February Astrology Report 2018

Here follows a roughly tidied up YouTube transcript for the February Astrology Report. Excuse the chatty form of grammar, but I thought this would be a good way to kill two birds with one stone. You can listen to the YouTube video. In this video, I look at the most important aspects patterns and how they affect your star sign. I also examine the season’s themes and reference the Pagan & Romans festivals in the month ahead. There is a list of the month’s aspects and festival dates at the bottom of the post. In February there are some interesting aspect patterns. The main one is a yod pointing to Ceres. Since we have a lunar eclipse that is conjunct Ceres, this earth goddess seems to be dominating everything at the moment and the theme that I’ve been stuck on as well.

Some people keep saying to me, whenever I start talking about nationalities and DNA and ethnic groups and blah blah blah, what’s this got to do with astrology? Well, astrology is to do with trends and themes and this is a theme that’s come up. So here we are in February and we have the festival of Imbolc. The Irish celebrated it as Bridget’s day but it’s basically the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. Hope is in the air I can see already the little daffodils are coming up which is a really nice sign that Springs on its way.

There are Roman festivals that are to do with the home and hearth which is also very much Ceres territory. Wiki says that celebrations often involve hearth fires, special foods, divination or watching for omens. Candles or a bonfire if the weather permitted. Fire and purification were an important part of the festival. The lighting of candles and fires represented the return of the warmth and increasing power of the Sun over the coming months and spring cleaning was also customary.

Imbolc ~ Festival Of Fire

Another thing they used to do was visit holy wells and they would pray for health while walking Sun wise around the well. They would leave offerings as well as throwing coins into it too and so water from the well was also used to bless the home. As well as the family members and the livestock (you can bless your pet cat!) and the fields (so your garden) St Brigid was based on a Gaelic goddess Brigid and she was said to visit virtuous households and bless the people inside she represented the light half of the year and brings the people from the dark into the spring.

Before going to bed people would leave items of clothing and strips of cloth outside for Bridget to bless. Now I didn’t know this but the expression ‘old biddy’ that we use in England a lot actually comes Bridget because they made a little dolly to represent her and it was called a ‘Biddy’ which is quite sweet. Groups visited rural and public houses and they’d keep their little Biddy doll with them to ensure evil spirits are kept away from humans and animals alike for the coming year.

This is a really good example of where you get the mix of Christianity and the ancient Celtic traditions mixing together. Traditionally a visit from the Biddy guaranteed good luck, fertility, prosperity and not to receive a visit from her was considered a terrible slight, so yes look out for your biddies!

Aspect Of The Month

February Horoscope

Imbolc was also traditionally a time of weather divination as well so the old tradition of watching to see if serpents or badgers came out from their winter dens may be a forerunner of the American Groundhog Day. So on February 1st, we’re still in the shade of the lunar eclipse that happened on January the 31st. Because Ceres is going retrograde she spends a hell of a long time very close to the North node so she’s very much stimulated and then she becomes a yod as well so whatever you do, you can’t avoid this goddess.

Aquarians will have a lot going on in their life because Aquarius is full of the Sun, Venus and Mercury. Ceres and the North Node are in Leo as well so all the fixed signs are going to be quite busy and have a lot of juice from the planets.

Remember we’ve also got Jupiter Scorpio as well so fixed signs don’t waste this opportunity to be active in your life, be proactive, work hard basically and get out there and show your stuff to the world and that’s until February the 19th but then after that, it’s all in Pisces and that’s where Neptune is as well so then it’s the Mutables and your turn to enjoy some attention, especially Pisces but also Virgo because it’s opposite.

The only ones who don’t really have much going on would be the Cardinals so that’s Aries Capricorn Cancer and Libra. Capricorn, of course, you’ve got Pluto and Saturn going on so you may be going through some really serious stuff when I say serious it just means you’re going to be working hard. It’s not a time to be frivolous it’s a time to really get your boundaries sorted out.

If you do feel quite burdened, especially Decan one of Capricorn at the moment and Decan one of the Cardinals as well because you’ve got Saturn weighing down on that. you may feel it can make you a little bit depressed but it also it’s like going to the gym metaphorically as well and carrying very heavy weights around but you’re basically being asked to grow up and to take responsibility and taking responsibility can be a good thing. You could be offered a job where you have more money but it means more commitment.

Saturn & The Cardinal Signs

The cardinal signs are probably being a bit more chained to their work desk and a timetable but you know everybody gets their chance and cycles change. The Sun is conjunct the South node on the 3rd of February at 14º Aquarius so anybody who’s got planets in the fixed signs 14º Aquarius the highlight is the past where you’ve come from so this may be a karmic favour that’s owed to you that gets highlighted. So you might meet someone from the past it could even be my old flame type situation as well or just someone that you haven’t seen for a long time comes back into your life with a favour that they owe you

February the 4th is a really juicy aspect with Jupiter square Venus and this again takes place in the fixed signs. Aren’t you lucky, 20/21 degrees Aquarius? When they come together, the two benefic should bring generosity and money even because there’s a square.

