January Horoscopes & Astrology


For the monthly horoscope January astrology report we have both Mercury retrograde and Venus retrograde so that the year will start slowly and tentatively. Mercury will also trigger the Saturn square Uranus techno-tyrant aspect as it stations retrograde, which will influence the whole month. Mercury is communications and, in retrograde, can be a bit of a liar; it has to be said! It may go back on promises. 

January 2022 Report

Mercury retrograde happens in both Aquarius and Capricorn. What is most interesting about its path is that Mercury turns direction at 10º Aquarius wide conjunct Saturn at 13º Aquarius. Mercury then goes direct at 25º Capricorn wide conjunct Pluto. Essentially, Mercury sends a message from one dark lord to the other.

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So Mercury will bridge the two planets that were conjunct right at the pandemic’s beginning. It might be a good moment to go back and look at my Saturn conjunct Pluto post once more. I called that post ‘protect and survive’ a catchphrase that was big in the ’80s concerning the cold war and the fear of nuclear attack.  

Venus & Mercury Retrogrades


In terms of this Mercury retrograde, we may get some news on heavy-handed travel enforcements. There may be tightening local control and policing of movement until Mercury turns direct.

I can’t believe there will be more lockdowns, but there might be restrictions or curfews in some high-density areas where there are ‘variants of concern.’

Venus retrograde continues with some exciting conjunctions in January. The Sun passes light from Venus to Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect will again trigger the Dark Cupid aspect of Venus retrograde. January 8 has Sun conjunction Venus and January 16 Sun conjunct Pluto. I have written about what this means for each sign in the monthly horoscopes.

January Astrology Aspects

Jan 1 Sun trine Uranus ~ 10º Capricorn/Taurus
Jan 2 Mercury into Aquarius
Jan 2 ? New Moon ~ 12º Capricorn
Jan 2/6 Sun conjunction fixed star Vega
Jan 3  Jupiter square True Node ~ 1º Pisces/Gemini
Jan 5 Venus sextile Neptune ~ 20º Capricorn/Pisces
Jan 8 Sun conjunction Venus Rx ~ 18º Capricorn
Jan 10 Sun sextile Neptune 20º ~ Capricorn/Pisces
Jan 10 Sun into Capricorn Decan 3
Jan 11 Mars square Neptune ~ 20º Sagittarius/Pisces
Jan 14 Mercury Retrograde

Jan 16 Sun conjunction Pluto ~ 26º Capricorn
Jan 17? Full Moon ~ 27º Cancer
Jan 17 Sun trine Ceres ~ 27º Capricorn/Taurus
Jan 18/24 Sun conjunct fixed star Altair
Jan 20
Sun into Aquarius Decan 1
Jan 23 Sun conjunction Mercury ~ 3º Aquarius
Jan 24 Ceres conjunct North Node ~ 28º Taurus
Jan 24 Mars into Capricorn
Jan 25 Mercury into Capricorn
Jan 28 Mercury conjunction Pluto ~ 26º Capricorn
Jan 29 Venus Direct
Jan 30 Sun square Uranus ~ 10º Aquarius/Taurus
Jan 30 Sun into Aquarius Decan 2

Algol Conjunct The North Node! (Rahu)

Another extreme event to watch out for is the North Node meeting up with notorious ‘evil’ star Algol. It won’t be exact until February 27, but we should start to feel the effects in January. This is further emphasised by the Ceres/North node conjunction on January 29. I believe Ceres is an essential dwarf planet and is often ignored in favour of Chiron. But Ceres is the missing dark goddess archetype. She is Persephone, and understanding her is crucial for the dark times we are living in. 

Monthly Horoscopes

The January 2022 horoscopes are out now! I have brought back my old style monthly horoscopes that are updated every month. (Members will get early-bird viewing a week before non-members.)

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January Astrology ~ Chart Of The Month

So my chart of the month is January 13, when Mercury stations retrograde. Mercury will be exactly square Uranus. At the same time, Mars square Neptune is a very gaslighty aspect.

However, there is some hope with Ceres/North node trine Pluto. The positive side of Ceres trine Pluto enables excellent intuition in the collective. 

I forgot to mention last month that the north node is conjunct Alcyone in the Pleiades. It was exact on December 18 2021 (I use the True node.) but the influence will last until the end of January. The Alcyone effects will overlap with Algol as they are pretty close to each other by longitude in the sky.

Looking at the lunar nodes in the Vedic way makes more sense to me. The Nodes are seen as having a churning, de-stabilising energy, with Rahu (The north node) perceived as malefic. The chaotic effect makes sense since the nodes are the point where the Sun and the moon intersect. This intersection cause eclipses.

The north node amplifies what it touches, and the south node diminishes. So with Alcyone on the north node, we should have a superior ability to see through any media lies (unless our intuition is compromised somehow!) You can tap into galactic consciousness at any time, but you should find it much, much easier during January. 

Capricorn Season on Red Bubble

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Capricorn season is most notable for being the month of Christmas and Yule. When the Sun hits 0º Capricorn, it is at the lowest point in the sky in the Northern hemispheres. Tromso in Norway has no sunrise at all from November to January! The pagan festival of Yule runs from December 21 to January 1 and initiates at the winter solstice.

Our Christmas holidays end on January 6 at the three kings’ arrival. The Magi (Astrologers to you and me) came from the east because they followed a star. Most likely, the vision was a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, making the ‘star’ unusually bright.

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February 2022 Report

New for members, the cosmic weather report below. The first 5 minutes will be free on YouTube from January 23rd (To give you a taster.)

Cosmic Weather February 2022

January 17 2022

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Aquarius season runs from January 21 to February 21. Aquarius’s ancient ruler is Saturn, and the melancholic vibe is undoubtedly apparent at this time of the year. The trees are bare, and the soil is frozen. We feel stripped of resources due to the Christmas excesses, so it’s all looking very bleak by January. The Sun is in the sign of its detriment during Aquarius season, which is why Aquarius, the zodiac sign, is often given a bad write up in traditional astrology.

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Aspect Of The Month

What a lovely load of trines! I picked February 9th as a special day because it has the minor grand trine with juicy Jupiter in Pisces at the apex. My aspect of the month is the kundalini awakening Mars trine Uranus which I will talk about in the love horoscope section of the monthly horoscopes.

February Astrology Aspects

Feb 1 ? New Moon ~ 12º Aquarius
Feb 3 Mercury Direct
Feb 4 Mars sextile Jupiter ~ 8º Capricorn/Pisces
Feb 4 Sun conjunction Saturn ~ 15º Aquarius
Feb 8 Mars trine Uranus ~ 11º Capricorn/Taurus
Feb 8 Ceres into Gemini
Feb 9 Sun into Aquarius Decan 3
Feb 11 Mercury conjunction Pluto ~ 27º Capricorn
Feb 14 Mercury into Aquarius

Feb 15 Sun square True Node ~ 27º Capricorn/Taurus
Feb 16 ? Full Moon ~ 28º Leo
Feb 16
Venus conjunction Mars ~ 16º Capricorn
Feb 17 Jupiter sextile Uranus ~ 11º Pisces/Taurus
Feb 18 Sun into Pisces Decan 1
Feb 19/25 Sun conjunct Fixed star Fomalhaut
Feb 20 Sun square Ceres ~ 2º Pisces/Gemini
Feb 23 Mars sextile Neptune ~ 22º Capricorn/Pisces
Feb 24 Venus sextile Neptune ~ 22º Capricorn/Pisces
Feb 24 Mercury square Uranus ~ 11º Aquarius/Taurus
Feb 26/28 North Node aligns with Fixed Star Algol

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