Aries Decan 1 ~ Mar 20 to 29 (0º-10º)

Aries Decan 1 ~ Fixed Stars

Aries 1º 03’ ~ Kerb in the upper leg of Pegasus 4.6 *
Aries 2º 35’ ~ Deneb Kaitos in the tail of Cetus the Sea Monster 2.2
Aries 4º 37’ ~ Eta Horologium in the Pendulum Clock 5.2
Aries 7º 28’ ~ Alpha Reticulum in the Star Measurer 3.3
Aries 8º 09’ ~ Alpha Lacerta in Lacerta the Lizard 3.8
Aries 8º 39′ ~ Beta Lacerta in Lacerta the Lizard. 4.5
Aries 9º 09’ ~ Algenib in the tip of the wing of Pegasus 2.9
Aries 9º 42’ ~ Erakis in the right ear of Cepheus the King 4.1
* Star positions & magnitude for the year 2000.

Aries Decan 1 ~ General Meaning

Aries decan 1 is ruled by Mars (Aries triplicity). They are the newborn babies of the zodiac, coming out into the world kicking, screaming and bawling their eyes out. The Sun struts it’s way through constellation Pegasus, the Sea Monster, the Lizard, the Pendulum clock and the King from March 21 – 30. These impulsive souls try everything at once and grab with both hands. They want it all and they want it now. Of course, they do, they are the start of a brand new cycle.

2 Of WandsEverything is fresh, new, shiny and bouncy. These people are natural leaders, warriors, front-line fighters and trailblazers. They have to be the first, best, biggest and bling-est. Gone is the water and the empathy of the previous decan, these folk are so sharply focused on their goals they find it very hard to see their peers right next to them. That is until one should try and overtake them, then it’s “Outta my way!!” Yes, road rage was probably first invented by a flame-headed Aries 1 on a flying horse.

To Boldly Go & Red Ambition

“To boldly go” is Aries 1’s motto. Jump first and think later, this is why these subjects gain the reputation of scandals, accidents and rash decisions. Pegasus’s daring ideas and vision become far more physical here in Aries. Unlike Pisces decan 3, these subjects do not get stuck up in their ivory towers. After they have captured their Pegasus stardust they swing right back down to earth. These people are lusty, red-blooded and fully present in their physical body, which they really cannot wait to “put about”. Aries decan 1′ s sap is rising and eager to start “ramming”, this can be a sexual or competitive butting of horns in the business world. These natives throw out a great sales pitch due to their gift for oratory. This means they are totally comfortable on stage, taking a leadership role and sitting at the head of the table. Sometimes these people will campaign forcefully for or against certain sexual/gender rights…. 

The tarot card associated with this decan is the two of wands. Karmically this card is about leaving the old for the new, deciding between staying with what you know and leaving for something brand new “ On the outside, it may appear you have it all and are very successful but changes have been occurring on the inside for some time. You may have a new plan of action or a burning desire to do something else. You may feel that your fires have been burning low and that you are in dire need of a new lease of life, change of scenery or change of faces.” ~ Teachmetarot. The meaning is appropriate in the sense that Aries decan 1 is indeed the start of a brand new cycle and the return of the sun….

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Sun Aries 1

Deneb Kaitos 2º ~ “Mental disturbance, some loss keenly felt, accidents such as burns, scalds and cuts” [2]
Algenib 9º ~ “Mental disturbances, fevers, and ill health, some danger of accidents.” [3] And “A fighting spirit and a love of learning.” [1]

If some of the celebrities above have “mental disturbances” they hide it very well. In some cases, though it is obvious (Van Gogh). Other celebrities here specialize in portraying those with mental disturbances, (Tarantino and some of the actors.), some just look mental (Gaga.) and some study those with mental disorders (Reich and Fromm). Aries does rule the head and the stars here are extremely intense so the heat can build up in the brain if it is not expressed creatively.

It seems that the great success of some of these natives is due to successful channeling of this fierce Aries/solar passion that builds within. There are some really great female songbirds here whose voices probably saved them from a life of accidents and trouble-making. Here they have the opportunity of expressing their passion and fire through singing. The challenge of the difficult fixed stars is only evident if the Sun is closely conjunct the star (under 1º) otherwise the Sun is actually in its exaltation in Aries which gives these fearless warriors some protection from those they whiz past on the way to the top.

