Aquarius Decan 3 ~ Feb 8 to 19 (20º-30º)

Aquarius Decan 3 ~ Fixed Stars

Aquarius 21º 47’ ~ Nashira in the fish-tail of Capricornus. 3.8*
Aquarius 22º 19′ ~ Beta Grus in Grus the Crane 2.2
Aquarius 23º 07’ ~ Kitalpha in Equuleus the Foal 4.1
Aquarius 23º 24’ ~ Sadalsuud in the left shoulder of Aquarius 3.1
Aquarius 23º 33’ ~ Deneb Algedi in the fish-tail of Capricornus 3.0
Aquarius 24º 50’ ~ Sador in the breast of Cygnus the Swan 2.3
Aquarius 27º 45’ ~ Gienah in the wing of Cygnus the Swan 2.6
Aquarius 29º 10’ ~ Delta Hydrus in Hydrus the male water snake 4.2
*Magnitude and star positions for year 2000

Aquarius Decan 3 ~ General Meaning

Aquarius decan 3 is ruled by the Moon and Venus. (Libra Triplicity) It brings the confrontation of the old with the new, so this is the most revolutionary and edgy decan of Aquarius. The Sun travels through the goat, the foal, the water-bearer, the swan and the male water-snake from approximately February 9 to 18. This decan marries the swan’s unbridled imagination (and libido) with the transformative spiraling tail of the sea-goat.

Saturn rules both Aquarius and Capricorn and is the last planet one can see with the naked eye, so it has no illusions and is plain speaking. This is Aquarius at its most scientific and skeptical, but at the same time is open to exploring other realms, it just needs to test them out first. This testing is very marked in everything they do. Aquarian decan 3 test limits, push boundaries and most of all test peoples patience!

7 of swordsThe goat’s influence here is at its most capricious and devilish, mainly because of the swan’s poetic influence and the fact it is also ruled by two feminine planets. This means we have a nice balance of masculine, left brain logic and feminine right brain imagination. These are the flirty Aquarians, the ones with a ‘horny’ sex drive and seductive pan pipes since the sea-goat was originally the god Pan. The swan is artistic, the male water-snake is sleazy and the goat loves a good romp, so Aquarius decan 3 is a bohemian hedonist and seducer. This decan works so hard, it believes it has also earned itself the right to play hard too.

Horny Pied Pipers & Judge Mental

Aquarian decan 3 can be skittish and playful like the foal. Some of them, despite their intelligence, can manage to come across as real airheads. I love how the now obsolete constellation of the air balloon used to be positioned here. Others are more like the “Devil-may-care” Fool in the tarot, a wandering troubadour with a dash of Peter Pan thrown in.

The tarot card associated with decan is the seven of swords. This card is about plotting and can be quite sneaky. Successive past lives may have placed the native into such dire circumstances that they may have resort to breaking the law to survive. These folk learned to live by their wits and built up a persona of the charming rogue. “Being resourceful, thinking on your feet and trying to outsmart your opponent or competitor is part and parcel of everyday life and there are times when we all have to try to get into someone’s head to find out what it is that makes them tick…. They spend a long time getting to know their opponent by watching and analyzing their tactics so that they can go out and play a psychological game.” ~ Teachmetarot. This fits with the ‘testing’ tendencies that this decan displays generally.

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Sun Aquarius 3

Sadalsuud 23º “Occult interests, psychic, wealth through opposite sex involving litigation, domestic harmony”
Deneb Algedi
 23º “Loss through false friends, high position but final disgrace and ruin, loss of money or property, sickness, worry through children.” “To be respected, to give wisdom. To instill in others a love of knowledge and to build a reputation for being steady and consistent with one’s profession.” [3]

