Leo Decan 3 ~ Aug 13 to 22 (20º-30º)

Leo Decan 3 ~ Fixed Stars

Leo 20º 42’ ~ Ras Elased Australis in the head of Leo the Lion. 3.1 *
Leo 21º 14’ ~ Tania Australis in the right hind paw of Ursa Major the Great Bear. 3.2
Leo 21º 26’ ~ Ras Elased Borealis in the head of Leo the Lion. 4.1
Leo 21º 36’ ~ Pherkad in the right foot of Ursa Minor the Little Bear. 3.1
Leo 24º 15’ ~ Subra in the right knee of Leo the Lion. 3.8
Leo 26º 31’ ~ Alpha Pyxis in Pyxis Nautica the Mariner’s Compass. 3.7
Leo 27º 17’ ~ Alfard in the neck of Hydra the Watersnake. 2.2
Leo 27º 34’ ~ Adhafera in the crest of Leo the Lion’s Mane. 3.6
Leo 27º 54’ ~ Al Jabhah in Leo the Lion’s Mane. 3.6
Leo 29º 37’ ~ Algieba in Leo the Lion’s Mane. 2.6
Leo 29º 50’ ~ Regulus in the heart of Leo the Lion. 1.3
*Magnitude. Star position for the year 2000.

Leo Decan 3 ~ General Meaning

Leo decan 3 is ruled by Mars in both systems (Aries triplicity). The Sun lords it over the constellations of the Lion, the Great Bear, the Little Bear, the Mariners Compass and the Watersnake from August 13 to 22. This is the Lion’s domain, Leo decan 3 is the most stereotypical Leo of them all. The new generation will lose Regulus to Virgo, so they may be a tad less bombastic, but not by much. There are still plenty of stars left in the shimmering Lion.

The main theme with Leo Decan 3 is their belief in the divine right of kings.. ie: themselves. They are always right, their rule is absolute, any challenge to their authority is seen as a betrayal. Loyalty, loyalty and more loyalty, this is the number one demand of their loved ones. In return for their devotion to you, (and by golly they are devoted), they expect you to defend the values of the pride to the nth degree. Any deviation is a sign of rebellion and must be crushed. Leo decan 3 will give you the strong leadership you desire, but only if you submit to their authority 100%.

Less ego-driven signs have a hard time with Leo decan 3 and may feel eclipsed by them at times. It is quite awe-inspiring to watch just how confident and regal these people are in their dealings with everyday life. Even if it plainly obvious that they are actually wrong about something, their self-belief is so strong that they can convince themselves and others that they are actually right. Barefaced cheek and arrogance they are often accused of.

7 Of WandsAnother trait is bitchiness, but oh how they are entertaining with it! They take this ability to cut someone dead with a one-liner to a high art form. Again this is quite awesome, but extremely painful if you find yourself in their firing line. Bottom line, the lion is a man-eating beast. It can be bitterly cruel when threatened. You really want these folk on your side for they will fight and defend you until they have spilt their last drop of blood. Blood is a big thing with them, blood ties, bloody-mindedness, blood boiling in their veins and they don’t squirm at the sight of it either.

The Divine Right Of Kings

The negative side of these Lions is cruelty and vengeance since the malefic Mars pushes an already fiery Leo decan 3 to the very limit. They often don’t know when to give up, rather like the Black Knight sketch in Monty Python & The Holy Grail. Even as a stump with a head, he is still yelling ‘Come on then! I’ll bite your legs off’. There are some very strong women in the native’s line-up. Margaret Thatcher literally ‘The Iron Lady’ has Mars here. These formidable lionesses go out on the hunt and bring home the bacon while their male counterparts sleep all day, waking only for sex and to bark orders. Stalking…that is another trait of this sector.

The tarot card associated with this decan is the seven of wands. This is a card of giving it your all and of competitiveness. The keywords certainly fit well with Mars ruled Leo decan 3. “Rivalry, Competition, Territory, Maintaining Power/Control, Staying at The Top, Resolve, Leader, Power, Control, Principles, Taking The Higher Ground, Holding Your Own, Strong Personality, Assertive, Being Certain/Convinced, Being Forceful… Defensive/Aggressive, Under Attack, Fighting…” Interestingly even gossip is in there which can be a theme here with the poison that flies out of Alfred’s neck.

Karmically this can be a lifetime when “when you must stand up for yourself and not let others take advantage of you….” those who are more confident will have “bright burning ambition. It suggests that you are going after what you want and are prepared to fight your way to the top. Your personality is strong and forthright and you are very confident in your approach. Your convictions are strong too and you believe passionately in what you are doing. Make sure to pace yourself. You do not want to burn out before you reach the finish line.” ~ Teachmetarot

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Sun Leo 3

Alfard 27º ~ “ Power and authority but suffering through own acts and from enemies, loss of position and honor, overcome by enemies.”  [3]. “ To have strong passions, to be a victim or perpetrator of violent or aggressive actions. To feel angry at injustices, or be subject to mistreatment by authority figures. An occasion of apparent ruthlessness.” [4]
Regulus 29º ~ “ Power, authority, great influence over friends, honor and riches, but violence, trouble and ultimate disgrace and ruin, sickness, fevers, benefits seldom last.” [3.] “A person who holds the high expectation of others. One who receives honours and awards, but who needs to be wary of vengefulness. A time of noble, or military endeavours.” [6]

Power and authority, says it all really! Regulus officially entered Virgo in 2011. However, Regulus was still in Leo decan 3 when the list of natives below were born (And therefore most people reading this) so we cannot ignore Regulus’s effects for this decan. Of course, then these felines were born to rule, and they take to the stage like a duck to water. Physical prowess is part of their makeup and they tend to be famous as much for their animal magnetism as whatever their talents might be. Sun Leo 3’s sex appeal is legendary, but can also become an obsession for them. Sex addiction is a danger for this placement if the native has no other outlet for their fertile creative expression. (Some still persist despite a demanding job, see Clinton or Madonna.) The Sun is at its most theatrical in Leo and desperately needs to create or procreate. Therefore if they don’t breed many physical babies then the talented ones will produce artistic progeny instead. ‘Drama queen’ and ‘diva’ are cliché keywords to describe the Leo archetype, but it is never truer than in this decan. Sun Leo 3 works especially well under pressure and their heroic side rises superbly to the occasion if they are suddenly thrown into a crisis. Here are the white knights and courageous queens who are always on amber alert. The downside of Sun Leo 3 is that they often don’t know how to live without preparing for the next conquest. The slightest poke will get this cat’s fur standing on end. Sun Leo 3 needs to learn that it is not responsible for all the cubs or artistic project all of the time and needs to learn to delegate.