Just be careful as there’s always that danger of extravagance so you may want to spend a bit more than you meant to. So if you’re buying a house or anything like of big value just be careful with your enthusiasm because you might just think. “oh, my god, this is it and I don’t care how much I spend”. Just remember that Jupiter’s inflating your generosity.

 February Purging

There is the last quarter moon on February the 7th and that’s at 18º Scorpio again it’s those fixed signs this affects. Last quarter Moons are the end of a cycle so you this is a good time to break up with someone or just finish something off. Just pack it away and move on… It’s in Scorpio so Scorpio is very good at detoxing, ending and basically weeding out. Also purging things, a good day for a colonic maybe!

On February the 9th the Sun moves into Aquarius decan 3 and Mercury will be conjunct the South Node as well. This is about saying goodbye to old stuff because there’s just so much action on the south and now with the Sun in Aquarian decan 3.

Really it’s about the confrontation of the old with the new so it is the most revolutionary and edgy decan of Aquarius. Here is that the decan that marries the Swans unbridled imagination and libido with the transformative spiraling tail of the Sea Goat because these are two constellations that are found in this decan.

Saturn rules both Aquarius and Capricorn and it is the last planet you can see with the naked eye it has no illusions here and it’s very plain speaking. So this is Aquarius at its most scientific and skeptical but at the same time, it is open to explore other realms but it’s just about testing so it’s it’s testing things to really make sure that they are valid and
not just pie in the sky.

February Monthly Horoscope
On February the 13th we get another feast day and it’s the Roman feast of Parentalia. This was a nine-day festival in honor of family ancestors You were obliged to take food to the family tomb usually located outside the city boundaries. So for nine days it must have been a bit of a trek to have to keep going there and putting food out for dead people but it was meant to strengthen the mutual obligations and protective ties between the living and the dead. It was the lawful duty of the head of the family, so you had to do it.

It comes to an end on the 21st of February in the midnight rite of Faralia where the head of the family addressed the malevolent destructive aspects of the tomb. At the end of was a kind of exorcism. I would I would imagine it was like healing the ancestors and then you would reaffirm the connection with the feast of Caristia which was on February 27th. This celebrated love of family and banqueting and gifts. There’s that nice kind of connection between the remembrance of the dead and then the living.

Yod To Ceres

Bang in the middle of this these family feast days you get the solar eclipse. I will do a separate video for that. It takes place at 26 degrees Aquarius and the Swan is highly active as a totem animal Eclipse. This is when these Yods start to happen that point towards Ceres again. You’ll see that this yod is formed from Saturn at 6º Capricorn to Venus at 7º Pisces around that area and then they are filtering down to Ceres at 7º Leo so anybody who has planets at 7º Leo gets this pointing at them. It is like having an awakening.

The yod is like the finger of God pointing at you at you so whatever you think is a higher power, you should feel pretty inspired on that day. It’s going be an important one, most likely something to do with relationships with Venus being involved and Saturn for stability or commitment. It is pointing towards a kind of traditional connection with Ceres. However, it can be abduction as there is a dark side to Ceres. Do you want something that’s going to last or a fling that that will affect you negatively in the future?

There’s another Roman feast on the same day as the Solar Eclipse which is called Lupercalia. Lupus is the wolf and it was a feast to avert evil spirits and purify the city, releasing health and fertility. Lupercalia actually took over from another ritual which was februa and that’s where we get the month of February.

It was an earlier spring cleaning ritual so there’s a lot of purification and purging, clearing the way for spring isn’t there? Ovid connects februa to an Etruscan word for purging and some sources connect the Latin word for fever ‘febris’ with the same idea of purification and purging due to the sweating commonly seen in association with fevers I mean I wonder if it’s a common kind of time to get flu as well in February like the last purging of the winter bugs.

Lupercalia & The Wolf Month

There are a branch of priests called the Lupercalia and they are young men aged between 20 and 40. They used to sacrifice a male goat or a dog at this Festa, so um no let’s not do that! Instead just let’s give our little dogs a hug and be grateful that they’re not being offered up as sacrifices. It’s interesting that Lupercalia is the day after Valentine’s Day and some researchers have made a claim that Valentine’s day does originate from these Lupercalia customs.

I’m not quite sure if their customs are anything like Valentine’s Day but here’s what they did after the sacrifice; Their foreheads were anointed with the blood from the sacrificial knife then there was a feast, after which the priests cut thongs from the flayed skin of the dog and ran with these naked or near naked along the old Palatine boundary in an anti-clockwise direction around the hill. Apparently many women accidentally-on-purpose fell into the path of these naked running priests, because a slap from one of their bloody thongs gave them a boost in fertility!

There is a bit of a wolf theme as well this month because for the Native Americans this is start of wolf month which is what Pisces would be. The Sun moves into Pisces from the 19th and as you can see from the charts everything is shifted into Pisces so now it’s the mutable sign turn to have some action. Before that, Mars square Neptune on February 17th can be a difficult aspect if this impacts you the first thing that comes to mind is drug abuse.

