Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Your Gemini Horoscope for January 2019 brings with it specimens of humanity that will cause your hair to stand on end in one way or another. You may meet someone that you immediately have very strong feelings for, or against. Watch out for people that make you behave in the most irrational and primal way and say hallo to your shadow! After January 20 your life lightens up considerably. New horizons beckon and give fresh vistas on your life. This is the time to get metaphysical as the Sun in this sector of the chart questions dogma and shines its brilliance on dimensions you might have been previously blind to.

This is the month where you slide down into the underworld and come face-to-face with dragons, demons and people that infuriate the most. You may be called top exorcise the meanest of them from your life, but don’t think that it ends there. You will also be forced to admit that these repulsive figures are just reflections of your disowned soul. So you might have to do some deep cleansing of your very own back passage so to speak…

Gemini Monthly Horoscope 2019 ~ Eclipse Special

The Solar Eclipse January 6 falls in your 8th house. It can be very hard to tell what could happen with a Solar Eclipse in the house of debt, psychology sorcery and the taboo. It’s meant to be a mystery! But one things for sure, it will highlight the importance of working on your shadow. Sometimes this shadow work happens because we are forced to deal with the unsavoury subjects of inheritance, debt or your partner’s extravagant spending habits…

Looking at shadow subjects can bring out the very ugliest side of human nature. Much depends on your own soul’s evolution. You may be the kind of person who absolutely relishes in delving deep into occult subject matter, reading psychology books, or studying the life of psychopaths. If so, then this eclipse will pass like a breeze. But the real issue is doing your own self work, so in your research you might bump into some of your own demons.

The Lunar Eclipse January 21 falls in your 3rd house. This is a period where you will learn more from the school of hard knocks than you will from any lofty university library. Yes it is a time for study and becoming a pupil again, but you will learn close to home and the wisdom you will pick up with be very down-to-earth.

Disillusionment with higher education could be felt as you feel trapped by the confines of the curriculum. You feel at odds with the teachers, who all seem to have an agenda and do not appreciate any real free thought. Instead you feel more of an emotional pull from ‘teachers’ who are your close friends, those who feel like siblings

Gemini Career Horoscope

Mercury travels through your 8th house from January 5 to 23. It would be easy to get quite paranoid at this time because the atmosphere at work seems so intense. It could be that you are just projecting your own demons onto your colleagues, so try to hold back from any office politics. The same goes for the self-employed, where you might read emails the wrong way or project your own ‘stuff’ onto FaceBook comments about your work. Notice what is triggering you because it says more about you than them.. yes really!

Demons surface for you to slay as you wonder if you have become a victim of your own success. Maybe everything has become too complex for your liking and office politics have become too much of a minefield. Don’t worry, you just need time to detox from the intensity and examine whether there is some self-sabotage going on within. It will all come out in the wash as they say.

Gemini Love Horoscope

Venus enters your 7th house on January 7. Venus graces your marriage sector this month so it is a good time to push for commitment in a relationship. If your flaky partner can’t make it more official now, then when will they ever? It’s a good time to test the water and have that “…so…were is this leading?” talk. If you have split up with your beloved, but want to patch things up, then this is a great opportunity to make the peace also. The best thing about this time is your ability to see things from your partner’s point of view. We become more attractive to others when we seem to mirror back to them the best reflection of themselves.

These horoscopes are most accurate when read for your ascendant, but if you have your Sun plus a stellium (2 or more planets) in this sign then you will find that these horoscopes will ring true for your Sun also. All mainstream horoscopes are written using solar houses, which, in others words, is writing for your ascendant. However, the majority of astrologers won’t tell you that because they realise most of their readers will not know their ascendant. If you do not know your ascendant please use this free chart maker to find it. Once you have done that you can also read more about your rising decan and star too! It is the most personal point of your chart and the only one (Along with your ruling planet) that really describes you personally and your incarnation for this lifetime. Please read my The Zodiac Decans ~ Astrological Use & History post for greater understanding in using the decans in general.