SUN LEO 3 EXAMPLES: Napoleon Bonaparte, Bill Clinton, Gene Roddenberry, Madonna, Roman Polanski, Edward Norton, Alfred Hitchcock, Mae West, Robert De Niro, Steve Martin, Ben Affleck, Sean Penn, Robert Redford, Kim Cattrall, Halle Berry, Patrick Swayze, Madeleine Stowe, Christian Slater, Amy Fisher, Matthew Perry, Debra Messing, David Walliams, Jeff Stryker, Robert Plant, Keith Moon, Tori Amos, Belinda Carlisle, Sarah Brightman, Gene Kelly, George Melly, Claude Debussy, Antonio Salieri, John Logie Baird, Herb Ritts, Aubrey Beardsley, H. P Lovecraft, T.E Lawrence, Coco Chanel, Sri Aurobindo, Princess Margaret, Princess Anne, David Koresh, Robert Thompson, Jon Venables, Usain Bolt, Thierry Henry, Magic Johnson, Madonna/Penn Davison, India, South Korea, Pakistan.

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96 thoughts on “Leo Decan 3 ~ Aug 13 to 22 (20º-30º)

  1. also Leo needs a palace to store/display trophies/winnings, entertain prestigious persons, my grandmother did, even in diminished circumstances, depression era, her house was the place to be with her famous second husband who died dramatically, while running for political office. My grandmother had a studied beautiful languid walk, fingers trailing a cigarette, she commanded attention. people vying for hers, while she dispersed pet names, winks, funny stories and interest in yours. She held court on a white wicker throne, prime real-estate the seat opposing, my sister and I shared. She lived well and everyone thought she was of extreme means…but we found out better, she’d spent it all!
    She had a mane of thick curly auburn hair, green eyes, fair clear skin, was 5’7″, tall for the times, well endowed, shapely, authors agent, masters in economics, married 3times, and famously saved her neck of town from demolition , as the governor was planning a turnpike.
    If she didn’t like something about you she’d sing it in a tune, smiling, so the guilty party heard, “don’t steal cherries, don’t pick your nose, wash dirty hands,” turning little faces red and running for cover.
    I knew her as a stately white-haired 60-70 y/o, who handed my mother store credit cards, where outside of the gaze of my puritanical Dad, her son, who she kept busy weeding, mom took us kids out for monumental splurges. We returned to her house with piles of loot and put on fashion shows.
    Although I loved her and my step granddad I had mixed feelings about her nightmare producing Victorian house. It turned out everyone come into our rooms to watch us sleeping, ‘checking on the children’ also grandpa snuck down the back stairs to eat ice cream at night.
    Granny and a Pisces moon that detected and fixed sadness, moved a crowd, knew and entertained the famous and was generally brilliant at games like scrabble.

  2. leo sun casts a long shadow where their children often reside, my dad and his brother sure did. My Aquarian Uncle’s, (sun opposing) occupation was similar to hers, his house a scale model. Our family relied on granny’s recourses my dad’s mind seemed pulled into hers, (leo/moon/conq/her/sun). My Dad in is own family tried to replicate her authority. My sep-grand-dad had his own masculine chair with archeological findings, leather=bound volumes and duck decoys. Granny’s living-room throne was next to the stereo where she MC’d jazz tunes for the kids to dance.
    Plenty of drama. parties, and when it was over she’s stand on her step, and wave a white handkerchief, until our car disappeared.

    1. I love the sound of your grand mother! Like I said on facebook, I have a high percentage of my bestest friends with Suns and other personal planets here. It’s unreal. This decan is opposite my Mars, so something in me obviously needs this energy in a mate for sure. I love the vision of her on her white wicker throne. I am tempted to put the picture attachment option back on comments just so we can see it. If there was a photo that is.

    2. yes, Marina, and when it came to the end of her fun-filled life she said; ” I want a simple pine box, dress me in a white cotton nightgown and throw me in w/o monument.” This she said with great drama, grabbing the arms of family, falling back on the pillows…it upset my Sag Dad terribly but when it came to his last requests he did her one better insisting on cremation, his ashes spread about. I wonder if this is common w/ leo’s not to give death pause. Now I help my leo rising Mom cheat death …I so enjoy thwarting my capriscorn/sun/scorpio/mars/conq/Saturn sister. AND I want to be like those classy families who have people living into their 100dreds

  3. Marina – you left Robert De Niro of the list! He’s my favourite decn 3 Leo and he has my birthday!

  4. Strange, you find it important to mention O.J Simpson on this list,
    but yet you never mention groundbreaking artists like Rihanna (the best selling artist of the world) on pisces decan 1, or Kanye west or what ever.
    or any other contemporary person of color on your sites as worth mentioning..
    And everytime you mention gay people, it is related to aids.

    Time to burst the bubble, check yourself, because racism always gets pointed out.

    1. Simon, racism can be inferred anywhere if that’s where your mindset lies. I hope you are aware that color is an illusion meant to divide us.

    2. Nono, the unspoken words are more harmful Than the spoken ones.. I wish for my brother and his boyfriend to be able to speak freely about their sex-life, just the way straight people love to indulge others about how they love to eat pussy.. How many straight romance movies and comedies do you find With constant undertones of sex or lust, its the box office hits, although they lack creativity or abstract vision like for example a Jackson pollock.. Boy meets girl, boy meets girl x 1000, does not the same story grow old.. Unless you are willing to listen to my brother and his boyfriend talk about their sex-life, like so many straight people love to do, then it is a form of racism, however subtle 🙂 If miss uberqueen of wands does not find rihanna to be significant because of her own musical inclinations and may prefer the beatles, it is a subtle form of racism.. I hate the Beatles and any white bleached band that has the intention of making young cirka pussy throb, but I am not entitled to call them insignificant although that is how I see it? It is my moon and sun square pluto coming out, the bullshit detector, moon 29 degrees leo, and sun 28 degrees aquarius square pluto 22 degrees, so it is relevant to the thread 🙂

    3. And pavarati or whatever, what you are saying now is the same as what men wold tell feminists back in the day, that what they are saying is not significant and overreacting and that they probably saw patterns of discrimination were there were none, how easy it must be for you, whoever you are

