Virgo Decan 2 ~ Sep 3 to 12 (10º-20º)


Virgo Decan 2 ~ Fixed Stars

Virgo 11º 11′ ~ Alsuhail in the sails of Argo Navis the Great Ship. 2.2*
Virgo 11º 19′ ~ Zosma in Leo the Lions back on the rump. 2.6
Virgo 13º 25′ ~ Coxa in Leo the Lions back on the hind quarter. 3.4
Virgo 15º 42′ ~ Mizar in the tail of Ursa Major the Great Bear. 2.4
Virgo 15º 52′ ~ Alcor in the tail of Ursa Major the Great Bear. 4.0
Virgo 17º 42′ ~ Asterion in the hunting hound Chara in Canes Venatici . 4.3
Virgo 18º 58′ ~ Delta Vela in Vela the sails of Argo Navis the Great Ship. 2.1
*Magnitude. Star positions for the year 2000.                                                                 

Virgo Decan 2 ~ General Meaning

Virgo decan 2 is ruled by Venus and Saturn (Capricorn triplicity). The Sun navigates through the constellations of the Lion, the Great Ship, the Great Bear and the Hunting Hounds from September 3 to September 12. Most of the stars here have a Saturn/Venus nature, which is going to make them all rather bittersweet.

Virgo decan 2Saturn gives Venus a bleeding heart, but it can also make this person somewhat of a masochist. Virgo decan 2 can push people away and then wonder why those people sometimes stay away.

They seem to need to test their partner’s backbones and push them to the limits. Only the strongest will stick around, (if there is something worth staying for) otherwise their partners could become masochists themselves. The Persephone myth then, turns up here, just as in Virgo decan 1, but becoming even richer and darker. This Venus-ruled decan is more like Babylonian Ishtar, the goddess of love and war or Venus retrograde.

Virtuous in Shame & Great Stalkers

Virgo decan 2 have a “quick temper which endangers personal relationships and their place in the world, they are usually loners…Tales of ancient heroes and glorious exploits lead some to extreme conservatism or reactionary politics; combined with the purification instinct of tropical Virgo, can become skewed into distrust or hatred of outsiders, even to fanatic xenophobia…others denounce prejudice and injustice, challenge persecutions, fight tyranny and lead rebellions against it” [1] This can be in literal battles or through writing and the arts.


The tarot card that is associated with this decan is the 9 of pentacles which is an extremely positive and successful card which really helps counteract any of the dark edges found in this decan. You could say this card is like a positive Pluto. Wealth! This card is about hard work paying off and prosperity. Karmically this card tells of many hard lives of hard graft.

“To say that you have made a success is an understatement, but both you and I know that it was hard-earned. By the way, you have done this almost single-handedly too, with very little input from others.  This card can suggest that you have made many sacrifices or denied yourself freedom and spontaneity in order to achieve your goal or dream. You are not afraid of hard work even though you may miss out on fun in your life.” ~ teachmetarot.As we have seen in the general description, Virgo decan 2 can run itself ragged even if it doesn’t need too. This life you must learn to sit back and rest on your laurels for once.

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Virgo decan 2
Virgo decan 2

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Virgo Decan 2 ~ Fixed Stars

Alsuhail 11º is a star in the billowing sails of The Great Ship which gives “Prosperity in trade and voyages. Strength of mind and spirit.” It is one of the more fortunate stars in Virgo decan 2. The next few I’m afraid are not noted as being pleasant hence my bittersweet commentary above.


Virgo Decan 2 ~ Planets & Angles

Sun Virgo 2

Zosma 11º ~ “ To receive, or cause, suffering. Struggling with the mentality of the victim, either in oneself or other.” [4]
Virgo decan 2The Sun is not very strong here because this is a planet that wants to shine in a sign that would rather work behind the scenes. Mostly these natives identify very strongly with their work, but with that, there is the danger of if they lose their job that they feel like they do not exist.

Yes, Virgo is most definitely the service sign, and the Sun here’s mission is to do just that. Their product has to be perfect and is very much a symbol of who they are, so it has to work! They work best-creating something tangible because they enjoy the actual physical labour of producing their wares.

The list below may not be very ‘true’ for regular Sun Virgo 2’s as most of them will not turn up on these sort of famous lists. Instead, these folk will be the unsung heroes that do great healing work but are shy of having to stand on stage and receive any awards.

Brady seems to have quite a negative view of the Sun here, but I think these natives will probably excel in working as the wounded healer. This means that these folk can do very well helping addicts come out of self-pity and victim mentality by serving as a role model. Sun Virgo 2 work very well as sponsors in say a 12 step program or doing voluntary work after they have retired and have a comfortable pension to live off.Yes, these folk can cause suffering to others, but only if they are bitter in themselves because they are leading a life that is not gainfully employed. Those evolved types, aligned with their life-calling, will simply be too busy being productive and have no time for petty and resentful behaviour.

SUN VIRGO 2 EXAMPLES: Bernie Sanders, Bachar al-Assad, September 11 Attacks, Ivan The Terrible, Peter Sellers, Michael Moore, Charlie Sheen, Ian Holm, Maurice Chevalier, Hugh Grant, Raquel Welch, Rachel Ward, Colin Firth, Guy Ritchie, Martin Freeman, Micheal Keaton,  Freddie Mercury, Buddy Holly, Beyonce Knowles, Barry White, Buddy Holly, Moby, Roger Waters,  Pink, Gloria Gaynor, Chrissy Hynde, Sylvester, Patsy Cline, Harry Connick Jr,  Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Barry Sheen, Jimmy Conners, Sarah Aldrete, Liz Greene, Darkstar Astrology, Arthur Koestler, Leo Tolstoy, Los Angeles, Pitt/Jolie Davison, Vicious/Spungen Davison chart.


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  1. Lol when it says that “friends” walk away because 2s are to rude is the other way around I need not one if you going to abuse me don’t count on that I won’t take it that simple.

    • Well I have Pluto in Scorpio in the fifth house conjunct Mars in Scorpio and I’ve always been drawn to second decan Virgo women. Although I’m a first decan Aquarius (8th house) but have Venus in second decan Cap in the 7th.

  2. mine is more of a question then a comment. do you think that second decan virgos are loyal in a relationship? I am one and I am loyal however I’ve been accused of not being loyal and un emotional from many ex partners. what are your thought on this ?

    • Hi Brenda, I feel that I have been loyal but once we (second degan)are crossed/mistreated, our emotions twist instantly-to unemotional. Now our mate doesn’t see what they have done to have cause this detachment are we blamed of being not loyal, trustworthy.


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