dead bats covered in spider webs like something from Raiders of the Lot Ark.

    1. I would personally say that the healthiest expression of mind and body which the new agers are trying to achieve, is simply found by looking east 🙂
      Kung fu, karate, etc etc..
      THe west will always try to surpass and steal what they cannot call their own, and corrupt it in the process

    2. I’m not sure you can make that simple division – If I was to look East I’d say Advaita Vedanta was the ultimate expression but this has not been “stolen” – it was, along with yoga, deliberately exported from India by pioneers. Advaita of course requires a bit of an intellectual bent to get around but this is not an East West thing, its what is suited to the individual. Advaita would be Jnana yoga – the yoga of knowledge and one of the four paths of yoga. The others are Bhakti, devotional yoga, Raja, meditation, Karma – being mindful of actions and being in service. A person can practice one or all or combinations and indeed over one lifetime they may change according to circumstance. All are valid.
      if you stop to think about it, you can see these different aspects played out all the time in all parts of the world.
      EVen kung fu and karate have to be practiced with basic mindfulness and inner focus so you can see karma and raja yoga in place there.
      Of course plenty of Westerners do karate without the inner focus of mindfulness but then equally so do Eastern people live without compassion and service… an example would be the bad treatment of women by so many Eastern men.
      East west, north south are not good divisions. Binary divisions are more a projection in a deeper analysis, showing a schism in the psyche of the projector!

    3. I agree and disagree 😛
      It is often the originators of a movement or expression that had its deepest understanding of it (obviously)
      Da Vinci remains the undisputed champion of sfumato technique, and some might try to understand the teachings of Plato better than he did, but obviously he understands his own teachings better than those who might interpret it in their own way.
      The east does have far better understanding of buddhism and similair practices, than those in the west can dream of having.
      And the celtic culture of europe had its firm foundations and expression within its originators,
      and saying that the line can be blurred and the expression can be at its maxim elsewhere remains questionable.
      But as I said, it is a typical western attitude that they can make anything their own and improve upon it.

      The impressionists will never be rivalled in way they did, but we still see painters trying to recreate its appeal, but fail miserably in their attempt, and the magic is lost in the process.
      One must know the origin, and respect the origin,
      interpret it, sure, but never claim to be masters of what the founders strived hard to achieve.

    4. I am watching kill bill 2 on the television, and the white haired martial arts master reminds me of a capricorn, maybe what you said uqow about capricorn being pagans isnt so far fetched, it kinda makes sense actually 😛

      But it would be nice if you gave further insights as to why you make that connection?

    5. Because I’m married to one!
      Capricorn is the earthiest of Earth signs. The wisdom of earth as an element is to be found in things of nature – trees, soil, minerals, mined metals and to some extent crystals but then also the animal kingdom and such figures as the Satyr – half man half beast. Capricorn is a very mysterious symbol as its half goat half fish. Pagan as a term is often replaced by more specifics such as shamanism, animism and so on. Its the animism aspect I think is also Capricorn since it would also represent the base chakra in humans (mooladhara governs territory, possessions, wealth, roots, groundedness) This chakra is only just out of the animal world – so marks the animal aspect of humans.

    6. Actually, I was referring to the vestals! But that’s interesting about the Etruscans – when I was at Uni the received wisdom was that no one knew much about these enigmatic native Italians although assuming that the weird superstition and taboo filled rites of early Roman religion, cult of Jupiter/Juno, grew from their beliefs. (Don’t forget the Pope/Pontiff is still Pontifex Maximus, but whether he has to sleep in a bed with its feet smothered in red clay,,,who knows?)
      phallic statues/Herms (Hermes/Mercury!) similarly apotropaic or boundary markers. As is good old mooning I guess.