These folk can indeed “Boldly go forth” without too much trouble. However, if Sun Aries 1 does make the mistake of going too far with the single-minded pursuit of their desires, then the possibility of Pegasus’s fall will catch up with them eventually (Rolf Harris!)

ARIES DECAN 1 Examples: Vincent Van Gogh, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Keira Knightley, Gary Oldman, Quentin Tarantino, Warren Beatty, Dirk Bogarde, Joan Crawford, Steve McQueen, Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Elle MacPherson, Timothy Dalton, Rolf Harris, Elton John, Lady Gaga, Aretha Franklin, Jessie J, Norah Jones, Mariah Carey, Chaka Khan, Diana Ross, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Fergie (singer), Eric Clapton, Damon Albarn, Vangélis, M. C Hammer, Dane Rudhyar, Wilhelm Reich, Erich Fromm, Michael York, Robbie Coltrane, Erica Jong, Gloria Steinem, Neil Kinnock, Anita Byrant, Richard Dawkins, Tennessee Williams, Ayrton Senna, Guccio Gucci, Bill/Hillary Clinton Davison, Douglas/Zeta-Jones Davison.

1. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.12.
2. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923 pg 162
3. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923 pg 122

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61 thoughts on “Aries Decan 1 ~ Mar 20 to 29 (0º-10º)

  1. This so describes my 0 degrees Aries GF. It is funny but true: she is a local Lady Gaga with her avant-garde style in clothes and hats. She personifies Spring, I have come to think.

    Thanks for the article, and your wonderful website.

    1. I forgot to add my nickname for my friend is “The Princess of Mars.” She just has that regal other-worldly bearing.

      ‘Aries decan 1 is very much the Emperor archetype.’ Touché!

  2. So my son, sun in 1st decan in 11th house, saturn conunct MC 27 aquarius, when asked in first year school what he wanted to be when he grew up? To rule the world, or be the King…yep that was him however he has had some very humbling experiences in his 20 years,so lots of anger issues and now is inclined to be the walk over sacrificial victim, just trying to help him balance that out as he has a 12th house moon conjunct sedna.
    trying to encourage his taurus ascendant and 1st house to help him based on the taureans i know, not inclined to give in or be victim to anyone lol!

    Of course he is pluto in scorpio generation and its in his 7th house 5′ off opposing his ascendant so relationships are going to take time to understand,I guess

  3. A thread of all decs is sense of humor, love of choas and play acting. I briefly dated a 1dec, (taurus m, pisces rising), while living w/ a gay kid. (i was 19) I saw his apparition rasputian like, materlize in my appartment, the night was full of energy, so I went down to meet my roommate at work, have some free draft, on the way saw rasputian driving up to my place. Guess he was afraid if he called I’d leave.
    My second dec. brother, 4/8, was a sickly kid, we all except for the eldest, pisces, had asthma, that night, age 4, he had whooping cough. mom placed my whimpering brother, in a hot shower for the steam to open his lungs, and he stayed sick, looked bad, while all us other asthmatics had a glow of health, he was a skeleton.
    The girls excepting the baby had to clean our rooms, mon cleaned my bro’s so we made his room into play-room and wrecked havoc, which he loved. Once he was convinced there was something alive in his bed and so mom found him curled up on his rug and put him back to bed. this went on for a week. I found squeeky toy between sheets. My bro has extremely good hearing, sence of taste. He learned to read at 5 and by 6 jumped into novels, carrying adult theme books to school writing reports. Even tho he was child prodigy, giving recitals at 6, spelling champ and cute in a frail beautiful boy way, it became apparent by age 8 he had mental problems. Mom took his illness out on me, I was 10, the abuse stoped when my bro. told on her at a counseling session.

  4. counseling is largly wasted on aires, aries fixes it’self from the outside in, ‘put on your sunday best and go to town!” there’s a uniform, costume for every part.

    Even w/ all the play and fun aries knows who they are, ‘I got to be me!’ the cancle burns, dazzels, doesn’t turn on and off like cancer, self-expression is themselves. So they’re often in perfect shape a crusing speed leaves us winded, decked out in the latest.
    Crimminals often have no concept of, “I am”, they look confused when thejeering crowd tells them as they duck into court. Aries can’t seperate action fron actor. The time of aries preceding pisces branded and mained convicts while pisces offered repentence. So Aries have a desire to do right, to be kind, loyal not for you but for themselves, aries do wrong, be mean, disloyal? well maybe they’re ‘true to you in their fashion.’

