The Fourth House ~ Summer


The fourth house in astrology is associated with the home, family (specifically the father) and property. In horary astrology it is known as the ‘end of the matter’. The 4th house is associated with parents and nurturing. It is your ‘safe space’ and most private place of your horoscope. It is a zone of sanctuary and where you feel you most belong. It is the land of your ancestors. The co-significator of this house is the zodiac sign of Cancer

“Giveth judgement of fathers in general and ever of his father that enquires, or that is born; of lands, houses, tenements, inheritances, tillage of the earth, treasures hidden, the determination or end of anything; towns, cities or castles, besieged or not besieged; all ancient dwellings, gardens, fields, pastures, orchards; the quality and nature of the…..grounds one purchaseth, whether vineyards, cornfield..

It ruleth the breast, lungs. Of colours, the red: Its co-significator is Cancer, and of planets the Sun; we call it the Angle of the Earth, or Immum Coeli; it is feminine, and the North Angle: In Nativities or Questions, this fourth house represents fathers, if the Sun be herein placed… shows the father to be of a noble disposition.”

William Lilly

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