Leo best months of the year

The list below shows your Leo yearly horoscope peak periods to achieve, receive and recharge as explained in my Season and the Zodiac post. Plan your months ahead and chart your best times for love, career, health, success and more!

Leo best achieve Months (Electric!)

  • Cancer Season ~ June 21 to July 20*
  • Capricorn Season ~ January 1 to 20 and December 21 to 31
  • Aries Season ~ March 21 to April 20
  • Libra Season ~ September 20 to October 21

Leo best receive Months (Magnetic)

  • Scorpio Season ~ October 20 to November 21
  • Taurus Season ~ April 21 to May 20*
  • Leo Season ~ July 21 to August 20
  • Aquarius Season ~ January 21 to February 21

Leo best recharge Months (Earthing)

  • Gemini Season ~ May 21 to June 20
  • Sagittarius Season ~ November 20 to December 20
  • Virgo Season ~ August 21 to September 20
  • Pisces Season ~ February 20 to March 20

Leo Monthly Horoscope Seasons

Winter Horoscope

Leo monthly horoscope starts the year with Capricorn season activating your 6th house of health which is a rest period. Go for extreme recharge as it’s the wintertime and sunny Leo hates the cold, dark months away. The healing time happens from January 1 to 21 and again at the end of the year. Use this time to start the new year’s resolutions by forging good exercise and diet habits.

Aquarius season is achievement time from January 20. You adore the romantic 7th house activation so you can be successful in your love life right now. You should have the energy to go dating again after your Capricorn season detox.

Pisces season from February 21 can be confusing for Leo. All that water in the dark 8th house and your fiery body is steaming up the windows! Just have faith you will receive during this month. It will come to you. People will look for the foggy area in the sauna.

Spring Horoscope

Yay! It’s spring and time for you to re-emerge from the murky depths. Leo loves the enthusiastic Aries season and the optimism it brings. You can see clearly now. Technically this is a recharge period for Leo, but it’s less sleepy rest and more like plugging yourself in. It will feel like a 2000 volt shot in the arm! A good month to use the Aries 9th house vibes to take a spiritual holiday. Visit a sacred place to discharge all the electricity. A Leo mane in shock is not a good look.

Taurus season is when you shine. From April 21, you want to be groomed to perfection and dressed to impress. Status matters at this time with the Sun in your 10th house. Gemini season is super networking mode. The Sun is in your 11th house of friends from May 20. Work your Leo magic, and no one will realize you are hustling. They will laugh too hard and dance too wildly to notice. After all the revelry, you will have to rest.

Cancer season for you is when you are most likely to suffer from burnout with the Sun in your 12th house. June 21 is an excellent time for a chilled beach holiday. Lions sleep more than any other mammal. Being fabulous uses up a ton of battery.

Summer Horoscope

You will need to have rested WELL because… happy birthday! It’s the start of a new solar cycle, and you are ready to burst. Leo season activates your 1st house from July 20. Time to get your glad rags on and strut down the catwalk of life. Invites to fun events come flooding in, and you are on top form.

With Virgo Season in your 2nd house, you will have to be more prudent with money even if it is Receive time. Conserve the cash, and don’t spend it all at once from August 21. In Libra season, from September 21, you will need the money you saved to recharge. Get off the work treadmill and have a month-long pamper-fest with the sun in your 3rd house.

Autumn Horoscope

Scorpio Season from October 21 is your least active, active month. You want to be close to home. But you can put energy into that come.

It’s all about protection and fortification with Scorpio in the 4th house. If you were a medieval king, I would say invest in a moat. But you are not, so I won’t. Instead, build a porch.

Sagittarius Season falls in your hilarious 5th house of jokes. From November 21, you can enjoy the Christmas season by indulging the kids and acting like a big kid yourself. You are allowed to overdo it during this time as Sagittarius is the inflatable sign.

It’s cold outside, you will become rotund, but it will keep you warm. Go on a diet during restrictive 6th house/Capricorn season. It’s such a dull position. I would milk Sagittarius season for all its worth. Feast then famine. It’s all about balance!