Taurus Decan 3 ~ May 10 to 19 (20º-30º)


Taurus 20º 51’ ~ Botein in the flank of Aries the Ram 4.5 *
Taurus 20º 52’ ~ Rana in Eridanus the River 3.7
Taurus 23º 52’ ~ Zaurak in Eridanus the River 3.2
Taurus 24º 12’ ~ Capulus in the sword hand of Perseus 4.4
Taurus 24º 46’ ~ Segin in the left knee of Queen Cassiopeia 3.4
Taurus 26º 09′ ~ Alpha Caelum in Caelum the Sculptor’s Chisel 4.5
Taurus 26º 10’ ~ Algol in Medusa’s Head 2.1
Taurus 27º 41′ ~ Misam in the left arm of Perseus 4.0
Taurus 28º 42 ~ Miram  in the right arm of Perseus 3.9
Taurus 29º 25’ ~ Electra in the Pleiades on the shoulder of Taurus the Bull 3.8
Taurus 29º 26′ ~ Celaeno in the Pleiades on the shoulder of Taurus the Bull 5.4
Taurus 29º 26′ ~ Beid  in Eridanus the River 4.1
Taurus 29º 34′ ~ Taygeta  in the Pleiades on the shoulder of Taurus the Bull 4.4
Taurus 29º 41′ ~ Maia  in the Pleiades on the shoulder of Taurus the Bull 4.0
Taurus 29º 42′ ~ Merope  in the Pleiades on the shoulder of Taurus the Bull 4.2
Taurus 29º 44′ ~ Asterope & Sterope  in the Pleiades on the shoulder of Taurus the Bull 5.8
Taurus 29º 53′ ~ Theemim in Eridanus the River 3.
* Magnitude. Star positions are for the year 2000

Taurus Decan 3 ~ General Meaning

Taurus decan 3 is ruled by Saturn (Capricorn triplicity.) The sun twists and turns through the constellations of the Ram, the River, Perseus the hero, Queen Cassiopeia, Medusa’s head and some of the Pleiades from May 11 to 20. It is appropriate that the dark lord of time Saturn rules this decan twice over since it Taurus 3 contains the infamous star Algol. This part of Taurus is home to bohemians and temperamental, artistic types due to it being jam-packed with so many challenging/volatile/inspiring stars.

7 of pentaclesMost of these stars are extremely emotional since we have so many of the weeping sisters of the Pleiades here too. Decan 3 bovines then are much less set in their ways than the classic Taurus archetype because of the influence of dashing hero Perseus here. Taurus 3 can be daring, but they are still very much fixed in their determination to pursue their dream. Taurus decan 3 are extremely chivalrous, they have impeccable manners and a great deal of class. This means even the most low-down wretched expression of this breed will give off an aura of sophistication. So if Taurus 3 are caught shamefully falling on the pavement (after too much Algol-hol!) they will still manage to wobble back onto their high hooves gracefully.

Artistic Alchemy & Life’s Troopers

Taurus decan 3 have superb taste and appreciation of the aesthetic. These bulls managing to dress like a lord even if they can only afford to shop in charity shops. They are also incredibly thrifty and manage to be very creative on a tiny budget. Perhaps Taurus 3 are so creative precisely because they are faced with restrictions and hardship. Ironically, with more choice and a larger budget, they are more likely to stagnate artistically. They seem to enjoy the challenge of having someone or something to overcome, like Perseus slaying his Medusa. Taurus decan 3 has a tinge of sorrow and melancholy about it since some of the stars here are associated with tears (Electra) and pain. (Algol). Saturn being the ruler here is also no stranger to melancholia, but combined with Taurus it gives great stoicism…

The tarot card associated with this decan is the seven of pentacles. Karmically it shows a succession of lives that have been extremely physically and emotionally demanding. ” You have been working so hard for such a long time that you probably haven’t had much time to think about such things. If you don’t, then you run the risk of being a slave to your goals forever or just working for the sake of working. You do not need to make any drastic moves or any changes that will destroy all you have worked so hard for. However, you now have the time to raise your head from all the heavy work and take stock of how you proceed from here.” ~ teachmetarot. So there is reward here, as this is a card that is about harvest and hard work beginning to pay off. It all depends just how much work you really have done. In this decan, one reaps what one sows and there is no way to cheat nature.