The occult influence is obvious as you can see from the natives below’, however, there is also surprisingly great success in a conventional sense. Unusual in an area of the Sun’s detriment, the mystical side can push these folk up the status ladder. The stars then give some power, but the goat’s fishtail always seems to bring some downfall. I think this would be because of some of these subjects uneasy connection with that difficult occult wisdom. The sun in this decan doesn’t bring an easy life. Abraham Lincoln is a good example. He was known to be a religious skeptic, and in the end, was assassinated for his abolition of slavery. On the other extreme, there is Paris Hilton…totally a slave to the matrix and its baubles. My guess here is that it’s either all or nothing. If you play the game and surrender your sovereignty 100%, you have basically sold your soul to the devil. Once in a position of power, you cannot rebel against your paymaster or you will be brought down. Best keep a low profile with this one and work underground. You can still work to bring down the system, but you have to be very clever about it! Austin Coppock calls this decan ‘The Knot’. He says “On a spiritual level this face represents disenchantment with the fabric of everyday life and its petty terrors. It is a divine discontentment, the same that (the Buddha,) Siddhartha Gautauma felt before he left his uncomfortable home.” [4]

SUN AQUARIUS 3 EXAMPLES: Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Sir Thomas More, Eckhart Tolle, Barbara Hand-Clow, Pamela Colman-Smith, Alex Jones, Thomas Edison, Sarah Palin, Mary Quant, Jimmy Hoffa, Joe Pesci, John Travolta, Matt Dillon, Burt Reynolds, Mia Farrow, Christina Ricci, Philip Glenister, Michael Elphick, Yoko Ono, Peter Gabriel, Robbie Williams, Sonny Bono, Carol King, Sheryl Crow, Cybil Shepard, Greta Scacchi, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Aniston, Molly Ringwald, Stockard Channing, Barry Humphries, Leslie Nielsen, John McEnroe.

1. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.179.
2. Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990, p.22.
3. Star & Planet Combinations, Bernadette Brady, p.152
4. The 36 Decans. Austin Coppock.p.239

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61 thoughts on “Aquarius Decan 3 ~ Feb 8 to 19 (20º-30º)

  1. The soul was believed to incarnate into the flesh after having descended from Heaven passing through the Gate of Man. Having lived another live on Earth the soul eventually left the body after death and returned to Heaven again this time passing through the Gate of God. The Gate of Man corresponds with the crossing of the Milky Way and ecliptic at 5° Gemini (sidereal zodiac) while the Gate of God corresponds with the crossing of the Milky Way and ecliptic in 5° Sagittarius.

    The Greek writer Macrobius called these gates on the ecliptic, through which the souls ascended and descended to Heaven, the Gates of the Sun. This is because not only mortal man but also the Sun dies and is reborn in the precession cycle at the very same gates.

    1. rings true, early sag. produces ‘head in clouds, feet on ground’ types, uranian height too. Sag will go off in all directions and although really fun to be with are inconsistant socially. Aquarians are socially smart understanding power structure, the uniform that’s rebelled against in youth is donned later as chief of police, comgressman or teacher. Abraham Lincoln the child climbed on stumps, did parodies of politicians in Illinoise,most were illerate so be drew crowds. Aquarius love the stage, being on display, the power of attractiveness. the last 3rd love ideals that come with just leadership, truth, fainess under the law but like libra lack compassion when it comes to crime.

    2. UQW or Marina, if you read this, can you clarify this? By 5 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius do you mean that’s the constellation the sun is in at the summer/winter taking precession of equinox into account (rather than 0 Cancer/Capricorn) and does the Galactic centre relate to gate of heaven? Confused of Sussex!