    4. Oh and by the way Marina, I am a feminist too, although I am a man, if that is possible, Maybe it is my jupiter conjunct zosma.. But I refuse to go to the movies because every single story revolves around some man, his journey, his failings and his ultimate outcome as victorious.. And then they Get oscars for it.. Lincoln movie for example, it is about slavery… Then why not make a movie from the slaves Perspective and a black man in the lead, instead of a man just stating the obvious that slavery is wrong.. And all those brad pott movies, moneyball, world war z, blablabla, or leonardo di caprio in his politicians whatever movie, every single story is revolved around men.. Let me correct that, white straight men.. And for leonardo da vinci to be featured on a show, da vincis demons or whatever, he had to be straight for the audiences.. Lincoln was bisexual btw.. And this is not racism?? Please, in order to see the truth sometimes, you have to dig deep. Instead of floating on a neptunian cloud.. My mother is a feminist too, and so are many of my friends, male and female.. Do I ever tell them that they see patterns where there are none? NO, because I see the hurt of others, not just my own

    5. Yes I know Hollywood is one big propaganda machine and so is MTV. The Beatles were packaged in the beginning, but John did rebel in the end. Through his bite of the forbidden fruit with Yoko.
      I’m afraid music to me has degenerated since 1998 (A few people have put a date on this). I used to love chart music, but auto tuning…oh god I cannot bear it. There is still great music out there somewhere, but mostly to me its the same deal as you have said about movies.

    6. I find it kinda sad, I wish I could be excited like most people about the summer blockbusters and such, but find myself incapable to.
      And what about Cannes? They are supposed to be progressive, but the movies including female leads only had something to do with a high-class young prostitute, or at least that was the movie that got most publicity.
      And another one was about two young female lovers,
      which I hope to see some day.

      The only recent movie that gave me all goosebumps, was Melancholia by Lars Von Trier, Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg were incredible in that movie, such strong performances.

      I find that movies of the 60s and 70s had more female leads and revolved more exclusively around the perspective of women, as opposed to today where they are mainly cast to enhance the story of the male lead.

      On a more relevant note, great post!
      I miss my Leo’s, my best friend of all time had sun 22 degrees leo, and had full brownish hair, and was very kind and incredibly funny, and would not let anyone bring him down (at least not for others to see)
      But was still sensitive although it resulted more in occasional sulking and anger due to not meeting his demands.
      Another leo friend of decan 2 is also incredible.

      I am now surrounded by flaky, two-faced and insincere libras…
      Corvus sure are like crows, I can’t stand them 😛
      Backs out of argument when it suits them, are never kind or generous like the leos, and refuse to admit to mistakes of any kind.
      Actually surrounded by 4 of them..
      Can’t wait to hear your post about libras, algorab sure is an evil star ;P
      The kind and sweet libra archetype is nothing but a cliche, their real colors are far more sinister :_D

      What are your experiences regarding libras, Marina?

    7. Wow – a very sweeping statement. I’m sure there’ll be “flaky and insincere” Librans out there just as I am sure there will be “flaky and insincere” examples of any sunsign!! There are of course are some famous Librans who have gone out of their way to fight for a cause. Some Librans can be highly contentious and prone to initiating confrontations (some would even be described as aggressive).

      As you well know every chart is a intricate weave and fine balance of many astrological factors one can’t possibly qualify somebody by their sun sign alone.

      And yes, one of the reasons I have taken up the gauntlet here is because yes…you guessed it… I am a Libran, 5 planets there in fact!!! I do however have a super potent Mars (conj my moon in Leo and conj Regulus) and super potent Pluto interwoven with all my other Libra planets. I am certainly not backwards in coming forwards and people are in no doubt about my intentions or views. I can’t imagine anybody would considered me “insincere or flaky”!

      For somebody who earlier had a lot to say about various kinds of prejudice, I am very surprised to hear that you are so…err… prejudiced! To stay you cannot stand people of a particular sign is a little ridiculous (especially for somebody who has studied astrology)!

    8. Haha! Some some of us say a lot earlier than that!
      1978 and punk!

    9. The essential story of any movie presents the hero’s journey, the hero being an archetype which is interchangeable. Everyone makes the journey. Hollywood et al has had some tour de force heroines but in the final analysis, any story with a struggle at its centre can be applied to both and any inter genders. Don’t be tricked by the packaging Simon, look at the components of the story.
      As for French movies, well I’m afraid they are stuck in soft porn… But then that’s the archetype of the adolescent boy. He has yet to grow up and still creeps in to suckle his maman while trying to bed the whole village.
      Hollywood btw is run by accountants but even so, has produced some awesome films. I’d recommend multiple Oscar winning Elmer Gantry which is essentially a story about power, corruption, obsession and God. The two protagonists are female, Jean Simmons, and male, Burt Lancaster. This movie would not get made today because it presents things a dumbed down pc audience could not deal with… Have you seen The Player? … Lets sack the writers and take over the movie…says the accountant.
      There is another side to what you’ve said too. Consider this, that in almost all comedies, the idiot is played by a man. Is this sexist? To some yes, but actually the fool can be either sex… I mean women make fools of themselves over men, right?!

    10. You cant honestly mean that hollywood and the movie industry is NOT sexist? Just google best movies of all time, and all the spots are taken by male leads in some heroic action figure tale.. And people agree that These are the best movies ever, without seeing how generic and phallus worshipping they are…

    11. Real life is so much more interesting Than movies anyway.. Movies have become a sad cliche of itself, and as an aquarius decan 3, I cant imagine why anyone even bothers anymore.. So predictable and boring, it is no longer a valid art form..And I mean this in all honesty.. My favorite movies are Fallen Angels from 1995, Barry Lyndon and Tekkon Kinkreet

    12. Well Solar Fire must be racist according to you then Simon because I use their database. Also they obviously don’t like Robert Di Niro for some odd reason because he wasn’t on there either, even though his other contemporary Italian American actors like Al Pacino, John Travolta and Marlon Brando are all there. I’m Italian myself, so are you going to say I have something against my own race now?

      Every time someone mentions a person I have left out of my list I will put them into Solar fire. I am grateful for the suggestions and it all adds to my research. I have added Rihanna and Kanye West. But racism it is not.

      How dare you say I only mention gay people in the context of aids!! I won’t even bother to defend that one. You don’t know my family ATALL.