    7. Lazy, I know, but here’s Wikipedia on Vestals including nasty punishment for breaking celibacy C:\Users\R Knowles\Documents\Vestal Virgin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.mht

    8. I looked at that one but also looked up chastity and what it meant and in context etc
      And combined with the rituals between the Vestals and the male Pontifex maximus I wondered if there was a ritual which involved legitimate sex?
      According to Barbara G Walker’s WOmen’s encyc. of myth and secrets, the Vestals were “married to the Phallic deity of the Palladium – this ritual was consummated in extreme secrecy, conducted by the male Pontifex maximus.
      Palladium – mysterius fetish in the Holy of Holies in the temple of Vesta – was a symbol of a protean, androgynous deity usually called Pallas meaning maiden or youth. Pallas is variously identified with Athene, a pan like goat slain by Athene, a giant, a wooden image of a female warrior, a thunderstone, a phallic god and the Palladium was the sceptre of Priam in the shape of a penis.
      the article in the Vestal temple was an artificial phallus so, according to Walker, it seems probable that Pallas was a sacred lingam (shivalingam?) signifying AMOR – the secret name of ROMA in reverse.
      I’m not sure the Wiki article does the Vestals justice! The 30 years “celibacy” may have meant that excluding the ritual of “marriage” to the spirit of ROMA with the Pntifex maximus and whoever else he entreated to the procedure.
      Very lttile known about the Etruscans – as my friends who live just outside Orvieto would vouch!

    9. Quick link to Palladium with very revealing picture of what it was. Even then it was a symbol of something from antiquity. What interests me is the fact the original one from Troy apparently fell from heaven. This might be consistent with the ubiquitous plasma column which translates into so many phallic type symbols – Shiva lingam, djed pillar, world axis etc!
      This might be why the origin is so varied but essentially it is a spirit of great power.

    10. That red clay thing is also of great interest because many petroglyphs use red ochre which has a higher electromagnetic conductivity than yellow ochre and seems to be significant as such.
      Doesn;t the Pope wear magenta socks or is that just the bishops?

    11. Where were you when I was trying to do an MA on this?? I felt so alone! Again, off the top of my head, some Romans of the later period were obsessed with having Greek roots, which they associated with a level of culture and learning they felt they lacked. The myth of Aeneas surviving the sack of Troy and founding the Latin race in Italy (did he bring the Palladium? I’ve got to look this up) provided a link to Greece, much in the way the English aristocracy likes to trace a link to Norman ancestors.
      Before it looks as if this is off-topic, the Great Goddess Cybele, also in the form of a sacred meteoric stone, was imported from Anatolia during the wars with Hannibal to protect Rome. A Virgin/Mother flanked by leopards or lions (Leo?) who eventually transmuted into the cult of the Virgin Mother of Christ (Pisces?) The symbolism is interesting. I always understood the Palladium to be a meteorite.

    12. Oh, and it was the priest of Jupiter, the flamen Dialis, not the PM who had all the taboos including the bed with red clay painted feet. he wasn’t allowed to spend more that 3 consecutive nights away from it. doh!

  31. interesting observation on kill bill, the brides name is beatrix, and she wears her yellow suit in the first film.
    Reminded be of the yellow star bellatrix ;P
    maybe tarantino watches his stars too..

    Although, in harry potter, the blatant star rip-off names is ridiculous.. Everything in harry potter almost is astrology ;P
    Funny how many of my harry potter fans love harry potter series, but deny astrology of its worth and claims it to be ridiculous..

