Libra Decan 2 ~ Oct 3 to 13 (10º to 20º)

Libra Decan 2 ~ Fixed Stars

Libra 10º 08′ ~ Porrima in the waist of Virgo the Virgin. 2.9*
Libra 10º 44’ ~ Gienah in the left wing of Corvus the Raven. 2.8
Libra 11º 28’ ~ Auva in the girdle of Virgo the Virgin. 3.7
Libra 11º 40’ ~ Minkar in the neck of Corvus the Raven. 3.2
Libra 12º 15’ ~ Alchita in the beak of Corvus the Raven. 4.2
Libra 13º 27’ ~ Algorab in the right wing of Corvus the Raven. 3.1
Libra 15º 11’ ~ Beta Volans in Volans the flying fish. 3.6
Libra 16º 40’ ~ Theta Draco in the neck of Draco the Dragon. 4.1
Libra 17º 22’ ~ Kraz in the right claw of Corvus the Raven. 2.8
Libra 17º 40’ ~ Seginus in the left shoulder of Bootes the Herdsman. 3.0
Libra 19º 20’ ~ Mufrid on the left leg of Bootes the Herdsman. 2.8
Libra 19º 29’ ~ Delta Volans in Volans the flying fish. 4.1
*Magnitude. Star positions for the year 2000.

Libra Decan 2 ~ General Meaning

Libra Decan 2 is ruled by Saturn in both systems (Aquarius triplicity). The Sun charms its way through the constellations of the Crow, Flying fish, Herdsman and the Dragon from October 4 to 13. Here we find ourselves in one of the most notorious zones in fixed star astrology. This is the home of Algorab in the crow, but it’s all wrapped up in finest Venusian silk! This is where victims of the crafty crow come unstuck. You can see your opponents from the more obviously aggressive decans coming. But you just don’t expect such a low down and dirty attack from your divinely adorable Libra decan 2.

Libra Decan 2Crows are birds of prey remember? Yes they have stunning blue/black raven feathers and yes they look magical, but if you don’t watch your back, the really unscrupulous ones will rook you before you can say raptor. These folk are your typical iron fist in a velvet glove, which makes them all the more dangerous. Never, ever, ever underestimate Libra decan 2, even if they look like Barbie. A lot of them will play dumb deliberately. ( “I no speak English” was one of my dad’s tricks…) Gold-diggers and gigolos are found here. With Saturn as the ruler of this decan, Venus ruled Libra naturally gravitates towards a generous sugar daddy or Mummy..

Sweet Hustlers, Stylists & Seers

The tarot card associated with this decan is the three of swords. It is one the most upsetting card in the deck, but it has to fit somewhere so it is really not surprising that it should fall in the decan that houses the crafty crow. Again I must stress that your chart is more than just one decan. The karmic lesson here may include sorrow, heartbreak and (like decan 1), love triangles. This decan is also ruled by Saturn in both systems so has quite a heavy karmic burden. So the lesson here is that any gold digging or gigolo behaviour here will come with a massive price tag.

It is your choice whether you turn away from the trinkets or not. “Release is key with The Three of Swords. A great sorrow, usually rooted in the (karmic) past, is often indicated…. Painful memories can be heavily repressed.  The Three of Swords highlights the need to let go of old pains and hurts as they are bound to be affecting the present.   It is a time to talk about them….(This lifetime) you must open up and let it out before it poisons you from within.  Allow yourself to forgive and be forgiven.” ~ teachmetarot

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Libra Decan 2

Libra Decan 2

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Sun Libra 2

Porrima 10º ~ “Involved in an intrigue, some difficulty of short duration leaving native in an unpleasant position.” [6]

The best side of Sun Libra 2 is their ability to blend into almost any situation. They are equally at home with dukes or beggars. Tropical Libras ability to harmonise makes them great singers, artists and raconteurs. They also have impeccable taste, so here we find many natural stylists and interior designers. You will get the most gloriously wrapped presents from them, which can be a metaphor for your experience of them in general. The worst of Sun Libra 2 bear gifts that promise much on the outside, but can feel you leave rather shortchanged once it is opened. Sun Libra 2’s appreciation for the aesthetic can work against them also, making them feel ugly and insecure about themselves when they don’t match up to their high standards of beauty. Even if they are perfectly symmetrical in every way, their inner crow will still think some part of them is grotesque. The Sun is in its fall in Libra so there can be self-esteem issues. Therefore, the native can be too accommodating to others and find themselves stuck in an unsuitable partnership where they are constantly dominated. However, as I have stated in the general section, if these folk are pushed too far, their crafty vengeful side can come out very forcefully when they experience a fiery, triggering transit from Uranus or Mars for example. Feel the wrath!

SUN LIBRA 2 EXAMPLES: The Vatican, The Jesuit Order, Aleister Crowley, Vladimir Putin, Margaret Thatcher, Aleister Crowley, Heinrich Himmler, Irma Grese, Eleanor Roosevelt, Barbara Castle, David Cameron, Luciano Pavarotti, Giuseppe Verdi, Camille Saint-Saens, Bob Geldof, Midge Ure, Gwen Stefani, Sean Lennon, Bruno Mars, P.J Harvey, David Lee Roth, Paul Simon, Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne, Buster Keaton, Clive Owen, Sigourney Weaver, Charlton Heston, Susan Sarandon, Alicia Silverstone, Chevy Chase, Paul Hogan, Kate Winslet, Matt Damon, Ashlee Simpson, Sacha Baron Cohen, Roger Moore, Guy Pierce, Dawn French, Angela Rippon, Imran Khan, Alberto Giacometti, Le Corbusier, Stephen Arroyo, Bali Bombing, Carlos The Jackal, Robbins/Sarandon Davison, Mackenzie/John Phillips Davison.

