The Eleventh House ~ Epiphany


The eleventh house is associated with friends, common interest groups and wishes. The traditional astrologers call this house “good spirit” and Jupiter finds its joy here. The zodiac sign of Aquarius is the co-significator of the eleventh house.

“It doth naturally represent friends and friendship, hope, trust, confidence, the praise or dispraise of anyone; the fidelity or falseness of friends; as to kings it personates their favourites, councillors, servants, their associates or allies, their money, exchequer or treasure; in war their ammunition and soldiery; it represents courtiers, in a Common-wealth governed by a few of the nobles and commons, it personates their assistance in council: as in London the tenth house represents the lord Major; the eleventh the Common-council; the Ascendant the generality of the commoners of the said city. Of members it ruleth the legs to the ankles. Of colours, it ruleth the saffron or yellow. It hath of the signs Aquarius, and Sun of the planets, for cosignificators; Jupiter doth especially rejoice in this house; it’s a succeedent house, and masculine, and in virtue is equivalent either to the seventh or fourth houses.”

~ William Lilly

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