The Eight House ~ Samhain


The eight house is associated with taboo subjects such as death and sex. This is also the house of the shadow. I like to think of it as the ‘underworld’ since the house that is opposite is the ‘Gate of Hades’ in the second house. In traditional astrology, the eight house is known as ‘the idle place’.

“The estate of men deceased, death, its quality and nature; the wills, legacies and testaments of men deceased; dowry of the wife, portion of the maid, whether much or little, easy to be obtained or with difficulty. In duels it represents the adversary’s second; in lawsuits the defendant’s friends. What kind of death a man shall die. It signifies fear and anguish of mind.

Who shall enjoy or be heir to the deceased. It rules the privy-parts. Of colours, the green and black. Of signs it hath Scorpio for cosignificator, and Saturn, the haemorrhoids, the stone, poisons, and bladder are ruled……by this house; and [it] is a succeedent house, and feminine.”

William Lilly

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