Pisces Season Meaning


Pisces season runs from roughly February 21 to March 21. Pisces is mutable water, and it is cold and wet. Extremely passive and receptive, it totally goes with the mutable flow. Wetness merges with others and blends with its environment. We come to the end of the line in Pisces season and might be running low on battery by now.

However, there is a sense of hope because, at the end of Pisces, we have the beginning, like the fool card in the tarot. The end of Pisces is the spring equinox! But the honour of housing the information for that has to go to Aries. Right now, we are in deep Pisces waters and the quickening. So much is stirring beneath!

Pisces Season Meaning

During this part of the year, we prepare for the return of the sunlight and more active and fertile times. It’s time to clear out the rubbish of the old cycle and prepare for the new start in spring. Pisces season is a great time for getting your house in order and setting new intentions.

The power Of Imagination

Pisces is the sign of imagination, so it is also an excellent time to set intentions for the new astrological year. Apart from the obvious preparations for the Spring equinox, there are no pagan festivals during Pisces season. It might be a perfect time just to get some rest!

In Romans times February was the last month of the year, which makes more sense in terms of the wheel of the year. March then is the first, so Pisces is unusual in that its sun dates overlap the end and the beginning. Pisces is a sign associated with great sensitivity, and being a water sign also tears!

Pisces Tears of Joy

We often feel extra emotional when we have to say goodbye to old ways, but we can also shed tears of joy when we start something new and exciting. Pisces has that hopeful, euphoric energy about it.

Just look at the tarot cards that symbolise the 3 Pisces decans, and you get that sense of joy. The 9 of Cups belongs to Pisces Decan 2 and is known as the ‘wish card’. It describes your dreams coming true.

Pisces season can be quite an escapist one, too; it’s the period when you become enchanted by fairytales. Intuition is also heightened. In Aries season, we have to take action and make those visions become a reality, but right now, we can just dream! March is named after the god Mars, so we know more base energy is on its way. Pisces is so opposite, so ethereal, so misty… Once we hit March, though, those brazen yellow daffodils signal the sap is rising already.

Roman Festivals

March 1 was the original Roman new years day called Kalends. Romans renewed the sacred fire while armed priests (known as Salii) danced around. All in honour of Mars‘s birthday. The archetype of the spiritual warrior (the ‘armed priest’) fits very well with March-born Pisceans’ energy. On March 9, there was another religious feast day for the Salii. These ‘leaping priests of Mars’ were twelve youths dressed as warriors. “The Salii are sometimes credited with the opening and closing of the war cycle which would last from March to October.” ~ Wiki. That all sounds very Aries! Let’s get back to the watery zone.

Correspondences Of Pisces

The Water lily is the official flower for Pisces. Worldwide this flower is associated with spirituality. It represents rebirth and peace, but also simple pleasures. Like the Water Lily, Pisces can be the worst hedonist without a spiritual purpose! Other flowers associated with Pisces are gardenia, honeysuckle, Hyacinth, Jasmine and Lavender.

Pisces crystals are Aquamarine, Blue Lace Agate, Diamond, Fluorite, Jade, Blue jasper, Sapphire, moonstone, Turquoise and Sugilite. Pisces metals are silver and tin.

Although Pisces is ruled by Neptune (Modern) and Jupiter (Traditional), it also resonates with goddesses Aphrodite & Venus (Born of the sea), Diana, Sedna (Again the sea). Cupid, Enki, Eros, Poseidon, and Vishnu are other gods associated with Pisces. Birds connected with Pisces are the swan and the stork.

Pisces Season self-care

Bathe in Epsom salts, swim in seawater, light blue candles, burn Sage or Sandalwood incense sticks, reduce noise, do a social media detox, drink tons of water, invest in good sea salt for your food (It should be grey), sleep more than usual, meditate, join a gong bath group, leap around like a priest of Mars, pull a tarot card every day, visit an old church, get some reflexology (Pisces rules the feet.) sort out your bunions and paint your toenails blue.

