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To get the best out of your monthly horoscope, use the horoscope maker to find your rising sign and sun sign decan. March horoscopes are OUT NOW and feature how the Mercury Retrograde will play out in your sign

March Forecast

The highlight of March will be the Mercury Retrograde which lasts from March 6 to 29. It takes place in Pisces decans 1 and 2.

It is quite a deceptive one since it will be conjunct Neptune twice on its journey plus it is also in Pisces where it is not comfortable. Here it is slippy and accidents could happen. Another problem is the conjunction with Scheat which is associated with accidents especially in the skies, so air travel is not advised on the days when it is conjunct Scheat. Mercury does better on the fixed star Achernar and Ankaa where it is great for the study and communication of metaphysical and spiritual matters. During its voyage Mercury will also square the teacher and preacher Jupiter while he aligns with Ras Alhague at 22º Sagittarius. Mercury also can rise from the underworld at this time too with Ankaa in the phoenix.” ~ Mercury Retrograde Post

Sorry that there will be no extended write-up or YouTube video for March this month. This is because I’m taking a break for a while to write the 2020 horoscopes. Look out for a dedicated video for Mercury Retrograde which will include a more detailed report on its effects on each sign and for the collective.

February Forecast

The monthly horoscope for February 2019 has Mars triggering a few planets but the most important things about this Mars is that it is incredibly potent since it is in one of the signs that it rules, Aries. Venus is also busy too, conjuncting three points in Capricorn. Those cardinal signs are really getting the best out of the planets of love and sex. This is also the month of St Valentine of course! We are coming out of the frosty months of winter and there is a slight glimmer of sap rising from the earth. February can feel like a bit of a nothing month since it is neither Spring nor does it have the sparkle of Christmas or the New Year. But I guess they had to find an excuse to sell cards so Valentine’s day fills the void of dull, rainy days nicely.

February Astrology ~ Valentine’s Special

So we start with Mars square Pluto which is incredibly predatory, very handy if you are in pursuit of a date for February 14. Mars square Pluto marries sex with power since the dynamism of the hard aspect will pull out these planets most domineering qualities. Negatively this aspect makes the bully or ruthless dictator. However more positively it endows steel guts and the deep courage of a survivor.

Sexually this is a bit of a humdinger. Anyone touched by this aspect will need to channel this furious energy into physical exercise if they do not have a partner. But even if they DO have a partner, one may not be enough as Mars in Aries is going to make Pluto more sexually obsessive voracious. So yes, beware of stalkers leading up to Valentine’s day.

This is a very nice month for love, Valentines or not though as Venus makes an exciting trine to Uranus on February 2 before this planet moves into Taurus for the next seven years. Passionate farewells may be on the cards during this time, but also new starts. Mars conjunct Eris on February 3 could see some apple bombs being thrown by a spurned lover. “Hell hath no fury” when Eris is wronged or exiled. This can also surface as narcissistic rage if one has managed to escape the prison of Mars square Pluto.

Sun conjunct Lilith on February 9 plays out as the ego feeling exiled from the dominant cultural system. Sometimes this is as a result of actual abuse from authority figures. The closer Lilith gets to the Sun the more it feels eclipsed. At this time certain people are demonised for revealing the shadows at work in the world. But those touched by this aspect must be careful they don’t fall for the forbidden fruit of drugs to numb the pain of feeling like an outcast.

February Monthly Horoscope Aspect ~ Valentine’s Grenade

The day before Valentine’s day could see some bombs dropped with Mars conjunct Uranus at on February 13, hopefully, this with only be metaphorical. Someone could admit to an affair or come clean that they have been living a lie concerning their choice of partner. Uranus can be confused over its sexuality also so some could admit that they have feelings for someone of the same sex or be confused about their gender. Maybe this comes out In the news with a prominent person, though these days it is not the big scandal it once was.

February Monthly Horoscopes

Over to Venus now as she makes some power conjunctions with Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in quick succession. But she starts with a dreamy sextile to Neptune on February 17. It reads like the start of a romantic novel really. The euphoric, poetic start then on February 18 Venus conjunct Saturn wants to know if this is real or just fantasy. Venus conjunct Pluto on February 22 things get very intense and maybe become more physical. That way Pluto has got under Venus’s skin.

On February 26 Venus conjunct the South Node is looking back to the past and wondering if this new relationship is karmic and/or from a past life. Whatever is your Capricorn house will give you some idea what style this romantic novel will take. Eight houses will be gothic and dark, the seventh house could ring serious wedding bells while the tenth house could just be an office fling. In the monthly horoscopes, I will have a look at how Mars conjunct Uranus at 29º Aries will affect your sign and also Venus’s juicy conjunctions through your Capricorn house.

See more aspects of the year in the Astrology Of 2019.