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Sun Taurus 3

Capulus 24º ~ “To be harsh or experience harshness. To struggle with male figures, to be identified with struggle, to be involved in violence as a perpetrator or a victim.” [5]
Algol 26º ~ “Violent death or extreme sickness. If also in no aspect to a benefic, or there is no benefic in the 8th house, and the dispositor of the Sun in a day nativity or if the Moon in the night one is in square or opposition to Mars, the native will be beheaded; if the luminary culminate he will be maimed, mangled, wounded or torn to pieces alive; and if Mars is at the same time in Gemini or Pisces his hands or feet will be cut off.” [4] “To passionately link oneself to an idea or cause, to destroy or create, to seek the edge of chance. Knowing no limits to one’s desire for intensity.” [6]

Most of the examples below certainly have that ‘X-factor’ about them. Some alluring, some unusual-looking with great sex appeal and some definitely carry a dangerous type of attraction. Controversial, yes, but there is great success here too and not too much of the misfortune you would expect from a decan that contains both Algol and the Pleiades. We have no solo ‘evil serial killers’ here either, but it seems that if these Sun Taurus 3 do go down the ‘evil Algol’ route then they must do it on a grand scale. There are some dictators here with the power to hypnotize a great many followers. Cult leader Jim Jones is a good example of the outcast turned ‘Saviour’. “Childhood acquaintances later recalled Jones as being a ‘really weird kid’ who was ‘obsessed with religion … obsessed with death”. [3] Jim was responsible for the mass suicide of 909 people. 300 were children. They all died of cyanide poisoning. On a brighter note you can see great talent and creativity here amongst the many artistes. Saturn rules this decan and its combination with the Sun only emphasizes the leadership qualities and also the ‘head’. These folk need to be the at the very top of their game, reflecting the Capricorn influence of the decan. If Sun Taurus 3 can’t be the very best, there can be a tendency to depression. Austin Coppock supports this saying “The light of the Sun illuminates a struggle between hubris and humility, disaster and recovery. Those born with their Sun here have their character tested and shaped not only by events but their response to them.” In medieval magic, this decan is used to make talismans that ward off evil.

SUN TAURUS 3 Examples: Academy Awards, Mark Zuckerberg, Che Guevara, Ayatollah Khomeini, Idi Amin, Malcolm X, George Lucas, Sofia Coppola, Liberace, Stevie Wonder, Grace Jones, Alison Goldfrapp, David Byrne (Talking heads!), Cher, Dame Nellie Melba, Andrea Corr, Burt Bacharach, Pete Townshend, Brian Eno, Enya, Mike Oldfield, Marshall Applewhite, Madeleine McCann, Pierce Brosnan, Cate Blanchett, Laurence Olivier, Katherine Hepburn, Dennis Hopper, Harvey Keitel, Natasha Richardson, Tori Spelling, Tony Hancock, George Carlin, Salvador Dali, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Margot Fonteyn, Eric Satie, Debra Winger, Zara Philips, Wreckless Eric, Florence Nightingale, Pierre Curie, Miriam Stoppard, Jim Jones (cult), Pope John Paul II, Socrates, Elsbeth Ebertin, Deborah Houlding, First Miracle at Fatima (1917), Efron/Hudgens Davison.

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38 thoughts on “Taurus Decan 3 ~ May 10 to 19 (20º-30º)

  1. Hi Marina – having the Moon on Algol, I was drawn to your article… but then I am always drawn to your articles. They are always so interesting and informative and intuitive. Wonderful, thanks. I’m reading through your list of who has the Moon there and I see my name! Made me laugh out loud (I needed to laugh out loud, believe me).

    I so identify with the mourning aspect here. I’m not sure which is stronger about having the Moon here – the gift or the curse.

    Thanks, Marina!

  2. moon is superior/classy in taurus! it takes things to heart.. question hangs in a gap between sub-conscious … answer shows in eyes, while words are formed, it appears instantaneous…reflective thought is hallmark.
    my sun is in 2nd but mars falls @20/tau, and aside from the things you said, sorrow plus, wearing faults on sleeve, knock down, get up, is an underlying bossy-ness, nobody knows but me, have to tell them what to do.
    My highschool BF was algol very driven, did assembly line repair as teen ager drawing adult salary always had a stash, he had an odd way of standing …hips/head forward spine in a ‘U’.. ran every job he touched, developed comp/testing facilities but in early 40s his life unraveled…to avoid arrest he murdered himself, jumped off a bridge in winter, supposed he’d staged a disappearance, hole in ice indicated he’d tried to live, climb out, body not found till late spring.

