Aquarius April 2021 Horoscope

Your Aquarius monthly horoscope is a transcript of the Aquarius March/April 2021 YouTube Video.  The transcripts are informal and as-spoken, so please make allowances for the grammar! If you want an Ad free experience and the whole year ahead including the mp3s then you will find them all on the  Aquarius 2021 Horoscope.

So we’re into April, which is a bit of a mixed bag. We start with Mars square Neptune not too difficult. The only problem is Neptune in the second with the North Node and Mars squaring it. And being in the house of lovers, it could impact your self esteem a little bit. Your lover might have some kind of hidden addiction problem that they’re not telling you about. It could be what’s distracting them. It could be what’s making them a bit vacant. So you think “oh, there’s something I’ve done.” But no, it’s because they’re bombed out of their head. So that’s on the 9th April. So don’t take it personally. That’s all I say! The new moon in Aries on the 11th means it’s spring in your neighbourhood and everything looks lovely. Everything’s blossoming and you’re feeling happy locally. A lot of planets in Aries for April as well. Because it’s that time of the year and also Ceres is there too. So it’s makes it more of a nature trail. Get out into if you’re lucky enough to live in a in a really green area. Go to those parks, get out and meet people.

And on the 17th it’s Mars Trine Jupiter. That’s so, so sexy. Because, again, Mars is still in your fifth house of love affairs. And Jupiter can really inflate your libido (and your belly!) and be extravagant as well. But not necessarily because Saturn is in there as well, coming up to Jupiter whenever he goes too far, waving his finger and saying “you know, you might want to temper that a little bit”. So this is a great leveller with these two, really balancing it out and making sure you don’t go far in either the Saturn or Jupiter direction. So this is the year of temperance for Aquarius, but maybe not with the Mars trine Jupiter. That’s when you can actually indulge yourself a little bit because Mars will be going into your sixth house of work on the 23rd. So enjoy it while it lasts. Because once Mars gets into that sixth house, it’s going to be just work, work work, and you’ll really kick yourself if you didn’t take the time to just party when it was in the fifth house.

With Mars in the 5th it doesn’t have to be partying, but at least having some good belly laughs and playing. That’s the main thing, giving yourself time to play. Experiment, do creative things that just make your soul sing and be happy. Then on the 24th it’s Saturn trine the North Node. This is a really karmic trine actually. So if you have any planets in those 12º of Aquarius or Gemini, then this will be extra potent for you. Use this to really settle down and be serious about where you want to go. Now that Mars is actually in the sixth house as well, knuckle down and do some creative work. If you are someone who is an artist too, this will help you really organise yourself so you get the work done. When you work for yourself, it’s quite hard to be self-motivated and plan. But I think Saturn in your sign is going to really help you do that this year. Mars in the sixth house is going to help you be motivated to do that as well. The sixth house is all about timetables and definitely sticking to a routine as well.

Then the full moon in Scorpio in your 10th House of work will also put the career foremost on your agenda now. Getting your daily work sorted so that you can think of Long-Term Life-calling career goals. The things that you want to do that are not so much about working for other people but your own reason for being on this planet and the ambitions that you have for yourself as well. On the 30th we have Ceres squaring Pluto. Now Ceres is not familiar to some people, but it is the Persephone archetype and she is in the third house of your siblings. So problems in the family with narcissism and a sibling who is the golden child, or maybe you’re the golden child. But that divide and conquer will be coming up and also in the collective as well. Because the collective and society has become very narcissistic anyway, that’s why it’s so prevalent. So it’s in the collective, but if it is within your own family this will be highlighted on the 30th. Pluto is being quite sinister, and behind the scenes in your 12th House of self-undoing and hidden enemies. So maybe someone in your family that you didn’t even realise was an enemy really is one. And the only way that you find out is maybe through a sibling who lets you know what’s been going on.

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