Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Taurus Monthly Horoscope ~ May

Your Taurus monthly horoscope for May 2018 is all about you because the glorious rays of the sun are casting their birthday blessings on you this month. Enjoy this period to focus on your needs and what makes you feel good. Your physical body should get a nice energy boost too. Your sunny warmth and enthusiasm are attractive to others, so make the most of social occasions to pull new, beneficial friendships into your life. After May 21 it’s less about connecting with people and more about possessing glittery objects. The last week of the month you are tempted to indulge yourself with material pampering. It might be difficult to rein in the spending, but hopefully, you can ride on the birthday wave and get others to treat you.

Jealously and rivalry rear their ugly heads as suddenly the other partner becomes its nemesis. The waning April 29 ~ Full Moon 9º Scorpio  of the next two weeks is make-or-break. This is where a couple either have to let go of each other or the negative behavior pattern that has been driving a wedge between them. Whether you are in a business partnership or a romantic relationship this can be a really healing full moon if used therapeutically. Advice from an outside counselor is beneficial at this time. An objective viewpoint from a dispassionate soul could really help build bridges in collaborations that have turned sour.

Taurus Love Horoscope ~ This month you are more likely to fall love with a funky new pair of shoes than a human being. Venus rules money as well as romance, so her covetous, material tendency can come out very strongly at this time. On the positive side, at least you will attract more cash into your life too, so keep your eyes out for ways to monetise your business rather than just being seduced by shop windows.

Grand Water Trine Blessing ~ June 1st

The Angel Delight water grand trine brings the best in love and friendship to you this month. You stand to be one of the signs that feels the most blessed by the generosity of this gift from the universe. Make wishes, connect with the divine and ask for its help. However, don’t forget to ask how YOU can help bring forth the truth of the divine also. Generally, this is a wonderful opportunity for receiving karmic reward if you have been loving and giving towards others. Now it is your turn to be pampered!

Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Taurus Monthly Horoscope ~ June

Your Taurus monthly horoscope for June 2018 means the material world holds a great fascination for most of this month, but you may feel too attached to luxury items. Shopping might feel like good therapy this month as the annoying ad mantra ‘because you’re worth it…’ plays non-stop in your head. The best way to use this pampering, sensual energy would be to share the indulgence with others. This is nice because pooling your resources gives everyone a feeling of abundance, and like attracts like, right? In the negative sense this could purely be the need to show off one’s bling. After Jun 21 you realize you need to reign in the spending and focus more on activities that are less about consumption. Teaching yourself new skills costs nothing, and that will give energy out rather than be simply taking energy in.

The May 29 ~ Full Moon 8º Sagittarius is a melodramatic one for you. This is where life becomes text book ‘Hammer horror.’ You may feel yourself attracted to the ‘Dark Cupid’ and find yourself obsessing over certain foods, songs, items etc that trigger adrenaline charged emotional reactions from you. You could become quite voyeuristic and things in your life suddenly have a fetishistic quality about them. Will this Full Moon you might have a passing fad about wanting yellow tinted glasses or a blue velvet purse.

Taurus Love Horoscope ~ This month your mind wants to go back in time to some beautiful quaint olde worlde village… which might be quite hard if you live in a grey concrete jungle. But hey sometimes in the right sunlight, your neighbourhood could look like modern urban… sculpture? Hmmm, anyway. If your immediate environs are looking a bit too stark, then maybe you could get together with other locals to help spruce things up with a mural or some potted plants. Again if you are single, this could be the perfect opportunity to find a mate while you are working on those communal areas.

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 Taurus Horoscope Decans

Taurus Monthly HoroscopeTo get the most from your Taurus monthly horoscope read for your Ascendant. You are more than just your Sun sign. Learn about the decan that your Sun, Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven are in. You can find this out by using the horoscope maker.

Taurus 1

Apr 20 to 29 (0º – 10º)

Ruled by Mercury & Venus (Taurus Triplicity) Taurus decan 1 may take ages to start a project, but once they get the momentum going there is no stopping them and they will flatten everything in their path. The influence of Queen Cassiopeia is also very strong…

Taurus 2

Apr 30 to May 9(10º-20º)

Ruled by Moon & Mercury (Virgo Triplicity) Being ruled by the Moon makes them popular, and they appear to play the father or mother of the people. Politically these people give you the feeling they will take care of business and that your life is safe in their responsible hands..

Taurus 3

May 10 to 19 (20º – 30º)

Ruled by Saturn & Saturn (Capricorn Triplicity) Taurus decan 3 have superb taste and appreciation of the aesthetic. These bulls managing to dress like a lord even if they can only afford to shop in charity shops. They are also incredibly thrifty and manage to be very creative on a tiny budget…

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