Cancer Best Months Of The Year

The list below shows your peak periods to achieve, receive and recharge as explained in my Season and the Zodiac. Plan your months ahead and chart your best times for love, career, health, success and more!

Cancer achieve months (Electric)

  • Cancer Season ~ June 21 to July 20*
  • Capricorn Season ~ January 1 to 20 and December 20 to 31
  • Aries Season ~ March 21 to April 20
  • Libra Season ~ September 20 to October 21

Cancer receive months (Magnetic)

  • Scorpio Season ~ October 20 to November 21
  • Taurus Season ~ April 21 to May 20
  • Leo Season ~ July 21 to August 20
  • Aquarius Season ~ January 21 to February 21

Cancer recharge Months (Earthing)

  • Gemini Season ~ May 21 to June 20
  • Sagittarius Season ~ Nov 20 to Dec 21
  • Virgo Season ~ August 21 to October 20
  • Pisces Season ~ February 20 to March 20
* Dates change depending on the year

Cancer Monthly Horoscope Seasons

Winter Horoscope

Cancer yearly horoscope starts the year with Capricorn season activating your romantic 7th house. Woo hoo! You might notice that the festive season is where you have a surge of interest from potential mates. The popularity lasts from January 1 to 21 and of course again at the end of the year. Achievement in a partnership is the name of the game.

Aquarius season is Receive time from January 20. Unusual legacies or unexpected money from a spouse or Ex could come to you. Not always the most pleasant of circumstances as it’s the 8th house of doom we are talking about! Don’t worry too much about it. Karmically it is owed, whatever way it comes to you.

After the financial shake-up, you might need to recuperate in your recharge period. Pisces season from February 21 will give you that opportunity. It will be pleasant because you love those watery vibes in your spiritual 9th house. Take yourself to the nearest spa!

Spring Horoscope

Springtime means business with Sun in your 10th house. So don your sharpest suit or roll up your sleeves from March 20. Aries season is fantastic for giving you the edge over the competition. You shall achieve much. Taurus season in your 11th house is perfect for reaping benefits from all that ruthless Aries wheeling ‘n dealing. Just sit back and let your dreams manifest.

Be open to opportunities. You don’t need to try very hard from April 21. Then Gemini season in your 12th house is the biggest, fattest, relax-fest of the year. A complete retreat into that Cancer shell is permitted, and in fact, encouraged. So after May 20, find your sanctuary, pull up the drawbridge and cleanse yourself from all the office politics.

Summer Horoscope

I hope you had a good rest because… happy birthday! It’s the start of a new solar cycle, and you are raring to go. Cancer season activates your 1st house from June 20. Time to get your pincers out and start prodding people again.

Your birthday month is a lucky, productive time both at work and in love. Promote your unique self to all and sundry. Social invitations will come flooding in. Acting as a shameless diva makes you money. With Leo Season in your 2nd house, go full dramatic on everyone. They will love it. So from July 21, you don’t do beige. You go vibrant and receive an abundance of coinage! Spending money can be so exhausting!

So in Virgo season from August 21, you clamp the purse tightly shut and take a breather. It’s a 3rd house recharging period. Keep local, or if you travel, take a ton of books and educate yourself.

Autumn Horoscope

Home wants you to put some TLC into it, or maybe your family is craving your attention. Libra season from September 21 means putting energy into your very foundations. Make sure your 4th house loved ones feel secure. If not, you may have to work on giving them a sense of safety. General property security is important too. Keep what you value safe with Libra in the 4th house.

Once you feel thoroughly rooted, give yourself and your family a long leash. Go out and have fun! Scorpio Season is from October 21 in your 5th house of fun and frolics. Time to receive while relaxing with the kids or your lover. Don’t waste the opportunities that come with this hot position. The dating game is on fire if you are single!

Sagittarius season in your 6th house is a more proactive recharging time. After the indulgences of the 5th house season, you might want to go on a detox. Sagittarius will help you find the right herbs and alternative medicine. ( The Ophiuchus medicine man overlaps this part of the zodiac.)

The 7th house of partnership takes us back to the start of this horoscope and Capricorn season. After December 21, enjoy a glass of port with your loved ones and enjoy the last few weeks of a successful season. You should be able to splash out on some fine Christmas presents.