1 & 2. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923. pg 41 & pg 80.
3. The Living Stars, Dr Eric Morse, p.175.
4. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.60.
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97 thoughts on “Libra Decan 2 ~ Oct 3 to 13 (10º to 20º)

  1. Thank you Marina1
    I have waited 9 months for this post. Very interesting regarding crows and your current weeks horoscope post on the 19th (Harvest Moon) and watching where/how the crows fly.

  2. My mother had her moon on Corvus and the nasty side of it certainly rings true with her. I’ve only just recently read a bit on narcissistic personality disorder but what I’ve read makes her a text book case. The outside world and even my father had no idea of how she constantly dumped her maliciousness on my next sister and myself. She constantly lied and made our lives hell. We still shudder when we think of her. Interestingly, Nancy Reagan’s persona does remind me of her.

  3. Phew! I was kind of bracing myself for this one because I wondered if I knew them too well to be objective. I forgot to add my opera singing sister too! Harmonious..oh yes. Spends a lot of cash on very expensive make up, hair stylists, personal trainers, massage etc etc and even used to work on a makeup counter in posh department stores when she was in between operas. I might have to hide this one from her if I don’t want a beaky assault. We do get on really well btw except for the odd sisterly blow-out usually fuelled by crazy Aries mother pitting us against each other.

    1. I definetely see the magical aspect of corvus, in their mysterious eyes and sophisticated manner, but they sometimes unwittingly traverse into the black magic without being aware of it themselves.

      They are my favorites of the zodia, although that is a big secret ^^

    2. Ahh… a fatal mix, the Aries who wants to create a stir… a Libran who prefers to be the fulcrum and A.N Other driven to distraction as a result.
      I had a dalliance with a 2nd decan Libran… when I met him, he was a bit tired and said he had “run out of charm” – which I thought was quite funny.
      I ended up having the police remove this man from my flat and he ended up in prison – was was wanted on 8 counts of assaulting police officers, turned out to be a psychopath and I think i retrospect I got off lightly!
      My other decan 2 had Uranus on Algorab… sextile his Sun Mercury conj – a compulsive liar.
      I’ve got virtually my entire Leo stellium progressed into Libra – but so far, all I’m doing is playing fulcrum and letting the others dance for a change! Learning the art of doing NOTHING! Perhpas easier for progressed than natal.

    3. haha, funny you should write this just after I posted ;-P
      Im not friends anymore with the corvus crowd (birds of a feather flock together)
      But I try to forgive, although its kinda hard at times.
      There were litteraly 3 corwus people all with sun conjunct mercury cacling together, with no chance of getting a word in.
      I once texted one of them in an angry fury:” the crow will never reach the heights of the swan or eagle.”
      Of course he did not understand and called me cray, but I do have sun conjunt gienah and venus and mars in aquila,
      so it was a cryptic.
      But their lack of compassion and understanding of someones hurt really frustrated me.
      What happened to mr or ms nice libra all of a sudden they turned into a bitch once you confront them.
      And then they fly around and do their best to paint themselves in perfect colors while portraying you in bleak colors.

    4. My last roommate was a bipolar Libra 2, and all that has been said about Algorab totally applies (he is 14 deg Libra). I am a Decan 3 Libra, and never could believe he was born in October, with all of the bullying and lying and selfish conceited behavior. I do pity him, as he was an abused orphan early in life, but I’d never live with another person born near October 7 or 8 if I can help it. Don’t even ASK me about my rude stepmother! 🙂

    5. haha my housesitter (note he has managed to turn occupying my space into doing ME a favour rather than something he should pay rent for…) is Oct 8, he’s alright really apart from operating on a ‘need to know’ basis. It’s funny how, out of all the decans so far, this one has provoked the most comments about, rather than by, its natives – bit of projection I wonder? Oh I just heard a crow, honestly!

    6. Wondering how many of these “frenemies” also had Pluto in Libra? It sounds to me like Pluto may have been potentially complicating things here.

    7. lol. my x was 2nd decan picses sun w/ his moon here in corvus. heartless but so sweet and seductive.

    8. Awww, that stings! There’s plenty of heart in this 15 degree Lib Asc & my chart ruler occupying tender, sensitive Cancer would like to disagree! Sorry your experiences with those of my ilk were so unpleasant, but we’re definitely not all heartless bastards. Maybe the women of this decan fair better than the men being this is a Venusian sign with Saturn ruling. For a woman, perhaps the Saturn influence helps keep some of the shenanigans in check, providing one is striving to be “of integrity”.

    9. I’m a little defensive myself, Denise, as my Decan is next (Oct 18). I have Sag rising, so maybe that tempers my personality. I’m good-natured and loving, fond of people, and love to party. WYSIWYG for me.

    10. I hear you, Greg. The irony of characterizing everyone in this decan as perhaps lacking a heart while not showing any sensitivity whatsoever in saying this is not lost on me.

      A cheeky, shit-stirring Pluto in Libra can’t help but ask: “Who’s really the heartless one?”


    11. Yep. My roommate’s Pluto in Libra is exactly square to mine in Leo. Cheeky and shit-stirring could be the caption on his picture!

    12. I hope we’re taking a humorous look here, a generalisation for fun. I think the asc is very different anyway; the path rather than the person?

  4. My youngest daughter now almost 22 has sun at 13′ and merc at 16′ and the poor love has this in 8th house, she has been subjected to emotional abuse and bullying since childhood, is just coming out of severe depression, panic disorder, social phobia and phobia of Disease,Doctors and Drugs, since age 14, quite honestly I didn my very best as a mother to get her through this, but if it wasnt for the toughness of exactly what you have written, I doubt I would have her with us any more. She was unpredicably suicidal for many of those years, fortunately survived the attempts. Unfortunately as a Libra she also “comfort ate” plus the side affects of the anti depressants which took several years to get her onto has her quite a voluptuous goddess as a result, yet she is now beginning to work on it and her “style” is beginning to show, just gotta help her out of the people pleasing vicitm role that has her in its grips, can only guide on that though as she is an adult now and her own responsibility, so yep again, grateful for the tough steel that is at her core.

