Monthly Horoscope ~ December 21 to January 21

The new monthly horoscope starts as the Sun moves into a new sign rather than the 1st day of the month. It is divided into the three decans of the sign and looks at what fixed stars the Sun hits in that month. The star interpretations are written for those born with their Sun on that degree, but the general mood of the day will carry that flavour too.

I will also look at the sign in terms of its northern hemisphere season and note the Pagan, Christian and Roman feast days that take place in the month ahead also.

The Monthly Horoscope is divided into decans:

December 21 to 31 ~ Capricorn decan 1
January 1 to 10 ~ Capricorn decan 2
January 11 to 21 ~ Capricorn decan 3

Capricorn Decan 1 ~ December 21 to 31 2017

This decan aims high with their arrows and shoots to kill. This is a very important time of the year as the Sun crosses the winter solstice point of 0º Capricorn. Capricorn 1 looks both backwards (Saturn) and forwards (Jupiter.) just like the Roman god Janus , which the next month January is named after. Janus rules gates, doorways, time and endings. This decan has a strong and honorable work-ethic. It is so religiously dedicated to whatever path it chooses in life, that every business deal is sacrosanct. Everything in their life is a crusade, no matter how run-of-the-mill the situation might be.

Monthly Horoscope Aspects

Dec  21 Winter Solstice. Sun conjunct Saturn. Dec 22 Yule Feast. Sacred to Odin & Frey. Dec 23 Roman feast of Larentalia. In honor of the Lares, the divinities that were the protectors of houses and families, found in chimneys. Light a real fire in your fireplace if you have one. Dec 25 Venus conjunct Saturn. Christmas Day and Sol Invictus. The Roman festival of the invincible Sun God. (From Dec 22 to 25 and probably why this time was picked for the birthday of Jesus)

Dec 26 Sun conjunct Lilith. Despite some counter-cultural behavior, this aspect needs more than most to feel like they belong and feel part of a family. The way they can do this successfully is to bond with nature and animals. Sexuality will be instinctive and untamed, feeling very comfortable in its own skin. First Quarter Moon at 4º Aries. Dec 28 Mars trine Neptune. Dec 29 Venus conjunct Black Moon Lilith. So we get the mother and the anti-mother in one being. Dec 30 Mercury trine North Node Dec 31 Jupiter square North Node. Hogmanay (Scottish), Yule 12th Night (End of Yule celebration. Reflection of 2017 and making plans for the coming year. Swear your oath on Freya’s Roast pig or Odin’s hammer. Mercury trine Ceres.

Capricorn Decan 2 ~ Jan 1 to 10 2018

Monthly HoroscopeStrong in command and extremely competitive, this decan needs to display achievements in material form and will show off strength in quite an ostentatious manner. Capricorn decan 2 does things grandly, but there is the risk of them having delusions of grandeur also. The centaur here really aims high, just like status-seeking tropical Capricorn. Finely crafted workmanship is of the utmost importance, as they cannot stand cheap, plastic, mass-produced junk.

Monthly Horoscope Aspects

Jan 1 Full Moon at 11º Cancer. The largest Full Moon of the year qualifies as a super moon. It is also known as the Wolf Moon. Family values are really high, so if some kind of parental supportive is available we can attract success to our lives. Those touched by this Full Moon won’t feel particularly ambitious and they don’t need to be either as the right people and work will find them. Jan 2 Ceres square Jupiter, Sun sextile Neptune, can be a wonderfully glamorous, charismatic, musical, poetic and highly imaginative combination… that comes with a price! The willpower is easily swayed by smoke and mirrors which makes it hard to resist drugs, alcohol and temptations of escapism.