    13. Hi Marina – I’m also adding mega film maker James Cameron to the list – 16th August. Cecil B Demille just misses by one day – 12th August. But not Samuel Goldwyn (17th)Both these two must have the Water snake, Hydra – the dreamer influencing their kingdoms. CAmeron is also a top deep sea explorer and the work/research he did for Titanic was.. titanic.
      And the truly wonderful king of the track, Usain Bolt is a 21st August Leo. They don’t come more Kingly than him!…
      Roma Polanski, Christian SLater, Orville Wright, Napoleon, DAvy Crocket, Magic Johnson, Halle Berry, MArcus Garvey (proponent of Black National/Pan African movement), FRanklin D Roosevelt, Ted Hughes (poet) S SHankar (Indian film maker called the Indian James Cameron!) Max Factor, John DRyden (first poet Laureate of England), publisher Malcolm Forbes, Gene Roddenberry (star Trek producer), HP Lovecraft, Jacqueline Susann – writer of Valley of the Dolls, all about drug use in Hollywood (very Hydra Leo!), Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant (who looks like a lion!), Steve Carell

      Not that you can get them all in! Something I noticed of interest is that by the 20th August, Leo becomes more Virgo and the list of birthdays goes form outright entertainers and showmen to poets and writers. I didn;t see any criminal poisoners in the lists, funny because Alphard in the Watersnake is supposed to be full of poison! Perhaps intoxicant is a better word – some of the actors etc mentioned certainly have intoxicating ability but in a hypnotic, dreamy, spellbinding way? De Niro, Andy Garcia, Penn… For me, his most compelling performance which he won best actor Oscar for, was in Mystic River… the name of the movie kind of sums up Hydra, the Water Snake

    14. Oh! Meant to say that this decan definitely has a deep sense of drama. The kingdom seeks to enthrall and entertain.

    15. And just noticed Barry Norman, legendary Brit film critic is 21st Aug. – so also becomes more Virgo kind of Leo. I looked that the actual dates and was amazed to se how many chemists, composers and writers are born on that day. But my favourite is Claude Debussy who has Alphard on his Sun and wrote probably the most beautiful, poignant intoxicating music ever.
      According to Robson – Power and authority but suffering through own acts and from enemies, loss of position and honor, overcome by enemies. Hmm…
      Debussy’s life was full of drama, youthfull rebellion and genius. He had tempstuous affairs with married women, dramatic marriages and eventually died in the midst of the aerial and artillery bombardment of Paris during the German Spring Offensive of World War I. The funeral procession made its way through deserted streets to Père Lachaise Cemetery as the German guns bombarded the city.
      How filmically dramatic and eventually silenced by his nation’s enemies!

    16. I think some of these people (Bolt) being on the cusp might be Virgo decan 1. Will check them out when I do it next. Now Virgo 1 are quite a bunch with “pathological sex drive” Phecda! Napoleon is defo in Solar fire so not sure why he didn’t come up.

    17. sorry Marina, I sincerely don’t like to poison your hard work which is very much appreciated.
      I use astrotheme to look up the celebs or figures, and there she is right at the top with most fans, so ;P


      I use this for research. and I know you are not racist, but where I come from, my family, a heated debate is welcomed every now and then.
      I am half norwegian and half icelandic;
      been to italy, admire its culture fanatically.

    18. Rihanna is not groundbreaking… she’s well marketed.

    19. oh okay then miss, not groundbreaking?
      Well, lets look at her chart then shall we? because you do love astrology and its implications.

      Mercury, conjunct alpha star toucan, trine ascendant 7,5 degrees gemini conjunct aldebaran.

      Destined to sing?

      and another interesting thing, moon and venus conjunct alpha star of andromeda, she is a princess, and she is afraid to be sacrificed to the club 27 like a sea monster offering.
      She has sun 1 degrees pisces square pleadies, what does plaedies indicate, wounds to the face.
      So does aldebaran, she was beat by chris brown.

      How is that not groundbreaking astrology for you?

    20. For a feminist, you’re very rude to women!
      I’m not miss, I’m Ms… But since I’m a six planet stelium theirs decan Leo, you can call me Your Royal Highness.
      Sorry. She’s not groundbreaking. Live with it.

    21. Yep I agree with you uberqueenofwands. Rihanna has clearly achieved fame and fortune and has gained much popularity but I have no idea in what way she could really be described as “groundbreaking”. And before any accusations of racism or xenophobia (or homophobia or any other phobia one can think of) come flying my way, there are many black artists that I would class as ground breaking (ie Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston etc etc). Rihanna is noteworthy owing to her success and the way she has managed to permeate popular culture but groundbreaking??????? Also what relevance does Rihanna have to Leo decan 3??

    22. You do not deem Venus Williams or Oprah Winfrey worth mentioning I assume??? Both exceptional in their achievements but not worthy of a mention???????

      Being too quick to accuse others of racism before judging all the evidence supporting your assertion MAY stem from some racial bias on your part no???

  5. Whew, I have Pluto and Jupiter conjunct in the Eleventh at 27 Leo (Pluto) and 0 degree Virgo (Jupiter) and the conjunction is square Saturn at 26 degrees of Scorpio in the Third, which no doubts explains why I haven’t been all that “successful”. interesting what you say about “poisons’ since I also have Sun conjunct Wasat, also connected with “poisons”. It is a fact that I have a collection of poisonous and hallucinogenic plants, plus my partner is one of the few genuine alchemists out there and I have conducted some experiments on cannabis with his help…

    Oh, and just ignore the detractors: who gives a frap about the sleazy Rihanna anyway? “Purity and virtue”? Boy, that lets HER out, doesn’t it? Same for the mega-idiot Kanye West? At least we now know why he’s such a freakin’ egomaniac who thinks his s.h.it don’t stink… And I, personally am sick of homosexuals screaming about ‘discrimination’, especially in light of the fact that they STILL hold “pride of place” when it comes to AIDS in North America; they are also responsible for spreading antibiotic-immune gonorrhea-and let’s not forget SYPHILIS, thanks to all the “openmindedness” syphilis is seeing a “renaissance” after being confined mainly to the homosexual world for many years; nice of these types to bring society these little “gifts” in return for all the “rights”, hmmm? One should never be so openminded that one’s brain falls out!

    1. Tee hee hee! I want to meet you and your bf. those plants intrigue me.

  6. Dear Marina:

    Still picking my jaw up from the ground…reading this was incredible. I’m a Gemini sun and moon and thought I raised my daughter (17) to go along to get along, as she gets older I’m like what happened? Now I know it’s because she is a Leo 26:48 degrees, as you reference its something to see them in action…you don’t know what hit you. Hope she will use this ego for the good of many.

    Read you and Astrology King (where is he?) all the time you are great, thanks.

