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This will be the summer of simmer! Mars retrograde will dominate the period lasting 2 months until Aug 28. If Mars wasn’t enough to contend with there are also not two, but three eclipses this season. The first 20º Cancer solar eclipse occurs on Jul 12 . This one is not too upsetting as it falls on good twin Castor the horse whisperer. It does give the opportunity for detoxing since it falls opposite Pluto making it a Hades Moon. The darkness is balanced by the grand earth trine seen below which could bring inventions that are ecological. Mother nature should be supported by this healing solar eclipse.

We have another Mercury Retrograde from Jul 26 to Aug 19 between 11º and 23º Leo. It will travel mostly through the bears; Ursa Major, the protective mother bear and her baby bear Ursa Minor. Issues of motherhood and future generations will be addressed. The energy is primal, spontaneous and uncensored. This does not mean this decan is not spiritual, it’s just that it doesn’t like bowing down to a Guru, or following established paths to enlightenment. It is a pioneering position which will always prefer to debate down avenues that are less traveled. There are a good few juicy trines over the summer, these will help buffer some of the edginess of the eclipse season.

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August Monthly Horoscope


Monthly Horoscope Aspects, Ingresses & Moons

July 2018

July 2 Sun into Cancer Decan 2
July 5 Sun trine Jupiter, Mercury opposite Mars
July 6 Last Quarter Moon 14º Aries
July 8 Sun trine Neptune
July 9 Mercury square Jupiter
July 11 Venus trine Uranus, Starry Trines.
July 13 Sun into Cancer Decan 3
July 12 Solar Eclipse 20º Cancer (NM), Sun opposite Pluto
July 14 Venus trine Saturn
July 16 Venus conjunct Ceres
July 19 First Quarter Moon 27º Leo
July 20 Sun opposite Lilith, Mars conjunct North Node
July 22 Venus sextile Jupiter
July 23 Sun into Leo Decan 1
July 24 Venus opposite Neptune
July 25 Sun square Uranus
July 26 Mercury stations Retrograde
July 27 Lunar Eclipse 4º Aquarius (FM), Venus trine Pluto, Sun conjunct Mars
July 28 Sun conjunct North Node

August 2018

August 1 Mars Retrograde on Altair.
August 4 Last Quarter 21º Taurus
August 3 Sun into Leo Decan 2
August 6 Sun square Jupiter
August 7 Venus trine Mars
August 8 Sun conjunct Mercury. (Cazimi EDT 10.05pm.)
August 10 Mars conjunct Lilith
August 11 Solar Eclipse 18º Leo (NM), Mercury square Jupiter
August 12 Venus sextile North Node
August 13 Sun into Leo Decan 3
August 18 First Quarter Moon 25º Scorpio, Mercury sextile Venus
August 19 Jupiter trine Neptune
August 19 Mercury stations Direct
August 23 Sun on Regulus, Sun into Virgo Decan 1
August 25 Sun trine Saturn, Saturn trine Uranus, Grand Earth Trine.
August 26 Venus square Pluto
August 28 Mercury square Jupiter

Image ref: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

12 thoughts on “August Report & Monthly Horoscope

  1. Jupiter realmente nos faz sonhar com o estrangeiro e Eu sonho que um dia não muito distante ele traga um estrangeiro real na minha vida que não venha acompanhado da ilusão de netuno. Afinal tem muitos estrangeiros perdidos e sozinhos por aí querendo recomeçar uma vida e Eu estou sozinha aqui cheia de Esperanças em jupiter trazendo um parceiro de vida e trabalho juntos Vamos lá Jupiter não me deixe só sonhando me acorde para uma vida Real de realizações Amém Oh! Chesed

  2. Love your work Marina! I was wondering what you think about tommy Robinson’s situation ? From your YouTube to your blog I have related to your commentary, and found the astrological influences astounding and incredibly insightful. I’d love to get a reading soon.

  3. With Mr Robinson its very complex. I really like the guy and think his heart is in the right place but I also think he is being used by some nefarious forces. He is being steered into being controlled opposition. I so want to look at his chart on YouTube but need to get the 2019 horoscopes out first.

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