Aquarius Season Meaning


Aquarius season runs from January 21 to February 21. Aquarius’s ancient ruler is Saturn, and the melancholic vibe is undoubtedly apparent at this time of the year. The trees are bare, and the soil is frozen. We feel stripped of resources due to the Christmas excesses, so it’s all looking very bleak by January. The Sun is in the sign of its detriment during Aquarius season, which is why Aquarius, the zodiac sign, is often given a bad write up in traditional astrology.

Even though the Sun is on its way back upwards in the northern hemisphere, many of us are Vitamin D deprived after the winter months. The Aquarius season meaning then for us more of us can simply be our batteries running low. We also know that January is the peak season for flu. But that’s all the bad news! 

You might be surprised to hear that January is NOT the peak time for suicides. Which is not what you would expect after months of darkness. There is “a high incidence in early spring (April and May) and also a low incidence in winter” of suicide rates” ~ Bridges

What is so great about Aquarius season?

Feast days, that’s what! Imbolc commencing February 1 and Candlemas celebrated on February 2. Candlemas is a Christian holiday commemorating the baby Jesus presented to the temple. It is also known as the feast of the purification of the blessed Mary. Candlemas is an amalgamation of three events after the birth of Jesus (Or the Sun.) 

  • Jesus’s circumcision. (8 days after birth)
  • Mary’s ‘Churching’ “Marks her return to public life. Actually, every new mother was impure, and her purification or “churching” had to be performed forty days after her confinement.”
  • The presentation of Jesus, a public ritual of consecration. The child is redeemed by the act of offering an animal to god, usually a lamb or a dove. 

What all these rituals have in common is the act of purification. Usually, after the Christmas festivities, we have overindulged somewhat, so our modern equivalent these days would be detoxing, joining a gym or starting a diet.

Aquarius season

These feast days in time evolved into Candlemas, which these days Christians celebrate with a candlelit procession. Christmas decorations are usually taken down on Twelfth Night. (January 6). However, older traditions declare that Christmastide should really last the full 40 days after Jesus’s birth. 

It makes sense that this dark time should be honoured in sync with the Virgin Mary’s confinement. Many of us go into hermit mode at this time of year anyhow. In fact, the Queen of England keeps her decorations in Sandringham up until Candlemas. I was always told it was unlucky to leave them up, but it would certainly brighten up the dull Aquarian days of January! (If it’s good enough for the Queen…)

Candlemas connects to an old Roman tradition;

Pope Innocent XII declared:Why do we in this feast carry candles? Because the Gentiles dedicated the month of February to the infernal gods, and as at the beginning of it, Pluto stole Proserpine, and her mother Ceres sought her in the night with lighted candles. Hence, at the beginning of this month, they walked about the city with lighted candles. Because the holy fathers could not extirpate this custom, they ordained that Christians should carry about candles in honor of the Blessed Virgin; and thus, what was done before to the honor of Ceres is now done to the honor of the Virgin.”

So again, we have the sign of Virgo the Virgin associated with Ceres. I love the way Christianity and pagan traditions are so interconnected!


Last but not least, let’s look at the northern European pagan festival of Imbolc, which marks the beginning of spring. This cross-quarter day technically falls at 15º Aquarius. ( Neo-pagans will celebrate Imbolc around February 4, nearer to this astronomical point.)

Imbolc is associated with the goddess Bridgid ( Christianised to St Brigid.) “Brigid was also evoked to protect homes and livestock. Special feasts were had, holy wells were visited, and it was a time for divination.”

The etymology of Imbolc is vague, with some scholars saying it means ‘in the belly’ and others saying it means ‘ewes milk’ referring to the pregnancy of ewes at this time of the year. Pagan Bridgid was the goddess of the hearth and home. Like other pagan festivals, Imbolc is also a fire festival and fire purifies.

In common with Candlemas, there is the association with cleansing. Spring cleaning in Ireland was the custom around St Brigid’s day. Praying for health while walking around a holy well was also practised on this day. People would make Brigid crosses out of rushes. A corn dolly called the ‘bride’ would be laid in a bed with a white wand. This wand was said to make the crops grow again. (Shades of Ceres here again!) The association with purity and virginity is evident in many of these rituals.