    3. Hi Rachel, as I understand it its actually the sidereal position. There’s not much info about this position however it is something covered in Esoteric astrology. According to Ray astrology the Ray passing through Gemini created the human mind – Gemini is a mental sign but also the sign of the duality of the human mind. The Ray passing through Sagittarius brings spiritual light to man. – This has one explanation of the position,
      And Nick Anthony Fiorenza explains it in more detail here – you have to scroll down a bit –
      I don’t think the actual galactic centre is the Gate of God as such – SAgittarius is the entrance to the gate of God and at the time of Macrobius that was calculated to be 5 degrees – some people calculate it at 29/0 Taurus/Gemini – I think its probably a bit difficult to pinpoint. Certainly in antiquity the actual position of the Archer’s Bow was considered the vital point as the arrow was fired into the galactic centre.
      The Galactic centre – i.e the absolutely calculable point of the spiral seems to be at 26 Sag but there are several points around that area which are active – i.e send forth extreme gamma radiation which periodically spreads through the Galaxy.
      This little video shows the active stars at the Galactic centre – so which ever one fires off next with a cosmic volley might be the new position of the Gate of God.

      Physicist Paul La Violette has constructed a very elegant theory about the GC – citing a volley from Sagitta which resulted in a major catastrophe ( he also calculates the 26,000 cycle, a lesser one of half that and some lesser still) – he explains this in Earth Under Fire (book – lots of interviews on youtube ).

      I don’t think the actual degree is that crucial – rather the stars of the region. One to watch is SGR 1806-20 – As of 2012, SGR 1806-20 is the most highly magnetized object ever observed, with a magnetic field over 1015 gauss (1011 tesla) in intensity[1] (compared to the Sun’s 1–5 gauss). SGR 1806-20 has a magnetic field that is a quadrillion (short scale) times stronger than that of the Earth. Its magnitude increased dramatically in a very short time – La Violette has it responsible for the 2004 Tsunami. I’m enclosing a picture of the position of SGR 1806-20.
      It doesn’t have an exotic name (does it??) but look at the position – between Sagittarius and Ophiucus. Perhaps it is the Gate of God this time around and will earn its name in star lore being associated with floods? – article includes the links with 2004 tsunami.
      I don’t think the Gate of Man/God is an exact fixed point – sorry to have waffled on – I hope this answers your question!

  2. along w/ the 3rd of Libra the last bit of Aquarius is connected to the super-organizing-power, especially later in a life of hard work, honesty, attachment to ideals, devotion… they move society. But also look at Abraham Lincoln, consider his face, the sorrow, he was called ‘the great emanicapator’, while losing scores of citizens, his children to disease, I believe he thought the war a disaster, no one predicted the length and yet he didnot flinch, held firm, even in deep depression,ideals eventually won.
    Although Libra is tinged with martyrdom and self-righteousness Aquarius seems to rise above all of humanity, to a realm of goodness we eventually bow down to. They belong to the world and often suffer from family life.

  3. “But we’ll still see each other, you’re my best friend!…” Hello there, Aquarius decan 3. Lovely to have been with you, but we’re not going to see each other nor be friends, love! 😛
    I was looking forward to reading about this decan, and the post really does describe my experience. Oh yeah, sex drive, and I used to wonder how come an air sign be so …er…interested in the subject! Provocative, stubborn, family life suffers, check, check, check.
    Nice to think about how much I’ve learnt from these people, but in all honesty I prefer to keep a distance; they can be very, very hurtful, even if they only mean well (which is not always the case). Certainly *not* the ‘best friend’ kind of guy, although they seem to think so…until their own intense feelings blow up in their face (and, sadly, the face of the person involved with them)!
    Still, a very interesting decan, I reckon.
    Great writing Marina!

  4. Hi Marina Iam an 18th of February birthday & you have described me to a tee !!! Well done….

  5. Pretty accurate, I must say. I’m a sun at 22 degrees Aquarius. So which star am I alligned with, there’s no 22 degree one listed? thanks!

    1. Hi Ellen, probably Sadalsuud. It’s a major star so therefore a larger orb. My Lilith at 22º 18′ is still just 39′ from it so well within orb. Depends when you were born, but if its around 1966 then Sadalsuud was about 35′ back from where it was in 2000 which is the position for these stars. You always have to take precession into account.

