June Report & Monthly Horoscope

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To get the best out of your monthly horoscope, use the horoscope maker to find your rising sign and sun sign decan. I mention specific signs in the YouTube video and you will see in the visuals which aspects will be affecting your decan.

May 25 gives us the first Jupiter trine Neptune of 2018. (The 1st one occurred on Dec 2, 2017) This is a major aspect pattern and really helps us navigate through the harsher aspects of 2018. It brings hope and spiritual harmony. Jupiter trine Neptune is also a very charitable aspect, but one that needs to be channeled realistically so that the help really does goes to the grass-roots, needy people. Trines can abuse some folk’s good nature and trusting hearts. The road to ruin is paved with good intentions!! Sorry to be so Saturn.. However, it is so easy to become very dewy-eyed at the glittering grand trine on Jun 1. It really is just too angelic for words.

The Moon turns our angel delight into a kite and you just might feel as high as one, if this grand water trine hits any of your personal planets. Venus is even on Sirius, the Goddess Isis no less, which is devotion on a grand scale. It’s so easy to fall for soulmates and gurus at this time, or someone who feels like both. You might need to anchor your feet the ground before your head bumps into the moon… This gorgeous grand trine is in effect until Jun 5, so this is a great week for a wedding! All in all, June is a very romantic month with a cupid’s dart of a Venus/North node opposition Mars/South Node on Jun 20. Thrash out all your passion until… Mars Retrograde commences proper on Jun 27 and will travel backwards from 8º Aquarius to 28º Capricorn.

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2018 Astrology

Monthly Horoscope Aspects, Ingresses & Moons

May 2018

May 6 Sun sextile Neptune Astrological point of Beltane.
May 7 Venus square Neptune, Mercury square Pluto, Last quarter Moon at 17º Aquarius
May 8 Sun opposite Jupiter
May 11 Sun into Taurus decan 3, Sun trine Pluto
May 12 Mercury square Mars
May 13 Mercury conjunct Uranus
May 14 Mercury into Taurus
May 15 New Moon at 24º Taurus, Uranus ingress Aries
May 16 Mars square Uranus, Mars into Aquarius, Uranus into Taurus!
May 17 Sun on Algol
May 18 Mercury trine Saturn
May 19 Venus sextile Uranus. Sun in the Pleiades
May 20 Venus into Cancer
May 21 Sun into Gemini decan 1, First Quarter Moon at 1º Virgo
May 22 Mercury sextile Neptune
May 23 Sun trine Mars, Mercury opposite Jupiter
May 25 Mercury trine Pluto, Jupiter trine Neptune
May 26 Venus opposite Saturn, Sun in the Hyades until 29
May 29 Full Moon at 9º Sagittarius
May 30 Sun on Aldebaran

June 2018

June 1 Sun into Gemini decan 2, Venus trine Jupiter. Grand Water Trine, Mercury trine Mars
June 2 Venus trine Neptune
June 5 Venus opposite Pluto, Sun conjunct Mercury
June 6 Mercury square Neptune
June 7 Sun square Neptune
June 11 Sun into Gemini decan 3
June 13 New Moon at 22º Gemini, Mercury sextile Uranus, Mercury into Cancer.
June 14 Venus square Uranus, Venus into Leo
June 15 Mercury opposite Saturn
June 16 Sun sextile Ceres
June 19 Mercury trine Jupiter
June 20 First Quarter Moon at 29º Virgo, Mercury trine Neptune, Sun on Betelgeuse
June 21 Sun into Cancer decan 1, Summer Solstice, Venus opposite Mars
June 23 Mercury opposite Pluto, Sun sextile Uranus
June 25 Venus square Jupiter
June 27 Sun opposite Saturn, Mars stations retrograde
June 28 Full Moon at 6º Capricorn
June 29 Mercury into Leo
June 30 Mercury square Uranus

Image ref: Photo by Brooke bell on Unsplash

12 thoughts on “June Report & Monthly Horoscope

  1. Jupiter realmente nos faz sonhar com o estrangeiro e Eu sonho que um dia não muito distante ele traga um estrangeiro real na minha vida que não venha acompanhado da ilusão de netuno. Afinal tem muitos estrangeiros perdidos e sozinhos por aí querendo recomeçar uma vida e Eu estou sozinha aqui cheia de Esperanças em jupiter trazendo um parceiro de vida e trabalho juntos Vamos lá Jupiter não me deixe só sonhando me acorde para uma vida Real de realizações Amém Oh! Chesed

  2. Love your work Marina! I was wondering what you think about tommy Robinson’s situation ? From your YouTube to your blog I have related to your commentary, and found the astrological influences astounding and incredibly insightful. I’d love to get a reading soon.

  3. With Mr Robinson its very complex. I really like the guy and think his heart is in the right place but I also think he is being used by some nefarious forces. He is being steered into being controlled opposition. I so want to look at his chart on YouTube but need to get the 2019 horoscopes out first.

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