Your Virgo Horoscope for November 2017 means this is the time for catching up with local gossip. Research and learning is well starred too as your mind is hungry to chew on a book or twelve. This is a great time to learn something new. Your brain will be sponge-like in its absorbency for information. You will find you are able to settle down with a book and find it hard to put down. Local trips are enjoyable as you find you have many invites to neighbourhood events. There is much running due to running errands or bargain hunting. From Nov 23 the focus falls back inside your home and you are drawn to snuggling up on the sofa or pottering around the garden.  It feels like you need to ground yourself again and get closer to your roots, whether that is about connecting with family or just doing tree pose bare foot in the garden.

The November 6 Full Moon gives you itchy feet for escaping to somewhere far-flung. This could mean planning some sort of esoteric study which will open your mind up to infinite possibilities. You want to feel boundless but also contained safely in a pod, like being on the London Eye or some such big wheel tourist contraption. If you can’t afford to travel anywhere you might find instead that you bring distant cultures to your own doorstep by making friends with a foreigner. Whatever you do you will have dreams of distant shores or even historical places that transport you back in time. Forwards or backwards, mental or physical it doesn’t matter as long as you are on an exciting voyage.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Your Virgo Horoscope for December 2017 stresses that this is a time of connecting with your roots.  Your home and personal territory become really important and the tendency to look inward while spending time in your home sanctuary is something your soul is crying out for at this time. If you own your home outright  then you might want to focus on making it more secure or creating a ‘safe space’ within it, away from noisier family members. It benefits your health to honour ancestral linage, if your immediate family seem alien to you, maybe you can feel grounded by looking back in time. Enjoy feeding your roots, because after Dec 22 it’s party time and you will feel more like being the social butterfly while the sun is lighting up your fun zone

The December 3 Full Moon can make you really popular as you are hyper-sensitive to the mood of the world around you. You know just want the people need, so that they will lap up everything you put on their table. Business should go exceedingly well then during the whole of this month, peaking at the Full Moon itself. The only negative thing could be that your private thoughts and emotions have a tendency to spill out involuntarily into the public arena also. That includes social media too, so watch those tweets! Your reputation might be at stake if you have been harbouring any raw, politically-incorrect opinions that might offend the sensitive public ear.

Virgo Horoscope Decans

You are more than just your Sun sign! Learn about the decan that your Sun, Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven are in. You can find this out by using the horoscope maker.

Virgo 1

Aug 23 to Sep 2 (0º-10º)

Ruled by Sun & Mercury (Virgo Triplicity) These people are a little more “far out” than your average Virgos so that they almost flip over to their opposite in Pisces. These seers usually develop their sensitivity after a period of suffering, dutiful caring and even a broken heart.They are also good at turning very tragic situations into something humorous.

Virgo 2

Sep 3 to 12 (10º-20º)

Ruled by Venus & Saturn (Capricorn Triplicity) The Persephone myth then, turns up here, just as in Virgo decan 1, but becoming even richer and darker. This Venus ruled decan is more like Babylonian Istar, the goddess of love and war. Talented Virgo decan 2’s will attract powerful Plutonic mates, because they are the only people who can handle their prickly…

Virgo 3

Sep 13 to 22 (20º-30º)

Ruled by Mercury & Venus (Taurus Triplicity) Here we find the famous sharp minds, researchers, perfectionists and organizers. There are some harsh and unfortunate stars here associated with natural disasters and death alongside the holy grail and the ships bellowing sails. It is fitting that this decan of Virgo contains such sharp contrasts since it is ruled by Mercury the mediator…

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