  32. Virgo as a whole I believe to be the sign of the Zodiac that governs self-examination. It is as if the soul has no choice but to witness self, as it truly is, without anaesthetic. It is a place of painful yet powerful self-honesty. Why powerful? Because Solar Virgos prefer to witness and hopefully embrace and intergrate their shadows internally, INSTEAD of projecting these exiled parts of self unto the external world, for the world to reflect it back to them. This is the house of the hyper conscious. And the Second Decan of Virgo, being smack dab in the middle of the sign, may just be the most painfully self aware decan of the zodiac, for better and for worse. So what may appear to other signs to be “masochism” is just plain self honesty. Virgo Decan 2 instinctively understands that you can lie to the world, and you can lie to self.. However, you can never lie to life.. and How many people prefer to deceive self, receive the many “horses” that are gifted to them, only to feel empty on the inside?? Why?? becuase it is not what is gifted that matters, but it is the spirit of the receiver that makes the gift what it is.. So what Virgo decan 2 accepts into his/her life is usually real.. real because it is simply a clear mirror image of self.. it reflects self… And Virgo decan 2 is obsessed with mirrors.. mirrors that reflect self, as self truly is.. so what might appear to be “staring at the gift horse in the mouth”, is simply assessing how accurate of a reflection of self, is this horse! Virgo decan 2s simply want to witness self as self truly is within, and to allow the external world and all aspects of their life to reflect that mirror image with equal honesty.. everything that Marina said here about Virgo decan 2 is spot on! I am just giving some deeper insights into the root of these observable behaviour patterns. – Oh, and BTW, Virgo decan 2’s.. please give yourself permission to be HUMAN!
    16 degree Virgo Decan 2 here speaking- I am still struggling with the fact that I use the toilet! I mean, how does it get any more human than that! (human/humus) – scary stuff for a young Virgo Decan2 to assimilate!

  33. You are wrong , the third decan is ruled by venus not the second. the second is ruled by saturn

  34. Being that this is Virgo related, I thought I would offer a correction regarding the spelling of the name of the actor Willem Dafoe vs William. Thank you.

    1. lol : ) btw, i think barbara hand clow disclosed her asc as being in late leo in her chiron book. sorry if wrong but i’m almost certain.

    2. Well spotted! Where would I be without those critical Virgo eyes 😉 ? I had the right time, but as I imputed the info into Solar Fire myself I forgot to use War time. It is now corrected and I have put Barbara where she belongs. Alongside two other queens of astrology in Leo decan 3. Demetra George and Jessica Adams.

    3. Lol! It is just our nature. We see all the errors. I can point to television errors such as cutting of scenes. Sometimes the actor will have different jewlery on in the same scene or furniture is moved…it can be annoying to us as well. Lol

  35. Marina:
    I am a Decan 2 Virgo. I have spent my life with the needy, co-dependents of the world! Yes, we do have a penchant to help the needy but we get used and taken advantage of.

    I almost hate reading my scopes because they are so depressing. I truly want to love and be loved in a balanced and mutual way. It seems to me that at 55 I am destined to never find the love I seek. I have learned many life lessons and more importantly, have learned to stand up for myself and put myself first, not in a mean way but in a self-respecting way. Now I am just known as stuck up “bitch” and too high maintenance. Will I ever find a balanced and lasting love?

    Sign me destined to be alone?

    1. Ohhh. I, like you are in my 50’s and a 2 as well. Sounds like you are having a little post holiday pity party. WELL STOP IT! Girl as a Virgo I know you are just wonderful!
      Now. I want you to forget all those who refer to you as a stuck up “bitch” and high maintenance.

      1. Always remember the meaning of bitch is living life on your own terms and not giving a hoot about someone’s standards other than your own.
      2. The meaning of high maintenance is that you will not settle for applesause when you can have the apple. In other words, never accept anything less than your worth. Darn tootin you are high maintenance.

    2. LOL!!!!! Thank you Lady M. I guess I was sounding a bit pitiful. I truly believe what you say. I’d rather be a “bitch” and high maintenance than one who cow-tows and puts her own needs on hold.
      I just know it is hard pressed for the other zodiac signs to see those traits as positive. Few others can handle the knit-picking, high expectations of a virgo. Maybe someday, a really strong one will come along that can love me for who I am..