Ascendant Gemini 1

Gemini Decan 1 ~ May 21/ May 30 eBOOK

Alcyone 0º ~ “Blindness, ophthalmia injuries to the eyes and face, disgrace, wounds, stabs (operations nowadays), exile, imprisonment, sickness, violent fevers, quarrels, violent lust, military preferment.” [3] “The rising Pleiades are indicative of those who are homosexual like to be flattered, and (with a poorly positioned Mercury) impudent in speech.” [5] “(Helical rising star.) ” To have strong spiritual and visionary skills that weave the very fabric of one’s life. They have artistic or intuitive vision, but recognising such vision has the shadow side of giving or receiving harsh judgement.” [7]
Mirfak 2º ~ (Heliacal rising star.) “The natural desire to engage in challenge, a person who triumphs by being aggressive. A person with physical vitality but who at times is reckless” [6]
Prima Hyadum 5º“Rising or culminating with luminaries, makes their natives military captains, commanders, colonels of horse and emperors. Injuries to the face, wounds, stabs (may be operations nowadays). Blindness, bad eyes. Imprisonment.” [8]
Aldebaran 9º“ If Rising, and in conjunction with the Moon, a good fellow, but if in conjunction with both the Lord of the Ascendant and the Moon it denotes a murderer.” [10]

The ascendant gives the purest expression of the decan’s energy since no planets will colour its expression. The ascendant is also the relationship axis, so the influences above will play out mostly in how the subject relates to others. With Gemini decan 1 dandy warriors and geek chic behaviour will be most notable in love relationships. It may be that this person plays the geek while they fall for quite physical, heroic types. Or it may be the other way round where the Gemini decan 1is the seducer, who drapes themselves over their partners computer and dramatically throws away their spectacles. Eyes seem to be an issue with the ascendant because this is also the physical body too. As you can see the traditional interpretations go town with ‘bad eyes’ and ‘facial injuries’, but you would need a few more indicators I think for that to be true in a person’s natal chart. I don’t see many glasses wearers in the celebrity list, nor any blind either. Maybe we have to read this symbolically and say that these folk might be quite blind to the faults in their partners? Or have more of vision of other dimensions.

We do have one actual physical example, however. Singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright with Alcyone rising did actually go blind for a time during his time addicted to crystal meth. It certainly seems that having Gemini decan 1 rising does bring an eventful life of high highs and low lows. The position of Mercury as the chart ruler will give more indication of whether the subject is more heroic and militant (Perseus.), artistic and lustful (Pleiades.) or spiritual warrior on a quest to rid the world of evil (Aldebaran.). This decan has a wide variety of expressions due to the many stars here, but what seems to link them all is having a persuasive charisma, even if some of them are quite arrogant with it. With relationships, it looks like there is either utter devotion to one person or great promiscuity with many. Sometimes there is both together in one life when one starts off quite free and lusty with their affections in the Alcyone fashion, but then settles down and marries for life. Another possibility is one that marries very young, then divorces and behaves like a rampant teenager in their 50’s.

ASCENDANT GEMINI 1 EXAMPLES: Queen Victoria, Tony Blair, Saddam Hussein, Neil Armstrong, Miles Davis, Rufus Wainwright, Dr. Dre, Harry Belafonte, Charlie Sheen, Burt Reynolds, Greta Garbo, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tim Burton, Gregory Peck, George Peppard, Jackie Chan, Richard Dreyfuss, Greta Scacchi, Francesco Smalto, Christine Keeler, Vic Reeves, Jennifer Gibbons, Amanda Knox, Jeane Dixon.

Ascendant Gemini 2

Gemini Decan 2 ~ Jun 1/Jun 11  eBOOK

Rigel 16º: Good fortune, preferment, riches, great and lasting honors. [3] (Helical Rising Star.)” A life spent seeking to bring order to chaos, with words or actions. A natural ability to see the patterns of life, the complexity of one’s world.” [5]

The ascendant gives the purest expression of the decan’s energy since no planets will colour its expression. The ascendant is also the relationship axis, so the influences above will play out mostly in how the subject relates to others. With Gemini decan 2. This wild and roller-coaster energy really needs channeling into a cause, for the greater good or into artistic projects. If not these people can either run themselves into the ground with hard partying or get totally obsessed with one human being. It is essential that they choose the right partner to be the brakes in their life. God help them if they choose another Gemini decan 2, as one will be constantly trying to overtake the other and there will be no restrictions on playing chicken. Living in the fast lane might work ok for business partnerships though because they will drive each other to the very top of their profession.

