Pisces Horoscope July 2020

Your Pisces Horoscope July 2020 has you in a playful mood. Your fun-loving energy is infectious and will attract other like-minded pleasure seekers into your circle. It really will be a case of ‘the-more-the-merrier’ as the warm rays of the Sun’s happy smiling vibe reach far and wide. This is also the sector of children, so you will enjoy horsing around with younger members of your tribe. Others will enjoy acting like teenagers, so let your hair right down until July 22. After that, it is back to work and the cold shower of organising your life and waking up at a civilised hour.

Pisces Horoscope July 2020

Pisces 2020 HoroscopesJuly 2020 contains the last of the eclipses from the summer eclipse season. You will enjoy watching the July 5 Lunar Eclipse thunderbolt show from your 11th house of friends and wishes where you could see big shifts in your social network and dreams for the future. Check out the Lunar Eclipse meaning for each sign post for the full interpretation.


July’s highlight is Saturn’s retrograde back into Capricorn for the final solution, where it will be until the end of the year. Look for some closure and cutting off karmic ties with false friends for good in your 11th house. It is the end of a cycle there which will facilitate the start of a brand new one in December 2020 when Saturn enters your 12th house of self-undoing and spirituality. So whatever dream projects or new friendships you begin now, it will probably take you until December to fully complete or commit to them.

This is also a month of retrogrades with Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, Ceres and Mercury all retrograde. Therefore July is a period of karmic retribution, taking stock and going back to make amends. For you Pisces it’s all about clearing your aura so you can absorb info cleaning from the universe.

Pisces July Career Horoscope

Mercury retrograde is in your 5th house until July 12. But what will happen when it goes direct there? If you work for yourself you should feel extremely creative at this time because you are able to let go of aiming at ideas that make money and just make things that bring your pleasure. It is at these moments that we rise above the rigid material expectations and very often come up with our most inventive and successful products. Paradoxically, when we are not thinking of making money, we often come up with ideas that do the best commercially.

Pisces July Love Horoscope

Because of the Venus retrograde, the love planet has spent an extended period of time in your 4th house.  If you are single this is the month to take time making your home comfortable for two, build it and they will come! Make your nest as inviting as possible, and for heaven’s sake tidy-up if your singledom has turned you into a class A slob. Another possibility could be meeting someone when you go back and visit your parents. You could rekindle things with an old flame from your old town because you are both available at the same time.

How to read Your Monthly Horoscopes

Darkstar LogoThese monthly horoscope reports are based on the movements of the faster moving planets of the Moon, Sun, Mercury and Venus through your horoscope houses. Therefore it is more accurate to read for your rising sign. (Mainstream astrologers don’t tell you this since  most people do not know their ascendant!) Mercury and Venus usually stay within a sign of the Sun so the scope of these reports is limited. The aim is to make these horoscopes ‘Pop’ and entertaining for newcomers, but with enough nuggets to encourage them to explore further.

Yearly horoscopes go deeper and ignite the transpersonal themes of inner development and transformation that we get with the outer planet transits. Next year I plan to make the month-by-month reports included in the 2021 yearly horoscopes available in transcript here. So 2021 promises you much more granular and detailed reports. Until then, purchasing the 2021 report will give you an advance view of what is to come. (Coming Soon!)



Your Pisces Horoscope June 2020 stresses that this is a time of connecting with your roots.  Your home and personal territory become really important. The tendency to look inward while spending time in your home sanctuary is something your soul is crying out for at this time. (Yes even if you have been in lockdown, in fact, you might have become so used to it that you feel almost agoraphobic about re-entering the big wide world again).

If you own your home outright then you might want to focus on making it more secure or creating a ‘safe space’ within it, away from noisier family members. It benefits your health to honour ancestral linage, if your immediate family seem alien to you, maybe you can feel grounded by looking back in time.

It is vital to spend some time healing those childhood wounds that are a direct symptom of past family trauma. The root of the injury may stem from a few generations back and it could be that revising the history of that time period can be instrumental in rewiring the brain into a more positive path for growth. From June 21 you come out to party and socialize as the vibe lightens up and you can really enjoy the best of the summertime fun and games.

Pisces Horoscope June 2020

The June 5 Lunar Eclipse can make you really popular as you are hypersensitive to the mood of the world around you. Check out the eclipse meaning post for how this eclipse will affect you.

This is a month of karma-burning for all the signs with Neptune and Mercury joining the retrograde party. (Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all retrograde currently.) Jupiter conjunct Pluto will slow bake in Pisces’ 11th house. However, you will find this to be the area where you reap some karmic rewards. (Or debts if you have let things slide.)

The good news! Venus stationing direct will turn things around for the better in your love life. So if things have been rough with a soulmate, they should improve from June 25. See your love horoscope below for details.

Pisces Career Horoscope

Mercury will station retrograde on June 18 until July 11 in your 5th house. Until then play with ideas and have some fun at work. You find it difficult to take things seriously and are likely to become the office clown even if it is just through email. At least you will be quite popular with your peers, everyone likes a laugh! Making money is not your prime objective as you fall into pursuits that just bring you pleasure. Happily, this attitude can still benefit your business as the fun-factor attracts clients. Then on June 18, Mercury switches direction. Check out the Mercury Retrograde post for what this will mean for Pisces.

Pisces Love Horoscope

Venus retrograde has been retarding your spending in your 4th houseBut what will happen when Venus goes direct there on June 25? Venus in your home sector is just like a continuation of the lockdown, where you are less likely to want to go out and socialise. So the chances of singletons meeting anyone new are low unless you like postmen. On the other hand, if you are coupled up you will probably feel so loved up that you don’t even want to leave your boudoir of love. Enjoy this time to do some home cooking, chill in the garden or even some light decorating.

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