  5. I am an aries, though from the 3rd. decan. Many years ago, I dated some arians. And I decided not to do that any more! We compete and are on the rush, always. We are impulsive.

    I kind of like -it sometimes helps a lot- this thing of doing things and not making such big imparctical models.

    I think is was an arian the one who came up with the logo “Just do it!”

    I´m glad I could make it to be older and a bit wiser! (NN in Scorpio) and to be alive (still, in spite of all the things done in such a natural way)!

    Have a nice weekend!



  6. first dec. are vital, close to the ingress, they have flashes of insight into the real world, where to go and we follow. Often they appear as if pure spirit. van gogh portraits and landscapes have spirit flowing, people speak, everything alive.
    my bro is second dec and performed on stage, like it was normal.
    Third dec are the writers,professionals, spiritual leaders. My 3rd dec friend from highschool, ditched college for a tech school, the only girl in computer programing…she was burned when her nightgown caught fire, so steeped in the hospital asmosphere, (pisces/jup), to make mircales happen attracted her into medicine. so now she’s MD. She used to get depressed over not aceing the SATS … “you make me laugh,” she used to say to me. When my bro had a tantrum, so everything in his room was on the floor, I’d say, “nice decor,” and the storm clouds lifted.

  7. i have a strong 12th house and i just cannot help thinking that too much diversity is absurd and unjust. what on earth a neptunian person is supposed to do with someone with a very strong aries? it’s plain meaningless. these people are like different species, and their natural habits of doing things always trouble pisceans.

    1. That Pisces/Aries dichotomy is present in one person, my friend. One moment she’s a quiet daughter of Neptune (Mars in Pisces, rising), and the next, Xena the Warrior Princess (Sun and Venus in Aries 1st house). At least I’m never bored…;

      K has a “little girl” charm about her, yet at the same time she is a technical genius, like Lucy’s MD friend mentioned above.

    2. And what about having these dicotomies within?! I have them and live them on a every day basis. Not easy, for sure! Aries 3rd. Decan. Sun and Venus sitting there (10th H). All along with Sedna conj. Athena and Chaos are also there. And Nept. Opposing Sun surtout!


      Accepting myself the best I can!


    3. I sympathize with you, Rocio. My friend has Pluto opposite her Mars/Chiron/Mercury in the 12th. A very troubling childhood, abandoned by her mother as a toddler, and worse.

      I’m 3rd decan Libra, and she was born at full moon in Libra, so we have similar likes in music and art, and we both enjoy reading and writing too.

  8. And spare a thought for those of us who have all this going on in the 12th! I know somewhere in me there’s a megalomaniac diva trying to get out, but it’s nothing but trouble if she shows her face. Rash? Hot-headed? Moi? It’s taken a couple of days to formulate a balanced and careful comment! I, and all the Ariens I know are pretty cool, laid back, calm people, we are also honest, straghtforward and practical. I think we are rather independent and tend to go away like hurt animals to worry and fret alone. If we’re angry we leave the room and go and break something.
    I have Mercury and sun in the 1st decan, 12th house, and then moon fairly conjunct ascendant a few degrees further on, aspected by planets in Scorpio and Virgo. Honestly, if anyone ever plays the ‘I can guess your star sign’ with me it goes “pisces? virgo? scorpio? cancer? ARIES??? you are JOKING, you’re nothing like blah blah”. And I don’t recognise myself as an Aries…and yet,under the calm surface there is a monster’s tail that will breach and lash out under extreme stress; I’d like to be first and best at things but know it’s bad manners…after you, and you, and you; Road rage, really not cool: bicycle rage, guilty as charged, but in self defence.
    I guess the ego is a bit unformed, inchoate, not so much new born, up and at ’em as shapeless and helpless, not comfortable – counselling has been pretty useless – ‘who are you? I don’t know, I thought you could help me find out’, astrology is the closest I’ve got to unpicking the puzzle.
    That’s my spout, I’m going back under to find some krill.

    1. Thanks for spouting off, Rachel. I learned something about my friend by your self-description. Counselling hasn’t helped her either. I tried explaining her chart to her and the heavy transits of Chiron, Uranus and Pluto that are happening, but she blew it off as nonsense despite the on-target analysis by Darkstar articles and Astrodienst daily horoscopes. I guess it’s “Ariens – heal thyselves” eh?

