The Fifth House ~ Lammas


The fifth house in astrology is associated with children, creativity, love affairs and leisure time. In traditional astrology, it is known as the house of ‘good fortune’. Venus is in her joy here. Here we can forget our responsibilities, play and have fun! The zodiac sign of Leo is its co-significator.

By this house we judge of children, of ambassadors, of the state of a woman with child, of banquets, of ale-houses, taverns, plays, messengers or agents for republics; of the wealth of the father, the ammunition of a town besieged; if the woman with child shall bring forth man or woman; of the health or sickness of his son or daughter that asks the Question.

It ruleth the stomach, liver, heart, sides and back, and is masculine.
Of colours, black and white, or honey-colour, and is a succedent house. Its cosignificators are Leo and Venus, who doth joy in this house in regard it’s the house of pleasure, delight and merriment; it’s wholly unfortunate by Mars or Saturn, and they therein show disobedient children and untoward.””

William Lilly

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