    1. daughter same age, been there, just to say I understand. Oddly, this decan is the empty arm of a 15 deg Cardinal T in her chart.

  5. Oh my goodness, this is a profound post but it’s so funny – I have two dear friends with 15 deg suns. One really cannot cope if the towels aren’t straight (but she keeps the chaos firmly shut up in her cupboards) and neither of them will ever, EVER, admit to being in the wrong – it’s always someone else’s fault. They also seem to lack compassion, but in one case it’s because she can’t make something better she gets angry and gives up. She’s a talented homoeopath and has saved my life, but she can’t just accept a situation she can’t alter. I will never forget how angry she got with her husband who didn’t respond to all the treatments she threw at him and died of cancer. She felt like a failure, but blamed him for not trying hard enough – I couldn’t understand why she didn’t just sit with him. She more often than not cancels arrangements because something more interesting has come up, but woe to anyone who does that to her!

    1. RIDICULOUS BEHAVIOUR! They are control freaks par excellence.
      but revenge os sweet! One of my Libran decan 2s used to drive me mad when I would whinge about being stuck in London traffic for 2 hrs trying to get on the M4 on a FRiday afternoon… he would say “I don’t know whay you get in such a state, it is what it is…” his favourite saying… so I had to give him a ride out of town once and we were stuck on the M4… 3 hrs in pouring rain… “ah well, it is what it is…” I said as his face went puce with rage! Victory was mine.

    2. Gurrl, if I told you my experiences with algorab people, you would be shocked..
      Unfortunately, I just discovered a deception from one of my leo friends who has moon conjunct algorab ;-(
      But my regulus moon can only take so much from the crows..

    3. You are friends with my brother’s girlfriend!!!! Her ascendant is 12′ Lib.

      All the towels in both bathrooms CANNOT be used or touched, but the cupboards and drawers in every room are a disaster. She lies with impunity and then gets mad that she can’t remember or get her lies straight.

      She never apologizes and it is always the fault of someone who was not even within a 500 mile radius at the time of the incident.

      And she is a day drinker who has a Barbie figure, she looks 28 when she is 48.

    4. –“And she is a day drinker who has a Barbie figure, she looks 28 when she is 48.”

      Reminds me of a song by Southern Culture on the Skids:

      “She pours herself a drink of gin
      She likes the booze because it keeps her thin
      She could have been a beauty queen
      But she stayed home to raise a family

      She’s liquored up and lacquered down
      She’s got the biggest hair in town
      She’s liquored up and lacquered down
      Me and my baby gonna paint the town”

  6. I was married to a 2nd decan Libra. When pressed to ‘look’ for him in a past life regression (his, not mine) I honestly saw him in the constellation Bootes. Didn’t know enough astrology at the time to associate with decan etal. After he left I easily referred to him as ‘the alien’, having been an egg dropped from Bootes, falling easily through the window of least resistance, aka magnetic flux (our location) and hatching in the Atlantic. That said, wouldn’t delete the experience of him and agree with Jung who wrote: “One does not become enlightened by imaginary figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”
    (using ‘enlightened’ in a relative and pragmatic sense here 🙂

    1. gurrl, I love it!! Fell out of an egg from the bootes constellation, amazing 😀
      made me chuckle a bit, almost like the baby stories of the stork delivering the babies ^^
      but theres probably truth to it :-S

  7. I was so looking forward to this post, but boy was I scared by it’s content. In the weighing of Pros X Cons, I practically couldn’t find any really profound pros…The cons, however were very deep. All very dark and negative. It feels like one third of all the Libra degrees, generate selfcentered and/or dishonest and/or plain bad human beings…

    For example, I can identify with the independency part and dificulty to be tied down, and the irony of craving true love but scaring away from it. But I definetly don’t recognize the great majority of the characteristics in this text and I’m very critical of myself… Apparently, I have a lot of crow goin on, since I have Sun at 12º09´, conjunct Saturn 12º45′, conjunct Jupiter 18º, conjunct Pluto 23º, all in Libra.

    To be honest I can’t help but notice the harsh partiality due to past experiences here shared. However, I firmly believe energy is neither bad nor good, but available to be directed and used. But it doesn’t seem like this in this text…

    Perhaps there’s a chance that no reply will come to my comment, or even in the worst case scenario, my message could be dismissed as some sort of “beaky assault”, as put above, but if so, this will be even further disappointing from a blog that so richly analyses so many other aspects.

    1. Wow! It’s interesting the combination of planets you have together with your Sun- the Jupiter and yet Pluto and Saturn. How would you define that energy is working in your life?

      I found the post to be quite positive, since I see that Libras are whooping hot, they can attract all the people and make anybody potty in their hand. Hence, the desire to capitalise on that-they can make anybody feel very welcome, yet people don’t realise Libras efforts in making their companionship so nice-I have Mars in 2nd decan Libra myself and somethimes people say I am so sweet and pleasant, though they don’t realise it’s through conscious constant effort, such as biting my tongue, ignoring bad remarks, pretending to listen while the person is a bore, foster the small talk with uncommunicative people.

      Therefore, when being indiscriminate, there is suddenly far too many people in my life, who think they are wonderful, and who don’t realise life is give and take.

