Scorpio Horoscope July 2020

Your Scorpio horoscope July 2020 has a very happy Sun jumping for joy and raring to voyage into new territory. This is the month to get metaphysical as the Sun in this sector of the chart questions dogma and shines its light on dimensions you might have been previously blind to. You may literally make friends with a foreigner or connect with a spiritual guru type mentor at this time. This wanderlust lasts until July 23 when it’s back to work with a vengeance. You should be revitalised and fully charged up to get the benefits from the spotlight now being on your status in the world and career. It’s time to remind people who you are.

Scorpio Horoscope July 2020

Scorpio 2020 horoscope

July 2020 contains the last of the eclipses from the summer eclipse season. You will enjoy watching the July 5 Lunar Eclipse thunderbolt show from your 3rd house of local learning where you could see big shifts how you feel about your immediate neighbourhood. Check out the Lunar Eclipse meaning for each sign post for the full interpretation.


July’s highlight is Saturn’s retrograde back into Capricorn for the final solution, where it will be until the end of the year. Look for some closure and cutting off karmic ties with siblings or neighbours for good in your 3rd house. It is the end of a cycle there which will facilitate the start of a brand new one in December 2020 when Saturn enters your 4th house of friends. So whatever studies or community projects you begin now, it will probably take you until December to fully complete or commit to them.

This is also a month of retrogrades with Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, Ceres and Mercury all retrograde. Therefore July is a period of karmic retribution, taking stock and going back to make amends. For you Aries its all about your reputation in the world. 

Scorpio July Career Horoscope

Mercury retrograde is in your 9th house until July 12. But what will happen when it goes direct there?  If you are an employee you might be sent abroad in connection with your work at this time. Generally, though, you might find you are doing more business with long distance clients than local ones. Meetings might more commonly be held on Skype than in person, or you might get foreign visitors to the office. Whatever the case, work certainly has a foreign flavour at this time.

Scorpio July Love Horoscope

Because of the Venus retrograde, the love planet has spent an extended period of time in your 8th house.  Continue to  be careful who you let under your skin while Venus is in your taboo zone. You might find yourself obsessing over a person for months afterwards if you become sexually bonded with them. Think carefully whether you really want to put yourself through those intense, gut-wrenching emotions before you enter the underworld. It could be quite a struggle to get back up into the sunlight again. On the other hand, sometimes, this is just what you need to rid yourself of deep down toxins that are really resistant to removal. Sometimes the body needs to be shocked into the healing crisis that is needed.

How to read Your Monthly Horoscopes

Darkstar LogoThese monthly horoscope reports are based on the movements of the faster moving planets of the Moon, Sun, Mercury and Venus through your horoscope houses. Therefore it is more accurate to read for your rising sign. (Mainstream astrologers don’t tell you this since  most people do not know their ascendant!) Mercury and Venus usually stay within a sign of the Sun so the scope of these reports is limited. The aim is to make these horoscopes ‘Pop’ and entertaining for newcomers, but with enough nuggets to encourage them to explore further.

Yearly horoscopes go deeper and ignite the transpersonal themes of inner development and transformation that we get with the outer planet transits. Next year I plan to make the month-by-month reports included in the 2021 yearly horoscopes available in transcript here. So 2021 promises you much more granular and detailed reports. Until then, purchasing the 2021 report will give you an advance view of what is to come. (Coming Soon!)



Your Scorpio Horoscope June 2020 brings with it specimens of humanity that will cause your hair to stand on end in one way or another. You may meet someone that you immediately have very strong feelings for, or against. Watch out for people that make you behave in the most irrational and primal way and say hello to your shadow!

This is the month where you slide down into the underworld and come face-to-face with dragons, demons and people that infuriate the most. You may be called top exorcise the meanest of them from your life, but don’t think that it ends there. You will also be forced to admit that these repulsive figures are just reflections of your disowned soul. So you might have to do some deep cleansing of your very own back passage so to speak…

After June 21 your life lightens up considerably. New horizons beckon and give fresh vistas on your life. This is the time to get metaphysical as the Sun in this sector of the chart questions dogma and shines its brilliance on dimensions you might have been previously blind to.

Scorpio Horoscope June 2020

Scorpio 2020 horoscopeDuring the June 5 Lunar Eclipseyou may become sentimentally attached to objects or your own possessions. Check out the eclipse meaning post for how this eclipse will affect you.

This is a month of karma-burning for all the signs with Neptune and Mercury joining the retrograde party. (Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all retrograde currently.) Jupiter conjunct Pluto will slow bake in Scorpio’s 3rd house. However, you will find this to be the area where you reap some karmic rewards. (Or debts if you have let things slide.)

The good news! Venus stationing direct should, in theory, turn things around for the better in your love life. So if things have been rough with a soulmate, they may improve from June 25. However, with Scorpio, this might be a bumpier ride unless you are a very evolved soul, see your love horoscope below for details.

Scorpio Career Horoscope

Mercury will station retrograde on June 18 until July 11 in your 9th house. Until then innovative ideas for your business gained through international contacts are very well starred at this time. If you work in creative fields then exotic influences from distant lands will inspire you. You might find you need to get away from projects you have been working on to recharge your thought processes. The distance means you can see the bigger picture and not let temporary setbacks get you down.

You are prone to ask questions like, what is your life purpose really? It’s not all just about how much you are earning. You realise you need spiritual satisfaction also. Stretching your vision, brain or even legs (if travel restrictions have been lifted) to a foreign place will help you to grow. Then on June 18, Mercury switches direction. Check out the Mercury Retrograde post for what this will mean for Scorpio.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

Venus retrograde has been spooking things up in your underworld 8th houseBut what will happen when she goes direct there on June 25? I’m afraid the Lilithy energies continue but are very much off their leash now. Love can, therefore, turn into quite an obsession. You might be pulled strongly towards that totally unsuitable mate. They will nevertheless irresistibly push all your buttons. Have you unconsciously attracted into your life someone to help purge out your repressed demons? This is also classic ‘Dark Cupid’ territory, so don’t be surprised if one of these fallen angels swoops into your life at this time. I might be just a passing fling that only lasts for 3 weeks or so, but it will still rock you to your core.

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  1. I seriously need to speak with someone who is a seasoned medium i have known for many years that i have some sort of gifts…ive just chose to ignore them ..until now…they are making it impossible…now i feel kinda crazy…dead people are trying to communicate with me an i have no idea why?

    • Aimee please seek help. You really do sound like your boundaries are very thin. Your childhood wounds probably very open right now. But at this very edge of darkness you can find resurrection. I know this is a cliche but it really is darkest before dawn. You are on the verge of great transformation. But don’t let yourself be pulled into the underworld.


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