Virgo Decan 3 ~ Sep 13 to 22 (20º-30º)

Virgo Decan 3 ~ Fixed Stars

Virgo 21º 37′ ~ Denebola in the tail of Leo the Lion. 2.2*
Virgo 22º 37′ ~ Alpha Antila in the Air Pump. 4.4
Virgo 23º 08′ ~ Avior in the keel of Argo Navis the Great Ship. 1.7
Virgo 23º 41′ ~ Alkes in the base of Crater the cup. 4.2
Virgo 24º 34′ ~ Cor Caroli in hunting hound Chara in Cane Venatici. 2.9
Virgo 26º 41′ ~ Labrum in the lip of Crater the cup. 3.8
Virgo 26º 56′ ~ Alkaid in the tail of Ursa Major the Great Bear. 1.9
Virgo 27º 10′ ~ Zavijava in the left wing of Virgo the Virgin. 3.8
Virgo 28º 12′ ~ Markeb in the sails of Argos Navis the Great Ship. 2.6
*Magnitude. Star positions for the year 2000.

Virgo Decan 3 ~ General Meaning

Virgo decan 3 is ruled by Mercury and Venus (Taurus triplicity). The Sun sails through the Lion, the Air Pump, the Great Ship, the Cup and the Great Bear from September 13 to 22. Here we find the famous sharp minds, researchers, perfectionists and organisers. There are some harsh and unfortunate stars here associated with natural disasters and death alongside the holy grail and the ships bellowing sails. It is fitting that this decan of Virgo contains such sharp contrasts since it is ruled by Mercury the mediator between the earth and the underworld. It’s very black and white here.

The unfortunate influence probably comes as a result of our Virgo’s not paying attention to natural law and working themselves into the ground. If one does not take control of regulating oneself, then something from the10 of pentaclesoutside will do it in a more dramatic way, similar to the effects of a Uranus transit. Mercury ruled Virgo decan 3 live on their nerves. They burn a lot of calories just worrying! Their mind is so white hot you can sometimes see quicksilver flashing behind their eyeballs. The problem with having such a strong mind is that their belief program then controls everything. A skeptical Virgo will be very hard to rewire and some find it really hard to trust their intuition, even though they actually have a very fine prophetic ability.

Healing ‘Harlots’ & Skeptics

The big challenge for Virgo decan 3 is getting both sides of the brain working in balance. They should be naturals at this but somehow, in our left-brain dominated world, they have allowed that sharp logical side of their head to take over and not even for their own benefit. Virgo’s are prime workers since they are dutiful, self-sacrificial, have fantastic brains. Just what the power elite prey on. You can bet that successful IT companies are stuffed full of Virgo decan 3 drones working their magic, while their Pluto bosses take all the credit and lap up the profit.

The tarot card associated with this decan is the ten of pentacles. This decan of Virgo is probably the most commercially successful and this is reflected in the meaning of this card. It shows abundance, thriving, high achievement and solid foundations. Karmically this card can suggest marrying into money due to having had helped that family in a past life. “Here we are looking at success, prosperity and abundance on many levels.  This Card suggests you have done or will do very well for yourself, not by chance, but by working very hard to achieve it.  Wealth and strong financial security are indicated, and more than likely here to stay, as you have well prepared for this time and have done the essential groundwork.” ~ Teachmetarot

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Virgo Decan 3

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Sun Virgo 3

Denebola 21º ~ “ Honor and preferment with danger, public disgrace and finally ruin, disease, fevers and acute ailments.” [4a]
Alkes 23º ~ ” A person who is a vessel, one who cares something for others. To hold something for others, be it story-telling, art, music, insights or visions. A national treasure is revealed.” [5]