    2. Hi Marina, I’d forgotten I wrote this. I was born 1950…so is Sadalsuud still the one?

  6. Ha HA! I dated an Aquarian who was an architect like this, also a snake in Chinese Astrology. He was an uber male slutty pants and we parted ways, stayed friends, shared a group house together, had a relationship again many years later, parted as friends and so on like that. He was a vegetarian, meditating, air-heady type that was utterly convinced the planets revolved around him, without the warmth of a leo. Still, as a blonde Italian with violet eyes he seemed to snake charm his way about the world with a languid slither and boyish grin.

    1. You paint a great picture!, was his Sun at the end of the decan 3, cusp of Pisces making him more slinky?

    1. Thanks I have added him to the list and he’s a great example. I think he sits well with Barbara Hand-Clow and Yoko Ono both whom I think would fall under the banner of “conspiracy theorists” (Tho I hate that term. Most people understand what it implies). Truth theory and alternative media is very Decan 3.

    2. flair for the dramatic don’t you think? he started out w/ texas DHS problems, next we find him outside the courthouse w/ a bullhorn, went undecover to bohemian grove & secretly recorded killing care, Now is forever on the move recording in transit. bouncing in cars, walking down sidewalks gesticulating…there was no settling down after marrage, the kids kicked in protective hormones and alex went on a tare. He’s rather untouchable, the crowd turns happy, no one takes him serious, only fun entertaining.

  7. My IC is exactly 20AQU00′ and my South Node is 22AQU05′. Uranus is the highest planet in my natal/progressed chart, in my natal Xth. It is now my progressed sole (final) dispositor.

  8. I can’t access the other decans – however, worth noting that Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Bavarian Illuminati is a 2nd decan Aquarian with a stellium from 3 degrees to 17 of Jupiter, Mercury ,Uranus noth node and Sun.

  9. I love this piece. It describes my natal Venus placement perfectly. At 22 30 of Aquarius, she’s always been the “troublemaker” in my natal chart (in my natal 7th).
    I’ve introduced 2 former lovers to the women they would ultimately marry.
    No surprise that I’ve been in several polyamorous relationships over the years.
    One of the greatest flings of my life was with a Decan 3 Aquarius – a truly unique character the likes of which I have not met since.
    Aquarius 3 are (in my opinion) the epitome of “Love the one you’re with” and all the free love, hippie mindset that was popular decades ago.

    1. I have Lilith/Mars here and we get the new Moon on 21º Aquarius 2 moro. Woo hooo! Free love eh? Blimey… It’s going to be that kind of a week with Vals day and all that.

      Mars/Lilith in my 10th though so I will be in love with my work as per usual. Duh.

    2. For 12 years I have been in an on/off but virtually exclusive relationship with someone whose Venus is conjunct mine in this decan. It did indeed take 18 months of Saturnian deliberation even to get going and we’ve been banging on each other’s doors and running away ever since. We’ve had our moments, probably when something nice was aspecting.

  10. be kissing aquarius good bye! fixed air, fixed ideas, always right, won’t listen, try and change them! true blue BLOCK-HEADS!!! and they will try and change YOU into their image of a wonderful friend, mate, lovey-dovey when they can’t grasp simple stuff, have extremely fond bias for their own ideas and since their heads are filled to the brim nothing new fits!

    1. “Since their heads are filled to the brim nothing new fits!”. I do love that, I think of Aquarius’s urn over flowing. Hmmm.. Flood heads!

    2. consider lincoln, he stuck to his ideals, result was 200,000+ dead americans.., tiny little towns like bridgton & lincoln, Maine have civil war memorials w/ 30 names. Total disaster..he had no fondness for his only surviving son Robert, 2 of his sons died, tad braindamaged from a fever died age 21. His marriage was a disaster too…he federalized, freed eventually gave his life, like so many others befor him…he did experience life deeply and knew the suffering BUT DIDN’T CHANGE HIS MIND.

