Libra Decan 3 ~ Oct 11 to 22


Libra Decan 3 is ruled by Jupiter and Mercury (Gemini triplicity). The Sun permeates through the constellations of the Virgin, the Herdsman, the Flying Fish, the Great Ship, the Centaur and the Watersnake from approximately October 11 to 22. There is a big feeling of transition here while we sail into the unknown. At the same time, as we dip our feet into the occult, there is great potential for illumination.

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It does seem like these natives need to go through a period of initiation, maybe an endurance test that involves some suffering. Libra decan 3 tend to have to go through some tough times where they pushed to prove themselves. They may be harshly judged because their ideas or behavior is controversial in some way.

Libra Decan 3 General Meaning

These folk may be exiled and painted out to be the bad guys even though Libra decan 3 actually see themselves as whiter then white. Anti-heroes, fallen souls and the victims of society will fascinate them, but ironically in helping society’s outcasts, the Libra decan 3 becomes the outsider themselves.

Libra decan 3 cannot help but pick up the collective mirror and reflect back to the world its shadow side. Austin Coppock points out that this decan is attributed the goddess Nemesis, but that the myth itself has nothing to do with its general English use. Still, I can see that possibility in the negative expression of this decan with some natives being demonised.

Libra Decan 3 Tarot Card

full moon April

The tarot card associated with this decan is the four of swords which is associated with mental exhaustion and retreat. This is really not surprising since one of this decan’s theme is perfecting the intellect. Natural talent gushes out of them and they can easily burn themselves out. The decan’s rulers reflect the need for higher wisdom and mental agility.

Karmically “The Four of Swords carries a very real warning of the consequences of not taking care of your mental health during stressful times.  If you are coping at present then this card suggests that you are close to the edge and if you do not take the necessary steps to take a break then it may very well be forced upon you.  It warns of the potential for mental breakdowns, medical care and even hospitalisation.” ~ teachmetarot.
Generally this is a positive decan with the fixed star Spica at the centre of it, but these brilliant souls will learn in this lifetime that they must take care of their physical body as well as their brain.

Austin says “Nemesis was not the archenemy, but a force which restored balance to life’s chaotic wheel.. Her name means ‘She who distributes what is due’ and she was dispatched to afflict those whose crimes had gone unpunished and to bring low those who had not earned their good fortune.” [1]

Jupiter ruling this decan gives them the zeal to make the planet a better place. Libra decan 3 have a great need to purify the earth, this can be intellectual or physical cleansing. The dark side of this can be seen in the eugenics programme in the US and Germany in the 1930’s. Others may do this through spirituality, but this decan should try to be careful not to overly demonise anything too dark or shadowy with their emphasis on brilliance. For in their efforts to bring harmony they can unwittingly end up creating the very opposite effect, polarity and division.

Brilliant White Intellect & Shadow Workers

Libra decan 3 may be a bit of an intellectual snob. They cannot abide stupidity and seek to enlighten by knowledge. Jupiter ruling here will stress the importance of higher learning so they make great teachers. The influence of the Gemini triplicity is also seen as Gemini loves to gather information.

The super shiny star Spica here floods this decan with natural talent. However, sometimes these subjects might be a little too reliant on their gifts and need other dynamic aspects in their chart to goad them into action.So strangely, Libra decan 3 are sometimes much better at motivating others than themselves. They can work very well in a team, with a more forceful Marsy partner pushing forward the agenda.

The first half of the decan is definitely more Venusian while as we work towards the Mars-ruled Scorpio tropical sign that follows it, we see that the more reckless, passionate side of Bootes the Herdsman takes over. When the Libran scales get the balance of the two in perfect harmony, this gives Libra Decan 3 its great success. How can one fail with Spica’s genius and talent blended with cocksure Arcturus’ great good luck?