      I would like to hear what is your opinion about that (no pretense ;))

    2. Hi, Anette, thanx for your personal perspective on Libra decan 2. I guess in a way I can relate to your take on the effort made and the hardships of one-way street relationships. Personally, though, when I had my first saturn return and the passing of saturn through my natal stellium, amongst other changes in my life, I´ve drastically got away from situations like that. It’s been a hard couple of years, since I also have a stellium in scorpio 12th house and transiting saturn is just on the begining of that house now, so a lot to endure still…

      As for defining how that energy works in my life, I couldn’t say exactly, since I’m no astrologer, but only a self-tought enthusiast of the subject… but one thing very clear to me is the influcence of sun+saturn so tight together, with being responsible, in control of impulses and having very high standards. I can sense jupiter just around the corner, by the idealism and expecting the best from myself, others, and from life, and also by feeling that my guardian angel (or whatever one might wanna call it) works overtime a lot! lol However, that and the optimism can be drained by disappointments and delays. On the down side, there’s insecurity in certain situations. Also, I’ve been sure, since young, that patience is definetly one of the many lessons I came to learn in this lifetime. Larger social issues, specially the environment, play a big part in my life. As for pluto in all that mess, I guess it would be my desire to achieve something that really matters, the ability to dig deep, but being stubborn sometimes? I dunno, I try and try to figure myself out with the help of astrology but it’s such a huge universe that I get lost in it…

      One cool thing I read in a forum was that “natal Jupiter-Saturn conjunction symbolizes a deep-seated skepticism born from acute powers of observation that disallows the person to buy into any belief system or religion or philosophy “hook, line and sinker”. As a result, there can be a philosophical eclectism for extracting the best parts of each system and weaving them into a kind of patchwork cosmology”. I can very much relate to that.

      I also read in forums that somehow wealth was related to pluto jupiter saturn natal aspects? I haven’t seen the colour of it… =/ hahah

    3. I’m really impressed with your comment and your stellium – because it shows real balance. I have no idea what you do but you’d make a brilliant tactician/lawyer/judge.
      I also think that the Sun and Saturn conj would outstrip any power Corvus or Algorab might have. They are way stronger in influence than either star.
      There’s something missing from all astrology as we analyse it here – and in the west (don’t know if it shows up in other styles either) which is, we have no way of telling the level of the soul’s progress. Whether we have consecutive lives or parallel lives, we just can’t tell how far we are on the path of return.
      Maybe someone who houses a soul which has had more experience does not show the baser aspects of a fixed star?
      Especially where it is outshone or modified by the Sun and Saturn?
      I would point out one thing though! In your final paragraph, you
      make a veiled and polite invitation for a comment back to you! This is SO Libran! There is always a way to create a balance between subject and object, observer and observed!
      Since I have nearly all my planets progressed into Libra, 2nd house, I’m taking a lot more notice of its meaning and values.
      And since I’m more of an esoteric astrologer these days, this article explains it beautifully. You might resonate with it, since Sun,Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto would afford you a wonderful platform for profound understanding. The article begins –
      “Libra is the point of balance in the zodiac, the place where neither spirit nor matter dominates.”
      The place where neither spirit nor matter dominate – this is the essential position for magik to arise – the manipulation of forces. It may subtly point to where the magikal aspect of the Crow is founded.

    4. Hi, uberqueenofwands! You’re very observant, aren’t you? heheh 🙂

      I very much agree with your comment, specially at the soul’s evolution part… Not only that, but I don’t believe that anything is either 100% bad nor good. So even a fixed star’s influence or energy, should have some positive outlet to it…

      On my especific case, as you said saturn-sun coul be outweighing it, since saturn is exalted in libra, as it’s said… That’s not always a good thing for me though… I can be cruel to myself at times… Speaking about that, as an astrologist, in that case is saturn combusted by the sun? Or because it’s exalted, it doesn’t work like that? How does that work really? My stelliums and geometric aspects in my natal chart confuse the hell out of me… lol XD

      By the way, you seem to be on to something, since I am a lawyer and justice is a very important theme for me. I wish I could develop the tactician part, though… as for strategies in life and such… And I’ll get on to reading your article. Thanx again! 🙂

    5. Hi Fernanda, I did make a response at the end of the comments. Libra decan 2 isnt the only challenging decan! There is also Virgo 2 (Zosma), Pisces 2 and Taurus 3 with Algol in it. As Underqueenofwands says, it depends on the souls evolution. I thought I had made that clear in my section of the text. I can’t help what other astrologers have written. But I have to include them as part of the research, like I do with ALL the decans. I like what Anette says below. Sounds like the Libra’s I know closely. Sounds pretty high vibration to me 🙂
      Oh something that makes me laugh, my normally very polite and gracious sister gets SO leary and Eris when drunk. Very rude, makes very acute observations about people, pulls people to pieces with her humour, like a stand up comedian, so funny, but can be very offensive.

      Here’s the link:

    6. MArina – since we get to hear a lot about your sister – she’s taking on an invisible but palpable life – a bit like Maris in Frazier, Nile’s ex wife, who we never see but is as big as all the other characters! I don’t need to go to the opera to see your sister – she LIVES!!!

    7. That’s funny. Like Larry Grayson’s Everad. If only she knew she has a secret life. She never reads this blog and not into astrology at all.
      I’m her evil twin I think…I have Moon conjunct MC where she has Sun conjunct MC. My AC is on her DC.

    8. I think I’m hilarious too when I get a little lubricated or such. I nearly got beat up once though I had no clue I was making someone angry with my jokes. I thought it was my Mercury and Venus in Scorpio (i.e., bullshit detector), not my Libra stellium that fueled my merry perceptions of people. I truly never want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but when I burst out laughing at them, they seem to take offense… 😉

    9. Hi, Marina! Thanx for the reply. Indeed the relativity of the influence to the soul’s evolution was not clear to me in your text.

