Taurus Monthly Horoscope


Your Taurus monthly horoscope for January 2022 has the Sun is in its joy, in your sector of foreign cultures and spirituality. Why wouldn’t it be joyous, for the Sun here inspires you to push yourself through boundaries and go further than you normally would. Travel broadens the mind and one can only reach its higher self by having room to grow. 

This wanderlust lasts until January 20 when it’s back to work with a vengeance. You should be revitalised and fully charged up to get the benefits from the spotlight now being on your status in the world and career. It’s time to remind people who you are.

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Taurus January 2022 Horoscope

Take this time to get out of your parochial box and speak to different types of people from diverse social backgrounds. This will help give you a different perspective on the world. New horizons beckon and give fresh vistas on your life. This is the month to get metaphysical as the Sun in this sector of the chart questions dogma and shines it’s light on dimensions you might have been previously blind to. You may literally make friends with a foreigner or connect with a spiritual guru type mentor at this time.

Taurus Emotional Life

taurus 2022

TheFull Moon 17 January 2022 ignites habits from the past and unconscious childhood conditioning that bleed into your daily life. You might react with a strong gut feeling to usually insignificant occurrences, like to a song that wafts out from a passing car followed by a bus carrying a poster on the side that is highly symbolic.

Connections from one thing to another seem loaded with emotional meaning and you will feel like you are living in a French film noir. On the positive side, you will feel more intuitive when connecting with locals. You and are able to read and anticipate the minds of your neighbours and anyone you meet while buzzing around town. 

Taurus Career Horoscope

On January 2 Mercury enters your 10th housewhere it will remain until until January 25. This is a period where you can feel like you can express yourself clearly and confidently to your boss if you have one. For the self-employed, you might find you are communicating with more prestigious clients than usual, which can only add to your reputation.

Use this time to connect with people you would usually think are out of your league. You will be presently surprised. Mercury will go retrograde on January 14. Check out the Mercury retrograde post for the meaning for your sign.

Taurus Love Horoscope

Venus entered your 9th house of travel and spiritual beliefs last year on December 14. The Venus retrograde means you continue to have this house emphasised until February 14, Valentine’s day no less! Read what Venus retrograde means for Taurus in your 2022 horoscope. The most important romantic transits this month are the Sun passing the light from Venus to Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect will again trigger the Dark Cupid aspect of Venus retrograde. January 8 has Sun conjunction Venus and January 16 Sun conjunct Pluto.

These conjunctions will further emphasise retro love action in your house of travel and spiritual adventure. If you can travel, you could find romance with these juicy pairings! However, if you are stranded in lockdown mode, the journey will be internal. This transit also has a strong soulmate element, so you may meet someone online. However, there is the possibility the long distance will make the affair unlikely to be more than just spiritual. Seed moments can birth great creativity; with Pluto, you could get obsessed with your subject matter. All the same, it could be very inspiring. These conjunctions will further emphasis your 9th house.

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Taurus best months of the year

The lists below show your peak periods to achieve, receive and recharge as explained in my Season and the Zodiac post. Plan your year ahead and chart your best times for love, career, health, success and more!

Taurus achieve Months (Electric!)

  • Taurus Season ~ April 21 to May 20 *
  • Aquarius Season ~ January 21 to February 21
  • Scorpio Season ~ October 20 to November 21
  • Leo Season ~ July 21 to August 20

Taurus receive Months (Magnetic)

  • Virgo Season ~ August 21 to September 20
  • Pisces Season ~ February 20 to March 20
  • Gemini Season ~ May 21 to June 20
  • Sagittarius Season ~ Nov 20 to Dec 21

Taurus recharge Months (Earthing)

  • Aries Season ~ March 21 to April 20
  • Capricorn Season ~ January 1 to 20 and December 20 to 31
  • Libra Season ~ September 20 to October 21
  • Cancer Season ~ June 21 to July 20

Taurus monthly Horoscope seasons

Winter Horoscope


Taurus starts the year with the Sun sleepy in Capricorn season. It’s coming to the end of a recharge period, plus its winter up north. Taurus then will be in an ultra snuggly mood. We sometimes forget the godly 9th house is cadent. And for Taurus, Capricorn season sits near the top of the chart and is trine the ascendant.