    1. Mr King (Who has Mars here) is doing the male lion sleeping thing…. 😉 And yes he too only wakes to bark orders!

    2. Don’t you mean roar orders? !!!

      OK! As you know, my entire stellium falls in the 3rd decan of Leo. So I’m standing up for my pride and my pride! We get a lot of bad press re holding court etc. Capricorn is probably more kingly in the Saturnine sense than Leo. Its more governmental. So what is the “court” of Leo? its the search for the self – which is not to be confused with being selfish. THis self is the self of the alchemical grail. Liz Green equates this with Leo. The self is not the ego in this case, its the essence, the inner sanctum. The Hydra of Hercules was a powerhouse created to test him. The many heads could symbolise the many facets of the self. In the myth, there is an almost botanical reaction to the slaying – prune one head back and another shoots out – don’t cut off the aspect of the self, integrate it or it grows back in your face. Hercules later used the poisonous blood of the Hydra to slay other foes. So it had its uses. Once the test was completed, the Hydra became useful to Hercules. Its worht noting that Cancer’s crab ws also a weapon of Hera sent to assist the Hydra. The myth of Hercules represents submerged conflict; the poison of Hydra was eventually integrated into Hercule’s arsenal of weaponry.
      The Myth par excellence of this decan and perhaps the whole of Leo is The Fisher King, –
      “In Arthurian legend, the Fisher King, or the Wounded King, is the latest in a long line charged with keeping the Holy Grail. Versions of his story vary widely, but he is always wounded in the legs or groin and incapable of moving on his own. When he is injured, his kingdom suffers as he does, his impotence affecting the fertility of the land and reducing it to a barren Wasteland. Little is left for him to do but fish in the river near his castle Corbenic. Knights travel from many lands to heal the Fisher King, but only the chosen can accomplish the feat. This is Percival in earlier stories;
      this brings me to the chosen! Yes, we decan 3s are very particular who is allowed in the inner sanctum. The wound of imperfection or the search for the essence of self cannot be aided by fools! It needs those with magic at their fingers or wisdom. (count yourself in my inner sanctum then!!) but then we like to share what we find too for everyone’s benefit.
      PLus – “Confusingly, many works have two wounded Grail Kings who live in the same castle, a father and son (or grandfather and grandson). The more seriously wounded father stays in the castle, sustained by the Grail alone, while the more active son can meet with guests and go fishing. For the purposes of clarity in the remainder of this article, where both appear, the father will be called the Wounded King, the son the Fisher King.” Leo has an interesting relationship to the issue of father, Green says the father is often a disappointment to Leo because it seeks God the Father but it gets someone with feet of clay ( I certainly did! … and I married 2 Capricorns, Saturnine killjoy kings!). There is a similarity in the 2 signs because Capricorn is also let down by his father – think Jesus and his father who let him down!
      According to Catherine Tenant, ” Hydra, the Sea Serpent, the longest constellation in the skies. The Sea Serpent is the symbol of Nammu, the Sumerian Great Mother Goddess, who personified the primordial ocean from which all life emerged.
      Sensuous and aesthetic, you have your own code of morals and you live life by your rules. You are also tolerant of others – as you see it, life is far too precious to waste time on being disapproving or unkind. So this is the prop behind Decan 3 to some extent.
      JK Rowling has a character, “Alphard … the quiet loner” and this is directly taken from the Arabic meaning – it means the solitary one. In the catalogue of stars in the Calendarium of Al Achsasi Al Mouakket, it was designated Soheil al Fard, which was translated into Latin as Soheil Solitarius, meaning the bright solitary one. Which is a good description for our 3rd Leo decan actors. I think its constructive to look at the actual physical nature of the stars we fall under the influence of as well as the myths – Alphard has apparently 3 times the mass of the Sun and has expanded 50 times the size of the Sun. Combining the symbols of water, Hydra, snake, poison we can get a picture of kundalini (force, power of the Hydra) which needs addressing before it becomes poison (Fisher KInd type wounds)… which can eventually outshine the ego, Sun.
      Marianne- get your daughter to be creative and spend time alone with herself. The search for the grail is along one!

    3. Love the poetic, dark side take on this decan. Mother, 23 Leo, is accident prone, run over by lorry, failed hip op (didn’t wounded kings have their hips wrenched out of joint?) head on collision finally stopped her driving, thank god. My Aquarian dad meticulously photographed her wounds. Gets blood poisoning at the drop of a hat. Tree climbing activist, she saved buildings and a village pond from road scheme. Always right. Black and white. Far Right, protect your homeland from invasion, whether physical or moral. Would kill for her cubs. Always goes to the dark side of any situation. Drives me mad. Next to youngest of 7 sisters, lots of fire signs, no chance to rule!

    4. Does she have the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Leo? I know a few who have it, older people and they are so stuck with their rules and regs! Wet blankets for me too since the Saturn Pluto sits on all my stuff… Yuk.

    5. No, she’s 91! Pluto is 10 Cancer, trine Uranus; bloody-minded and rebellious. Oh, aha! that’s a transiting Pluto opposition she’s going through right now, having survived 3rd Saturn return that took my dad.

    6. purely selfish, I’m a rotten carer but I get to live in retreat by the sea and grow vegetables and watch frogs and stars while the old lioness gets to stay in her house and wear pyjamas all day. She burnt my astrology books when I was 15 so I study in secret now.

    7. just don’t let it be ‘the haunting of hill house,’ you Julie Harris, never hurts to be forewarned, take a peak at the will w/ trans sat/scorpio obsessing over inheritance

    8. Haha thanks, yes and closing on my Scorp Neptune, but her will is fine – my dad’s has been a headache and indeed an obsession – his death chart has a heavily accented 8th. He favoured me a little unfairly and I am compensating my siblings by saving a ton of money in nursing home costs – Saturn duty no bad thing.

  7. A personal observation of Alphard, which is conj my natal PLuto in the 12th – I’m hypersensitive to poisons – alcohol, antibiotics, attitudes… this position makes me really receptive to toxins so I have to avoid as hard as possible. I often won’t eat salad vegetables because I can taste the water content is not wholesome – e.g lots of tomatoes etc are watered with damaged water, water with bleach etc and I can taste it.
    I’m hypersensitive to cosmetic “perfumes” which give me migraine, likewise inhalants – tobacco, paint etc
    I can’t drink more than one cup of black tea in a day and coffe is death to me! I nearly died of a perforated appendix as a child, the poison spread into my gut etc
    Re dishing it out – well its worth considering Hydra is a water snake and water is reflective. I’m not a person to cross, anyone who shoots a poison dart at me is likely to get it back, magnified!

  8. My Pluto sits here. I have worked on cultural projects, though I end up giving orders even to authorities. They don´t quite like this ;), even when they recognize I might be *right*.