Jan 3 Venus sextile Neptune Jan 4 Mars square North Nodes Jan 5 Christian 12th Night, concluding the 12 days of Christmas. A feast of merrymaking! Ceres square Mars. Jan 6 Epiphany. The visit of the Magi to baby Jesus. The revelation of god to mankind. Christian churches also call this the ‘revelation to the gentiles’ The three kings were thought to symbolize the non-Jewish people of the world. But of course they were also astrologers following the stars. A feast day for astrologers!? So make some star-shaped cookies. Mars conjunction Jupiter, Mercury trine Uranus Jan 7 Russian Christmas. According to the old Julian calendar the Russian orthodox church celebrates with both a solemn ritual and joyful festivities. Ceres conjunct North Node

Jan 8 Mars sextile Pluto, Venus sextile Jupiter, Sun sextile Jupiter comes across as a huge, sparkly golden balloon. The thing about balloons is that they are are very light and non-threatening. Sometimes it is hard to be taken seriously the quite charming, childlike wonder about this aspect. This can be a good ploy though! Don’t fall for its innocence, this balloon could be filled with poison gas! Jan 9 Venus sextile Mars, Sun conjunct Pluto is the Darth Vader of all Sun aspects, it is high contrast and stark lighting. The brighter the Sun the darker the shadow and that is just what we get here. This red-ice sexuality is quite a paradox. Sun conjunct Pluto exudes power, but doesn’t need to make a big song and dance about it, its mere physical presence is enough to ensure obedience and submission.. Venus conjunct Pluto, Sun conjunct Venus can be a paradox. This is because modern astrology deems this aspect wonderfully positive while forgetting about the phenomena of… combustion!

Venus becomes invisible under the rays of the Sun when it is closer than 8º. In this case she is invisible and therefore distrusted. The positive expression of Sun conjunct Venus comes when she is able to shine. So the wider conjunction will make one gracious and popular, and also a fantastic diplomat or counselor. Jan 10 Sun sextile Mars makes for daring, courageous and impulsive actions. All Sun/Mars aspects will have this bravado, but at least with these softer aspects there is less of the tendency to really get burnt when playing with fire. The sextile offers some protection when taking part in high risk activities. Sun/Mars soft aspects will have great passion and go-getting approach to life.

Capricorn Decan 3 ~ January 11 to 19 2018

Monthly HoroscopeThis decan successfully combines artistic and musical ability with a great business mind. These arty goats are aspirational and think very highly of themselves, but don’t brag about their talents. They are far too elegant for that brash type of behavior and they will always have enough admirers to blow their trumpet for them.

Monthly Horoscope Aspects

Jan 11 Carmentalia. Feast day of Oracle-Goddess Carmenta who looks at the past and into the future at the same time. Jan 13 Venus square Uranus, Mercury conjunct Saturn Jan 14 Sun square Uranus brings out confrontational rebels who are radical in their approach to reform and find it hard to compromise in any way. The only way to really awaken people is to go to the extreme with its message. Throwing the thunderbolt into the middle of the party is mostly its style, but even the most demure are capable of freezing people with their icy stare.

Jan 15 Jupiter sextile Pluto Jan 16 New Moon at 26º Capricorn. In the mundane world, this New Moon highlights behind-the-scene advisors who ‘rule’ vicariously. Care is needed not to pick the wrong leader to follow, otherwise one can become the lap-dog to a very domineering and bullying superior. Orders at this time are followed unquestioningly, and although loyalty is admirable, it can be disastrous if misdirected. Mercury conjunct Black Moon Lilith. Jan 19 Mercury sextile Neptune.

Your Personal Monthly Horoscope


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  • LB

    I can’t wait for Saturn to be in Capricorn on Dec 19, 2017 it should restore some order and justice. Additionally Nov 8, 2018 Jupiter will be in Sagittarius, both will continue to be in their ruling signs until Jupiter enters Capricorn on Dec 2, 2019.


    I am a white person and live in MA, right outside of Boston. Sad part was the Counter Protesters (40,000) actually gave a Voice to 20 Hateful people. Had they stayed home, the 20 Losers who did not even have a PA system would have not even made the news. It cost the City a lot of money and was such a waste of Resources, that should be spent more on actually helping people. Next time this happens the City should charge thousands for the Permit and give it to Charity.

  • Cadence

    With the corrupt leaders in place to dish out” justice”, I’m not sure that we’ll be better off.