The Third House ~ Beltane

The third house is the house of siblings and communications. In traditional astrology, the third house was known as the house of the Moon goddess because it was about bringing the sacred close to home. Most goddesses ruled the local environment so you had dedicated goddesses for lakes, rainbows, bread, trees etc. Local shrines were dedicated to these Goddesses. The moon is in its joy here.

William Lilly says of the Third House

“ Hath signification of brethren, sisters, cousins or kindred, neighbours, small journeys, or inland-journeys, oft removing from one place to another, epistles, letters, rumours, messengers: It doth rule the shoulders, arms, hands and fingers. 

Of colours, it governeth the red and yellow….It is a cadent house, and is the joy of the Moon; for if she be posited therein, especially in a moveable sign, it’s an argument of much travel, trotting and trudging, or of being seldom quiet. The house is masculine.”

Planets in the Third House Meaning

Sun ~ Moon ~ Mercury ~ Venus

Sun Transit Third House

Sun Transit 3rd House means connections with your immediate neighbourhood become important. Locally there are many events and a call for you to participate. You can’t really hold back from involving yourself, even if you tried, so dive right in with gusto. This is not a month to keep quiet! You will be asked for your opinion and also speak out about local issues if you have been active in the community. There is a restlessness about you, and you will want to keep busy with visiting siblings or reconnecting with friends you haven’t seen for a while.

Research and learning are well starred too as your mind is hungry to chew on a book or twelve. This is a great time to learn something new. Your brain will be sponge-like in its absorbency for information. You will find you are able to settle down with a book and find it hard to put down. Local trips are enjoyable as you find you have many invites to neighbourhood events. There is much running due to running errands or bargain hunting.

Moon Transit & Full Moon in Third House

With Moon Transit third House you will find it very hard to communicate and put words to your feelings. This is a time for emotionally charged interactions with others because you will find it hard to interact in a shallow, chit-chatty fashion. The transit opens you up to feeling great empathy with everyone you encounter. This can feel too much at times as random people spill their heart out to you from every corner, including total strangers. It will seem like you have ‘Agony Aunt’ tattooed on your forehead for the next two weeks.

The moon in the third house ignites habits from the past and unconscious childhood conditioning that bleeds into your daily life. You might react with a strong gut feeling to usually insignificant occurrences, like to a song that wafts out from a passing car followed by a bus carrying a poster on the side that is highly symbolic. Connections from one thing to another seem loaded with emotional meaning and you will feel like you are living in a French film noir. On the positive side, you will feel more intuitive when connecting with locals. You and are able to read and anticipate the minds of your neighbours and anyone you meet while buzzing around town.

Mercury Transit Third House

If you need to study in order to advance your business or improve your employment prospects this is the time to start sharpening your pencils! You will feel naturally curious and want to absorb as much data as possible. You might do this the old fashioned way, by collecting information around the neighbourhood by just casually chatting to people. You are very likely to be stuck behind the computer or a pile of books for a week or so since your brain is in research mode. If you want to learn something very techy, this is an ideal time as your mind is interested in the tiny details at the moment. You might find your career is most successful in dealing with local people at this time.

Improve your skills and learn something new. You could get sent on a training course at work. If you are between jobs, now is a great time to sign up for classes that improve your chance of employment if that has been a problem. You might feel that your qualifications are not enough to give you the lifestyle you need. It is also a good time for filling in application forms for higher education.

Venus Transit Third House

Your neighbourhood is looking rather more lush and beautiful this month and because of this, you might also be more open to finding love locally. As you stroll around your homestead you become aware of its positive qualities, even some graffiti could look quite artistic. You will find that interactions with neighbours and shopkeepers are more friendly and cheerful than usual. Indeed if love is on your mind you mind bump into someone literally on your doorstep. Make sure your slippers are presentable.

Your mind wants to go back in time to some beautiful quaint olde worlde village… which might be quite hard if you live in a grey concrete jungle. But hey sometimes in the right sunlight, your neighbourhood could look like modern urban… sculpture? Hmmm, anyway. If your immediate environs are looking a bit too stark, then maybe you could get together with other locals to help spruce things up with a mural or some potted plants. Again if you are single, this could be the perfect opportunity to find a mate while you are working on those communal areas.

The crystals associated with May/Gemini used in the third house illustration are Sapphire, Ametrine, Pearl, Agate and Tiger’s Eye.
Artwork used from Unsplash by Ocean George (Lily Of The Valley)

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  1. Many thanks, Marina, for this piece on the Third House and especially for the quotation from William Lilly. I have visited his grave at Walton On Thames!

  2. WOW, Marina! Terrific stuff. So glad you’re doing this now… hardly had I read the second house stuff, when the 3rd house suddenly appeared.
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