The Orion stalking streak can be quite destructive in a marriage, which is why it is even more important that these natives find something outside of the union to obsess over. If not a career, then looking after a large family would be perfect as these folk are so good at multi-tasking. They will be kept so busy that they will have no time to be distracted by novelties. Without children, these folk are best suited to looking after others children or the extended family of the nation. Because of the missing, twin-soul feeling, these people need to feel they are part of a double act. If they are single then a best friend, business partner, co-creator or sibling will replace the spouse.

ASCENDANT GEMINI 2 EXAMPLES:  Osama Bin Laden, Edward Snowden, Alexis Tsipras, Dante Alighieri, Mick Jagger,  Amy Winehouse,  Jessie J, Phil Spector, Billy Idol, Johnny Lydon, Nick Rhodes, John Denver, Mike Barson, Cliff Richard, Giuseppe Verdi, Patrick Moore, Osho, Laurence Olivier, Dirk Bogarde, Drew Barrymore, Gene Wilder, Diana Rigg, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jennifer Jason-Leigh, Juliette Lewis, Ashton Kutcher, Giuseppe Pelosi, Paco Rabanne, Erica Jong,  Virginia Woolf, Myra Hindley, Lynndie England, Jean Piaget, George Bernard Shaw, Niki Lauda, Alain Prost, Stefano Casiraghi, Italian Unification, Depp/Paradis Davison, Robbins/Saradon Davison, Noel Coward/Wilson Davison.

Ascendant Gemini 3

Gemini Decan 3 ~ Jun 12/Jun 20  eBOOK

Bellatrix 20º “Great courage, but a tendency to fight futile or lost causes if it is not well aspected.” [8]
Capella 21º “When Rising its natives will be curious about all things and have an impatient eagerness to hear anything new. But care must be taken lest the native be overly anxious and take terror at even trivial bits of new information. When Setting; the curiosity of the native may lead him to reject and insult the underlying mores of the society in which he lives. The result could be the ill will of the populace, leading to death or injury from actions of the people, or even (especially if aspected by malefics) death by public execution.” [6]
Orion’s Belt 23º to 24º “When rising, Alnilam, together with Alnitak and Mintaka, portend irreligious and treacherous individuals. … in a female chart, any of these three stars rising…portend a shrew.”[2] “ Legacies, love or dissipation, gravity and austerity.”[7b]
Betelgeuse 29º “Placed in the angles, preferment, luck, success and everlasting fame are promised.” [1]

The ascendant gives the purest expression of the decan’s energy since no planets will colour its expression. The ascendant is also the relationship axis, so the influences above will play out mostly in how the subject relates to others. With Gemini decan 3 the capriciousness of Marie Antoinette stands out. This iconic woman didn’t have Capella setting, but the loss of face (In her case head) gives us a picture of what can happen when the hubris of this decan goes to one’s over-elaborated head. Even though it doubtful that Marie Antoinette ever said “Let them eat cake” it does sum up how out of touch this decan can get with the common folk. Even those who start out from humble beginnings can become fame junkies and end up totally spaced out with their success.

On the positive side is the desire to experiment which fuels great creativity and sometimes genius. These folk love try as many different techniques and philosophies as possible and crave intellectual challenges. One could never accuse these folk as being closed-minded and they will entertain even the most far-out conspiracy theories. Relationships are where they will tend to get bored, so they will want an entertaining partner who is open to experimentation, in and out of the bedroom. Some Gemini 3 risings can be very loyal if they find another multi-personality, capricious minded mate otherwise the temptation to stray can be hard to resist.

ASCENDANT 3 EXAMPLES: Johannes Kepler, Marie Antoinette, Fidel Castro, Henry Kissinger, Theodore Roosevelt, Orson Wells, Michael Caine, Burt Reynolds, Helen Mirren, Julianne Moore, Sandra Bullock, RuPaul, Billy Connolly, Ben Stiller, Mickey Rourke, Lindsay Lohan (DD rated), Lady Gaga (DD rated), Irene Cara (Fame!!), Bruce Springsteen, Pamela Anderson, Patsy Cline, Ricky Martin, Kelly Osbourne, Sam Cooke, Susan B Anthony, Janet Farrar, Edie Sedgewick, Jeff Stryker, Timothy McVeigh, Fernand Leger, Le Corbusier, Robert Oppenheimer, Arthur Conan Doyle, Buzz Aldrin, Alios Alzheimer, Gordon Ramsay, Voltaire, Steffi Graf.

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