Some formidable leaders grace the list below in a sign that is not generally seen as being pushy or bossy in any way. But we forget the sidereal overlap of the constellation of Leo with its angry swat of a lion’s tail. Yes, this Virgo can dish out punishment and authoritarianism as well as any Aries, Capricorn or Leo. Austin Coppock also finds more untypical Virgo behaviour with the Sun here “Though often possessed of reserved dispositions, many are subject to wild episodes, for they know that their lives are finite. At times they are liberated by this sense of finity, while at others they rage against it.” [6] Again this mirrors the action of Denebola the lion’s tail. The stars in the great ship make these folk explorers too and they have a wanderlust that makes them loathed to plant very deep roots despite being an earth sign. The Isis-like devotion to their mates is evident too in some of the subjects below, even when that mate has Plutonic addiction issues. The self-cleansing action of the air-pump and watery Alkes will help to rejuvenate those with their Sun here. We are approaching the equinox where the sun falls into the underworld at 0º Libra, so the ability to resurrect is part of the personality of Sun Virgo 1 also.

SUN VIRGO 3 EXAMPLES: Elizabeth I, Genghis Khan, Confucius, Augustus, Heinrich Agrippa, Prince Harry, Bilawal Zadari Bhutto, Eva Braun, Kevin Rudd, Oliver Stone, Lauren Bacall, Sophia Loren, Greta Garbo, Larry Hagman, Bill Murray, Jeremy Irons, Tommy Lee Jones, Mickey Rourke, Peter Falk, Amy Winehouse, Nick Cave, Julio Iglesias, Katie Melua, Morten Harket, Andrea Bocelli, Leonard Cohen, Liam Gallagher, Joan Jett, Billy Piper, Stella McCartney, Twiggy, Shirley Conran, Stephen King, Fay Weldon, H.G Wells, Agatha Christie, George R. R Martin, Roald Dahl, David Copperfield, Ronaldo.

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41 thoughts on “Virgo Decan 3 ~ Sep 13 to 22 (20º-30º)

  1. Stars Rising (“Stars of Your Youth”)
    Regulus (Set-Rise, 0°01′)
    Jupiter (Rise-Rise, 0°12′), Denebola (Rise-Rise, 0°19′), Zuben Eschamali (Cul-Rise, 0°30′) Aldebaran (Cul-Rise, 0°02′), Alcyone (Rise-Rise, 0°30′)
    Moon (Rise-Rise, 0°13′), Mercury (Set-Rise, 0°01′)
    Spica (LCul-Rise, 0°05′)

    Stars in Culmination (“Stars of Your Prime”)
    Sadalmelek (Cul-Cul, 0°09′), Regulus (LCul-Cul, 0°19′) Sun (LCul-Cul, 0°30′), Sadalmelek (LCul-Cul, 0°21′) Acubens (LCul-Cul, 0°16′)
    Antares (Rise-Cul, 0°16′)

    Stars Setting (“Stars of Your Latter Years”)
    A Sun Rigel (LCul-Set, 0°06′)
    C Mercury Jupiter (Rise-Set, 0°01′)
    Mean Node Zuben Elgenubi (Cul-Set, 0°16′), Vindemiatrix (Set-Set, 0°27′)

    Stars in Lower Culmination (“The Hearthstone of Your Life”)
    Sadalmelek (LCul-LCul, 0°20′) Regulus (LCul-LCul, 0°16′) Zuben Elgenubi (Set-LCul, 0°23′) Alkes (Set-LCul, 0°22′)
    Acubens (Cul-LCul, 0°20′)

    Is this the same as rising stars as you mentioned in the post, do you find them according to paran or is rising stars something else?

    1. Well, I don’t know of any Fixed star authors who use Paran’s apart from Bernadette Brady. Though there must be some… Even her Paran system is different from the one used on Solar Fire. They give slightly different results.
      I don’t like Parans because 1) A person born on the same day in the same place will have exactly the same stars as you. 2) You can’t use Parans for Mundane Astrology unless you do a chart for every city in the world. I wouldn’t be able to use fixed stars for my Moon reports.

      I like visual astrology, but we aren’t divining by watching the sky anymore. Not with light pollution and advances in technology. Our craft has changed. Astrology is a curious mix of the symbolic, synchronistic and corresponding. The magic happens on paper and computers now.