    Your grandma
    had such an style and poise, Lucy!

    You are a fine story teller, Lucy. You really have the words to entertain me. I feel as if I would sit in front of a bonfire and listen to you, or read you.


    1. You are very kind M., you’re in my 9th house! generally leo’s will do a ‘self-absorption burn off’, detox, they become unreachable, while the blast furnace purifies. Cancer may say “don’t talk to me,” Leo doesn’t hear you. It’s strange because during this process Leo’s appear the same, it’s only when you live w/ them you understand.
      My great=grandmother was afraid to feed my grand-mother and she became close to death. Their family physician, drove her out to see ordinary children, playing in the street, eating tomatoes everything. So the diet of rice-water & evaporated milk was thrown out the window…this is a famous family story as it was duplicated in me, My dad Kept my growth chart and often said, “it’s a miracle you survived,” it was my grandmothers intervention and telling of her story.

    2. You’re so right about the “‘self-absorption burn off’, detox, they become unreachable, while the blast furnace purifies. ” A lot of people just don’t know about this! Of course a Leo can see it and understand it in another but its what we do. My husband thinks its stonewalling but I have to explain to him there is a whole process going on which doesn’t have words. I can see the signs in others but not many can read it in me!

    3. Me too, I’d sit round Lucy’s bonfire. Like an oracle she comes at things sideways and speaks in riddles I don’t always understand but she is so perceptive. Much love, Lucy!

  9. Marina,

    A question! Which would be the intrinsical differences of drama between an Aries decan 3 and a Leo decan 3?

    (My sun is in the 1st. and my Pluto in the 2nd).

    Thanks and have a mice week 🙂


    1. Bees? I have just removed two mega bees from my house!

  10. As a 24 degree Leo I can certainly relate to this post. An excellent post I might add. I also have a stellium of Sun/Venus/Jupiter in Leo. I don’t display the huge ego of most Leo’s (due to the placement of my moon/mars). I’m only really “egotistical” when I know I’m right about something, and I never hesitate to admit when I’m wrong. Some of the things in here don’t match me at all. Also, and not to be criticising, but the Monty Python reference is a little off. The black night still has his head, he’s just missing arms/legs, hence why he can scream “I’ll bite your legs off”.

    1. Reading between the Lions Eric, I think that reputation for having a huge ego is off the mark. I know quite a few Leos and I can only say one has a huge ego. He is a huge man, a rabbi!

    2. I have seen this comment about Leo all the time. I used to be annoyed by it until I learned about karma. I don’t see it as punishment, I see it as consequences, action-reaction.
      If they badmouth Leo, the Leo house in their charts will suffer. it could be 5th house, 12th house etc differs each person. And because Leo is directly ruled by the Sun, the house where their Sun is, will also suffer. The Leo sun does not do this to them, they do this to themselves. I found one article by Leo Moon : https://mooncircles.com/the-sun-enters-leo/

    3. I am leo sun scorpio rising. I was mostly bullied by water signs as a child, and yet I couldn’t bring myself to hate them. If I hated them, I’d be hating cardinal houses in my chart lol that would be self sabotage !

  11. Come on now Becky, dont be such a libra about it, hehe 😛 the ravens wish they Could have the grace of a swan, cygnus.. But somehow they just fall short.. Lol, im just kidding, nothing wrong With gossiping about stars and planets for some innocent fun :-D. I have come to prefer taureans and scorpios and leos, and no matter how hard I try, I still dont like capricorns 😛

  12. There’s innocent fun and there’s being antagonistic…I’d say you are probably walking a very fine line, hmmm?! But this my point I for instance would ostensibly have little in common with a Capricorn, however one of my good friends is a sun sign Capricorn with a lot of Gemini and Aries going on. You really are aware of all three signs coexisting in her personality (with other factors at play too – obviously). Everybody is a unique combination, it is a dangerous game having too many preconceptions whether it comes to race sexuality or astrological sunsigns!

    1. Libras have good traits too, there must be a reason why an unsuspecting aquarian like me keeps attracting them time and time again. They are good conversationalists, dont take themselves too seriously, good sense of humor, pacifists, intellectual and accepting.. But they do have a shadow side, which I have seen come to the surface one too many times, which is why I simply have grown tired of them

    2. Well I can’t comment on YOUR experience of various people. But I would say pretty much everybody has a “shadow side”?! As in I think there are characteristics within everybody’s personality makeup that are less socially appealing, generally people learn to attempt to keep a lid on these but as you get closer to the individual these character “flaws” become more evident. It’s where the expression “warts and all” comes from.
      It is true to say that SOME Librans seek a kind of social perfection, a kind of perfection that nobody can live up to (including themselves). This can leave a bit of a chasm between what they are trying to be and working towards and how their behaviour can actually manifest at times. I personally however don’t know any sunsign librans I think of as being insincere. But then most Librans I know also have a Pluto component and so this is the blend I am most familiar with.

      Hmmm…we should probably return to the topic of Leo Decan 3!!!!

    3. All righty, I would honestly say they have bigger pride and more egotistical Than the leos.. Libras live inside their own bubble, refusing to lift a finger for a friend, or buy them a cup of coffee… Leos take care of those they care about, and Ask for a hug in return.. Libras do not want any upsets, ignores friends in need, because it might be uncomfertable dealing With real issues, and so they prefer a fairy-tale reality where no one can influence them or their moods, but the sad thing is that they live by themselves in this bubble, and thus ignore deeper bonding or intimacy that a leo can offer.. Their worst trait is to ignore others When it suits them, I am part of pluto in scorpio, so no plutonian libras around 😛 but the leos know how to take care of those close to them, and be nurturing, while libras want to be nurtured and pampered like Kings and Queens, but they refuse to treat others like they are worthwhile, because they need to balance everything, so if something bad happened, they would take the side of your opposing enemy, instead of Being loyal and supportive like the adorable leos 🙂

    4. Well at least we can agree on our GENERAL fondness of Leos. I have enjoyed good levels of compatibility with many sunsign Leos (naturally there are a few I have struggled with). Interestingly I have virtually no male sunsign Leos in my life, all women (though my dad is moon leo). I say this is interesting as Leo is my moon sign (the moon being feminine energy).

      Leo’s have a propensity towards being very big hearted and I admire this quality in anybody!

      People with Regulus prominent seem to love colour (myself included here), have others found this correlation?

  13. Well at least we can agree on our GENERAL fondness of Leos. I have enjoyed good levels of compatibility with many sunsign Leos (naturally there are a few I have struggled with). Interestingly I have virtually no male sunsign Leos in my life, all women (though my dad is moon leo). I say this is interesting as Leo is my moon sign (the moon being feminine energy).

