Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Your Taurus monthly horoscope for October 2018 brings your nose back to the grindstone after a month of slacking off.  You find you must get your house back in order, organize yourself and put everything back in its right box. This is a period where you get back into a sensible routine where time is allotted to certain tasks and nothing is given too much emphasis. You might also want to look at diet and exercise, examine whether you are too sedentary or veering too much towards carbs rather than proteins. Use this boring time to plan for the Sun in your relationship house, then you can show off the new healthy glowing you. After October 23 its time to reconnect with friendly human beings rather than the inanimate lawn mower or plastic computer keyboard.

Taurus October Horoscope 2018

The Full Moon September 25 2018 ( The effect lasts until October 9) is one of those when you really want to be a hermit. Indeed you really should take this opportunity to withdraw and be kind to yourself. During this period you will feeling extra sensitive to criticism and more insecure than ever, so the further you are away from abrasive people the better. Why put your open wounds out there just for people to rub gritty, salty sand over them. Ouch! No, you absolutely don’t have to do that. Instead work on healing those very wounds in private, in the sanctuary of your home. Don’t push yourself to be sociable when in reality you are craving your cocoon.


Venus Retrograde 2018Venus retrograde in your marriage zone could work out either wonderfully, or… not, depending on how much self-work you have done in the realm of relationships. Usually, Venus is mostly love and light, but in her retrograde phase, she tends to call on her Luciferian side. The horny one’s random mischief-making can cause havoc with this house’s other function; open enemies!

An old foe could re-surface, but this is actually to give you the opportunity to make the peace with them. You may never be best buddies, but at least you can tie-up loose ends and bring closure to your connection. The same goes for any ex-partner with whom you hold some resentment towards. Reconciling with your Ex would be even better if there are children involved. This sets them an example that people can heal past hurts and move on to better things. Sometimes literally a divorce can finalize at this time which could rake up sad memories, or you could find yourself pining over an ex-lover. During the first half of this period from October 6 to 26, Venus is in her harmonious phase which brings ease to all relationships.

From November 1 you should benefit from congenial rapport with your peers. You will work very well as a team, but it wouldn’t be ethical to ride on their hard work. Your colleagues are enjoying your charming company too much to reprimand you for not pulling your weight. But if you carry on taking advantage, they could really turn on you once Venus goes direct. Your health should be pretty good at this time, so much so that you feel you can indulge in rich foods to reward yourself. You may well put on some extra weight during this time, but at the same time have the energy to burn it off at the gym afterward. It all balances out! During the second half from November 1 to 16, Lucifer Venus will want to play the office clown, try not to take advantage of your popularity. It could cause resentment later on.

Taurus October Horoscope ~ Career

Mercury in house 8 (October 10 to 30) This is a perfect time to sign contracts and go into partnership with someone. You will be at your most diplomatic so use this period to work your wordy magic into convincing someone to do a deal with you or buy your products. You should be successful at anything that involves group thinking as you yourself will work best having someone to bounce your ideas off. During this time your workload eases somewhat due to the fact you have been working extra-hard recently. People have noticed your efforts, so this might be a time that you get offers of collaboration. People will seek you out, so this is an important time for connecting with others. While you are making these important contacts, take the opportunity to get advice about how you can do better. You might exhaust your supplies and need new products at this time.

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