    2. “Ariens know thyselves”…”Ariens for heaven’s sake admit that there’s something wrong with thyselves”… I’m afraid Lucy’s right about the tendency not to understand why we upset other people.
      In my little astro world I think of the tropical zodiac as characters in the court of Leo the sun king – Libra’s diplomacy, Pisces court poet and shaman, Scorpio is intelligence – cloaks, daggers and poison – and Aries is defence and security, the general or the bodyguard, the strategist or the champion.
      All I can say is a subtle Piscean once totally got laid not by calling me pretty but by calling me a leader of men…get the flattery right and you will have someone who will fight your corner no matter what!

    3. I think we so much go forward, as if there were only one path. We auto-afirm ourselves deeply, I guess! And we learn by falling… or maybe is only my case?

      I can´t hear properly and sometimes I only hear what I want. That is what makes me an egotist. I sometimes feel and know -and go in fire, of course…- that I am sooo right! (and life has showed me otherwise).

      Today, it was clear to me that I do go to my head very easy. I have to stop and to regain contact with myself. I´m so, so straight-forward and somehow stubborn -though intelligent… ¿? LOL- that it seems all there is… is me!

      I was talking as an expert of things I do not really know (Astronomy… with astronomers! OMG!). And then, in a party, almost abandoned my self talking and talking, and sharing and sharing.

      It has been a very hard lesson for me to learn to listen (and really I don´t believe I´m through with this learning), to go steady and calmly…

      Mhhh! Greg! Maybe, the only thing you can do for your friend is to wish her luck and to be somehow around when she might fall (not all do this falling as I did… but I did not listen even to I-Ching!).

      I was right, right and right. It was logic, logic and logic. And there was nothing else around. >Yeah! And, afterwards, I had to learn further… A LOT!

      So, here we are. Still learning, though now, I know I´m “out” of me and take contact easier. I lived on my head the whole time! I´m surprised I´m alive. And, living like that, I´m surprised that everything is quite ok.

      Hope I make myself understandable…


    4. I think the most I can do for my friend is listen to her too. She is Hispanic like yourself, and has been very mistreated by her family despite her genius and abilities. (Latin men don’t always appreciate bright assertive women – not a judgment, mind you). You remind me of her, Rocio, as she sees the world much like you do. Gracias!

    5. ´Wellcome Greg!

      Yes that´true! When ever I wanted to assert myself, there came one of my bros. or my mom to haarshly make me stay low. As a toddler, my mother abandoned me mainly because my sick sister was born. She was and angel who at the end died in my arms, though very problematic to live with (for all… specially for my parents). Surprisingly -or not…- she was the cathalyzer at home and made us all change. My father sure left his craziness of being a Pluto subducter for maybe 10 years. My mother was a dash more responsable, though she kept us doing her responsabilites. My bros. and I were kind of scared and lost. My sister received two heart surgeries and seeing her like an accepting of pain molecule in a hospital bed with so much essay tubes going through her body and in a protected chamber, was one bottom of pain for me…

      So yes, I do feel very close to your friend and you somehow bridge us! You are friend of both. Real for her. Virtual for me. Is good to have really this feeling oif being deeply understood! Thankyou Greg!

      And looking those comments about moon in aries! Very interesting. My Venus is in Aries. And my moon is a sagg. Marina told me -and I agree- that my moon -though funny and very curious- is scorpionic because it sits on Ofiocus (written in Spanish, I´m not sure how to spell it and I do know that I commit some gramatical errors in English… though I rather express, even with those errors).

      So… talking about managing primarial forces!

      My daughter has asc. in Libra. I like libras so much. My 4th H. is in Libra and my Inmun Coelli sits there. They say that by the end of Life, we would reach this point. So… let´s then try to keep the balance!

      Hiya arians in the world and good friends Libra!

      Feel already sea-sick with all the changes and accepting these feelings (I don´t I want to know where I head to, I want to control and to understand, I want so many things I just can´t have… Mhhh!)!


    6. Oh Rachel!

      I´ve searched for all kind of guidees, gurus, here, there, everywhere! And for me, astrology and keeping the track of it (as possible… hard to keep up!), has been better.