Libra Decan 3 Fixed Stars

Libra 20º 37 ~ Alpha Volans in Volans the Flying Fish. 4.1*
Libra 21º 52’~ Heze in the girdle of Virgo the Virgin. 3.4
Libra 22º 09’~ Foramen in the keel of Argo Navis the Great Ship. 1.9
Libra 23º 50’~ Spica in the ear of wheat held by Virgo the Virgin. 0.9
Libra 24º 14’~ Arcturus in the left knee of Bootes the Herdsman. 0.04
Libra 24º 15’~ Nekkar near the left ear of Bootes the Herdsman. 3.6
Libra 27º 01’~ Gamma Hydra in Hydra the Watersnake. 3.3
Libra 27º 29’~ Delta Centaurus in Centaurus the Centaur. 2.8
Libra 28º 06’~ Izar in the loins of Bootes the Herdsman. 2.7

*Magnitude. Star positions for the year 2000.

Libra Decan 3 Fixed Stars *

We start with the Alpha Volans 20º in Volans, “fish flying, evokes the idea of a thing in a foreign environment; “a fish out of water” is a metaphor for something being out of its element; a stranger, exile, foreign.” As I said already that these people can be seen as the bad guys and exiled. Volans’ derivative, “volatile” means to be fickle with rapid mood swings which again reflects the Gemini triplicity. Here the subject may well be swinging from black to white. Sinner or saint.


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Libra Decan 3 Planets & Angles

Sun Libra 3

Foramen 22º: “Danger of shipwreck”
Spica 23º: “Great and lasting preferment, eminent dignity, immense wealth, great happiness to native’s parents and children, help from friends among clergy, favorable for public and legal affairs.”
Arcturus 24º: “ Success through slow and patient plodding, friends among clergy, favorable for gain and for dealing with the public and lawyers.”

The Sun is in its fall in Libra in general and has no dignity in decan 3 at all. However, the Sun is saved by the great fortune of both Spica and Arcturus. The closer the Sun is to the middle of the decan the better. The concept of balance here is stronger because these angels appear to have ‘fallen’. Sun Libra 3 can be quite brilliant, therefore they attract a lot of envy. Those that cannot stand to see them succeed will be forever trying to knock these folk off their pedestals.

Sometimes, however, the ribbing or egg throwing can be justified if the natives really haven’t done anything worthy to justify their adoration. One thing that Sun decan 3 develops then is a great sense of balance. They are constantly making small adjustments to their stance, rather like someone doing a balance pose in Yoga. I think this balancing act is why there is such a good selection of health gurus in the list below.

There are also some folk who are famous for just being famous, due to the Arcturian luck of being in the right place at the right time. Others on the list are either just very beautiful or in the limelight due to having famous partners, parents or relatives. Sun Libra 3 seems to be born lucky, though later in the decan I think they would need to work harder to hold on to their good fortune. So even though the Sun is indeed in its fall here, it does not seem to have prevented the success of the examples below. It could be the case that the fixed stars really do have the kind of power that helps people become actual stars. Britain’s Davina McCall is an interesting example in that she is famous for hosting ‘Big Brother’ which turns nobodies into C list celebrities overnight. For me the luck of this decan, if there is no real talent behind it, can be very glitzy but vacuous, and represent fame for fame’s sake

Sun Libra 3 Examples: Nicholas Culpepper, Bruce H Lipton, Deepak Chopra, Marie Stopes, Timothy Leary, Kim Kardashian, Zac Efron, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Lourdes Ciccone-Leon, Jade Jagger, Dannii Minogue, Oscar Wilde, Steve Coogan, Divine, Cliff Richard, Montgomery Clift, Carrie Fisher, Sarah Ferguson, Edwina Currie, Jean Claude Van Damme, Jeff Goldblum, Evel Knievel, Chuck Berry, Johnny Carson, Davina McCall, Lee Harvey Oswald, Martina Navratilova, Pelé, Friedrich Nietzsche, Noel Coward/Wilson Davison.


Libra eBooks

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