    3. taurus meathead

      aquarian boys and girls! get flexable or end up w/ a lincoln face

  11. Lucy, that’s a very unfortunate and negative approach you have to astrology and personality. And especially Aquarians, and Lincoln. The water in the Aquarius urn is the water of spiritual enlightenment. Not all Aquarians you meet will be enlightened. But, no star sign has a monopoly on enlightenment. It is for each person to find his own insight and awareness of the oneness of the universe…And, if you don’t like Lincoln (who abolished slavery), why mention Sir Thomas More?

  12. I see a bit of me but not very much, 2-11-64,Dragon.I seem to be a gate keeper and the good friend.I have read lot’s of these post and I’m sorta shocked I seem to be the one who gets the body slam, Not the other way round. We are not all stuck nor are we mean spirited some of us are evolved, Thoughs? Maybe iv’e gone rogue but lesson’s learned are learned!I do have some spiritual gifts maybe that helps? Also I am wondering about medications and the use of them in my chart. I have been giving advise to take and I never feel ok when i take anything? I read somewhere in my chart to stay away from drugs? Thanks for input.

    1. aquarius can be most self-sacrificing, to ideals and ideas, the rest of us tear our hair out trying to reach them.

    2. Yes. I think I am maybe to self sacrificing … I have my sun in Virgo 9’24 I am just trying hard to understand all of this. I am not the studious type I don’t read directions. I just feel it then do. I am on a learning curve and trying to just dodge the negative hateful stuff being sent out in waves~ I need better body armor.Thanks for any info I am greatful for advice on the meds I don’t want to take it. I do suffer from axniety. I am just pouring it all in to my art. Keeping guard over my children.

    3. I have my Mars here. Sometimes I can be like the above, but in the past I have been the complete self-sacrificing, doormat to men (Mars) who act totally like this decan. This may be your shadow, but it’s still you. I am starting to learn to own mine, but I think it happens more after the age of 45. Older, wiser, etc..

    4. As always, you do need to look at the whole chart. The meanings I give are for this area in its purest essence, you have to take into account what house its in and how the planet here is aspected. A person with a whole stellium here and in the first house is going to show all this very strongly. But if you just have your Sun here, but its buried in the 4th and conjunct Neptune or Saturn its going to colour it in a difference way. You may be a more lunar person with that in another zone with different attributes.

    5. Thanks, I do understand this is more complex on the whole I’m always happy to read these. I am still learning how. I did not understand I needed to read Virgo to understand my Sun so not just Aquarius. I read Tarot for years but this is a whole new thing.It is daunting all the info. I had my natal chart done years ago I think I may need to order a new one from you.
      Thanks for the info.

  13. Decans are new to me. How can you tell in which Decan your other planetary/ moon/ star influences lie? Is it the DEGREE in which it appears on my chart rather than the DATE as when refering to the sun influence?? Hope my question makes sense…for example I am definitely Decan 3 Aquarius sun! However,I have a Taurus moon…but how do I know which Decan to refer to…..Love your work. Big fan. So glad I found you.

    1. Hi Paula, Yes with the degrees they work like this: decan 1 degrees 00°00? to 09°59?, decan 2 degrees 10°00? to 19°59? and decan 3 degrees 20°00? to 29°59?.

  14. Marina, you forgot to add Janice Dickinson and Chris Farley to the list of aquarius dekan 3 suns 🙂

  15. just soooo true min I was a party gooer ..smoking drinking being CRAzy DOING Things on a wim … totaly on plant Z ..eccentic to the full ….now 3m ths ago ..stopped all that now am chilled ..ans HIGH ON LIFE . wot BEAUTIFUL PLACE TO BE … am a decan 3 ..

  16. very true, i got the most fluctuating mind & very rebellious. i hate those who dnt have high standard thinking like me & i avoid thm as much i can. & yes i m workaholic & my style of work is different.

  17. I am sun, moon and ascendant decan3, takes a long time to process, love to cause trouble, am very sensitive to feelings. love to be alone at times but no man is an island!