      Can’t say that I experience the same as your sister, but I have something not so libran, that could be similar to that… I have a good eye to noticing incongruencies and can be argumentative and that’s something people may not like… Anyways, nobody is made out of only one element, right…

      I’ll read your response. 🙂

  8. well crows and ravens in their lively interesting lives observe people, remark on us, to their flock, usually balancing on the tallest pines. They relocate if one gets shot, rats, mice groundhog don’t get the message, even with a dead pile on the doorstep they want in.

    1. I have crows on my lawn every day – but there is a pecking order! They won’t share with the magpies, who will share with the woodpeckers! The crows will muscle in for scraps when the majestic red kites are out hunting. I’ve seen red kites bring crows to the ground to get them off their patch! So the crow is a hustler looking for the fall out from a bigger bird! my afore mentioned Uranus Algorab person hooked up with a wealthy widow with 3 kids! He lives in another man’s house, off another man’s money with another man’s kids! However, she has a bro in law who is out to protect his late bro’s interests – perhaps he’s the red kite type!

  9. Hi Marina,

    Oh dear, I’m sort of horrified by my 18 degree Libra sun now! I think I was aware of the “surviving by our wits” thing/opportunism, but this was worse than I expected! How about being influenced too easily by strong personalities? This is something that I have always wondered about my self and fellow Librans in this decante. Interesting about the committment phobe thing. Hmm. Good thing we’re so cute & charming 😉

  10. my household is over represented here 1 w/ M/Mars/cong squaring the others sun/pluto/con imagine that. Mr. S/P is frightful and self sacrificing and loves matching wits w/ big shots. M/Mars is argumentative, irascible…..
    anyone notice their VIBE machine? since crossing swords w/ my brother in law, S/M/Sat/con any difficulty in his life and I know about it, with the heavy vibe, My cap/sister likewise has Libra/M/square/sun and she’s totally into vibe poison….a 3rd dec gentleman friend has mars/NN/con, vibe rather weakened by alcoholism but enough to get the point across miles. They aren’t lazy, great cordiality, awful tempers, never shed tears, are terribly superior, have a horror of appearing ridiculous, and think love is surrendering separateness individualism. My baby sister M/1dec and the cap/libra/M/square sister are totally under their husbands thumbs. The Capricorn sister has frightened me w/ her temper but the best way to get her attention is try and deny her something, she’ll do anything to get it! She remains in pitched competition w/ me while I have ‘run away and joined the circus’


    I was really dismayed to find so much negativity in the interpretations from previous fixed star astrologers which are in the last paragraphs leaving things on a sour note which I really didn’t want to do.

    My 10 year old daughter has Sun on Algorab and believe me if anyone would want to sugar-coat this one it would be me!

    My conclusion is that we are more than just our Sun. This is where modern astrology pisses me right off. The Sun is one of a trinity with the most important being the ascendant anyway. Look at the Ascendant ruler and where it is placed too. Its condition and aspects to it. etc etc…

    In evaluating a Libra decan 2 Sun, you HAVE to look at the whole chart. Strength from other areas will help these people be their beautiful, harmonious selves and not fall for societies vanities and trappings. The crow got distracted by yummy figs in the myth remember? I also think a lot depends on how Saturn is working in the chart too. Is it on a good star? Is it in a day chart? (It will then work more positively). How is Venus placed?

    Now let’s take my daughter, she is lovely but has her insecure moments. She thinks she’s ugly, but at the same time constantly looking in the mirror and making films of herself. She has Sun on Algorab and in the 8th to cap it all, Sun square Saturn..(I know Oprah has this so I’m hoping it gets better with age). Thank god it’s a day chart with Saturn on Sirius. To counteract that, she has Moon/Mars/Uranus conjunction in the first. She has a very intense chart. Thank god I’m an astrologer. Sometimes I think the Sun and Moon describe the mother and father more than us unless we really make an effort to be our own person and thats hard with the way the world is.
    Her Dad also has Venus on Algorab. We have a good relationship. Both of them can hide things from me at times and have been known to tell fibs. But they are not wicked or nasty people. Far from it!

    Two lovely blonde ravens. My sis and daughter a few years ago.

    1. I see the Sun as the hub which filters a lot more than standard astrology presents. As the mother of a 33 yr old, who has her Sun on Sinistra I can see that the ancient interpretations will be mostly off the mark but definitely there is some of Sinistra in her make up. This was not at all evident when she was a child. Likewise the yod of Pluto MArs to Moon on Aldebaran. Her Jupiter Saturn conj at 9 Libra trine her Moon was probably the most evident in childhood and just the joyous side of her Sag sun. But then the child matures, life steps in , other people, events etc and the transits of other planets which bring out other dimensions of the child/adolescent/adult.
      Of course there is no sense in only looking at the Sun! A lot of items on the chart however only come into hard focus when transited by outer planets later in life. ANd of course some of those aspects we never see as people close to the subject because they are exercised in other relationships which we are not privvy to.

    2. I used to think of the Sun as being really important, the be all and end all. I know its a huge star and yes without it there would be no life on earth. But what about the earth? Without earth there would be no life either. The angles are the earth in our chart, the cross of matter. The Ascendant and its ruler are US in the world. I think the Sun in our chart can represent “God” out there and the power we choose to give it. The government, the boss, dad, our husband if we are a woman.

      I don’t think the Sun should have so much power. If we never went to sleep and neglected our moon and cycles we would quickly go mad. Maybe the negative crows are ones that don’t honour the night and try to be omni-present, omni potent Ego Solar maniacs. Like Saddam Hussein. Maybe they were all sleep deprived. Oh and Thatcher was suppose to hardly sleep either… Sleep deprived eyes here!