      I miss the clear skies of Australia. You felt more connected to the stars there. Going to move out of light-polluted and cloudy London one day, but until then I’ll have to make do with Stellarium and Spacewalk app!

    2. yes, I live in Norway, and at night, the stars are very clear, I think I was looking at the leo constellation last night, something resembling a question mark (but not sure)
      The fumes of London can be very annoying, and I remember having had to wash my fash thoroughly after a day out, and the swipes had much dirt on the after long intervals in the subway..

      I have a friend who lives in Australia, and he says it is lovely, and would not move back.
      I havent been, but it seems like a wonderful place.
      Not much of a fan of London, but I dont have enough experience to be biased for or against it either.
      Nature and clean air sure is a gift these days 😉

  2. 22nd of September here. My mother calls me Lady McBeth because of the number of times I wash my hands!

  3. Mi ex´s sister is very clever, intelligent and silent. On the Chinese, she is a wise Serpent. She fits here very well. She is beautiful and magnetic. She seems highly unattached, though one knows she has a whole torment within which she tries to manage (and does quite well). Seems somehow unemotional and is very poised.

    My natal Júpiter sits on the last part of this decan.


  4. “Virgo Decan 3 drones”! This made me laugh. (I’ve been up working until 2 to 3am every night this week.) xxx

  5. 2 here, 1st my 2nd husband’s 2nd wife, and my 1st husband, Sept.20, different years. His wife was a blue baby, at 5 spent 3 months at Mass General, (prior to Boston children’s hospital), bore a sternum crack scar and refused further treatment, was ‘do not resuscitate’ and so died before her first Saturn return. The scar was unnoticed as she ran a junior high theatrical department. SN/con/sun/sat/merc, scorpio/mar/trine, cap/M “I never saw her, she was always with the kids,” my ex said. I suspect Aquarius/AS red hair, white skin, very blue eyes, in photos she appears a child, (my taurus sun in her 4th) Obviously I never meant her, a couple years dead before we married, she did how-ever come to me in a dream, telling me I should tell him all my secrets, rather impossible, but that was how my 1st husband operated, no secrets. no lies, kept it simple.
    He had nothing to lie about! So handsome simple, fond of life was he. But I saw instantly, beneath the vitality, part native American presence, was someone who needed protection. As a kid he’s walked through a plate glass window and almost bleed-out, but for his cancer mom with soapy hair, bathrobe, rush to the emergency room…
    The desire to experience life was evident as we were ‘homesteaders’… ‘back to the land’ building growing, making, kind of fun in the beginning, until the second winter when snow reached the roof again, he wanted to stay, I didn’t. why miss black fly season, summers when it reached 95 Fahrenheit, minus 40 winters, mud season, a glimpse of summer, no friends, while he had them galore.
    Taking off for the forest to cut wood or canoe in the wilds…
    And humbleness, a knack w/ engines, after graduating 1st in his class aerotek, we found ourselves adrift w/ friends in a sailing yacht, near Grand Manan Isl, in the shallows, foggy, windy, engine failure, prescription for disaster, “I’ll take a look at it,” he said and not one person believed in him until he pushed the start button and it came to life. There was an utter lack of acknowledgement until months afterward that he saved our lives. Then trouble from the same lack of pride, his boss was using him as unacknowledged repair guy, a fussy saw mill is dangerous, when the fix it guy isn’t accounted for, no safety protocols, he pushed the start button, a guy lost half his fingers. He had to quit, and less than a month later, before his 1st Saturn return, he was died, hit on his motorcycle by a drunk less than a mile from home…

    1. Virgo in effort to do right, self belief extraordinaire forget universal, inhuman laws, physics Virgo, (pisces) are inherently timeless and reaction, (for every action) is often felt by others. Example after my husband saved our lives, the other young yachting man returned home and sliced off half his fingers on a table saw. It was 7years (uranius opp) before my H’s death, but the telling features are all there…dependent people waiting for the fix it man, the engine is like physical law, neutral, and the engine had it’s way in the end, extracting it’s price, in this case the same exact cost.
      I had premonitions galore leading up to his death.. caught on the cog dragged into some terrifying machinery wondering if I will ever see the sky again.
      In describing Dec.3, virgo, it’s like a pool before the equinox, black, deep compelling, beautiful…these people are drawn to the near death, the adventure, far off realms, like they know memories last beyond life and want to pack it in.

