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Pisces Horoscope September 2020

If you have been holding onto too many useless possessions, Mars retrograde here will do a great job of nuking all those dust-gathering nic-nacs you have lying around your home. Take this opportunity to go through your belonging and see whether you really need them. A good clear out will revitalise your energy and create span for new energy to come in.


If you stubbornly hold on to vast hordes of junk, Mars might decide to erupt in the form of a house fire. Don’t worry, this is very rare so don’t panic! But symbolically this is a very apt image for what Mars wants to do to stuff that needs recycling. Literally this is Phoenix from the flames stuff.

Money will have a habit of burning a hole in your pocket during this time. You have a long period where you can actually choose to make investments work for you however. During the retrograde you can strategically plan your business moves for when Mars is direct. Its all about strategy and patience and you can achieve a lot with mars here if you learn how to reign in greedy impulses.

How to read Your Monthly Horoscopes

These monthly horoscope reports are based on the movements of the planets through your horoscope houses. Therefore it is more accurate to read for your rising sign. (Mainstream astrologers don’t tell you this since most people do not know their ascendant!) Until 2021, these horoscopes will just show the personal planet retrogrades and eclipses effects on your sign.

Yearly horoscopes go deeper and ignite the transpersonal themes of inner development and transformation that we get with the outer planet transits. Next year I plan to make the month-by-month reports included in the 2021 yearly horoscopes available in transcript here. So 2021 promises you much more granular and detailed reports. Until then, purchasing the 2021 report will give you an advance view of what is to come. 

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