    3. everything is based on sun degrees, stars help w/ interpretation, but as Marina pointsout crossing from 1st to 2nd dec, a big difference. Stars, minor planets, GC, AS, axis, all relative to the sun. Even w/ out stars planetary degrees in relation to the sun tell all.

    4. No Sun, no life. No sun, no moonlight either! I think the patriarchal interp of the Sun comes from an older heirarchy and is more in tandem with Saturn. I understand the Sun as part of an electrodynamic circuit which includes many other celestial bodies. In this way its neither male nor female but its energies are indeed manifested in male and female bodies with differing results. Esoteric astrology explains that the Sun is “powered” by other bodies in the chain of which our solar system is part of. Esoteric astrology also has the moon as merely connected to the animal body and as a celestial body which has done its work and is actually spent.
      Talking of sleep – diurnal rhythms are dictated by daylight too. So when we are turned away for the Sun on our part of the Earth, flowers close up, the body sleeps etc
      We won’t really understand the significance of the Sun astrologically until we really understand what it is and how it works. e.g for years it was believed to be a burning, thermo nuclear object but of course we can now see it isn’t and it is in fact comprised of vast layers of electromagnetic fields, which are powered by massive electrical currents from the galaxy. These are visible as “anode tufts” or electrical tornadoes.
      What passes form the Sun to Earth are huge electromagnetic forces in varying degrees. Electromagnetic fields are, in short, ordering fields and hence the effects of the Sun on Earth life.
      In its relationship to the galactic environment the Sun is the anode or positively charged body.
      In all reality, I doubt the Sun has very much to do with the “ego” at all but that the ego is a sum of the entire birth chart which is why people with weakly aspected Suns or sun in its detriment can still have massive egos!

    5. Beautiful girls they are too!!

      I TOTALLY agree marina! You cannot take any one factor in a chart in isolation – it is only one ingredient in the overall recipe and yes by itself one ingredient maybe potentially too bitter, too sweet, too hot etc (horses for courses anyway) but when blended in the mix is a very necessary counterbalance to something else present. MANY parts make a whole!

      I have known a number of Aries 1 peeps. One totally broke my heart, another I thought was a total bully and self serving but then I’ve known others who have been a blessing to know. One such person has a Sag moon (decan 3) and Virgo Asc. He is quite a humanitarian soul and actually pretty reflective. The Aries component in his chart adds a bit of zest, passion and confidence to the mix. I personally can struggle with the sign Taurus (let me stress once more this is just personal compatibility issue) but I actually have quite a few very good friends with a Taurus + Mercury signs combo going on. For me it seems Mercury and Taurus work well together and create a very attractive Taurean.

      There are potential pros and cons to any placement. Never wise to allow a negative encounter/experience to sully your feelings towards any particular sign or star.

      Astrology is a very intricate and detailed art full of nuance. We should never endeavour to simplify something sooo complex – we only drawer erroneous conclusions.

  12. Pure Genius Marina. Lets hope the greater world of Astrology will someday catch up to your vision. I love your take on the angles as being the cross of matter on Earth. This really struck me as I have the Eris archetype right on each of the four angles. Does this mean I have a cross to bear for Eris? Mmm…think it does.

  13. Marina! You missed out a PRIZE Algorab type – Simon Cowell! He has sun conj at 13’28! From his beady little eyes and shiny black hair, his acerbic beaky comments etc he IS Algorab! His Sun is only weakly aspected by Mars (7 degree conj) and the node 10 degree so his SUn may even be magnifying Algorab.
    A little secret – but UQW knows him of old! Privately he is funny, clever, single minded, thoroughly charming and INDUSTRIALLY VAIN! About 13 yrs ago he was staying in the flat of two of my best friends (and one of his) while his house was being renovated. I was given a sneak look at his bedroom – it looked like the cosmetics hall at Harrods!
    At one dinner party there, he made a point of asking me how he looked – as soon as I arrived! To which I replied – “you look as if you’ve had a really night’s sleep” –
    “oh is that all?” He said, looking a bit disappointed.
    “Well several nights actually,” I added.
    He had just had botox…!!!

    1. He is a crow deluxe!! Perfect. I have to put him in my data base. God his eyes are totally beady. Here he is looking mean with beaky looking nose in all. I can just imagine his cosmetics.

      I can’t help fancying him a little since a few of my friends have said he’s Jamie’s lookalikey….Eeeky beak!

    2. I’m not sure it’s fair (ha-ha) to consider one with a Sun/Mars conjunction a posterchild for any sort of Libran energy, Decan 2 or no – that would be similar to holding up my kindly-but-slobbish Sun conjunct Neptune in Virgo friend as a prime example of Virgo energy! Older texts stress considering the strength of the aspect over the influence of the sign, and I can say I’ve more than enough examples of this to point to over the years that it’s verifiable. Particularly in cases where the planet making the conjunction to the Sun is the antithesis of that sign’s energy – we might consider that Mars is a foil for Libra (detriment), as is Neptune for Virgo (also detriment). While Simon may present an example of Corvus energy itself, this is where sidereal and tropical astrology don’t mesh well for me – I cannot divorce in my head the idea of this man being an obnoxious, rude, Mars archetype with very little tact – it’s clear upon observing him on American Idol that his Libran manners were broken and suffering due the Mars influence and I’m not sure that I would equate his “beaky” comments to the influence of Corvus per se.

      Fashion maven Gwen Stefani is also on the list – I don’t see her as “beaky” in the same way Simon is, though she is famous for crooning mournfully (in single-crow-sorrow style) about her breakup with longtime boyfriend and bandmate Tony Kanal in the No Doubt song “Don’t Speak”. Perhaps what we might say of Corvus (neutrally) is its natives tend to be good at making their voices heard, one way or another. There seems to be a disproportionate amount of singers and outspoken folks who have become mouthpieces in one respect or another on Marina’s list. Paula Abdul’s often loopy comments on Idol? Charlton Heston for the NRA? The Vatican, whose words are fervently followed by the flock of the faithful? Vocal P.E.T.A. activist Alicia Silverstone, who recently took a bunch of guff for regurgitating food back up (like a bird!) and feeding it to her son in true Sun/Pluto style?