    2. it’s like natural laws, the force of nature want to wreak havoc, virgo w/ depth of desire to help fellow man plus a great mind understanding mechanics, engineering, ruins the ‘forces’ plans….maybe we were supposed to drown, the mill shut down when this didn’t happen ‘it’ settled for a few fingers. Horror writer Stephen King Sept. 20, 1947 played on this.
      A friend went to U of Maine Orono w/ Stephen king, acted Shakespeare and said, Stephen couldn’t say his lines, (rather important in Shakespeare), that he was all presence. So he was used in parts where a commanding presence was needed.

  6. decon 3 like me sun27deg virgo are we victims of abuse and ane constantly victims of witchcraft and manupilation

  7. are virgo decon 3 victims of abuse manuplations and witchcraft i am virgo 27 deg.

  8. great article, Marina! I have seen these themes in the lives of the people I know in this decan. My 1st house Pluto is in this decan as well, so I think I tend to be drawn to experiences that call up these themes. For example, I have been the ‘clean up girl’ on problems at various workplaces and got no recognition or reward, underpaid every time. My mother used to say I saw things as “black and white” and life has presented me with many opportunities to learn grey.

  9. Fantastic work as usual! You have an amazing talent of illuminating the celestial bodies and their impact upon us.. It would be great to get an archetypal image for Virgo decan 3.

  10. I’m a first decan natal virgo sun and sloppy sloppy sloppy like my first decan natal virgo sun acquaintences. I’ll blame it on the jupiter conjunct. The third decan virgo sun friends have always been a quandry to me, so organized and together like a virgo ‘should be’. But they do have these earth shattering stories. An example is this tiny together woman who was married to this tyrant. It is so bad she goes outside in the middle of a horrendous thunder and lightning strike and torrential rain storm and falls on her knees under the oak in the backyard and screams out to the heavens get me out of this marriage or strike me dead right now. I’m just not that extreme. Just get in the car and go. 😀

  11. Good lord, you are amazing! As a decan 3 Virgo, (same day as Stephen King)…I found your insight absolutely bang on!
    It astounds me, despite enjoying astrology myself for 40 years, how much I have to learn….about myself and others. Thanks 🙂

  12. Fantastic Description. I’m a 3th Virgo decan, 17 September. All you said it’s true. I Like Travel, even close journeys, or simply driving. I have an enormous love for Music, Art, Poetry, Literature and Photography. Or simply, admire a gorgeous landscape, better if it’s a sunset, much better if it’s a sea sunset landscape. Amazing. I’m a guitar player from 8 years, and I like to sing as well. And of course, I’m a huge passionate of Astrology. What else can I say? thank you for the description. It’s really help me a lot to understand me and others. Cheers! 🙂

  13. Amazing Marina! You’ve explained so much for me in this article. I always thought my sensitivity was due to my moon in cancer… My sun is at 27 degrees.
    “Virgo’s are great purifiers” really made me stop and go “wow”. I can’t eat lots of foods and seem to get more sensitive as I get older. At home I feel like I take on all the underlying energies, sensing the stuff that isn’t said and feeling heavy with it all. I know that my anxiety could be the death of me – it’s certainly blocked my life from moving forward, so I have taken a leap of faith and moved to Montreal for a year to study my passion – art – it brings me into the moment and away from my worries- anything to get out of my left brain which has drained all the fun out of things.
    Hopefully I’ll be able to let loose out here – I have Uranus trine Uranus in the 9th house of Aries but also my saturn return in October – it feel’s like “crunch time” – time to spread my wings and fly. My ascendant is in Leo which seems completely at odds with my Virgo sun – I love drama and fun but afterwards I need to go home and look after myself!

