Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Your Gemini monthly Horoscope for July 2018 puts you in spending mode. You could feel the need for retail therapy if you have been working too hard and feel like you deserve a treat. Resist the being too ostentatious with your new possessions. To some, it could become obvious that your material goodies are over-compensating for your own lack of self-worth. After Jul 23 the focus is more on connecting with local friends or siblings. You will feel more like reaching out to actual people than being seduced by glittery shop window items. It doesn’t cost much to have a picnic with a friend and the Summer sun is free!

The sensory feeling of a type of fabric material can be something you crave, or you may just want to collect many items of the same thing. Yes, the June 28 Full Moon 6º Capricorn is a real howler where you feel more of a lunatic than usual. Taking any mind-altering substances will only make things more psychotic so I would avoid this if you know you have an extreme natal chart. Powerful and dangerous people hold a fascination for you at this time, so avoid hanging out with gangsters and get hold of the Godfather Box set DVDs instead. Safer…

Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope ~ Your neighborhood is looking rather more lush and beautiful this month and because of this, you might also be more open to finding love locally. As you stroll around your homestead you become aware of its positive qualities, even some graffiti could look quite artistic. You will find that interactions with neighbours and shopkeepers are more friendly and cheerful than usual. Indeed if love is on your mind you mind bump into someone literally on your doorstep. Make sure your slippers are presentable.

Monthly Horoscope

Mars Retrograde ~ June 27 until August 28

Mars retrograde in your house of beliefs and religion that could get extremely zealous. At this time confrontation with other cultures and tolerance of their strange customs becomes an issue. In your hometown you might have a valid point, but complaining that there is no tomato ketchup in the wilds of Tongo is another situation altogether. During this transit you will find out just how adaptable your ‘wild, gypsy traveler’ side of you really is. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to re-evaluate your beliefs and perhaps remove those elements that were mainly there through indoctrination as a child. Pushing yourself to travel to places out of your comfort zone is also a possibility at this time. Amazingly you should find that you can live without the wifi or ketchup or whatever Western comfort you have grown accustomed to. At the same time, expect some frustration to surface, as it will take time to adapt to the new mode of being. The same goes for if you take up a new spiritual practice that involves discipline. After Aug 13 with Mars Rx in your 8th house, pay attention to who or what makes you really angry. If you drink, your subconscious could spill out involuntarily, taking you or your company by surprise. The demon alcohol really could show its face at this time. If the demons don’t rise up because you are a sober sort, you might experience Mars externally instead. Arguments could erupt around you out of nowhere. It should be fun watching the performance, but try not to get lured into the battle.

The Summer Solar Eclipses

July 13 ~ The  Solar Eclipse 20º Cancer . The effects of an eclipse in your possessions and values zone are variable. Because this is the house of money, people often worry about financial crisis when an eclipse falls here. But there is just a very slim chance and only possible if this eclipse closely aspects a personal planet here, or hits the ruler of this house by hard aspect. (Check house 2 and its ruler.) And even if a credit crunch does occur, eclipses in your self-worth zone are simply opportunities to see how much you really value yourself.

August 11 ~ Solar Eclipse 18º Leo . You could go back to school or simply be called to initiate some personal study and research. Picking up new skills is highlighted or maybe relearning something that breaks you out of bad habits. For example you might join a new local yoga class that retrains the way you have been holding a posture for the better.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope ~ August

Your Gemini monthly horoscope for August 2018 means connections with your immediate neighborhood become important this month. Locally there are many events and a call for you to participate. You can’t really hold back from involving yourself, even if you tried, so dive right in with gusto. This is not a month to keep quiet! You will be asked your opinion and also to speak out about local issues if you have been active in the community. There is a restlessness about you, and you will want to keep busy with visiting siblings or reconnecting with friends you haven’t seen for a while. Take advantage of the sociable vibe as after Aug 23 you will feel in more of a hermit mode. At this time you can play the homebody, have loads of long, luxurious Epsom bath soaks and indulge in lovingly prepared home cooking.

The July 27  Lunar Eclipse 4º Aquarius brings with it a wanderlust for foreign shores. This would be the perfect time to escape to a home from home. It wouldn’t be a good idea to go anywhere too exotic however, because you will still want your familiar comforts. If you are a Brit like me, bring your own T-bags! The main thing is to go somewhere that forces you out of your usual routines. What you are really suffering from is just plain old boredom. So prepare yourself for the restlessness that will come in the next two weeks by setting time for something that will whisk you away mentally if not physically.

Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope ~ If you are single, this is the month to take time making your home comfortable for two, build it and they will come! Make your nest as inviting as possible, and for heaven’s sake tidy-up if your singledom has turned you into a class A slob. Another possibility could be meeting someone when you go back and visit your parents. You could rekindle things with an old flame from your old town because you are both available at the same time.

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