Sagittarius Season Meaning


Sagittarius season is a mutable time of the year where the season is on the edge of change. Sagittarius season runs from roughly November 21 to December 21. We are in the void between the darkest time of the year and the return of the sun king at the winter solstice. It is usually the busiest time of the year for retail and families as they rush to get everything done before Christmas. Sagittarius can be the most stressful month of the year, where we can all feel rather burnt out by the end of it.  

Sagittarius as a sign is often misunderstood, sandwiched between mysterious Scorpio and Saturn ruled Capricorn. Both are pretty serious zodiac signs. Sagittarius is supposed to be jovial, and it coincides with the Christmas party season. 

Sagittarius Season Meaning

But when you look at the three decans that run along this time, you can see they have a very intense side to them. Sagittarius is a bittersweet time of the year where we contemplate the meaning of life. We ask the bigger questions and look at our problems from an eagle-eye view rather than zooming in or nitpicking.


The Roman festival of Saturnalia starts on December 17 and continues up until around the time the Sun enters Capricorn. It was a time when the tables were turned. The master became the slave, and the slave took on the role of master. Saturnalia had a carnival atmosphere where social norms were overturned. Gambling was permitted. (A very Sagittarian pastime.) “The Neoplatonist philosopher Porphyry interpreted the freedom associated with Saturnalia as symbolizing the “freeing of souls into immortality”. ~ Wiki

Because Saturnalia was so close to the Christmas celebrations, medieval Christians also were prone to cause a Saturnian ruckus. The Jupiterian pursuits of overeating, gambling and drunkenness were typical over this period. In medieval France and Switzerland, a boy would become a bishop for the day; his orders would again become pretty rowdy and unrestrained. 

role reversals

In some places, clergy were ordered to wear masks and women’s clothing, for example! Other Saturnalia/Christmas crossover include the lighting of advent candles where are a remnant of lighting torches. One thing to remember about Saturn is that he is not always so severe and malefic. The Romans saw Saturn as an agricultural deity, much like Ceres. So Saturn also embodies wealth and prosperity. 

So the best use of this darkest, contemplative time would be to connect with spirit. Unfortunately, the excuse to party can get in the way of valuable reflection and inner work. However, if you are usually a hermit, it might be a good idea to socialize during Sagittarius season and vice versa if you are a party animal. Saturnalia is all about reversals, after all.

How Sagittarius Season Affects Each Zodiac Sign

One size does not fit all, and Sagittarius season will be better for some signs than others. Check out my “How DOES astrology work?” post to explain why this is. We all have our different ‘Achieve, Receive and Recycle’ periods, so some of the signs will have more going on than others in certain months.

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