    Leo’s have a propensity towards being very big hearted and I admire this quality in anybody!

    People with Regulus prominent seem to love colour (myself included here), have others found this correlation?

    1. I have regulus moon 29 degrees opposite sun 28 degrees aquarius, so full moon regulus.. And like Marina stated in this post, we do not deal well With betrayal 😛

  14. Interesting we have this synastry, especially as we seem to have become engaged in a somwhat protracted kind of discourse. My moon is also 29 degrees Leo. Mars is 0 degrees Virgo also conj Regulus.

    1. Maybe we spent some time together in the regulus dimension then, haha 😛 I also have mercury conjunct formalhaut, and imagine the formalhaut dimensions to be of kind waterfalls and heavenly music, a divine place of recreation.. While I see the regulus dimension as Being more of a gladiator/samurai type of dimension where greek tragedies are constantly played out and experinces.. I also see astrology as what stars are compatible With your current Soul development, and that the lessons you learned from each dimension are highlighted in your natal chart, like some kind of treasure Map to the past 😉

  15. I have also known a few people working in the fashion industry with their Suns on Regulus. I don’t know if anybody has found similar pattern. I think Elton John as Reg on his Asc – he certainly takes a huge interest in clothes and costume. The singer Kelis is known for her unique and unconventional take on fashion. Kelis has her Sun on Reg and if I remember correctly a stellium in decan 3 Leo (don’t quote me on this though). Both of these artists seem to LOVE colour!!!

    1. Interesting that elton J, also wrote the soundtrack for the lion king also :-). Im sure a lot of fashion designers have planetary activity with Regulus, designing beautiful garnments to pride the Kings and Queens of the world.. And all regulus influenced individuals would love to have some gucci or prada to wear, im sure, and wear it proudly

    2. Of course “The Lion King”, I’d totally forgotten about this! He couldn’t have written music for a more Leonine film if he had tried!!!!!!

  16. Leo likes to have fun, and pace days according, un-rushed happy manner is amazing, and if they have a rough time, they’ll do a self-absorbed burn off, plunge into cold water, continue on. Even Dec.1’s short fuse, will look for opportunities of mirth and pleasure as they love to laugh.

    1. I can relate. I have the most laughs with my Leo friends. Dribbling laughter, rib cracking, choking…

  17. I’m glad this topic is back on track from a certain derailer (cough cough simon) 🙂

    I have an on/off relationship with a magnetic leo decan 3. His chart shows the great alignment of ’87, so a sun/venus/mars/merc conj. With a kite and a saturn/uranus conj. Extemely magnetic and makes me want to run for the hills!! Marina’s post and the subsequent comments are right on the mark.

    1. one must study the art of rejection to disengage from a leo that loves, as he’ll except and love the whole package, regally, completely then not harshly burn off your faults. And they are often religious and belief will color thought, but they won’t care as long as love is true.
      breaking up w/ leo can be very depressing, it’s had to feel good.

    2. Yes Lucy, that is so true. Religion, metaphysics are obsessions with leo and the karmic burn off was significant for me as a decan 3 aries. Its hard living up to the idealized image that leo holds of its lover, and yes while they are semi patient in the burnoff they get restless wondering why no progress is made quickly and that seems to lead to an abandoning stage in the relationship. And then once my mind is purified and the “burnoff” has subsided, leo decan 3 senses a change and pops his furry head back in.

    3. in my life leo was instructive, leading by example he became a wind wind in the kitchen, dreaming of the day I’d do the same for him. (hum) Leo’s plan ahead and say, “feel the love,” attach ‘respect’ to everything they give you. So you have to wear it, enjoy it. Leo boss likes,” good-morning sir,” smiles and good humor he often brings them in a pre-fab-planned way.
      My Leo believed he wouldn’t get wrinkles if he stood on his head 3 hours a day. funny how blood pools

    4. be careful too because Leo is perfectly happy doing absolutely nothing, My workative, Aquarian(same DOB as glen beck) friends Leo husband’ is happy sitting round watching grandchildren accumulate and then to seal the deal became disabled, bad back, so now she has a furry bed warmer….so it’s a word of caution….the neighborhood kids call him ‘fur-ball’. so he’s made a name for himself.

    5. I wouldnt say that gossiping about men is so relevant to astrology either, but then again, I just thought that a heated debate would be relevant to the energy of this post, and a lot of mars leo energy came forth through discussion, the post probably carries that energy With it 🙂 but what is relevant to one might not be to another

  18. there’s a bit of Pygmalion in all fire but leo magnanimously wants to fix faults and develops plans, strategies, that one finds out about. Often they miss-read, and so don’t see underlying causes, (me it was exhaustion, single mom) and he was optimistic about my chances as the perfect house wife with dinner on the table and house-clean and came over with recipes and cleaning kits.

    1. it didn’t work and he didn’t mind, “so be it,” he said at the pizza boxes, six-packs…he turned to chapter 2 in the instruction manual, and decided I needed to meet the family.. They were smart business people like him, substantial, scary, my family is quite daft, and wouldn’t notice things for days I felt them looking at me like their sun had work to do. Next thing I know he’s taking us on vacation, also he insisted on driving me everywhere. I’m a good driver, he had serious accidents, in fact he almost lost his lower leg to a motorcycle accident when he was 17. I still miss the guy he was great fun and funny But the break-up was awful and inevitable.

    2. Aww… Never mind Lucy, it sounds like you had fun and you speak well of him! That’s good.

  19. Some interesting ancient info about this decan – it is one of the
    Nakshastras or lunar mansions of Hindo astrology, (one of 27 sections of the ecliptic) and also has part of another, The name of the first one is Ashlesha, the second is Magha. Ashlesha means “the embrace” and corresponds to the constellation Hydra the deity Naga – deified snakes. It goes from 12’40 to 26 western Leo.
    Magha means “the bountiful” and its associated star is Regulus. It goes from 26 Leo in our western zodiac to 9’20 Virgo. The deity or deities are the Pitris – or ancestral fathers. The Pitris – “there are different classes of the Pit?s and they have different origins, forms, grades and abodes. A broad distinction exists between the dev?? pitara? (divine Pit?s) and the manu?y?? pitara? (Pit?s who were deceased human beings). Some of the Pit?s dwell in the heavenly abodes while other dwell in the netherworlds. The former who dwell in the heaven were considered as the gods and the gods were also considered as the Pit?s.
    The Pit?s are most primeval deities and they never cease to exist. The manu?y?? pitara? (ancestors of human beings) can attain the same level of the divine Pit?s and live with them in heaven by righteousness.
    They are reborn at the end of every thousand mahayugas and revive the worlds. From them all the Manus and all progeny at the new creation are produced.[1]
    I wonder if the origin of the idea of Royalty, divine right etc and the principles of Regulus originate with the idea of the Pitris? There are lunar and Solar pitris –
    The Lunar Pitris are the Fathers of life below the human state and the Solar Pitris are the Fathers of human consciousness and above. An individual’s Solar Angel would be a Solar Pitris that interacting with refined substance to give birth to your consciousness. The Solar Pitris
    interacts with higher substance to create the egoic, or casual body of man. As the energy of this refined body unfolds the consciousness expands and soul contact is achieved.
    The Lunar Pitris interact with matter to build the vehicles (bodies) of man animal and the entire body of the Planetary Logos. I think this is the essence of Leo creativity/regality.