      I also need my krill and you made me smile (I so much know what you mean… 🙂


  9. Pope benedict OMG, what a beautiful man, chart, BTW the vatican is as full of astrology as pedophiles. And here’s our 3rd dec aries, purging the ranks, his big quit ensured the ‘filth’ bureaucracy went too, the vatican bank senseing the presence of a superior being froze credit cards used to buy prostitutes. So true to his pisces rising, jupiter on the AC he sacrifices his possition to clean house, but see uranius on the ingress, delighting in the debries, what aries doesn’t relish a good explosion. How sweetly he smiled at the vatican ranks pressing the flesh, knowing next day heads will roll. Going into seclusion and prayer, really! and if anything happens to him 3/4 of a million faithful riot.

    1. He left because they were about to expose him and arrest him. He isn’t a good man. He was a huge influence in covering up the molestations.

  10. Marina – never mind Kirk, how could you forget Spock! Leonard Nimoy 26 March 1931.

    1. spooky for me, the son I mentioned above, birthday 26 March also, there is some similarity in facial features, never thought about that lol! Live well and prosper my son hahahaha!

    2. It’s my birthday too (and Diana Ross and Erica Jong) I really don’t look like Spock but I had a massive crush on him as a child and married a lookalike!

    3. Oh Geeeeeez! That IS most illogical. How come he wasn’t in Solar Fire’s database? Dammit, I’ll put him in there now.
      Funny that totally fits that both Kirk and Spock both be Aries 1. Both famous for playing men who boldly went were no man has been before…. I’m a bit of a trekky I must admit. I was dating Spock in the 80’s when I was a Georgian 😉

  11. What would you say for a Moon there? Emotional need for fast changes? Needing sex to be emotionaly grounded? Inherently lusty?

    1. maybe it’s an emotional intelligence thing, a lack of tact? I once went on one of those test your EQ sites and turned out to be an emotional cretin, learnt a lot by doing it over and over until my score improved!

    2. Rachel, I haven’t seen your comment before, sorry. Sounds interesting but I score very high at EQ tests. It must have something to do with other placements in my chart.

  12. it is said aries moon men are misogynist like henry the eighth, women preditory, teases like maryiln monroe. The people I know are friendly and funny, a male friend, who’s gay, all he has to do is walk into a room and we’re are in amused expectation. Aries is the head so the moon exaggurates a lunitic fringe, wild crazy, forgeting about it next day.

  13. I love this post! “Jump first and think later” Yeah, that pretty much sums up my life! With the sun at 9 deg Aries and Mars at 15 deg in my 9th, I’ve always been the one to open my mouth to speak when others are at a loss for words. Sometimes I even stick my foot (or both feet) in my mouth, but always with a “wink wink nudge nudge” so that everyone knows that I really do have the best intentions. As a child this labeled me as a “troublemaker” and one who could not sit still. However, as an adult it’s allowed me to jump from job to job, career to career, pack up and move more than a dozen times in 20 years and embrace change as if it were the best thing EVER. My moon is in Cancer (on Alhena), and in some ways she has been a bit of a frowny clowny in my life, feeling a bit crabby when others misjudge me. However, I do tend to bounce back from chaos and crisis fairly well.
    Strangers are always surprised to hear me tell tales of my life full of upheaval and challenge, “wow! how did you manage all that?”
    “I don’t know, I just figured it out as I went along.”
    That, to me, is the most amusing thing about having this energy in my chart.

  14. Thanks so much for all the feedback Rams! I must admit I was thinking I was going to get my head butted for writing this. I can’t wait to get my teeth into the rest of Aries. Both Parents are Aries decan 3, god love ’em. Whooop, whooop!

    My Aries parents used to annoy the hell out of me when I was a grumpy teenager. But now I am really grateful I was brought up by such pioneers. And no, life was NEVER boring in the Marchione house, lots of dramas and door slammin’.

    1. I learned a lot too from your article and the comments that followed, plus I made a few more Aries friends. As a Libra, I am by nature sort of quiet and reserved, weighing everything on my internal scale before I act. My Aries friends often drag me into new places, and I enjoy their spontaneity. It’s catching!