Monthly Horoscope Aspects, Ingresses & Moons

February 2019

February 1 Mars square Pluto at 21º Aries/Capricorn
February 2 Venus Trine Uranus at 15º Sagittarius/Aries
February 3 Mars conjunct Eris at 22º Aries
February 3 Mercury sextile Jupiter at 18º Aquarius/Sagittarius
February 4 New Moon at 15º Aquarius
February 4 Mercury conjunct Lilith at 19º Aquarius
February 7 Mercury sextile Mars at 24º Aquarius/Aries
February 7 Sun sextile Jupiter at 18º Aquarius/Sagittarius
February 9  Mercury sextile Uranus at 28º Aquarius/Aries
February 9 Sun into Aquarius Decan 3
February 9  Sun conjunct Lilith at 20º Aquarius
February 9 Mars square the North Node at 26º Aries/Capricorn
February 12 First Quarter Moon at 23º Taurus
February 13 Mars conjunct Uranus at 29º Aries
February 13 Mercury square Ceres at 5º Pisces/Sagittarius
February 17 Venus sextile Neptune at 15º Capricorn/Pisces
February 18 Venus conjunct Saturn at 16º Capricorn
February 18 Sun sextile Uranus at 29º Aquarius/Aries
February 19 Full Moon at 0º Virgo
February 19 Mercury conjunct Neptune at 15º Pisces
February 21 Sun on Fomalhaut at 4º Pisces
February 22 Venus conjunct Pluto at 21º Capricorn
February 22  Mercury square Jupiter at 22º Pisces/Sagittarius
February 23 Mercury sextile Pluto at 22º Pisces/Capricorn
February 26 Venus conjunct the South Node 26º Capricorn
February 26 Last Quarter Moon at 7º Sagittarius
February 26 Sun sextile Mars at 8º Pisces/Taurus
February 28 Sun square Ceres at 9º Pisces/Sagittarius

March 2019

March 1 Venus square Uranus at 29º Capricorn/Aries
March 1 Sun in Pisces Decan 2
March 6 New Moon at 15º Pisces
March 6 Sun conjunct Neptune at 16º Pisces
March 6 Uranus re-enters Taurus
March 6 Mercury Retrograde at 29º Pisces
March 9 Sun sextile Saturn at 18º Pisces/Capricorn
March 10 Mars sextile Neptune at 16º Taurus/Pisces
March 10 Sun into Pisces decan 3
March 13 Sun sextile Pluto at 22º Pisces/Capricorn
March 14 First quarter moon at 23º Gemini
March 14 Mars trine Saturn at 18º Taurus/Capricorn
March 14 Sun conjunct Mercury at 24º Pisces
March 20 Full Moon at 0º Libra
March 20 Mars trine Pluto at 22º Taurus/Capricorn
March 21 Venus sextile Jupiter at 23º Aquarius/Sagittarius
March 22 Mars sextile North Node at 24º Taurus/Cancer
March 22 Venus conjunct Lilith at 25º Aquarius
March 24 Mercury conjunct Neptune at 16º Pisces
March 27 Pluto conjunct South Node at 22º Capricorn
March 27 Mercury Direct at 16º Pisces
March 27 Last quarter Moon at 7º Capricorn

Image ref: Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash
1. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923. p.149, p.137/8.

23 thoughts on “March Monthly Horoscopes

  1. Hi Marina

    On this sad day when we are reeling from yet another attack, you certainly got it spot on in your forecast – literally. We live in troubled times indeed…

  2. Natal Mars on Praesaepe and I feel a strong connection with ancestors – protective, defensive energy ? a 12th house Mars and indeed had assertivity/selfworth issues in the past – less desirable ancestral traits, but the “fighting” to regain it then feels spiritual. Nice writing about this nebula Marina.

  3. August 5-12.. ‘patriotism that boils over into true xenophobia’ Well Done Marina. That was certainly on show in Charlottesville! Mars certainly came in to Leo decan2 without doubt. (Even if the PTB allowed the x right wing to hold a mass demo,allowed the x left wing to counter…with very minimal police presence until anarchy ensued…then declared a state of emergency with riot police & the national guard waiting just around the corner.Convenient eh!)

    1. Hmmmm. Yes another, so called ‘far left’ V ‘far right’ narrative. zzzzzzz. But it is a distraction from the very REAL demographic replacement going on in Europe.

      I still think it is amusing that white people peacefully walking with torches is seen as scary and something that should ‘not be allowed’. Couldn’t that be xenophobia? Any other race doing the same thing would not get such a strong reaction. Reverse xenophobia? But actually that is not accurate to describe what happened in Charlottesville.

      The definition of xenophobia is “dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries.” So it’s not about race. True xenophobes would hate to travel, because they would then meet those nasty foreigners!! If foreigners move into your country and not assimilate could that be xenophobia? Because they want the perks of the country, but are not willing to take on its values, or in some cases laws!! Another example of this is what happens in Spain, where the Brits retire there but keep their own Brit communities, hate Spanish food and don’t even bother to learn the language. I don’t know if that’s right or wrong, but it happens everywhere. Most people like to keep their own culture wherever they go. Does protecting your own culture mean you hate other cultures, no, it just means you prefer your own.
      Humans have survival instincts, no one wants to be ‘replaced’. It’s just nature, and nature can never be ‘wrong’.