Goddess Brighid

A ‘biddy’ or Brídeóg was a doll-like figure made from reeds and clad in cloth. A crystal or bright shell was placed on her heart. “The girls would carry the doll in procession while singing a hymn to Brigid. “All wore white with their hair unbound as a symbol of purity and youth. They visited every house in the area, where they received either food or more decoration for the Brídeóg.” ~ Wiki

In Wicca, Imbolc is viewed as a ‘Woman’s holiday’. Again this connects with the thanksgiving for women’s fertility and their sacred ability to give life. In the same way, nature is also appreciated through Ceres, that the great mother earth can feed us. 

Aquarius season then is a time of thanksgiving and purification. We are resting our energetic ‘soil’, so it can nourish us in the coming year. Honouring these Aquarian dark days is vital for ensuring abundance when the Sun is powerful again in Leo Season.

How aquarius Season Affects Each Zodiac Sign

One size does not fit all, and Aquarius season will be better for some signs than others. Check out my “How DOES astrology work?” post to explain why this is. We all have our different ‘Achieve, Receive and Recycle’ periods, so some of the signs will have more going on than others in certain months.

Aries In Aquarius Season 

It’s time to receive now with Aquarius season. It will activate your social networking 11th house.. Promote whatever business you initiated in the Achieve stage. Go crazy. Attend as many parties and accept every single invite because the next month is your peak recharge period of the whole year.

Taurus In Aquarius Season 

It’s time to achieve now with the Aquarius season. The sun will activate your ambitious 10th house. Taurus needs Aquarius ignition to get started as they can be a little slow out the traps. But once you start, you are a steam roller. The 10th house momentum will carry you nicely onto the receive stage from February 21.

Gemini In Aquarius Season 

Aquarius season should be a relaxing and easy-going recharge for you. It is the least burn-out month of the recharge months as you have already been hibernating. More like resurrection than recharge then with Sun in the 9th house.

Cancer In Aquarius Season 

Aquarius season is receive time from January 20. Unusual legacies or unexpected money from a spouse or Ex could come to you. Not always the most pleasant of circumstances as it’s the 8th house of doom we are talking about! Don’t worry too much about it. Karmically it is owed, whatever way it comes to you.

Leo In Aquarius Season 

Aquarius season is achievement time from January 20. You adore the romantic 7th house activation so you can be successful in your love life right now. You should have the energy to go dating again after your Capricorn season detox.

Virgo In Aquarius Season 

The sun in your 6th house means odd health niggles come up if you don’t have enough rest. The main one being RSI. Virgo’s hyper-focus a lot. They forget to move and start to resemble sloths. Get that body moving, or you will remain in that frozen pose forever.

Libra In Aquarius Season 

Aquarius Season is one you adore because it activates your flirty and frivolous 5th house of fun. Get into unusual and off-the-wall pastimes, and you might even meet a mate until February 21. Act like a child and do daft things with children. Receive quirky artistic ideas and keep a notepad/iPhone/sketchpad handy.

Scorpio In Aquarius Season 

Aquarius season is a fantastic one for being actively social in your home. You will be more extroverted until February 21 (And way less grumpy..) Your family and housemates see your true self and your more wacky side. With the Sun in your 4th house, you get to be a zany Scorpion and are way more easy-going.

Sagittarius In Aquarius Season 

Aquarius season for you is a recharge period. You can use some of that stash you conserved in Capricorn season to invest in books and new courses of study. Your 3rd house recharge period means relaxing in your neighbourhood. Get together with siblings and reconnect with your closest friends. The ones you don’t have to make much effort with. Ease on down the local road.

Capricorn In Aquarius Season 

Aquarius Season is a receive month, and you like it as it’s another Saturn ruled sign. The Sun reveals unusual ways to earn a crust while it activates your 2nd house of cash. You should find this month easy, but a tad boring in most other ways. Just nose to the grindstone and investing what you earn.

Aquarius In Aquarius Season 

You are in the birthday zone until February 21 with the Sun in your 1st house. You will be feeling ultra inventive, rebellious and more Aquarian than usual. So put yourself out there and don’t take no for an answer. Your powers of persuasion with be optimal. Who wouldn’t want your unique solutions or creations? Success in all areas is yours!

Pisces In Aquarius Season 

Sun is in your 12th house for Aquarius season. You need to go into recharge mode now! Pisces feel really out of sorts if they don’t replenish themselves after a bout of heavy-duty socialising.It is your birthday month from February 21, so get your dancing shoes on and go party. The Sun in your 1st house means you are full of beans and super-confident. It can bring much success, so make sure you push yourself forward in all areas of your life. Make the most of this blessed period of achievement.

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