How Pisces Season Affects Each Zodiac Sign

One size does not fit all, and Pisces season will be better for some signs than others. Check out my “How DOES astrology work?” post to explain why this is. We all have our different ‘Achieve, Receive and Recycle’ periods, so some of the signs will have more going on than others in certain months.

Aries In Pisces Season 

Sun is in your 12th house is until March 20/21, your birthday month. We all know what that means for Aries. Yes, you will be totally on the go and firing on all cylinders. You will want to be in peak shape for your best achieve month in terms of popularity. Pisces season for you is about getting lots of sleep. It is cocoon time for you even if you can’t slow down. Please try. You will thank me at the end of the third week of Aries season when you need that extra push.

Taurus In Pisces Season 

Pisces season will activate your 11th house of hopes and wishes. You can enjoy wine-ing and dining clients during this time. Use your talents of seduction to seal the deal. It’s what you are the best. You will shine during those receive months since you are Venus-ruled. The planet Venus is receptive, attracting energy.

Gemini In Pisces Season 

Pisces season is your most ambitious time of the year. You will be working like a maniac on projects that have a Pisces flavour. So anything artistic, musical or spiritual. Having Pisces as your 10th house and peak/achieve period can be hard to manage unless you work in a Pisces type profession.

Cancer In Pisces Season 

Aquarius season was receive time with unusual legacies or unexpected money. After the financial shake-up, you might need to recuperate in your recharge period. Pisces season will give you that opportunity. It will be pleasant because you love those watery vibes in your spiritual 9th house. Take yourself to the nearest spa!

Leo In Pisces Season 

Pisces season can be a confusing period for Leo. All that Pisces water falls in your dark 8th house and your fiery body is steaming up the windows! Just have faith that you will receive during this month. It will come to you. People will look for you in the foggy area of the sauna!

Virgo In Pisces Season 

Virgo’s rest time can be pretty active unless they are one of those jittery Virgins who just need to calm the f… down! Virgo will need a good roll in the hay during this Pisces season. That will bring your Mojo back! Yes, it is peak partner-hunting time! The sun in your 7th house of romantic partners will shine a spotlight on how very fetching you are! The sun in the 7th house is the best Achieve period of the year for your love life.

Libra In Pisces Season 

Pisces season sees you out of wintertime with your health house activated. Your first recharge season of the year is in your 6th house, where you are most likely to feel run-down if you have been overdoing it. Swim, sail or do anything that involves Neptunian activities. Have a relaxing bath with a poet, for example!

Scorpio In Pisces Season 

Pisces season in your 5th house, continues the merriment of Aquarius season in your home zone. This is a significant period to receive love and affection from your children and loved ones. It is also the second most romantic time of the year for you. Full-on Pisces heartstrings and violins here!

Sagittarius In Pisces Season 

It’s time to get busy with 4th house matters for this season, so give some love to your family and property. Take some time out to renovate or decorate your home. You might start to think about preparing the garden for spring also. This is an active, achieve time, and you need to put some backbone into it!

Capricorn In Pisces Season 

Sun in your 3rd house means that you might have to stop ‘doing’ and just mull things over while you recharge and regroup. Unwind with neighbours or with hobbies that teach you new tricks. Whatever it is, make it easy-going and slow-paced.

Aquarius In Pisces Season 

Pisces season from February 21 is Receive time for you, and these will be gifts of a fishy nature. No, not stinking haddock, unless you were a complete slob in your birthday month. Instead, you should easily tap into the collective consciousness and receive inspiration from the muses. Sweet music-making, writing poetry or creating art will boost your self worth with the Sun in your 2nd house.

Pisces In Pisces Season 

It is your birthday month, so get your dancing shoes on and go party! The Sun in your 1st house means you are full of beans and super-confident. It can bring much success, so make sure you push yourself forward in all areas of your life. Make the most of this blessed period of achievement.

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