      Thanks for the pep talk!1

    3. You are so very welcome! Anytime. Try another Virgo or our opposite… Pisces.

  36. I am a Virgo Decan 2 and I can’t understand all of the astrology. In some ways I am like Decan2 and some ways I am messy all over the place unorganized and not much a worker bee in my fifties. Will the Reading I paid for spell it out in laymans terms so I could understand.

    1. Yes I always ask people what their understanding is with astrology so I know how to pitch it. I cant help but use astrological terminology sometimes but I always explain it. I have been told my clients who are beginners that I am good at that apparently.

  37. It seems like i never get a break decan 2 capricorn asc aquarius rising it seems like i get the worst lovers. Never make enough money and live in the worst place . Im nice and thoughtful i consider others feelings and shat more could you ask for and still handed a raw deal month after month and year sfter year

  38. Yep I’m definitely Virgo Decan 2. Being a sensitive has added to my nerves and easily stressed out persona. Now I got Fibromylgia just by being stressed out. They should note that Virgo Decan 2’s tend to get stressed out easily. They should also note that we’re great at adaptability, I don’t know if it’s keen fashion sense to attune to certain lifestyles or just the world is a stage and I’m always pretending to be any other girl but myself. Whatever it is I now feel like I’m an expert at it. In that sense I guess that can be considered a veil. It I consider myself an eclectic Wiccan so I guess yeah that occult thing seems to ring true.

    Not sure about the stalking part though. Though I agree sometimes I make life harder on myself than necessary. I guess deep down it’s more like I feel like I’m too weird and odd and if anyone finds out I’m going to be outcasted more than I’m already am.

    So right on the money your skills as an astrologer are awesome.

    1. the veil of isis, all-mother demeter, She, everywoman… ah, virgo.

  39. Very perceptive post! I can relate to much of this. My sun is 10-11 degrees Capricorn, and I have my Mercury and Mars also in Capricorn. I have my ascendant in Virgo at about 16-17 degrees, and this is in grand trine with my Mercury (21 degrees Capricorn) and my Jupiter-Moon conjunct in Taurus (21 degrees also). To increase the prickliness, sensitivity aspect of the Second Decan of Virgo, my Neptune is exactly conjunct my IC to a degree. My Venus is also square my moon/jupiter. So while I am a great humanitarian (I guess this has a lot to do with my moon-Jupiter being up in the 9th house), I have never done personal relationships well. I am always in fear of being betrayed or let down, so I tend to put up the wall very quickly and see whether I can trust you.

  40. I like yourself are Decan 2 sun and Decan 2 rising
    No wonder I find your astology page amazing and so incitful. I resonate so much of what you write about Virgo
    Thank you

    1. Yes it’s ruled by both. Austin Coppock (Who has written a decan book) like myself started out using the Chaldean rulerships but he now thinks the triplicities work also. I will consider them when I add all the planets to them for the e-book.

    2. I agree with the triplicity decan system. The Chaldean system doesn’t account for the “non-visible” planets of when it was ‘created’. In my opinion, as our knowledge of the planets gets updated, so should our systems. Similarly, I don’t consider Scorpio/Aquarius/Pisces to have multiple ruling planets. My opinions on the matter 😀

  41. Hello, I just read that I will attract a powerful Plutonic Mate.
    I am a female Virgo Decan 2 what sign is a Plutonic Mate.

  42. Your Decan 2 description is very astute Marina! I know a man who has his moon in this decan and your description fits him perfectly. He has been known to self harm by abusing pain killers. Gets sick for attention – often as a way to avoid expressing his (repressed) feelings/thoughts

  43. Love being a virgo an there’s an important event coming up that can’t be missed

  44. I have Natal Mars on Zosma and I believe this all tied in with all the things that took place in my childhood/ adulthood. Some would say I wear it like a badge, and yes I do. Number one because if I don’t say anything then Im looked at as crazy by normal folk for the things I do, and if I do say anything, which many times Im forced to because of the former, people are hard pressed just to say damn, that was a lot and give me some time to do it the way a child with a broken heart needs to.