  15. pendulum ? once upon a time maybe – not nowadays! my Scorpio rising forbids further comment

  16. My daughter is 22 and sometimes asks me where from I have the energy to do things (and just a couple more!).

    I pray I might save my energy in order to sustain my Golden age, which looks like comming in 10 or 15 years ahead and to do something for my children and for me in the meanwhile.

    Oh Marina! That must have been something! To live between two flames!

  17. My natal sun is at 0 degrees Aries, and my birthday happens to be today in the southern hemisphere! I completely agree with jumping in first and then asking (that’s how I’m in Australia!) this has been a huge theme in my life. I have more energy than pretty much everyone I know too! As well as incredible optimism! I can be incredibly focused and direct in a business sense too, which is amplified with my Virgo Rising!

    Here’s to Aries where ever it is in one’s chart!

  18. This recent transit Mars over my natal [email protected]’44 Aries brought me an injury and guess where – on my upper thigh! Both of them, actually. Lol, Marina you amaze me with your precise symbolism 🙂

    1. It must’ve been something to do with your road rage wasn’t it , anyway i was spot on !

      I’m afraid that Aries 2 is definitely better than your one.
      So there you go
      Decan 1 – Rage
      Decan 2 – Regal
      Decan 2 – Rascal

    2. It was totally my fault 🙂 Always in rush, I didn’t want to bother searching for my security pass in my bag so I tried to sneak after a colleague through the automatic security door at work and..bang! The rage came immediately after 😀
      Unfortunatelly, I don’t know anyone who is Decan 2.

    3. I am decan 2 and if you fancy , we could go for coffee . Obviously unless you’re male

    4. lol no, I am a sounds nice, just I am afraid someone of us would have to jump on a plane for it 🙂

    5. where are you for god’s sake ?
      I’m in gloomy Manchester

    1. Oh dear , that’s a bit too far .
      Anyway , you gonna get some unexpected changes in your love life in next month ( uranus , pluto )
      So make sure don’t be impulsive and ended up meeting with a loser .
      And when you’re back to England , i’m waiting for you lol ( sort of )

    2. Ha, ha! That interchange made me laugh. Stranger things have happened. Jamie and I “met” on the Horoscopic Astrology forum on myspace…*Ahem* London to New South Wales. How far ? You’re practically up the road from each other!! (Thats how Aussies see Europe anyhow.)

      Stardust, I love the info about your upper thigh! I used to think equating the stars with parts of the body was a bit daft, but now I have to admit it actually DOES work.

    3. Marina, it made me laugh as well since it gives a hint about the next two lunations – they are gonna affect my chart..will let you know 🙂 And it seems you really can relate the stars to the parts of body since something similar happened to me at previous Mars transit 2 years ago. So I was extra cautious of my steps this time, but the automatic door mechanism?? Come ooonnn..who would expect that? lol

      Arian 2, thank you for the warning, wouldn’t want any losers lol..I’ll keep my eyes wide open. I am not “coming back” to England because I live in Belgrade. Contact me at [email protected] if you are up for a virtual cup of coffee 🙂

    4. Ha ha . No problem at all !
      Wasn’t really expecting to get your e-mail to be honest with you , must’ve been Jupiter sextiling my decan from 19th , but hey if we’re still single end of next month , we should do our synastry astrology . And then if that matches ,someone of us would have to jump on a plane for it ( a bit rude , but straight to the point )

    5. Hey sweetheart how are you doing so far ?
      It’s been an almost two months . Hope that you’re doing well .

    6. London to New south Wales , that’s real distance .
      Perhaps that was destiny 🙂

  19. I’m watching the Malasian Grand prix – the second of the season, and notice the Formula 1 season starts during Aries Decan 1. It couldn’t start any other time could it!

  20. wow, you are really knowledgeable im going to follow you. with sisterly love and respect. nicole

  21. Aries Decan 1~ sounds like my first husband. Like he said himself, “A dog in heat”

  22. Hello, this is Jazlyn, living in Seoul,Korea. I’m studying Astrology with my friends. Sadly there is a few books about it. so we surf the internet, and i found your post. it’s easy to understand Decanates and so on. i want to translate it for my friends, if you don’t mind. (i promise that i will let them know its source and not use it to gain money.)
    Can I use it?

    ps.i can’t speak english very well, so if you feel bad about this comment, just sorry;;

  23. With loose people you want to enjoy somewhat tighter-than them, and incredibly restricted gamers you
    intend to enjoy a bit looser than them.

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