Neptune can be alcohol and Mars just wants more of it but the best way to use its energy is probably to be a spiritual warrior. Martial arts is really good for Mars square Neptune and that takes place at 13º Sagittarius for Mars and 13º Pisces for Neptune, so watch out you mutables for that! If it hits you it will be probably best to to put energy into being quite meditative with all those. Pisces you have no problem doing that anyway! Actually that Mars might feel like a bit of a prod in your side to get you to start something.

Your Monthly Horoscopes

To get the best out of your monthly horoscope, use the horoscope maker to find your rising sign and sun sign decan. I mention specific signs in the YouTube video and you will see in the visuals which aspects will be effecting your decan.

The Learning Triangle

There’s a learning triangle with the North node so starting a course an educational course would be good. Anything to do with learning really, but it does have a kind of spiritual healing and protective vibe about it. The North Node is on Dubhe which is in Ursa Major, so it’s the protective mother bear. Anything that’s about learning to heal people is very well starred.

The North Node is at 14º Leo Another interesting repeat theme here is that Ceres is now on Praesaepe from the 17th of February onwards for about four days and this fixed star is the spirit of the ancestors (the Chinese meaning for that star) it’s also in The Beehive star cluster. It’s actually in the middle of cancer the crab, (The constellation of cancer) so it has got that family group feel about it and a cluster of people from the same tribe.

Because it’s the bee hive, there’s that hive mind problem with it as well. You have to be careful of overly collective thinking too. Some people are comfortable with that sort of collectivity and others are more individualist. However, the more you’re under threat, the more people are more likely to band together aren’t they and cling to their family groups. February the 21st there’s another yod again and this time it’s Mercury at 6º Pisces takes over from where Venus left off and it’s doing the same thing pointing down to that yod with Ceres

Spirit Of The Ancestors ~ Praesaepe

Now Ceres is at 6º Leo is a focus on the spirit of the ancestors it’s strange because it’s February and normally you associate the dead with the month of Scorpio and Halloween but February it seems to be there’s a theme here for that as well. I’m not quite sure why maybe it’s just because it’s in between coming full circle just before this rebirth of spring so it’s a real last purging so that you can start afresh.

(PostScript! Scorpio = Samhain which is the cross-quarter point immediately before the winter solstice and Aquarius = Imbolc, the cross-quarter immediately after the winter solstice.) There are the eclipses as well that also gives another opportunity to reboot. Saturn is on fixed star Facies at the moment, a star that is quite treacherous and ruthless.

There’s this yod focusing on the ancestral line and that’s got a lot of focus in it as well, plus that energy of Saturn focusing. So it looks there’ll be a group of people who are have got their eyes set on a target. I’m quite aware that we’ve not have had too much terrorism going on it’s been a bit of a lull for a while thank God. Let’s hope there isn’t going to be anything, but there looks to be a focus on some kind of goal, a ruthless need to get to the top or get to this goal whatever it is.

That’s a theme that comes around on the 21st so I don’t know in the worldwide politics whether somebody’s going to be really aiming for something and won’t really care who they tread on to get their target. This Yod goes on all the way to February the 24th because then the Sun picks it up at 6º Pisces as well while we also have that Mars square Neptune, which can be a betrayal.

Ecclesiastical Success With Achernar

On the positive side we may get a spiritual guru making themselves known because Mercury is with Neptune on February 25th and that’s on a star called Achenar which means ‘success in ecclesiastical matters’ so anyone who’s got anything important on at around 13º/14º Pisces, that’s where the action is! In the second half of the month, they may be the ones who are revered as some sort of guru.

They might not want that attention but they’re going to be seen as that. so if you have that degree strong your natal chart maybe you are handed over the baton to do some kind of spiritual teaching. That brings me to the end of February, I like the look at that yod. I always get excited about yods because I’ve seen them bear fruit. It seems to have the quality of an omen. Whether it physically does anything in the sky, I don’t know, but there’s definitely symbolism in it that is that we can use somehow.

Important Aspects

February 1 Sun in Aquarius decan 2. Fire festival of Imbolc.
February 3 Sun conjunct South Node, Mercury sextile Mars.
February 4 Venus square Jupiter.
February 6 Venus sextile Uranus, Mercury opposition Ceres.
February 7 Last Quarter Moon 18º Scorpio.
February 9 Sun in Aquarius decan 3, Mercury conjunct South Node.
February 13 Roman feast of Parentalia. Sun sextile Uranus, Mercury square Jupiter.
February 15 Partial Solar Eclipse, New Moon 27º Aquarius, Venus sextile Saturn, Mercury sextile Uranus. Roman feast of Lupercalia.
February 17 Sun conjunct Mercury, Mars square Neptune, Start of Ceres Yod
February 18 Mars trine North Node.
February 19 Sun in Pisces decan 1, Venus sextile Lilith. Start of Wolf Month (Native American)
February 21 to 24 Sun conjunct Fomalhaut.
February 21 Romans Feast of Caristia. Mercury sextile Saturn, Venus conjunct Neptune.
February 23 First quarter Moon 4º Gemini
February 24 Mercury sextile Lilith.
February 25 Sun sextile Saturn, Mercury conjunct Neptune, Venus square Mars, Peak of Ceres Yod.
February 27 Venus sextile Pluto.
February 28 Mercury square Mars, Mercury sextile Pluto.

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