So this cadent house is not ‘falling’ in a stupefied, negative way. Instead, Taurus will be getting in touch with the godhead, meditating and having quiet, spiritual time. Walking through the snow can be an enlightening, purification ritual in itself.

It’s time to achieve now with the Aquarius season. The sun will activate your ambitious 10th house from January 21. Taurus needs Aquarius ignition to get started as they can be a little slow out the traps. But once you start, you are a steam roller. The 10th house momentum will carry you nicely onto the receive stage from February 21.

Pisces season from then onwards will activate your 11th house of hopes and wishes. You can enjoy wine-ing and dining clients during this time. Use your talents of seduction to seal the deal. It’s what you are the best. You will shine during those receive months since you are Venus-ruled. The planet Venus is receptive, attracting energy.

Spring Horoscope

Next is Aries season. From March 21, you are likely to suffer from FOMO since everyone around you is frolicking like spring lambs… and you need to take a nap.

Sleep is an absolute must, with the mega 12th house being the cocoon stage of the year for you. Take it seriously because you need this rest more than any other zodiac sign. Your birthday month of achievement starts on April 21. You will need to be focused and fully charged.

Success is yours both personally and in relationships during Taurus season, but it is less about work now with the sun in your 1st house. Make sure you put yourself out there so you can attract opportunities. Don’t be shy about coming forward. You should be more confident at this time.

Spring ends with you in the receive stage, and Gemini season for you is about bagging loads of cash. The Sun is in your 2nd house of possessions and self-worth. You won’t need to make much effort now if you put yourself out there in Taurus season.

Summer Horoscope

Taurus mug

It’s Cancer season from June 21 and recharging time for you. The Sun will be in your 3rd house of learning, so grab a pile of books, slump on a hammock and read them all. It is also the time to stay local and get cosy with the neighbours. Cancer as your 3rd house means you see the street you live on as an extension of your home. Posting a letter in your slippers and dressing gown is not a problem for you. (Especially in recharge time!)

Leo season from July 21 is achieving in the home with Sun in your 4th house. You might want to get creative with decorating. Better to be an artistic director, though, rather than rolling up your sleeves and climbing ladders. Virgo season is receiving time for you from August 21 in your 5th house. It’s all about the harvest here. Has all that flirtation earlier in the year left its impression on any potential mates?

Autumn Horoscope

Recharge 6th house style from September 21 has a Libra flavour for you. So go on a health kick inspired by your partner or use art as therapy. Find ways to mix creativity with fitness in Libra Season. An outdoor drama production in healing nature or a musical with lots of dance routines are good examples. Something fun and not too exhausting.

Time to achieve again with Scorpio season being your 7th house. Time to get active in the bedroom department. Make love, not war! You don’t want to turn your 7th house passion into your enemy.

Sagittarius season is receiving time again. The archer in the 8th house is obsessed with spirituality and higher education. These are the areas where you should get some payback. Maybe you inherit a library of occult books or attract the right psychotherapist into your life.

Then we come full circle again. You started the year recharging in Capricorn season. Now you will finish there. Following on nicely from the esoteric themes of spirituality triggered in your 8th house/Sagittarius/receive phase. Ooommmmm.

* Dates change depending on the year

How To Read Your Monthly Horoscopes

These monthly horoscope reports are based on the movements of the Sun through your horoscope houses. Therefore it is more accurate to read for your rising sign. (Mainstream astrologers don’t tell you this since most people do not know their ascendant!)  Yearly horoscopes ignite the transpersonal themes of inner development and include the transformation that comes with the outer planet transits.