  3. I was very curious to find out about these breed. One of my best friends bolongs to it. She is amazing! She seems to overcome every thing! So strong, artistic, elegant and loving. She even lives with the Krohn Syndrome and finds her way to be a premiated enterpreneur, be the family´s pillar and she is a very reasonable friend…


  4. the curve in my dec. 3 BF’s back may also be cap/mars, my dad shared placement there..my BF and I shared the idea that our mom’s hated us. Mother hating me didn’t matter as I had a Piscean big sis, he did too but as a boy he lacked the closeness of sisters.. he used his younger bro. as punching bag…I actually remember, since we grew up together, in his early 20’s he gave this bro. a BMW and money for a trip across country, so guilt struck was he. He became the family’s banker, helped an older bro. upgrade his house, drew plans etc, versatile grounded intelligence…

  5. Sorry to post twice. was born 17th of May, my Sun is 26 degrees in Taurus, in the 8th house. I do live through things that would flatten most people. I’ve always wondered why I didn’t just have a nervous breakdown. But, all charts being different, I am lucky to be very optimistic, and very interested in life. Yes I’m an artist, yes the dark eyes/make up on the eyes. People comment on my eyes, and I’m elegant. Not afraid to seem serious, yes we do “own” our depression if feeling that way, artistic types are usually OK with their own feelings.

  6. Hi Marina
    I really had to laugh and leave you a comment when I read your description for Taurus dec 3. I don’t have any planets there, but MC is 29 Taurus exactly conj North Node and you have described me to a ‘t’ !!

  7. act well, be well, too sick to ski, I lay on a cot in the sun, worked 2 hours… napped outside
    Taurus honors the dead, here sentimental danny boy; Deanna Durbin, who just left for angels, her angelic self captured…ps. Taurus/Ireland! Charles laughton peeking around the corner adds something


  8. Very, very interesting, thank you!
    I have my Saturn exactly conjunct Electra. Very fitting. Money and inheritances have indeed been a source of sorrow in my life. I should have had several by now, (and a very large divorce settlement I got totally screwed out of when Pluto hit my 8th house Jupiter!) and they seem to vanish in a whisp of smoke every time, and I get left nothing at all, from what should have been a substantial amount. Always happens.
    I could have been a millionaire by now, what with 3 vanishing inheritances and the divorce, and I’m most definitely not.

    Finally, I am getting some money in the last half of this year from an inheritance, again though, about 1/4 of what it ‘should’ have been!

    And yes, I learned to dress in charity shops on very little money, that was my entire childhood right there. Those damn inheritances would have made that very different!! But, like you said, I would not be the person I am today if I had had money in my earlier years. 🙂

  9. I’ve noticed you use Davison Sun/Moons in your celebs. Are there any listings of famous Davison charts of all 12 signs? Can’t wait for you to get to 3rd decan Leo or 2nd decan Scorpio. Hope you see this note, Allison ;)!

  10. Grandfather of my children will be 98 on the 14th. He is all that was said… and, being a doctor, he went around the world to seek the good for every one (except his own family).

    He lost inheritances. He was such a good doctor, that he worked with the pioneer of open heart surgeries an transplants. And he was stubborn with his only son to teach him medicine from the very bottom. Pablo would have been a wonderful doctor… now, he living his 6th bankruptcy.


  11. OMG this is so true…

    “Perhaps they are so creative precisely because they are faced with those restrictions and hardship. Ironically with more choice and a larger budget, the more likely they are to stagnate artisticly. They seem to enjoy the challenge of having someone or something to overcome. Like Perseus slaying his Medusa. Taurus decan 3 has a tinge of sorrow and melancholy about it, since some of the stars here are associated with tears (Electra) and pain.”

    less is more

  12. Interesting. It fits me in ways that are too eerie. I am very creative and have never had an easy time of it in any fashion: emotionally, financially, etc. Crud, I even have a deformity of my left hand which I was born with! Born May 17 in 1964.

  13. I am deacan3,born 15 may64,up until know,never had an easy life!will it ever going to improve!just need love,peace and happiness.thank you

  14. “This part of Taurus houses bohemians and temperamental, artistic types.” This resonates as a Venus in Taurus conj 28 Taurus MC and exact to Algol. I am finding these fixed star and decan descriptions fascinating as applied to other planets and points in the chart. The Saturnian rulership was a surprise – opposition to Saturn in my chart I am feeling doomed to elusive material security but one can only be who they are n’est ce pas? I am extremely creative when it comes to making do and making things beautiful on very little. Perhaps the trine to Mars in Cap in 5th helps.
    Thanks for all your good work describing these decans – really informative – really brings the chart to another dimension. 😉

  15. just fuming,so letting off steam here.bloody f—— mad,just sacked someone ,who has been stealing from me for months,wish id looked at his chart before, mars conj algol,conj mc.