  18. What would having sun in leo decan 1 and moon in 3rd aquarius decan cause? Probably a lot of failed relationships up until this point? I feel like I’m in danger from my community because I live in a small christian town. That could be my moon square pluto talking or the fact I’ve gone through life very dogmatic and it’s catching up to me now. Either way I’m looking for help and am willing to change In order to remain safe and keep others out of trouble. With that said, I feel like others have led me to trouble and now I’m left hanging because of everyone’s dishonesty. What to do?

  19. Also, being a leo born after the pluto in scorpio generation (1996) into the uranus in aquarius time I feel like people just aren’t gonna want to help me because of the way I come off

  20. Terrific again. your magnification brings great insight for the wise to learn from. many thank yous and blessings.

  21. Hey ANIME in my humble opinion it sounds like you might want to skip town, and never look back!

  22. Yikes Marina, I love and appreciate your writing, but have to say you must have known some rather un-evolved souls born under aquarius. I’m a decan 3 and don’t relate to much of what you wrote under any of the aquarian decans. I’ve known, and grown up with plenty of aquarians too. To me, it feels like you’re brushing the edges of the truth, but an incorrect projection of light-angle has caused a distortion of the actual reality.

  23. Got Venus here and you’re on the money, I am a nightmare girlfriend, testing every relationship to destruction and ‘vanting to be alawn’ A LOT. Spent 10 years on and off (naturally) with someone with Venus conjunct mine – we did give each other space!

  24. Love this detailed analysis.
    I only have IC in decan 3, 23 degrees. This guy I like has Mercury at same degree, but more importantly Moon at 29 degrees. He’s Pisces Sun, like me, but it seems this Moon makes him emotionally distant. I can relate because I have Aquarius Venus, but he’s pretty aloof even for me.

  25. hey that pretty well describes me sun moon merc in aqu…the7th was my bd we are very distant on another planet

  26. ‘Best keep a low profile with this one and work underground. You can still work to bring down the system, but you have to be very clever about it!’

    Oh how i wish! Its like i don’t what everyone sees. I stopped watching news like when i was 22-23 as i subconciously knew this was all bullshit. I can spot agenda’s in newspapers like miles off!

    I yearn for a revolution! 😀

    However with a SUPER strong saturn, i am more of a lincoln than a hilton or even a guevara

  27. Hello to you. Is it common to share traits of all 3 decans? I was born on Feb 11 1993. Im typically timid and shy but have grown more social over the years towards women but with little success. Ive always had good grades *except for chemistry* have done wrestling and love martial arts. Im certainly not a hedonist but believe the pursuit of happiness is most important in life and to some that requires pleasure, I do work hard and play hard as for the more invigorating traits of the 3rd decan well….I certainly have the drive, but I actually want a romantic relationship and more over to enjoy seeing the world with her and holding closely most of the time and saving those “drive moments” for special times unless she wants it otherwise. I am a bit stubborn when I set a point but I am open to others points always when I have doubt of my view. I certainly have motivation in fun things and want to progress in them but work, and ideal careers chain me into doubting myself as I want the fun things (game design, youtube video uploads and aircraft maintenance) to be my career. I can be calm but get very frustrated over little things but hold my temper unless it is when people misunderstand others and refuse to listen to reason. I certainly am kind and playful to most everyone and a bit lackadaisical with insults to me or friends who also don’t care but take great pride in defending those who’ve been through traumatic times or are veterans of our great country. Also I would like to know which sign might be more compatible for me for a relationship and will they be accepting of my hobbies such as archery, youtube, videogames, hunting, fishing, martial arts, (edm clubs every now and then) philosophy, history, astronomy, and music (all types except for most rap). And I do take great pride in my country as well as others who stand up for what is right and is not chained by politics, or public controversy and stereotypes. I support the constitution and our god given rights and will fight for them till the day I die. I also believe in protecting those who innocent and am a firm justice holder to those who have committed heinous crimes. But I also acknowledge that there are things that are out of my control and things I can not do unless I have others who stand with me. Overall I just want to see and learn as much that life and people have to offer and try to invoke pleasure of laughter to people to live a happy life. Please let me know what you think and I would immensely appreciate it if you replied. Thank you.

