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Your Leo Horoscope for September 2018  puts you in spending mode. You could feel the need for retail therapy if you have been working too hard and feel like you deserve a treat. Resist the being too ostentatious with your new possessions. To some it could become obvious that your material goodies are over-compensating for your own lack of self worth. After Sep 22 the focus is more on connecting with local friends or siblings. You will feel more like reaching out to actual people than being seduced by glittery shop window items. It doesn’t cost much to have a picnic with a friend and the Summer sun is free!

Leo September Monthly Horoscope 2018

The sensory feeling of a type of fabric material can be something you crave, or you may just want to collect many items of the same thing. Yes the August 26 Full Moon (The effect lasts until Sept 9) is a real howler where you feel more of a lunatic than usual. Taking any mind-altering substances will only make things more psychotic so I would avoid this if you know you have an extreme natal chart. Powerful and dangerous people hold a fascination for you at this time, so avoid hanging out with gangsters and get hold of the Godfather Box set DVDs instead. Safer…

How to Use The Tele-Microscope

The Tele-Microscope on Sept 23 will give you a very strong telescope effect in the area of metaphysics and spirituality so this would be the perfect time to actually get yourself a telescope and go out star-gazing. You will feel very connected to the cosmos and be able to have that wider perspective that connects many different religions from different cultures together. This is perfect for looking at the world as one, but at the same time, you must guard against getting too globalist and allow for the fact that certain communities may not view social norms the same way as you do. Misunderstandings can happen if you don’t respect the need for people to have their own identities and habits. It might be a good month to be a hermit or go on a spiritual retreat as it will be very hard to feel grounded and get on with normal earthly routines like shopping and domestic duties.

Leo Monthly Horoscope

Leo September Love & Career

Leo Career Horoscope

Mercury in house 2 from Sept 6 to 21. You will be gifted in the realm of sales at this time. The results of this month’s endeavors will bear fruit in a couple of months time so try to be patient. You could sell off things that are not that important to you just to clear out stock to make room for the new. Maybe have a sale, but don’t expect any surprise high bidders on eBay!

Leo Love Horoscope

Venus in house 4 from Sept 9. If you are single this is the month to take time making your home comfortable for two, build it and they will come! Make your nest as inviting as possible, and for heaven’s sake tidy-up if your singledom has turned you into a class A slob. Another possibility could be meeting someone when you go back and visit your parents. You could rekindle things with an old flame from your old town because you are both available at the same time.

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