  20. the bear& lion devoir prey alive, Leo devoir’s the life of others and also gives it. My mother’s Leo rising devoirs our time energy, thoughts while she visits but when she’s gone boy do we feel it!
    Leo matures well, smile indulgently at the faults of others are generally superior, keep up a sphere of influence, the ‘ego’ we see comes from a desire for things to revolve around them, while they provide life itself. Leo’s have a strong life force and a wounded, genetically altered, or kingdom demolished, have people dancing at their attendance.
    Another amusing quality is they sometimes pick the less advantaged, rag-tag/ unattractive crowd as their court. The desire to feel superior and be loved is great.

    1. also they’re born actors, act-out feelings, display real ones too but acting them out is more fun and keeps moods on the up&up. They have an entertaining way of switching moods and expression to dramatize, Mom says boo-hoo and rubs her eyes. Capricorn/moon/Leo/sun …taurus/moon/Leo sun are too strong, money becomes religion…virgo moon/leo sun is often overdoes the bounty bestowed on family, in a blind/spot/overprotective NM way, cap/Taurus moon are often ruthless.

    2. Great description – but sometimes that court of wraggle taggle gypsies is there out of genuine desire to make others happy and improve their lot! George Bernard Shaw – although not a decan 3,but a first with a second decan IC wrote Pygmallion -which was the basis for My Fair Lady. He was an avid socialist, a co- founder of the LOndon School of economics, wrote 0ver 60 plays and nearly his entire body of work including essays, journalism etc addressed social injustice. Other issues which engaged Shaw’s attention included education, marriage, religion, government, health care, and class privilege. He was most angered by what he perceived as the exploitation of the working class. An ardent socialist, He became an accomplished orator in the furtherance of its causes, which included gaining equal rights for men and women, alleviating abuses of the working class, rescinding private ownership of productive land, and promoting healthy lifestyles.
      Of course his Leo sense of drama made his work magnetic to a huge audience but it was more form the heart to improve the lives of his rag tag country men and women than to be adored.

    3. thanks for the plumping out with context. So Henry Higgins, was archetypical Aries class snob, Shaw exposes as a fraud, just as Eliza is exposed as a Bulgarian princess. Eliza seems Libra victim/victorious….
      My 3rd dec grandmother was suffragette, ran off with a socialist, his cocktail was poisoned at their home while running for office… real drama, she dove away from that and into making money but Leo isn’t really materialistic, more glory seeking, parade, banner waving, positive that good will come. She was very good at discovering talent, authors agent for a few notables. Leo has a way of seeing through all problems to the goodness in ones heart.
      One of her authors was ‘a mess’ she said, but she got him published.

  21. I call Aug 16 “Yes-Elvis-Madonna Day” because I saw Yes Aug 16, 1977: The last thing I heard on the radio before I left was that Elvis had died. Her Madge-esty moved to NYC that day. My MC is 20LEO conj my North Node at 22LEO in turn conj my Uranus 0VIR24 on Regulus (progressed Uranus 29LEO). No surprise I’m polyamorous (OK…polygamous in reality!).

  22. Hi Marina,
    Can you tell me something good about this sign when the ego is more under the control of the higher self and not the lower? I hate thinking of myself this way. Or how, being a loving and faithful person do I integrate this material. I have been like this in the past but mostly unconsciously. How can I use this powerful Mars energy consciously and for the good of all?

    1. “These cats have big generous hearts, and their unashamed pride, openness and honesty is refreshing.”
      They can be a real inspiration to those who have a really weak sense of self. I love and admire this decan, (opposite my Mars.) So brave and daring. They really own their sovereignty and I respect that immensely. The problem I think these days is we have been taught to be ashamed of these qualities.

  23. Born 13/8/1971 @ 1.40PM UK time in Lincoln. So I am new to all of this. I know my moon is in Taurus, my sun in Leo decan 3 and my rising is Scorpio and my Mars is in Aquarius. My sun is square my moon. Marina I am confused. I am decan 3 Leo but this is not me at all? Yes I am loyal and believe in loyalty. I do cut people off if they betray me however that’s where it ends. I am squeamish and hate the sight of blood. I am not a leader and get quite anxious about stepping up into the limelight. I am quietly competitive but would never tread on anyones toes to win. I am not bitchy, am sensitive and prefer being alone. I love travelling and live overseas away from all my relatives. I sacrifice my career to enable my children to feel loved and supported. A bit perplexed really by it all.

  24. Ah! Have now found out I have my rising in Scorpio decan 2. Now that is definitely more me!

  25. Thank you, Marina!
    Ex is a 3rd decan Leo. I cheated on him. Yes, I told him. Does this mean he will never forgive me?

    1. Good luck with that , born on the 22 of august , i dont handle betrayal very well , in fact i tend to cut of the person like they never existed in my life, but thats just me , and thats not a good thing to be honest. If you really want him back , give your all in convincing him.

  26. i think for me, Aug 21st, i tend to find someone who is family-oriented a bit, i.e. like to cook, like to stay at home, but also like to social. That’s why I love SAGITTARIUS and PISCES. They are very warm and sweetheart (in my point of view). They are also quite supportive and that’s what I look for.

  27. I was born on Leo/Virgo cusp (19/08) and Sun in Leo Moon in Cancer ASC also in Cancer (Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine). Is this a sign of balance ??? but I find myself very conflicting ex: I find it very difficult to reveal my true personality and talents maybe because of Cancer Moon and Cancer ASC, so i hate Cancer and other feminine signs such as :Pisces, Virgo in my natal chart, unfortunately i have a lot of these signs. How do you feel for me ???

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