June Astrology


The major aspects of month and their zodiac positions. Your love, career and energy horoscopes according to house position and what it means for all the zodiac signs. Links to the planetary aspects now include the collective transit meaning as well as their natal significance.

Jun 1 Sun into Gemini Decan 2
Jun 1 Venus sextile Ceres at 25° Cancer/Virgo
Jun 2 Venus trine Neptune at 27º Cancer/Pisces
Jun 3 ? Full Moon ~ 13º Sagittarius
Jun 4 Mercury conjunction Uranus at 20º Taurus
Jun 5 Venus into Leo
Jun 6 Venus opposition Pluto at 0° Leo/Aquarius
Jun 10 Venus Square Jupiter at 5° Leo/Taurus
Jun 10 Ceres opposite Neptune at 27º Virgo/Pisces
Jun 11 Sun into Gemini Decan 3
Jun 11 Mercury into Gemini
Jun 11 Pluto into Capricorn
Jun 15 Mercury square Saturn at 7º Gemini/Pisces

Jun 18 Jupiter sextile Saturn at 7° Taurus/Pisces
Jun 18 Sun square Neptune at 27° Gemini/Pisces
Jun 18 ? New Moon ~ 26º Gemini
Jun 18 Saturn Retrograde at 7º Pisces
Jun 19/21 Sun conjunct fixed star Betelgeuse
Jun 20 Ceres trine Pluto at 29° Virgo/Capricorn
Jun 21 Sun square Ceres at 29° Gemini/Virgo
Jun 21 Ceres into Libra
Jun 22 Sun into Cancer Decan 1
Jun 26 Mars square Uranus at 21° Leo/Taurus
Jun 27 Mercury square Ceres at 1º Cancer/Libra
Jun 28 Sun trine Saturn at 7° Cancer/Pisces
Jun 30 Sun sextile Jupiter at 9° Cancer/Taurus

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Sun In Gemini ~ May 21 to Jun 21

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Sun transit the houses

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Mercury In Taurus ~ Apr 3 to Jun 10

Mercury through the houses

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Venus In Leo ~ Jun 5 to Oct 9!

venus-in-the-houses dove

Venus Transit The Houses

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Mars In leo ~ May 21 to Jul 9


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