    Thanks for this brilliant piece


  14. As a 3rd decan , virgo I completely relate to the idea that we tend to live life upon our nerves. Our minds are nearly impossible to shut off considering every problem that may arise. Fascinating analysis here.

  15. Here we go again, yet another site degrading the Virgo into nothing more than just a grunt follower and a nobody. What is with this? You had some accuracy, then it all fell down. I’m a supposed ‘Decan 3’ and I would never work for anyone but myself. So much for being the IT guy, right?

    Also sacred prostitutes – really? How insulting…

    Oh well. Can’t blame you. Virgo seems to be the sign that just sucks all over.

    1. Here we find the famous sharp minds, researchers, perfectionists and organisers.

      Yeah, famous sharp minds… HOW DARE THEM!!

  16. Dear Yawn….what a rude twat you are…..from another Virgo to you, yes you are a slut of yourself….get over yourself …look in the mirror….and get out of your BOX, fkkhead and fkk off..I’m a Virgo and I can admit that i can be painful to others….we need clarity of truth…..To all Virgos …admit it and be nice to others….Dear Yawn you suck, not Virgos……now fkk off and leave Marina to her work.

  17. What a terrific post, Marina! I now understand, not only my Jupiter at 26 Virgo, but a part of myself that I would never have looked for in the Virgo part of my chart.

  18. Very interesting but just rember that’s your opinion mate, we may be secretive sluts but we’re also loyal to the right one, if its the wrong guy well then NEXT!!

  19. Hello there!
    Thank you you the work and the share.
    It is very interesting. But, although I am a third decan Virgo (17th Sept), I do not recognise mystery lf in this description.
    I am neither professionally successful not financially comfortable nor married in a wealthy family (quote the opposite although we are not married but have children together), anyway… It is more the opposite. I struggle to even find a secure job (let alone a vocation) and I’m always struggling money-wise, too.
    I also am not at all black or white. More in the middle, always seeking compromises between all possibilities in all areas of life. Always seeking new angles of view….

    Is it normal that I am so far from your description? What could change the deal so much, for me?

    1. You are so much more than just your Sun sign! So yes it is normal not to be so true to this archetype. Maybe if you had a whole stellium here it would be a different matter. This is just one layer of the cake. If all the other layers are, say, chocolate, then your vanilla layer will be overwhelmed by all the others. For these decan ebooks, my job is to get the essence out of the separate ingredients. Then during a reading I look at the whole chart and show where this archetype may play out, if at all, and what is overpowering it!

  20. I have Jupiter at 26 Virgo.
    A lot of what you say applies to me!
    When I was younger, I lived on my nerves, and I still waste energy worrying. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve said to a friend that my intuition has never steered me wrong – the only problem being that I have not always listened to it, and have consequently fallen into a number of disasters, due to my mind not taking the time to STOP (or at least SLOW DOWN!!) and listen to my inner voice.
    I had a mostly successful career in IT, and used my left brain too much, at the expense of my right brain, even though I am left handed. I must say though, that for problem solving I used my right brain when and as appropriate.
    You are right in saying that IT is stuffed full of Virgo decan 3’s!
    I married into money, though not deliberately.
    Strong financial security? Definitely not! Though I earned a fair bit, the money ran through my fingers like water! Probably because the only aspects to my Jupiter are squares.
    Did you notice that the pentacles on the Tarot card are drawn in the pattern of the sephiroth on the Tree of Life?
    A great analysis, Marina – but then that’s par for the course with you. Thank you for this one.

    1. Thanks for the feedback on this. I will be adding Jupiter and Saturn meanings eventually! What houses does Jupiter rule for you?
      Yep, we have been conditioned not to listen to our intuition.

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