Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Scorpio Best monthly seasons

The list below shows your Scorpio yearly horoscope peak periods to achieve, receive and recharge as explained in my Season and the Zodiac. Plan your months ahead and chart your best times for love, career, health, success and more!

Scorpio best achieve Months (Electric!)

Scorpio best receive Months (Magnetic)

Scorpio best recharge Months (Earthing)

scorpio Monthly Horoscope Seasons

Winter horoscope

You start your Scorpio yearly horoscope in Capricorn season, hibernating in your 3rd house with a load of books. Yes, it’s recharge time for you, but a fairly active one mentally. You will come out now and again to partake in the season’s festivities to not offend anyone. But you are best advised to keep inside your home office until January 21. You are not nice when you are grumpy.

Aquarius season is a fantastic one for being actively social in your home. You will be more extroverted until February 21 (And way less grumpy..) Your family and housemates see your true self and your more wacky side. With the Sun in your 4th house, you get to be a zany Scorpion and are way more easy-going.

Pisces season follows from February 21 in your 5th house, so the merriment continues. This is a significant period to receive love and affection from your children and loved ones. It is also the second most romantic time of the year for you. Full-on Pisces heartstrings and violins here!

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Spring Horoscope

Aries season can rub you up the wrong way, even if it is also ruled by your ruling planet Mars. Watch out for inflammatory health problems if you don’t take a break. It is recharge time for you from March 21. Treat yourself to acupuncture (Mars needles!) or a go for some kind of health tune-up now while the Sun is in your 6th house.

Your superpowers are back in Taurus season, as is the famous Scorpio sex drive. (Yeah, I know, cliché. Apologies if you are a nun.) From April 21, start swiping if you have ignored the dating scene. For while the Sun is in your 7th house, you are at your physical peak. Don’t waste this fantastic time for your love life.

From May 21, Sun is in your 8th house. It is deceptively receptive there! (Especially in Gemini season) You don’t like this duplicitous time. It makes you feel uneasy, and others have control over your money as well. Not good. Don’t fight the receptive vibes; you can’t control everything!

Summer Horoscope

Cancer season sees you back on form from June 21. It’s the least floppy of the recharging months, and you dig emotional Cancer energy. The Sun in your 9th house is an excellent time for a family holiday. You can be active in your voyaging, but rest once you get there.

Leap off the hammock in time for Leo season starting July 21. 10th house activation has you in uber-ruthless mode. The Leo flavour makes Scorpio mad keen for achieving high status and you are more competitive than usual.

Your Leo nemesis’ are swaggering in the Sun. Annoying. Calm down; it’s Virgo season from August 21. Less braggadocio and more civilized debates are the rule with your peers now. You can network confidently and feel slick socially with that Sun in your 11th house!

Autumn Horoscope

Libra season is when Scorpio enters primary hermit mode. From September 21, go full shields up. You will need this rest before your very active birthday month. Libra 12th house style means being VERY indulgent, in secret. Try not to get too debauched. Remember, this is the house of self-undoing.

You resurrect from your den of sin on October 21, bright and bushy-tailed as if nothing had happened. Scorpio season is your peak time. You are at the height of your potency until November 21. Use this time to push for promotions, favours and, well, just anything you want, really. Your persuasive powers will propel you towards your goals in half the time. Scorpio is lightning-fast in the 1st house with its supportive Mars energy.

Sagittarius season is reap-the-cash time with the Sun in your 2nd house. From November 21, wait patiently, and it will come. But you might find it hard to switch gears and wind down the pace. You don’t need to be pushing so hard now, so chill, for god’s sake! It’s also the season of goodwill to all men.

Meditation and spiritual pursuits will help with the ‘good-willing. Achieve seasons can leave us feeling a bit fraught after all that adrenalin pumping. Being receptive and letting god is just what the medicine-man orders in Sagittarius season. You end the year back in your 3rd house office fort in studious mode again. Celebrate Capricorn season quietly with your tribe until December 31.