  14. I am a Libran deccan 2 and am a bit surprised by this- I have always felt that I can see the dark side of life and I can spot opportunities v quickly, but I am not tempted by them really and I can easily rise above them on the comparatively rare occasions when I do feel tempted. Maybe that’s the Saturn keeping things under control- cant say. The more I go along in life, in fact I find myself obsessed with self improvement and I feel i have an enormous stamina for it- and I have noticed that a lot in some other acquaintances who happen to be Libran Deccan 2 Sun – wonder where that comes from. And I don’t mind the tag of heartless- I think most people are comfortable enough in their skin to know whether or not they really have a heart, and it’s very personal- nothing that can be affected by another person’s contention or confirmation.

  15. I have two of these decans close to me in life, and they are the calmest, most sincere and generous people I know. It is a shame that you bring out their lesser side.

  16. Well my husband and my boss are Decan 2 of Libra. And I cannot say I agree. My husband is the calmest, most just person I have come across who is also a soft touch. My boss can be a charmer am sure, but at work she works the hardest in the team and is easily the brainiest- so though she has climbed the corporate ladder fast, I cannot think of a more deserving person to have done so. Not to mention that there is not a single person in her team of 30 odd who finds her unfair, drives us hard maybe but definitely always calm and passionate about fairness.

    1. And my husband supported my entire family at a time of great crisis for 5 years and brought in my parents to stay with us when they became unable to take care of themselves though I had my doubts about whether we were taking on too much responsibility. In fact I have never come across anyone with a bigger heart – am sure about it.

  17. I thought that the graphic designer with whom I have worked fine was of this decan, because description is accurate. This sweet and somehow serious/bitter personality; she finds her way and gets it no matter what… but no! She was born on the 14th… we shall see.

    Thanks Marina!


  18. My son’s childhood friend didn’t speak for years and then only in a whisper, she had an obsession with crows – yup, Mercury on Algorab!
    I love crows, they have very high cognitive abilities and I believe that if you kill or injure one, the flock will remember your face.

  19. Triggered in memory when reading through the list of names- Le Corbusier, one of the pioneers of modern architecture, famous in the architectural world as Picasso in the art world. The Swiss-French architect adopted his pseudonym in his 30s (circa1920), historians says adapted from his maternal grandfather’s name Lecorbesier. In French ‘corbeau’ is for raven (whereas French ‘corneille’ is for crow; raven and crows are different species of birds, their beaks and tails are different, the cries are different, presume their general behavior/characteristics differ as well, but often referred to as the same). So Le Corbusier has been referred to in English as the ‘raven/crow-like-one’. Did he know his
    astrological connection with the raven/crow and hence used this name? Or is it a coincidence, as historians believe it is from an ancestral name? …imperative question raised through your astrological blog for architectural historians to answer.

  20. Wow, already having a hard enough time without reading something like this. Maybe I should have really tried living up to this all of my life and I wouldn’t be in such a low state. I made choices looking out for my family instead of myself and now I am having trouble getting a job. If I were able to be as ruthless as all this, maybe I could rule the world.

  21. This old crone is so old school & medieval, don’t or wouldn’t even know where to start with a rebuttal. As far as um concern, after reading this, the ruler(s) of the 2nd decan of Libra would be associated with the sign Aquarius, as the ruler(s) of the second decan of Scorpio is link to the sign of Pisces. This “green” eyed Medusa might be better off getting up to date on current and modern astrological interpretation.

    1. Dear Marina , i always appreciate for your hard work and i have one questions to ask .Please don’t get me wrong though , but i really want to know your opinion on this .
      the failure of astrology to explain twins who behave and live differently although conceived at the same moment and born at approximately the same time?
      i just simply want to know why astrology is not scientific but viewed as pseudoscience .

    2. I’ve heard someone say that the twins may act out different sections of the chart. I think if I was given a twins chart to read I hope I would do two different readings. Like say, if one came to me at one time and sent me their picture I would get a different vibe off them and read the chart in one way. I might even do a consultation chart for the time they commissioned me the reading so that would add another layer of difference to the reading.
      If the twins were very different from each other then it would be unlikely that they would ask me for a reading the very same time and day. Therefore their consultation chart would be different.

      Why does Astrology have to be scientific anyhow? Can you weigh and measure a soul? or love? or prana? Yet they exist.

    3. Thank you for the reply Marina .
      I started to interested in astrology when i accidentally found out your website about 2 years ago and now i have a deep interest in political astrology because i was a student of politics in England. So what happened was that i made an appointment with advisers of Mongolian President to talk about the importance of astrology. In Mongolia , that’s where i’m from and i live , there is no study of astrology at the universities and even no professional astrologers like you . So this Tuesday i talked to them about the current transit of planets such as Uranus Pluto square and their influence back to 1930’s and also about this comet ison , occupy wall street which leads to US conspiracy theory and even i showed this article ” Politics and the transition of ages ” ( ) However , the whole meeting ended up really badly. They looked at me the way i needed a psychiatrist , i was almost offered a medication. They rejected me simply they believe astrology is not scientifically proven and one of them asked me a deadly question about the TWINS which i wasn’t able to answer . So i didn’t succeed this time . But i wanted them to aware of and ready for this coming a big change . How can i make them to think astrology is still very very important ? I just need some strong evidence . Or maybe i became really lunatic am i kkk

  22. hello! I’ve been enjoying this website for a few months now. i’m aries asc, venus & sun. My teachers have been heavily weighted in libra. often frustratingly so. LOL through sun moon or asc. my first house is very active w/eris tightly conjunct asc. I totally identify w/her. but to know me is to know my moon is in cancer. thank you for sharing.

