Virgo best months of the year

The list below shows your peak periods to achieve, receive and recharge as explained in my Season and the Zodiac post. Plan your months ahead and chart your best times for love, career, health, success and more!

Virgo best achieve Months (Electric!)

Virgo best receive Months (Magnetic)

Virgo best recharge Months (Earthing)

Virgo monthly Horoscope seasons

Winter Virgo Horoscope

Virgo yearly horoscope has Capricorn season lighting up its 5th house of love affairs and fun. What a great way to begin the year. You always enjoy Christmas even if you have a reputation of being frugal and practical with presents. But now you are in receiving mode until January 21, and those gifts keep coming. You will have to put the playthings down and take a breather when Aquarius season starts, for this is Recharge time for you.

Aquarius Season with the sun in the 6th house means odd health niggles come up if you don’t have enough rest. The main one being RSI. Virgo’s hyper-focus a lot. They forget to move and start to resemble sloths. Get that body moving, or you will remain in that frozen pose forever.

Paradoxically Virgo’s rest time can be pretty active unless they are one of those jittery Virgins who just need to calm the f… down! Virgo will need a good roll in the hay during Pisces season. That will bring your Mojo back! From February 20 onwards, it is peak partner-hunting time. The sun in your 7th house of romantic partners will shine a spotlight on how very fetching you are! The sun in the 7th house is the best Achieve period of the year for your love life.

Spring Virgo Horoscope

Hurrah, it’s Spring. The daffodils are blooming from March 21. Aries season’s pretty roses still have thorns, remember! It is still receiving time for you. However, 8th house success can sometimes be bitter-sweet. No worries, because any confrontations can be smoothed over with the easy-going Taurus season starting on April 21.

Time to reconcile with partners or join a spiritual group that focuses on peace and calm. Recharge because you will be as busy as a bee with Gemini season activation of your 10th house. Achievement time is nigh; the world and its dog are jamming your inbox. You will need help responding to the avalanche of interest. Time to hire an assistant, perhaps?

In Cancer season from June 21, you reach out for advice… finally. Networking with peers will give you clues on how to manage your time better. So while the sun is in your 11th house, make those dreams come true. Friendship become important too and you make inspiring new social connections at this time.

Summer Virgo Horoscope

Leo season can be an exhausting one for workaholic Virgos. So from July 21, make sure you have some hermit time when that sun hits your 12th house. Detox yourself from too many confusing debates with well-meaning friends. Information overload can be a problem in the receive stage for Virgo. So Leo season is where you must get your partner or children to treat you like a king or queen. Put the kids to work. The little urchins fit up a chimney nicely and can get into all those nooks and crannies that you cannot. Child protection lets you out of jail in time for your birthday.

Virgo season from August 21 means you can do no wrong, all is forgiven, and you can safely become a tyrant again. No seriously, the Sun in your 1st house means you can achieve like nobodies business. Your efficiency will rule supreme and you will surpass all other signs in the amount of work completed this month.

September 21 ignites sun in your 2nd house and Libra season. That means the cash should start to flow into your coffers. You can now reward all your employees (the children) and yourself for all the hard work.

Autumn Virgo Horoscope

Leaves fall off the trees, and you fall into your cadent house of Scorpio with them. Sun in the 3rd house means resting your mind. Read less brain-curdling material or take a rest from studying altogether. Definitely do the latter if you start glitching. This intense Scorpio season lasts until November 21.

Then Sagittarius season kicks butt in your 4th house of home. The Archer says, “build a sacred space in your spare room” You are in an achieve period after all. This home cathedral is purely for you to retreat to when you get burnt out. You don’t often treat yourself. But if I say it will make you more productive in the long term, then will you do it?

You end the year in good spirits. Capricorn season activates your 5th house of fun and games. Like a kind of Saturnalia where everything turns upside down. You become a Pisces slob for Christmas.