Virgo Horoscope 2015

Virgo 2015 Horoscope ~ Year Ahead

Virgo Horoscope 2015Virgo is in a pretty surreal and healing position in 2015 with the combination of Neptune and Chiron opposing your sign. God of gods Jupiter and priestess Lilith in your sign for the second half of the year means you get something akin to a super-guru or mentor coming into your life and having a really powerful cleansing effect. It’s like the planets have aimed one of those water-jets straight at you. The first thing you will be delighted about is Jupiter’s transition into your 1st house from the 12th house of self-undoing. While Jupiter was hidden in this nebulous zone you might have felt like your luck had run out and was never coming back. But this is your year for good fortune to return!

The Cardinal Uranus square Pluto has been affecting your sex life quite strongly, but not in a very obvious way. Just gently simmering underground in your sex, pleasure and taboo houses. The Cardinal Nodal-T-square from Jan 3 – Feb 15 however, will have some effect on your wallet as the important North Node falls in your cash sector. This should actually put you back on track with your finances. But your most important concern this year is the behavior of your ruler Mercury, which will skim through all the air signs in 2015. This should hopefully help free your mind from any brain fog induced by Neptune (Especially decan 1). Just make sure you get plenty of fresh air this year, “Don’t forget to breathe…” as they say in Yoga!

Click on the pages below for your full year ahead in detail:

January to June ~ June to August ~September to December ~ By Decan ~ YouTube Summary

2015 Horoscopes

Author: Marina Macario

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  1. I have studied astrology since I was 10 years old, the same year I started painting. I have also aced every statistics course that I’ve ever taken and have found the ancient art of astrology to be statistically relevant. The irony is that when I was initially studying astrology, I was dead set on debunking it…. but as fate would have it I was debunked instead. :) It’s important to note that not every astrologer is going to see things the same way or have the exact same interpretation. I didn’t see the interpretation as negative at all but generally ascribe to the ‘as within so without’ ideology. If someone is feeling or thinking in a negative way, then often external events may appear to that person as being negative. Just my two cents, Happy New Year to all.

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  2. Yes! I’m feeling this. Saludos.

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  3. Marina I love this outline for the year! I’m a September 3 Virgo and specifications for which times of the year are better for cleansing and focusing really help me. Your verbiage and specifics about retrogrades and planetary influences have been spot on so far…is Feb 15 now. Of course an astrological forecast is like a weather forecast in a lot of ways….predict rain and the farmers are elated and the window shoppers are unhappy- you cannot satisfy all of your readers. I applaud the work you put into this yearly star plan for us Virgos. Knowing when Mercury is hovering over me and when there’s more available creative energy flow from the Cosmos available DOES empower my knowledge base; of course what I do with that knowledge is up to me.

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  4. Maria hello and a big thankyou!
    This is the best reading ever, and I love your personal touches. It makes all the difference.
    Abundance, joy and love for thee

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  5. I am feehling so happey after I finished your reading about Virgo. I am 30th August bourn. Thanks.

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