  23. Libra decan 2 broke my heart. I don’t know how to get him back?!
    He has disappeared and only sends txts once in a while. 🙁

  24. OMG. I just found out Vladimir Putin was born October 7, 1952. Sun conjunct Algorab. Simon Cowell with nukes!

  25. ask a crow, adult beverage helps…. they will tell you how their entire life is lived for others, sacrificed! yeah, never for themselves did they obtain wealth, fame, fortune, no! their audience, spouse, family, country, political party, fraternity, group, religion…they just answered the call, didn’t want to disappoint. sometimes perversely they set up situations where they are forced to, going to great lengths’ to fool others into believing they really don’t want to run for office, could care less about rewards, don’t need or even expect applause….that it’s not about them. funny when you call their bluff

  26. Well done, Debbie…
    I’m more in corvus the raven..
    does the time of day make any difference?

  27. Wow…love your website and your approach. I just read about 3rd decan libra…and realized — I have been taken for a ride by two 3rd decan libras. And it was all so sweet at tbe beginning. And these were “just” friendships. When i look back i think i knew i was “being used”… i am a 3rd decan aquarius with very strong capricorn midheaven …altho i am an aquarian woman i have a very paternalistic mentality…like how can we fix this? In both situations i ended up feeling used altho i didnt “get it” til months later after “separating.” Live and learn…i will be more careful in future with librans. It was so easy gor me to go down tbe slide

  28. I don’t think it’s right to play favorites when writing about the zodiac signs. Obviously Libra Decan 2’s are not your favorite and much of their better qualities should have been included. I think the Personology books by Gary Goldshneider are much less biased and give a fair description of good/bad qualities. His description of Libra “2’s”show them in a completely different light. There is no bad sign and you don’t just write all the bad stuff because you don’t like someone.

    1. Did you actually read this? I love my daughter, dad and sister who have their Sun (Moon dad) there. Anyway good that Gary gives the bright side. Together we have a balance then! 🙂

  29. Wow, this fits my late aunt and one of my bosses to a T. Stylish, beautiful, charming, lovely, bright, funny and yet, not someone you would confide your deepest weaknesses to, if you know what I mean – they love to gossip 😉

    Great aesthetics though, I gotta say.

  30. I have to say it seems you’re focused on the negative aspects of this decan that happens to be mine. I would think each of the signs and decans has positive and negative elements but feel this particular one is presented in a judgmental way.

    1. Some of these decans can look rather too negative when you just take an excerpt as an example. Just so you know, my darling daughter has here sun here as does my sister and my dear departed dad had his moon here! All three on Algorab the crow no less! I have yet to add the planetary meanings and hoping that I will find something more positive for the sun here. I do know the moon is a little problematic however. As much as I loved my father he did show some of the darker side for sure. But a lovable rogue he was. In the full ebook there really IS a positive side, which this edit doesn’t get to. Unfortunately this post as it stands probably doesn’t do libra decan 2 justice. So I’m sorry if it comes across so negatively. It’s not my intention really it isn’t, but at the same time I have to be true to what the stars say.

      Please remember a chart is so very complex and these traits will only play out very strongly if, say the chart ruler is in this decan or other aspects to the decan 2 planet amplify it or if other factors in the chart repeat these themes. Some decans contain more potent dark stars than others and I’m afraid libra decan 2 is one of them. Much depends on the evolution of the soul that carries this challenging cosmic energy. These stars are also magic stars, but they can be deadly in the wrong hands. When I add the sun in libra 2 to this post you will get a better idea and also when the ebook is complete you will hopefully see it’s really not such a ‘bad’ decan as it first seems. I love my daughters black crow wings, they do add spice to the rest of her chart and I hope what I have written helps her (and others who read the ebook) use these powers wisely

      PS. Will point out that this is an excerpt.

  31. The Element of Air can not be Dark is not like the Element of Water or perhaps ‘Capricornian’ Earth. I am Libra Sun 14.43′ and the weirdo energy could be transformed in to evolutionary thinking and help the evolution of the Age we are entering. Deep in the first decan of Pisces

  32. You seem to loath Libra Decon 2, not based only on this post but also others that i’ve read. It’s rather sad as they are usually the most open minded, kind hearted people that I have ever encountered. What is your sign? I would be interested to write a book on how nasty it could be.

    1. I adore my daughter who is Libra decan 2. Did you even read this post past the first sentence? Please learn that you are more than just your sun sign, so the fact that I am Aquarius isn’t really relevant, apart from the fact that Aquarians love Libra generally.

  33. I’m Libra Decan 1, rising and moon in Sag Decan 2, and many of my friends strangely are either sun moon or rising in Libra Decan 3. I have my Venus in Libra Decan 2, and believe me, all those Libra Decan 2s I am very wary of especially due to past experiences. When I hear someone has a birthday in there, I am more cautious, and it’s turned out to be for good reason. Hope I don’t offend, but just my experince

  34. I’m a Libra decan 2, Aries rising…
    I’m wondering if about a couble of things..
    1) what day ( if any) does the moon transit into Llibra Decan 2..?
    2) Could I be a double Libra?

  35. This graphically describes my experience with Libra decan 2. My mother was one, my son’s stepmother is one, and a particularly unpleasant one was my boss years ago.
    But my cousin is one as well, also a former colleague, and they are both absolute sweethearts – they are very forceful about doing what they want to, and have done well in life. And some of my favourite celebrities are in your examples. I suppose this is where free will comes in.

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