  16. Sedna is soon going to be conj algol,raising its ugly head ,wonder if the greek crisis ,is showing us what we don’t want to see about ourelves ,financially,can only look at it distorted in a mirror.

    1. after furious state yesterday.. its so exciting that the iran no nuclear weapons treaty,was singned on the same day, as new horizon space probe ,sent back 1st ever images of pluto,and the pentaquark, was also discovered, showing the spiral of the life force ,goes from macrocosm to microcosm and vice versa, infinitely. also pluto shows that there are areas on the ,PLANET, that are very old and other parts, which are very young, thereby elucidating re-generation ,of pluto destruction /rebirth.of the soul force , taken after so called death, across the river styx ,by Charon to be reincarnated ,from the residue and understanding , of the last life, to be reconstituted into that apparent new existant life/self.

  17. I have sun Taurus 26 degrees,in the 7 th house, opposite Saturn on my Ascendant in Scorpio. have had chronic illness , cancer initially, then heart failure etc from treatment, wondering if this will ever end its 15 years now, I am 60, was a high flier and creative but find I can’t write/paint now only make altars. I have mars and mercury conjunct in Gemini in 8 th house, and Jupiter and uranus conjunct in the 9th. Pluto on my midheaven. I would love a full chart. Getting tired of’ being knocked down and getting up again’

  18. Please add POL POT to the list of Sun in Taurus Decan 3, (AND on Algol) famous/IMFAMOUS people. He was the Cambodian dictator responsible for the genocide of 1.7 Million Cambodians in the 1970’s, in his quest to create a “Utopian, agrarian society”..

    ALL Decans of Taurus seems to be filled with “well meaning”, and “good intentioned” dictators! And not only on a global level, but also in their personal lives!

    1. I’m a Taurus decan 3, with the well known “dictator” placement of Pluto in the 10th house as well, and my Sun {8th house} squares Pluto.

  19. HI LORI!

    I hope my comment was taken in the truest light in which it was intended. My apologies if it was offensive to you. Actually, I was simply labelling what I see to be an astrological trend.

    I have great admiration for many Taureans, including Liberace and Cher! My father is a Taurus Decan 2 and the person that I consider to be my “second” mother is a Taurus decan 3 like you!..

    To me, everything and everyone serves a special purpose, EVEN mosquitoes, so why should that not include “DICTATORS!”.. What if dictators are essentially there to dominate those who have yet to find their spine, and it is in rising up against being “controlled” and “dictated” that the once weak and spineless find their true strength and I-dentity!!!?? So if you do, as you said, consider yourself to be a dictator to someone in your life, then possibly you are serving their evolution to their highest purpose!.. So, that person should thank you! Just my perspective on it 🙂

    1. I wasn’t offended. I was just offering some info. to see what came back. Yeah, I like Cher too, {not so much as a singer, I just like her in general} and that film about Liberace {with Matt Damon} was great.

      No, I didn’t actually claim I was a dictator to anyone. {Although I’m shades of it, but I’m so laid back and it’s so natural to me that some people don’t even complain about it, they might not even notice it ,and often I don’t realize I’m doing it}. What I said was 10th house Pluto is known as a dictator placement. Dictator is a strong word. I think some 10th house Pluto people handle that energy better than others,depending on the rest of their chart. So Pluto is not necessarily an automatic,classic dictator.

      Well, I think peaceful people minding their own business certainly don’t require a Pol Pot to “find their spine”. Some things in this world simply suck, and there is no good reason as to why.

      My chart is mainly water and earth. My Taurus sun and Libra rising sign are both ruled by Venus. And I’ve been told that overall I have a rather fortunate chart. I don’t have a whole lot of rough/negative energies. This smooths the Pluto I have going on in the chart, the Pluto is my real challenge.
      For me, the Pluto showed up mainly when anyone was giving my kids a hard time when they were growing up. When I know I’m right and I’m defending someone,forget it. I can pull the rug right out from under someone who, up to that moment of truth, assumed I was just a polite,delicate-looking woman. People often mistake politeness for weakness, {that never ceases to amaze me}.
      I don’t think I’m invincible though, and Pluto power can also be a terrible weakness.

  20. I guess I should be worried. My Taurus Sun is in 26 degrees. Not only that but it is positioned in the 8th house…and the cusp of my 8th house is in the same 26 degrees of Taurus.

    How strange is that ? Or, unfortunate ?

    And my 10th house Pluto squares my Sun.