    1. just a quick note,it was ,greta garbo ,who ,vanted to be alone ,not marlene deitrich(don’t know if ive spelt it correclty)

  28. We are the Spartan revolution Aquarius……..its us that changes it … one else is comming to save us we have been sent to save each other xxx

  29. You have a beautiful presentable appearance and are very outspoken which is probably good but I noticed one time how your words dethroned another putting yourself there in place of. Marina enthroning herself with her followers. That was a first strong impression of that idea. I suppose its the right and wrong checkerboard. Affectionately yours.

  30. This is very insightful. Thank you. It makes sense now. Pheew.

    If you have a romantic interest in this specific region of the sky, I would like to share a precautionary tale, if anyone’s interested, here we go:

    I recently had the displeasure of spending some real one-on-one time with a male representative of this decan. We met in an exotic corner of the world under a star-lit sky, his occultism (to me at first seemed like an interest in all kinds of spiritual topics and even self-improvement, and that caught me on) but slowly and perhaps way too slowly, I peeled through his layers and somehow non-layers (?) and found myself trapped, basically with this aggressive, imbalanced, self-righteous, delusional, cunning, thievish, paranoid, pretentious, imbalanced, lazy, rude, lying (dishonesty is not exactly an aquarian trademark so this was a new thing for me) and just plain… airballon.. of a man…. He would forget my nationality, my name, while reciting love-poetry, with this holier-than-thou attitude…. He even said at some point that he was the “greatest man on earth”. Man oh man did I have to make an escape-plan.
    What hurt, I guess, was that he was heartless, it was all an act. An act he had perfected. He could be very funny. And then stone cold like Saturn himself.

    Yes, he had some “true” aquarian traits, liked sci-fi, attention (negative) and sudden, shocking details, games, the future, suddenly aloof, and he was Very horny… after 3 in his claws (I can’t reveal the actual geografic details, as he has probably traced my computer…) But I escaped. Nicely. “I hate goodbyes”.

    Home, still with his number in my pocket I knew I would have to gradually detach… And he started messaging me the second I landed… While I am writing this, he has sent me 24 messages. He becomes desperate and tantrum-y like a todler if I stop texting for a few hours. And I say very little. Just “Okay, buisy now, thanks…” and still he will start with a threat (where do you live, you said we would stay more in contact, you … (bad names) and the follow with a love poem.. Like 30-40 messages in a row to himself. Today more than one hundred. And now a note on how we all are One. And namaste.
    So to conclude this I´ve already dragged through the mud:
    Nastiest I have met, and I learned a lot about myself through him of what I am not. Grateful for that. What I guess upset me was that in his case he had no humanitarianism or altruism. Abeit many dark conspiracy-theories. That’s very non- aquarian to lack altruism or least some social consciousness.
    And no empathy, he tried to act like he had it ( I am a pisces decan 3 so I feel this shit) he would straight out laugh at beggers and then laugh at himself, sounding (and looking) like an evil clown for doing it….:D

    I´m sure he will find this comment.

    And sure, not all of the aquas in this decan is like this one but may i tell you, he was darker- than- thou. He had a virgo rising, libra moon, but seemed to cunjure up only the worst traits of virgo, picking on everyone, but unlike virgo who blames themselves, he kept blaming everyone but himself for wrongdoings. And the libra-thing with being possessive and taking things only for himself, his own scales. Very indesicive.

    Sorry for the gut-spill and long haul here you guys. This was recently and I just… I just wow…Needed to write it.
    Thanks for your work and your insight, dear astrologer. I guess some of these star seeds can be carnevorious, huh.

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