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To get the best out of your monthly horoscope, use the horoscope maker to find your rising sign and sun sign decan. October horoscopes are OUT NOW and feature a special Venus retrograde report for its effect in your sign.

October Forecast


The recurrent aspect for the October astrology forecast is the fixed Uranus T-square. This comprises of Sun, Mercury and finally Venus opposing Uranus which is square the Moon’s nodes all month. Themes of Uranus in Taurus will be triggered by the personal planets one by one (Dates in the aspect list at the bottom of this post). I will talk about this more in the YouTube video to come.

October brings us the start of the passionate Venus retrograde in Libra/Scorpio which is mostly easy to deal with. A third person could enter a relationship which ignites a rebalancing between the couple. This season’s themes are mainly about reviewing 2018 as we draw towards its close. This is because as Mars comes to the end of its shadow period, Venus will start her retrograde the very next day.

October Astrology Forecast

Venus Retrograde from October 6 to November 16 ~ 25º Libra to 10º Scorpio. Check out the link for the full  Venus retrograde report. Venus loves being in this last decan of Libra and is very harmonious and graceful here. It will ooze charm but in a way that is not too sickly sweet. Because this position is so balanced, it will never lay things on too thick. Those touched by this Venus retrograde will know exactly when to pull back when they are trying to seduce someone or land a deal. Venus here will act as a giant magnet and draw people to itself. But it will start its journey in Scorpio where it is not so powerful.

Venus will still pass through the constellations of Libra, however, so relationships will have a chance to recalibrate themselves. There are some danger points when Venus passes over 15º Scorpio and the star Zuben Elgenubi “Bad for marriage, sudden and secret death, may be poisoned owing to the jealousy of one of own sex.” Eeek!, which is the Libra scale of loss. But all is well when Venus passes over 17º Scorpio and the star Zubenelscemali the scale of gain.  “Social success, help from women, favourable for love affairs and marriage.”

September Forecast

In the YouTube forecast, I look at the tele-microscope aspect pattern and how it will affect your sign. I also look at the Mars retrograde shadow period and what it means in Capricorn decan 3 and Aquarius decan 1.

The aspect of the month is known as a Tele-Microscope. It can be looked at as a telescope looking into the distance or as a microscope looking down into detail depending which way up it is positioned. In the individual monthly horoscopes, I will show you what this means for your individual sign. But generally, if this aspect is found in a natal chart:

“the person is curious and wants to know, but it is not defensive. Instead, he dares to use and test the possibilities of the green (aspects). But this gives rise to the “magnifying glass effect”, allowing things to get out of proportion. The best possible applications are obtained by very accurate observation. The figure can be used in both ways in any location, but a certain self-awareness is required…The semi-sextile enables meticulous differentiation and the quincunx allows the wider context to be seen. If the awareness is adequate, from the small, the great can be understood. Otherwise, everything is just seen in its great interconnectedness and the small things are avoided (telescope position), or one always sees the little things and is not interested in the big picture (microscope position.)” [1]

So this month we have the opportunity to get the balance between nick-picking in our lives or distancing ourselves so much that we cannot see the granularity and everything becomes very black or white, or good guy/bad guy. Otherwise, the planets are pretty much behaving themselves this month with no personal planet retrogrades. Saturn turns direct on the 6th which means Aquarius and Capricorn heavy or ruled charts can start to move forward with their foundation building without any more “karmic” interference and obstacles.

See more of the year in the Astrology Of 2018.

September Monthly Horoscope


Monthly Horoscope Aspects, Ingresses & Moons

October 2018

October 1 Mars conjunct Lilith
October 2 Mercury square Pluto. Last Quarter Moon 9º Cancer
October 3 Sun into Libra Decan 2
October 7 Sun conjunct Ceres
October 8 New Moon 15º Libra
October 10 Venus square Mars, Mercury opposite Uranus
October 11 Mercury square North Node. Uranus fixed T-square to Nodes/Mercury
October 12 Sun square Pluto
October 13 Sun enters Libra Decan 3
October 15 Mercury conjunct Venus
October 16 First Quarter Moon 23º Capricorn
October 17 Sun conjunct fixed star Spica, Ceres square Pluto
October 19 Mercury trine Neptune, Mercury square Mars
October 22 Mercury sextile Pluto
October 23 Sun into Scorpio Decan 1, Sun opposite Uranus, Uranus fixed T-square to North Node/Sun
October 24  Full Moon 1º Taurus, Sun square Nodes
October 26 Sun conjunct Venus
October 29 Mercury conjunction Jupiter
October 30 Venus square North Node, Uranus fixed T-square to North Node/Venus
October 31 Mercury trine North Node, Venus opposite Uranus

September 2018

September 2 Last Quarter Moon 10º, Sun into Virgo Decan 2
September 3  Mercury sextile Venus, Mars trine Ceres
September 6 Saturn Direct
September 5 Venus trine Lilith
September 7 Mercury trine Uranus, Mercury trine Saturn,  Sun opposite Neptune
September 8 Venus square Mars
September 9 New Moon 17º Virgo
September 11 Sun sextile Jupiter, Sun trine Pluto
September 12 Jupiter sextile Pluto, Venus opposite Uranus, Venus sextile Saturn
September 13 Mercury opposite Neptune
September 14 South Node conjunct Black Moon Lilith
September 15 Mercury trine Pluto
September 16 Mercury sextile Jupiter, First Quarter Moon 24º Sagittarius
September 18 Mars square Uranus
September 20 Sun conjunct Mercury, Sun into Virgo Decan 3
September 22 Sun trine Lilith
September 23 Mercury square Saturn, Mercury trine Mars, The Tele-Microscope pattern, Sun into Libra Decan 1
September 24 Full Moon 1º Aries
September 25 Sun square Saturn
September 27 Sun trine Mars, Mercury conjunct Ceres
September 30 Pluto Direct

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  1. Jupiter realmente nos faz sonhar com o estrangeiro e Eu sonho que um dia não muito distante ele traga um estrangeiro real na minha vida que não venha acompanhado da ilusão de netuno. Afinal tem muitos estrangeiros perdidos e sozinhos por aí querendo recomeçar uma vida e Eu estou sozinha aqui cheia de Esperanças em jupiter trazendo um parceiro de vida e trabalho juntos Vamos lá Jupiter não me deixe só sonhando me acorde para uma vida Real de realizações Amém Oh! Chesed

  2. Love your work Marina! I was wondering what you think about tommy Robinson’s situation ? From your YouTube to your blog I have related to your commentary, and found the astrological influences astounding and incredibly insightful. I’d love to get a reading soon.

  3. With Mr Robinson its very complex. I really like the guy and think his heart is in the right place but I also think he is being used by some nefarious forces. He is being steered into being controlled opposition. I so want to look at his chart on YouTube but need to get the 2019 horoscopes out first.

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