Leo April 2021 Horoscope

Your Leo monthly horoscope is a transcript  of the Leo March/April 2021 YouTube Video. The transcripts are informal and as-spoken, so please make allowances for the grammar! If you want an Ad free experience and the whole year ahead including the mp3s then you will find them all on the  Leo 2021 Horoscope.

This month there’s quite a cluster of planets in your ninth house of foreigners, higher learning and wisdom. A great opportunity to take a holiday, the Easter holidays would be a great opportunity to get away if you can. It’s going to be important to go somewhere of natural beauty. Somewhere that’s not polluted. Not a theme park or that’s very manmade. Go somewhere that’s good nature and clean to recharge your batteries as well. So with April you get Mars square Neptune in the ninth house. That’s going to be a bit irritated with Mars in your house of friendship. There could one particular friend who’s just getting on your nerves by this time.

They may be draining, and a bit of a vampire because Neptune’s in the eighth house of taboo and the underworld. So set up very strong boundaries with those. Once you are away on your holiday, you’ll notice you feel a lot better. The new moon in Aries, that’s your travel zone again. So go on holiday! But if you can’t go abroad, this is also the house of higher learning as well. So just enjoy the great outdoors and go up a mountain or somewhere with a lot of space around you. The wide open plains of the ninth house will give you a different perspective on things. Especially if you’re feeling very aggravated, as well. That April new moon will give you the opportunity to do that.

Mars trine Jupiter on the 17th activates friends and proper, long term partners. A good opportunity to bring the two together. Have a party, or if you want to go on holiday all together that will be great, maybe a couple’s holiday. Events and getting out and about. Like I said getting outdoors and being adventurous because Jupiter in Aquarius likes to do new stuff and novelty as well. When you’ve got Saturn in there as well, he needs to counterbalance it with something that is a little bit different as well.

Then Mars on the 23rd goes into your 12th House of self undoing. But this also activates retreats and mysticism. You become more of a spiritual warrior and less combatant. Because if you start having arguments and try to fight with people you’re only going to be your own worst enemy. With Mars running rampant in the 12th house. So try to hold back. That’s why I think going to a retreat, some sort of spiritual retreat where you are not in contact with too many people. That will be a good move when Mars goes into Cancer. But you have Saturn trine the north node as well. That will help restrain things coming from your house of partners. If you have a partner who is a good steadying influence then they may help steer you back on course and away from any troublemakers. They will stop you causing trouble yourself.

The full moon in Scorpio will activate the work/home balance and make sure that you are being fair to both. I think because of the Saturn Trine North Node you want to be cosy. You’ll want to just do things with your family and make sure that they’re not being ignored. Then there’s Ceres square Pluto and this is coming from Ceres in the fourth house. There it wants to get spiritual and go to sacred sights. Do things that are not conventional and not the the normal career path. But your partner might be saying “that’s just pie in the sky, we need to pay the mortgage, we need to be sensible.” So there is some conflict there. If you’re already established and you’re in a good relationship with them, because you’ve spent time with them, there won’t be such a misunderstanding. But if you haven’t been close to them lately, then there’s going to be more upset with that Ceres square Pluto. I would recommend that you stay on good terms with your partner and keep them happy.

If you’re female, and it’s your husband we are talking about use the full moon in your fourth house of home-cooked meals and make their stomachs happy! Then you can broach the subject of going on the yoga holiday and how to fit that in with the rest of the family. So if you want to do the wanderlust thing thing. It’d be much easier if you’ve already laid the foundations for some understanding. Like saying it’s good for your health or something like that. That would help them to understand it more.

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