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To get the best out of your monthly horoscope, use the horoscope maker to find your rising sign and sun sign decan. January horoscopes are OUT NOW and feature a special Solar & Lunar Eclipse report for their effect in your sign.

January Forecast

Happy New Year! The January monthly forecast 2019 brings in the New Year with a bang because this is also an eclipse month. For the YouTube forecast (To be posted), I will look at how the two eclipses will affect your sign as that is the major feature of January. However, there is also a delightful amalgamation of a Yod and a grand trine that looks like a big fat diamond on January 21. This also happens to be the evening of the Solar Eclipse day. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t make such a big deal out of it as it is the fast-moving Moon that forms the focal point of the Yod and is the completion of the grand trine. But this fleeting vision of geometric magic happens on the same day as Venus conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius. This gorgeously romantic conjunction usually only happens once a year, but sometimes it can happen twice or even three times due to retrogrades (in 2015). This year we get it twice (Again on November 24). This wonderful conjunction is extra special because Jupiter is super powerful in its own sign and endows Venus with even more love and luxury than it normally would.

Venus and Jupiter are both aligned with the star Ras Algethi. Robson says generally that, this star; “If in good aspect, (Which it is!) it is supposed to give much enjoyment and favors from women….by its very Mars nature, Ras Algethi corresponds to boldness and a drive to gain power.” Bernadette Brady has a meaning Venus with Ras Algethi as “Insightful in the use of money, or colour or personal appearances. A person with a broad network of friends and/or lovers. The status quo is maintained.” [1] with Jupiter Brady says “A person who promotes a more naturalistic approach to life. To strongly believe in a particular way of living; the preacher. The need to restore balance; the need to fill a power vacuum.” [1]


Venus and Jupiter are THE great benefics and they are also the brightest planets in the sky after the luminaries. So together they are the best of the best. This is a fantastic conjunct for weddings or any event that needs all the luck it can get. It is also extremely indulgent and pleasure orientated so maybe not the best for things like operations. If you want to construct an election chart for this event, try to have Sagittarius rising with these two lovebirds on the ascendant! It should be superbly lucky. The fact these are trine mars makes them passionate and sexy too, while with the moon on Dubhe it is protective and nurturing. Saturn sextile Neptune on priestly Achernar makes the Yod zealous but also spiritual. It has a nice balance of mysticism (Neptune) and grounded, prudent, authority. (Saturn strong in Capricorn) All in all, this aspect pattern is just great for a priest and priestess duo working together as spiritual warriors, like a John and Joan of Arc. I wonder if a couple will set up a free-speech alternative to either Twitter, Facebook, Patreon or YouTube since so many Alt News channels have been de-monetised or YouTubers made into non-persons due to the nebulous “hate-speech” laws.

January Aspect Pattern ~ The Diamond

january 2019 forecast

When Venus was conjunct Jupiter back in July 2015, gay marriage was made legal in the USA, so I do think this conjunction is very much associated with marriage and beneficial mergers or partnerships of all kinds. Both planets are about wealth, money and status too, but bear in mind they are at odds with spiritual Neptune since they are square this planet in the diamond also. Projects that are not purely based on material gain will do well, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be profitable. It’s just that the money will come as an unexpected bonus. Labours of love (Ras Algethi in Hercules) will be handsomely rewarded.

The other square is Mars square Saturn which links the two malefics in the diamond. So this really is a complex pattern of positives and negatives. A LOT of spiritual evolution and progress can be made this month with the eclipses and this fabulous diamond. So expect to see the Yellow Vest protests ramp up and I think metamorphosize into something that we could never have dreamt of. I do wonder how much of the “Yellow Vests” is organic and how much contrived. Sometimes grassroots movements are indeed hijacked by the matrix controllers for their own ends. However, who’s to say that it can’t work the other way around?

See more aspects of the year in the Astrology Of 2019.

Monthly Horoscope Aspects, Ingresses & Moons

January 2018

January 1 Sun conjunct Saturn, Sun into Capricorn Decan 2
January 4 Sun sextile Neptune, Venus trine North Node, Mercury trine Uranus
January 5 New Moon Solar Eclipse at 15º Capricorn
January 8 Mercury square Mars
January 11 Sun conjunct Pluto, Sun into Capricorn Decan 3
January 13 Jupiter square Neptune. Mercury conjunct Saturn
January 14 First Quarter at 23º Aries, Mercury sextile Neptune
January 16 Sun conjunction North Node
January 17 Sun sextile Ceres
January 18 Sun square Uranus, Mercury conjunct Pluto, Venus trine Mars
January 20 Venus square Neptune, Sun into Aquarius Decan 1
January 21 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 0º Leo, Mars square Saturn
January 21 Diamond Yod (Grand trine plus Yod) 10.45pm EST, 7.45pm PST. (5hrs before & after exact times.)
January 22 Venus conjunct Jupiter, Mercury conjunct South Node, Sun on Altair
January 22 Diamond Yod (Grand trine plus Yod) 3.45am GMT, 4.45am CET, 2.45pm AEDT (5hrs before & after exact times.)
January 23 Mercury square Uranus
January 25 Mars trine Jupiter
January 27 Last Quarter at 7º Scorpio
January 29 Sun conjunct Mercury
January 31 Saturn sextile Neptune

February 2019

February 1 Mars square Pluto at 21º Aries/Capricorn
February 2 Venus Trine Uranus at 15º Sagittarius/Aries
February 3 Mars conjunct Eris at 22º Aries
February 3 Mercury sextile Jupiter at 18º Aquarius/Sagittarius
February 4 New Moon at 15º Aquarius
February 4 Mercury conjunct Lilith at 19º Aquarius
February 7 Mercury sextile Mars at 24º Aquarius/Aries
February 7 Sun sextile Jupiter at 18º Aquarius/Sagittarius
February 9  Mercury sextile Uranus at 28º Aquarius/Aries
February 9 Sun into Aquarius Decan 3
February 9  Sun conjunct Lilith at 20º Aquarius
February 9 Mars square the North Node at 26º Aries/Capricorn
February 12 First Quarter Moon at 23º Taurus
February 13 Mars conjunct Uranus at 29º Aries
February 13 Mercury square Ceres at 5º Pisces/Sagittarius
February 17 Venus sextile Neptune at 15º Capricorn/Pisces
February 18 Venus conjunct Saturn at 16º Capricorn
February 18 Sun sextile Uranus at 29º Aquarius/Aries
February 19 Full Moon at 0º Virgo
February 19 Mercury conjunct Neptune at 15º Pisces
February 21 Sun on Fomalhaut at 4º Pisces
February 22 Venus conjunct Pluto at 21º Capricorn
February 22  Mercury square Jupiter at 22º Pisces/Sagittarius
February 23 Mercury sextile Pluto at 22º Pisces/Capricorn
February 26 Venus conjunct the South Node 26º Capricorn
February 26 Last Quarter Moon at 7º Sagittarius
February 26 Sun sextile Mars at 8º Pisces
February 28 Sun square Ceres at 9º Pisces

Image ref: Photo by Clever Visuals on Unsplash
1. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923. p.149, p.137/8.

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  1. Golly. Venus and Jupiter conjunct on my natal venus – which is natally conjunct Jupiter and trine Uranus…
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