    2. Uh oh!! Sorry I just caught up with the news. So it started peacefully and then degenerated into violence as it always does. The chaos though is always coming as a response to Alt Right/Lite, non-violent defiance and totally out of proportion to the ‘provocation’. Pretty sure these so called ‘far left’ groups are Soros funded agitators. I think most true liberal Lefties are peaceful hippies and certainly not rock-throwing yobs. *Sigh* 🙁
      Charlottesville: Violence in the Streets | Faith Goldy and Stefan Molyneux

  4. Sorry, I didn’t elaborate; I was just making comment about ‘August 2017,cosmic report’ & how spot on it was!

    Then… This Charlottesville Incident. This being a complete hijacking of the truth… We’re actually on the same page Marina!
    The alt right were due to hold a legally sanctioned gathering to express their opinion & Yes they were provoked,harassed & violently abused & then retaliatied against their agitators from the fake(Soros)left….
    This ambush(against them)was then used against the alt right,as the usual suspects ‘mainstream media etc etc’ then put to blame the alt right as the cause of the whole incident!!!
    I spent hours this morning looking at different perspectives and noticed that 3 different journalists reported verbal & physical assaults all directed at them from ‘the anti fascists. The provocation from the so called left,blm is obvious if you read neutral journalist’s reports & look at the tvs footage.

    It all just stinks & we are being fed untruths once again….
    BBC’s narrative is focusing on D.Trump’s non condemnation of the alt right when he’s actually condemning all violence from all sides!
    Sh*t there’s a heavy frequency on this planet at present?

  5. I can’t wait for Saturn to be in Capricorn on Dec 19, 2017 it should restore some order and justice. Additionally Nov 8, 2018 Jupiter will be in Sagittarius, both will continue to be in their ruling signs until Jupiter enters Capricorn on Dec 2, 2019.

    1. With the corrupt leaders in place to dish out” justice”, I’m not sure that we’ll be better off.

  6. Marina, I really like this format for the monthly report! There’s a huge amount of information in there and the important aspect list is good too.

  7. Jupiter realmente nos faz sonhar com o estrangeiro e Eu sonho que um dia não muito distante ele traga um estrangeiro real na minha vida que não venha acompanhado da ilusão de netuno. Afinal tem muitos estrangeiros perdidos e sozinhos por aí querendo recomeçar uma vida e Eu estou sozinha aqui cheia de Esperanças em jupiter trazendo um parceiro de vida e trabalho juntos Vamos lá Jupiter não me deixe só sonhando me acorde para uma vida Real de realizações Amém Oh! Chesed

  8. Love your work Marina! I was wondering what you think about tommy Robinson’s situation ? From your YouTube to your blog I have related to your commentary, and found the astrological influences astounding and incredibly insightful. I’d love to get a reading soon.

    1. With Mr Robinson its very complex. I really like the guy and think his heart is in the right place but I also think he is being used by some nefarious forces. He is being steered into being controlled opposition. I so want to look at his chart on YouTube but need to get the 2019 horoscopes out first.

    1. Just done a YouTube video on that very subject. It is uploading currently to Aaah I actually missed BML conjunct Mars as I look at her true position these days which is very hard to pin down in transit. However this has everything to do with the winding down of Jupiter in Scorpio and Venus being in her pre-shadow Retrograde phase.

  9. Uranus in Taurus? Last happened between 1934-1942. This was the rise of the fascists and of totalitarian regimes, plus a world war! Pretty grim. If Uranus represents electricity and Taurus represents the Earth, then could that mean literally the grounding of electricity, or a new understanding of the part electricity has to play with its interaction with Earth? The part it plays in weather, planetary and cometary movements and earthquakes. I can’t help but be more than a little worried. It looks like people are going to have their world rocked and not in a good way.

  10. followed some “bread crumbs” today and ended up on your site Thank you so much – your info its been a great help, especially around Lilith and the Moon …. I think you mentioned an alternative approach to Persephone – have you written about that somewhere … if so where ???? Many thanks x

  11. On this very page, on the right-hand side under “More astrology”, there’s a link called Pluto, Persephone & Politics.
    Happy reading!

  12. Your videos are always very good, but the last two knocked it out of the park. Thanks for what you do.

  13. First time visitor to you website, I am so impressed with the information!! Love your talent!

  14. Golly. Venus and Jupiter conjunct on my natal venus – which is natally conjunct Jupiter and trine Uranus…
    Buy a lottery ticket?? (lol)

  15. Love your February Valentines special Marina. Valentines day also happens to be my birthday & I’m hoping to find love!

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