Scorpio april horoscope


Your Scorpio April 2022 Horoscope  brings your nose back to the grindstone after a month of slacking off. You find you must get your house back in order, organize yourself and put everything back in its right box. This is a period where you get back into a sensible routine where time is allotted to certain tasks and nothing is given too much emphasis. You might also want to look at diet and exercise, examine whether you are too sedentary or veering too much towards carbs rather than proteins. From April 20 you can devote time to committed relationships and impress them with your shiny worktops and sleek body..

Scorpio April 2022

If there was a month for doing a gluten free detox or a juice fast then this would be the one. It is good to give your body a break from its usual habits and addictions sometimes. Doing something like a 30 day yoga challenge or caffeine/sugar/alcohol break gives your liver a chance to flush out all the excess that has build up over the year so far. It’s also a period where you do boring routine tasks like your accounts, or cleaning annoying things in the home like ornaments in display cabinets or fiddly chandeliers.

Scorpio Emotional Horoscope

The April 16 full Moon  is one when you really want to be a hermit. Indeed you really should take this opportunity to withdraw and be kind to yourself. During this period you will feeling extra sensitive to criticism and more insecure than ever, so the further you are away from abrasive people the better. Why put your open wounds out there just for people to rub gritty, salty sand over them. Ouch! No you absolutely don’t have to do that. Instead work on healing those very wounds in private, in the sanctuary of your home.

This is a potent lunar time where you can acutely feel where those openings are. The sharp moonlight can assist as you carefully sew strands of silver moon thread through your tender flesh. There is no one there to scold you or tell you your are too sensitive as you cry out in pain. This is a wonderfully mystical time as you go through the dark night of the soul and sob cleansing tears of purification. Let it go…let it go…

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Scorpio Career Horoscope

Until April 10 you are the inspector! You can see every detail as if you are looking through a microscope. It is the ideal time for you to carry out routine maintenance on your business. Fix all broken links on websites, go over your accounts and go through everything with a fine-tooth comb. These are the kinds of tasks that should be addressed at this time.

Due to the fact that you have been working extra-hard, your workload eases a bit after April 11. Your efforts have been noticed, so this may be a good time to receive offers of collaboration. People will seek you out, so this is a great time to connect. Take advantage of the opportunity to get advice on how you can improve while you are making these important contacts. It also may be time to replenish your supplies.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

Until April 6 is the most romantic month of the year for you. Venus becomes pure joy itself in this pleasure zone of your chart. You have the universe’s full permission to devote yourself to love, romance and 5-star indulgence. This is a wonderful time to take a holiday, as the current energies are far more conducive to play than work. For single people, it would be a real waste to be stuck behind a desk as you are brimming with Venusian attraction.

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