Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Your Gemini Monthly Horoscope for October 2018 has the Sun is at its most joyous in the lovely summertime sector of your chart. So you can look forward to a whole month of laughter and pleasure. You should be feeling light of heart and enjoying your most precious love connections. The temptation to spend time away from more serious commitments and your work desk will be very strong. It is wise therefore to try to plan leisure activities and parties for this period. Have fun until October 23 when its nose to the grindstone once again. At least you will be refreshed and ready to get back onto the work treadmill

Gemini October Horoscope 2018

Friends become extremely important with the Full Moon September 25 2018 ( The effect lasts until October 9) this month and you will feel extra sentimentally attached to your buddies. Indeed they will feel more like blood siblings. One, in particular, might become your new ‘BFF’. It could get so, that even if you are both fully fledged adults, a kind of childish jealousy of other friendships could come into play. On the other hand, you may experience this clinginess yourself from another friend, this can be either charmingly sweet or desperately annoying, depending on how independent you are.


Venus Retrograde 2018The Venus retrograde will force you to deal with the practicalities of the real world and not romantic fluff. I’m afraid you will have to set aside your more frivolous urges for the time being and concentrate on making relationships work with co-workers and business partners. Venus here is just incompatible with indulgence and pleasure, so this will be a test in how well you can resist temptations away from your daily duties.

If you do not have a steady job, it is important that you stick to your routines as you could easily fall into lazy habits which will be hard to knock later on. This is the transit of slacking off and trying to cut corners, again this is not recommended as you will still have to make up for time lost when Venus goes direct and then you will feel even less like doing the work twice over. During the first half of this period from October 6 to 26, Venus is in her harmonious phase which brings ease to work relationships.

From November 1 you do happen to begin a relationship under this transit, bear in mind that when Venus goes direct there could be a change of heart. This might be because, the romance got the better of you both, but a harsh reality ends it. For example; The long distance won’t work or one of you is married. Another possibility is flirting madly with someone online, only to find there is no chemistry in real life. It’s not all about romance though. It’s a fantastic time for having a holiday that focuses totally on your children, like going to a theme park. Make the most of this extra-long period of Venus is such a fantastic position. During the second half from November 1 to 16, Lucifer Venus will want to play the fool herself. This is where a silly sexual faux-pas could happen. Dark Cupid alert!

Gemini October Horoscope ~ Career

Mercury in house 6 (October 10 to 30) During this time you are the inspector! Every little detail shows up as your eyes have the ability to see like a microscope. This is the best time for running mundane maintenance tasks over your business. Go through everything with a fine-tooth comb, do your accounts and fix broken links on websites. Those are the sorts of tasks are what are best addressed at this time.  It’s back to serious maintenance work now. You might have been having a ball and doing more socializing than working in the last couple of weeks. Sorry but that period is over and you now have to make up for it by working twice as hard! This is a time for detailed work and making sure everything is functioning well.

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