Libra season meaning


Libra season is the second crucial, pivotal point of the year. Libra season runs from the date of the Autumn equinox September 23 to October 22. Just like at the spring equinox, we again reach equality of day and night hours. However, instead of the daylight hours getting longer, they are now getting shorter, and darkness takes over… (At least in the northern hemisphere.)

So now we become more introspective, and we look back at the year and what we have achieved, what we have lost and possibly reassess our relationships. Of course, Libra is the sign of the “other half”, and it represents balance for the very reason that it contains the Equinox.

Libra Season Meaning

Libra season gives us the opportunity to accept both the light and the dark in our lives. It is also the ideal moment to do shadow work. At the same time, we don’t want to get too dour! After all the hard work during Virgo season, it’s time for some good old Libra pampering. We can also let our hair down and socialise!

With the extra time on our hands after the hard slog of the past few weeks, our thoughts might veer towards romance. If we are single, we’ll crave a partner to be that other half for us. Libra season is not a time to be too independent for we will have a stronger than usual need urge to connect to other human beings. Relaxation and indulgence is easier when you have company. Otherwise, it’s too tempting to get back on the Virgo season treadmill out of boredom.

Where is my soulmate?

So how did our ancestors celebrate the Autumn equinox? The Celtic pagan festival at this juncture of the year is called Mabon, named after a Welsh god. Mabon was a child of light and son of the earth goddess Modron. So this is another Christ archetype.

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