Virgo Horoscope 2015

Virgo 2015 Horoscope ~ Year Ahead

Virgo Horoscope 2015Virgo is in a pretty surreal and healing position in 2015 with the combination of Neptune and Chiron opposing your sign. God of gods Jupiter and priestess Lilith in your sign for the second half of the year means you get something akin to a super-guru or mentor coming into your life and having a really powerful cleansing effect. It’s like the planets have aimed one of those water-jets straight at you. The first thing you will be delighted about is Jupiter’s transition into your 1st house from the 12th house of self-undoing. While Jupiter was hidden in this nebulous zone you might have felt like your luck had run out and was never coming back. But this is your year for good fortune to return!

The Cardinal Uranus square Pluto has been affecting your sex life quite strongly, but not in a very obvious way. Just gently simmering underground in your sex, pleasure and taboo houses. The Cardinal Nodal-T-square from Jan 3 – Feb 15 however, will have some effect on your wallet as the important North Node falls in your cash sector. This should actually put you back on track with your finances. But your most important concern this year is the behavior of your ruler Mercury, which will skim through all the air signs in 2015. This should hopefully help free your mind from any brain fog induced by Neptune (Especially decan 1). Just make sure you get plenty of fresh air this year, “Don’t forget to breathe…” as they say in Yoga! The first Aquarius Mercury Retrograde from Jan 21 – Feb 11 falls in your health zone, this is probably the most difficult retrograde of the year for you as you tend to be a hypochondriac anyway.. Try to relax and not worry about every little symptom. Tensing up your body with worry will just cause more aches and pains. Yoga and meditation, yoga and meditation, I repeat, YOGA and meditation, boring I know, but they will help ground you while Neptune blows bubbles in your face.

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Author: Marina Macario

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  1. Met my past life teacher who offered to mentor me in this life a week earlier then predicted-in my meeting I actually saw him illuminate with golden light which brought me to tears of joy. He and I felt extremely comfortable with each other as we discussed a job opportunity which he is creating for me. A few months ago I actually prayed for a mentor so I’m not surprised here. Around the same time I also reconnected with a soulmate whom in this life I believe wil be my husband. Definitely releasing emotional baggage so on my birthday in August I can press the much needed reset button on my life. Plan to cut my hair, change jobs, let go the old so I can celebrate and welcome the new. Thank you for your report.

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  2. Ugh..ascendant 3virgo6, sun 11virgo35…….yep, for me it was the drunk, sex addict, thank you very much Neptune. Fortunately my intuition helped me out him only 5-6 months into it, although my mind is still reeling from the intensity of it. Am now on option G, complete with psychotherapist, meditation teacher and cosmetic dermatologist(using electional astrology for every procedure), bring it Jupiter and Venus!

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  3. I am skeptical, most of the time, when engaging the internet. With all the predatory adds out there. I do not see the truth that often. I signed on, because there was a ring of truth to your reading. Please do not blast me with predatory adds. It is the quickest way to have me, leave.

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    • Stay tuned. The 2016 horoscopes will be downloadable ad-free PDFs. Probably priced at $1 each or $8 for all 12 signs.
      I am writing them now. Certain posts (Like Mercury Retrograde) I want to keep free to all, so ads will need to fund those I’m afraid.

    • You can get an app called ad blocker. it works.

  4. I never even noticed that there were ads on this site!??
    And even if I did, if it is adds that pay you for the ability to share this information so freely with humanity, then I say, BRING ON THE ADS! You need to get recompensed for this brilliant work that you share.. We should “close our eyes to the ads” and open our minds and awareness to the powerful insights and wisdom that you share on this website!

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    • For Virgos with anything around 7 degrees, there’s a nasty little square (actually a big one!) between Neptune and Saturn in November 2015 which is exact on the 27th at 7’00’
      I’m paying attention to this as its square my Mercury and Ascendant in Virgo. Having endured this square by transit some 5 years ago, I physically felt as if I was incarcerated in a stone basement with a foot of cold, dirty water in it surrounded by slugs. Oddly, I was actually living in a bright airy apartment with a huge cathedral window and daylight streamed through unfettered. It was on a first floor with cosy carpet throughout. The only wild life present was the plethora of little birds which sometimes entered the flat of the window was open. Bluetits, goldfinches, robins…
      In my transit of misery I made collages as a diary. Which I now look back at and love them! Neptune was not a dreamy millpond but a heaving dark wave
      So for any Virgos who find themselves between a rock and a damp place during this passage, consider taking your considerable Virgo talents for detail and detailing your emotions. Mercury and Chiron are in the mix and there are squares of Venus and Mars to Uranus. Plus the n node is conj Alkaid.
      That’s going to make some interesting art work. I chose this photo of the 2011 tsunami because it not only shows the force of Neptune over Saturn (see the structures smash to bits) but it also released fire in its wake. Saturn will be in Sag and Neptune in Pisces. Virgo – get yourself a life belt!

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