    1. Hi Lori!

      Thanks for sharing your story.. And I think Pluto heavily aspected in a chart can be a real blessing!.. Pluto ultimately strips you down to a purified version of yourself.. and shows your darkest dark, within which contains your brightest light! How beautiful is that?

      So what you are basically saying is that you have Sun On Algol, which is intense enough as it is, Sqaure Pluto!!.. Read Marina’s post on Sun square pluto, if you have not already!.. I have known quite a few sun square Pluto suns, and one thing I can is say, ssssshhh… Ok, I promise to tell no one else.. paranoia.. and what I mean about that is generally difficult for the Sun square pluto person to let down their guard and fully trust another person, but when they do, they expect absolute loyalty, and give absolute loyalty in return.. Being close to a sun square Pluto person, you feel like it is an “Us against the world” sort of dynamic, and if not taken to extremes, quite enjoyable because I believe it to be a deep intimate contact. Now as for your sun on Algol, read Marina’s post on Algol as well!.. When the sun was directly conjunct Algol this year, like in your birth chart, my well meaning therapist friend blew my eardrum by using a massive Tibetan singing bowl right next to my head!.. I was left with crazy ear in fection and earache for days, and still months later, I cannot shampoo my hair without getting a slight earache in that ear.. I wonder if I will ever be able to swim again!.. Algol can be a true nasty, but on the bright side of things, I feel Algol can pull your demons out to the surface for healing! You have an awesome chart Lori! Peace & Blessings…

  21. I have Algol conjunct my ascendant (taurus rising) at 23 degrees. is 23 a decent degree or is all of the Algol influence bad?

  22. I see a blinking in the area of the third i from time to time. I wondered if it was a sign algol was at work as sun in tauras is 23 not far. Silvia Browne talks of downloading. She claims not all downloads are positive. Of late horrible cruel happenings in dreams. Rare that cruel. I seem to be witness.
    A native girlfriend and her man and i at 17 had a dramatic over the bank car accident and she has venus exact. She was tall striking beauty. I felt she often tried to warn me of approaching evil. Telepathically. I guess saturn there means we suffer more in our senior age.

  23. You might want to look at Levi Bellfield true bastard of a serial killer 16/5/68!!

  24. “You might want to look at Levi Bellfield true bastard of a serial killer 16/5/68!!”

    and Pope John Paul II… It depends on the way you vibrate. The pursuing of light can be as intense as the pursuing of darkness, but the reward is not the same.

  25. I’ve been reading your column for quite a while. You have enhanced it really well. I am in the above decan 3 birthday (5/18/41). When I see Algol, I cringe. This influence has materialized dramatically in my life. There used to be a t.v. show, called “I Survived.” Episodes of abduction, physical abuse, mental and emotional abuse. If I read the description of decan 3 when I was young, I wouldn’t believe any of this could happen to me, because I was known as having, “a good head on my shoulders.” Common sense, intelligence, college education, did not prevent later abuse. I temporarily lost these abilities and had to fight very, very hard to get them back. I was certainly tested. Alcohol was a big factor.

    Thank you for the beauty and carefully crafted pictures (art & words) you employ in getting the message across. It’s all true!

  26. Great stuff, Marina!
    You still have the power to make my jaw hit the floor…
    I have Algol on my Descendant. The sentence that amazed me is “Sometimes they can fall in love with an actual ghost.”
    Many years ago I wanted to take a break from intense relationships and decided to focus my feelings on a public figure (and NO, stalking him never even crossed my mind), to hang my heart on him, so to speak. I found out what I could about him and chatted with him in my head while I was driving, etc. His presence began to seem more and more real to me.
    Eventually, four separate psychic people began to sense him around me, as in “who’s the man in the denim jacket who’s hanging out with you?” I was amazed!
    I think I had inadvertently created a tulpa. People have had unpleasant experiences with tulpas, so I felt I’d better dissolve him, hoping that I wouldn’t antagonise him by doing that… He stayed behind when I moved house.
    What example did you use when saying that about the ghost, Marina?
    Oh, and by the way, I own a sword (Capulus).
    I think maybe I sound a bit weird… but really, I’m not.

    1. Haha, no you don’t sound weird! I have some connections to people that have been dead hundreds of years… I don’t have Algol on my Dsc though.
      I can’t remember where I got the ghost idea from. When I research these decans and the list of people with that particular decan comes up I do get a real sense of what the energy is, through the people on the list. I dunno who on my lists made me think of “ghost”, but Taurus 3 IS one of the most spooky/otherworldy decans with so much of the Pleiades being there too.

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