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The Leo monthly Horoscope for July 2018 begs you to lock yourself up into hermit mode. This is the time to look in all the dark crevices behind the sofa of your life and give them a good vacuum. Figuratively you don’t want to launch into a new solar year with last year’s stinky build-up of dust.

The only way to make sure you aren’t carrying old issues with you is to slow down and spend time looking behind you to see what you have left in your wake. From Jul 23 you can celebrate when it’s your birthday month and a solar new year for you. Now your own physical energy ramps up and you come out of hibernation. You should be refreshed and raring to go. Enjoy!

At the June 28 Full Moon 6º Capricorn you might also feel compelled to give your home a good scrub from top to bottom as hygiene becomes really important to you. The glare of the Full Moon will show up grime that has built up in your life and footprints of any toxic rodents. It is a time for purging and releasing. This means weeding out parts of your work timetable that are not profitable or cutting time spent with people who are draining you. Playing the martyr will only show up as health problems. Make sure your diet is as pure as possible at this time because you will not tolerate the slightest toxin.

Leo Monthly Love Horoscope ~ If you want to attract love into your life, then this is the month to do so! You are wearing Venus like a silky second skin, while at the same time it is oozing charm out of every pore of your body. You really won’t have to do anything to get the object of your desire as the Venusian energy magnetizes everyone to you. This peaceful energy does not want to cause any conflict, so you will gladly accommodate any wishes of your partner.

Monthly Horoscope

Mars Retrograde ~ June 27 until August 28

Selfish Mars can find it tough retreating through the house of relationships, but what he will learn at the end of it all is compromise. Others will test your patience, that’s for sure, but at the same time you will find it impossible to go it alone. One way or another you will have to learn to grit your teeth and co-operate. Mars here means putting energy into dealings with others, and that includes business collaborations too. You could find yourself going back over old ground with partners, maybe old scores are settled or an enemy resurfaces. You will get the opportunity to thrash it out good and proper when Mars suddenly turns direct here. But, it is always advised that you do not start the war when Mars is retrograde, otherwise you will lose the battle. ‘War’ these days often means legal proceedings. After Aug 13 Mars enters your 6th house of daily routines. If you have been feeling like the office slave, then you might well blow up at any whip crackers at this time. Speak up before you let the anger fester, otherwise your complaints could come out in a totally undiplomatic and embarrassing way. Mars can cause quite a lot of trouble here if it is not channeled wisely. Sticking to a very strict routine would be a great use of this energy. A new diet and fitness routine beckons.

The Summer Solar Eclipses

July 13 ~ The  Solar Eclipse 20º Cancer . This is one of those eclipses that could seem as if it has slipped by you with no effect at all. But that’s only in your 3D reality, for a great deal is simmering below the surface! The only way to find out exactly what is lurking in those depths, is by some deep sea diving into your subconscious. Examine your dreams and pay attention to what symbols turn up in your waking reality.

August 11 ~ Solar Eclipse 18º Leo . A reboot from the cosmos in your own sign! It will shake you up so much that you will also find a domino effect on other foundational areas. That means changes will affect also your family life, career or calling and your relationship if you have one. This is probably the most powerful Eclipse you could ever have in your life, but more especially if the Eclipse will actually conjunct the ascendant. In that case it will life-changing if you happen not to be too happy with the way things have turned out for you so far.

Leo Monthly Horoscope ~ August

Your Leo monthly Horoscope for Aug 2018 focuses on projecting your brilliance out into the world. Yes, everything revolves around you during your birthday month and this is the time of the year when you are actually allowed to be rather self-centered. During this time you will find it quite hard to see things from the other person’s point of view which can cause conflicts with others if other factors are making your ego swell. It is therefore vital you find some form of artistic self-expression as your creative force is at its peak. After Aug 23 things get a bit lazier and you will feel more like indulging yourself in luxury rather than projecting your energies outward. Still, you are entitled to treat yourself now and again, especially if you have been really burning the candle at both ends while the Sun has been shining in your sign.

Intimate relationships and business collaborations are intensified by the July 27  Lunar Eclipse 4º Aquarius for better or for worse. In a good marriage, the connection could feel extra warm, loving and romantic. It’s not one sided either with both partners wanting to show their commitment and how much they care. In a business partnership, things could get competitive, but in a good creative way with both sides spurring each other toward greater excellence. On the other hand, bad partnerships will show up show up flaws very sharply.

Leo Monthly Love Horoscope ~The temptation will be to indulge in luxury goods rather than in wise investments, so try to have a little self-control. You might need your partner to show their love for you through gifts and fancy dinners, but this may be because you feel a little insecure at this time. Maybe it would be better to show your vulnerability, rather than getting them to break the bank in order to prove their love. A genuine hug and kind words will feel unexpectedly precious if you drop the diva act.

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