    Half the time they get half the story because I’m also tired of explaining it. & they get tired of having to listen for 30 to 40 minutes it takes that long, because if I tell only a tiny bit of it. Peoples minds get lead to wrong conclusions, I have to therefore tell at least 30 minutes, still people ask well how did this happen if you went here, well do you have another 15 minutes, because if you really want to know Im summing it up, because I know your really not listening, but Im still going to finish it because the children in this world deserve it.

    Exactly. Ive had people, a A Cap Sun, fall asleep after I listened to his entire childhood empathetically first. They are usually so freaked out by it, that they just blabber back things that have NOTHING to do with ME or my past situation. They tell me about someone ELSE they know, who has no similar situation!?!

    I understand its a lot. Jupiter Opposite Mercury is big “stories” and overwhelming information. To have been vindicated in the NYTimes on an article stating, what they did was wrong. Felt so amazing, but I knew I could not go back, or face them for monetary gain. Because what they did, It’s just too painful!

    I knew in my heart I really did nothing wrong and a few therapists I had as a teen and many as an Adult said I did’nt. Including lawyers, but the courts just railroaded me and my family all the same with other children. I hate when people try and make what I went through out to be similar to ordinary misfortune. It really is the biggest thing that gets my Mars going and people out of my life. Because they for a lack of empathy turn my life struggles into a competition.

    1. Not to sound all “badgey” but to all my friends (like there reading this) I would not call a chart with the following placements, ordinary misfortune.

      Mars on the 11th Degree =Victimization by a system(s)/CPS/ Medical Frauds, 12th House Cancer Cusp= alcoholic early loss of mother/ Institutionalizations. 6th house Capricorn Cusp, Government(s) Institutions can be a killer on the health of all Leo Ascendants if not careful. Aquarius Sun= No father, Chiron 10th/ MC= No father, Sun Square Uranus = No father, Neptune Square Venus, No convencies/love
      Saturn Opposite Venus/ no convencies/love, Venus in the 8th, No convencies/love, Chiron in the 10th, Opposite Moon= Chirotic Childhood baring your woulds publicly, baring the public’s wounds.

      Saturn in the 2nd = Saturnian Childhood, Mars in 2nd Violent Childhood, Pluto In the 3rd Violent Neighborhoods, Moon in Scorpio Conjunct IC? can the Possible depth of feeling for all this trauma go any deeper? Yes since the Moon and Asteriod Lilith is there, on the IC to boo! Uranus is also in this room, that spells traumatic shocking home environments, as well as, Bi racialiality. No aspects for being gay yet, but its a thing lemme tell ya. Neptune in the 5th house of childhood, the loss of it would be an understatement.

      If Virgo Decan 2 doesnt want anything that comes to easy..
      I think my Mars is like.

      pretty friggin satisfied by now.

  45. Ooh. Virgo 2 decan…ouch!! Some details harsh . Don’t recognise. Not promiscuous nor celibate!!!
    I have a good balance!!!:-)

  46. mine is more of a question then a comment. do you think that second decan virgos are loyal in a relationship? I am one and I am loyal however I’ve been accused of not being loyal and un emotional from many ex partners. what are your thought on this ?

    1. Hi Brenda, I feel that I have been loyal but once we (second degan)are crossed/mistreated, our emotions twist instantly-to unemotional. Now our mate doesn’t see what they have done to have cause this detachment are we blamed of being not loyal, trustworthy.

  47. What the heck is a “powerful Plutonic mate”???? O_o Blogger: explain yourself! And where can I buy one?

    1. Well I have Pluto in Scorpio in the fifth house conjunct Mars in Scorpio and I’ve always been drawn to second decan Virgo women. Although I’m a first decan Aquarius (8th house) but have Venus in second decan Cap in the 7th.

  48. Lol when it says that “friends” walk away because 2s are to rude is the other way around I need not one if you going to abuse me don’t count on that I won’t take it that simple.

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