November Astrology ~ All Hallows


The November Astrology highlight will be Mars retrograde finally going direct with Mercury stationing direct on Election day itself. A month of big shifts. Mercury will also make a square to Saturn in the first week too. Very bad news for some! Be alert for Dark Cupid type relationships rearing their ugly head while Venus squares the Capricorn Doom/Boom stellium from November 15 to 19. S3x scandals and confessions from abused children and honey traps are possible.

At the very end of the month the winter eclipse season starts with a blood red Lunar Eclipse on November 30. It is the month of remembrance, honoring our ancestors and re-membering our selves. That is, pulling ourselves together again once Mercury and Mars have gone direct!

NOVEMBER Astrology 2020 Highlights

Week 1 ~ November 1 to 7

Scorpio decan 2
Scorpio Decan 2 ~ Nov 2 to 11 (10º-20º)

SPIRITUAL ACCOUNTS. A Poker face. Inside, they may be experiencing a tumultuous emotional storm, but on the outside, nothing, not a flicker, awesome…It’s all in the eyes.

Week 2 ~ November 8 to 14

Unukalhai star
Unukalhai in Serpens ~ November 13 to 15

UNUKALHAI ~ Rich, successful, thieving, cunning, lying, scheming, glamorous, criminal tendencies, rule breakers, duckers and divers, forgers, fraudsters, cheeky, lovable rogues, bohemians…

Scorpio Decan 3 ~ Nov 12 to 22 (20º-30º)

FOREST LURKERS. They are considerate folk who just like to blend in and make as little fuss as possible. Close to nature and like the natural world it do not have much of an ego..

sun sextile trine neptune
Sun Sextile/Trine Neptune ~ Glamour

NOVEMBER 10 ~ Sun Trine Neptune at 18º Scorpio/Pisces. Sun sextile or trine Neptune can be a wonderfully glamorous, charismatic, musical, poetic and

Week 3 ~ November 15 to 21

New Moon November 2020
New Moon November 2020 ~ Mushroom Mad

The New Moon NOVEMBER 15 2020 is best for: Making money, merchants, bankers, prosperity, accountants, being sober, gold diggers (watch out!), intuition, psychic ability, talking to mushrooms in a forest, having eyes wide open, singing anywhere you can, highlighting the hidden. The New Moon NOVEMBER 15 2020

sun trine saturn sun sextile saturn
Sun Sextile/Trine Saturn ~ Cool Timing

NOVEMBER 19 ~ Sun sextile Saturn at 27º Scorpio/Capricorn. Sun sextile Saturn or Sun trine Saturn are great time keepers, organisers and natural leaders.

Week 4 ~ November 22 to 30

Lunar Eclipse November 2020
Lunar Eclipse November 2020 ~ Shadow Slayer

The Lunar Eclipse NOVEMBER 30 2020 is best for: Facing your shadow, exorcisms, watching heroic, feel-good films, nerding out, stretching your soul, stretching your body, finding good twins, seeing omens from the universe, horse-riding, restraint during conflicts, seizing the day, riches and honor. The Lunar Eclipse NOVEMBER

Antares Scorpion
Antares ~ Birthdays November 28 to 30

Antares is the alpha star in constellation Scorpio. It is literally found in the heart of the scorpion at 9º 47′ Sagittarius. Fixed star Antares


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  1. In order for worldwide events to take place, we would need more than one aspect…maybe 3-4 aspects at the same time for something like pedos to be exposed for the world to see.
    It’s coming! I can guarantee that. Neptune is transiting Pisces until 2025. When it exits Pisces and enters Aries, the first thing it’ll do is conjunct Saturn in aries!
    By 2025 EVERYTHING will be exposed.

  2. “The finger of god points to them that are guilty!”

    Mid-August is when John Durham is supposed to be finished with his investigation into the origins of Russiagate. Durham is a stone cold killer, as a Prosecutor.

    As to the Holy hand grenade and Hollywood. A grenade thrown by Ghislaine Maxwell, perhaps.


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