Cancer Decan 1 ~ June 21 to 30


Cancer decan 1 is ruled by Venus and the Moon (Cancer triplicity). The Sun gracefully pirouettes through the constellations of the Little Bear, the Twins, the Unicorn, the Dove and the Greater Dog between June 21 – July 1.  Alhena in Gemini has the greatest influence on this decan, followed by the ‘Announcer star’ Mirzam in Canis Major. This star is said to be common in the charts of broadcasters, and there is definitely a media influence here.

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Cancer Decan 1 Fixed Stars

Cancer 1º 12’ ~ Yildun in the tail of Ursa Minor the Little Bear 4.4 *
Cancer 3º 26’ ~ Propus in the right foot of Castor in Gemini 3.3
Cancer 4º 15’ ~ Gamma Monoceros in Monoceros the Unicorn 4.0
Cancer 5º 18’ ~ Tejat Posterior on the right heel of Castor in Gemini 3.2
Cancer 7º 11’ ~ Mirzam in the front left paw of Canis Major the Greater Dog 2.0
Cancer 7º 23’ ~ Furud  in the left hind paw of Canis Major the Greater Dog 3.1
Cancer 8º 17’ ~ Beta Monoceros in Monoceros the Unicorn 4.7
Cancer 8º 26’ ~ Delta Columba in Colomba the Dove 3.9
Cancer 9º 06’ ~ Alhena in the left foot of Pollux in Gemini 1.0
Cancer 9º 56’ ~ Mebsuta in the right knee of Castor in Gemini 3.2

 *Magnitude. Star positions for the year 2000

These people are extremely opinionated and have to have their say. It’s impossible to put a muzzle on them. Try to gag them and watch out for a rabid fit. Disagree with them if you want to see them roll the whites of their eyes. Cancer 1’s pupil only has to flash ‘Don’t you dare’ and your mouth involuntarily clamps shut.

This is how Cancer decan 1 wins arguments. The Cancerian traits such as loyalty to the family, tenaciousness and grasping are made even stronger by the overlay of the dog of Canis Major’s loyal, devoted and faithful nature. Certain breeds of dogs can be ruthless and violent in the pursuit of their target but amusingly whimper like babies when their master clicks their finger. And so it is with these subjects. To the outside world, they appear wild, untameable, free-spirited jokers.

This is where Cancer devotion comes into its own. Only their very, very closest family members will get this sort of treatment. Try to enforce this without earning it and your pleasant Castor twin will swivel its head around to Pollux’s evil face, start foaming its mouth and looking like Regan from the Exorcist. Oh yes, there is a gothic fairytale side to Cancer decan 1..

They come across as uncompromising activists, brave, fearless and sometimes barking-mad. Cancer decan 1 make formidable, outspoken fighters for the underdog and are relentless chasers of the truth. We mustn’t forget the magical Unicorn which is found here too. Cancer decan 1 show a fascination with magic and the moonlit sky at night.

Persuading Pirouettes & Rabid Loyalty

The stars of the Unicorn are not very bright and it’s very hard teasing this constellation out from the Milky Way in which it is tantalizingly swathed. Just when you think you know the people of the crab, they turn into something else, this gives them a fascinating, elusive quality.

All the above attributes combine to make excellent journalists and paparazzi. A Cancer decan 1’s camera lens works like a sniper on their celebrity prey. Reporters amongst them will mercilessly pursue a story to the bitter end. In business and commerce, the same style applies. Beware the lock of the crab’s claw! It is very hard for these folk to drop anything once they sink their teeth into a project…or person!.

The obvious sibling rivalry from Gemini is high here too, so they can feel competitive amongst their peer group. There is often an intense love/hate relationship with partners, in business or pleasure. However Cancer decan 1 love the inspiring competition and often greatly admire their rival. The intense feeling stirred in this great, enmeshed tug of war mirrors their own internal battle with their shadow.

These folk make constant declarations that they don’t need anyone and are as tough as their Cancerian armour. Take a look inside their front door however and you will see a very different crustacean. In the home, the hard shell dissolves and out comes the apron. Here you will see a mushy, maternal, loving and very domestic god or goddess. They are baking cakes, patiently wiping the goo off faces and even more shockingly, taking orders!

In Egyptian myth, dogs are associated with guiding the souls to the dead. Jackals are also tricksters too, like Gemini. This is why this decan can seem a little schizophrenic. On the one hand, they are loving, soft n’ gooey, fluffy bunnies and the next they are raging werewolves. The tropical sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon and the dog is also a lunar animal. The Moon has many phases of course, so these crabs change with the tide, most noticeably with the full Moon. Venus the decan ruler also has two sides to her, she is the Babylonian Goddess of both love and war.

There are many feet and leg stars in this sector. Diana Rosenberg found that her star sets here featured many dancers. A sense of rhythm is certainly true in the list of natives below. Castor played the lyre and there are quite a few guitarists. Castor was also known for taming horses, while Pollux was a gifted boxer. Boxers appear to dance around their opponents too. The fixed stars of this decan generate a great sense of timing and knowing how to pace themselves.

When it comes to making a speech, these folk will know precisely when to deliver the punch line for maximum effect. They are masters at turning on the violin strings plus the accompanying waterworks too. Cancer decan 1 can be manipulative and scheming when they want to be, but will also make fantastic actors and performers.

The tarot card associated with this decan is the 2 of Cups. This card is very obviously a positive card and associated with relationships. The deeply emotional, intimate and loving side of Cancer plays out really strongly with this card. Karmically although this decan has its ‘rabid’ side. When these folk settle down into a healthy union;

“There is a strong spiritual connection between the couple in the Two of Cups. Looking at them we can’t help but feel that they may have found their soul mate in each other. The couple hold their Cups at equal height symbolising equality and acceptance within the relationship. The maturity that exists between this couple allows both partners to maintain their own independence, friends, hobbies etc outside the relationship without jealousy or possessiveness setting in.” ~ Teachmetarot. With the twins being so active in this decan we can see the potential of finding a twin flame in the current lifetime thanks to the influence of this card.

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Cancer Decan 1 Fixed Stars Meanings *

Delta Yildun 1º in Ursa minor is a little green star in the middle of the little bear’s tail. It was part of the set known as ‘The Dancers’ which rotated around the Polestar right on the tip of the great bears tail. “This “dancing” of the stars generally, as well as of the planets, was a favourite simile, and in classical days especially gave the name to Delta (Yildun) and epsilon of this constellation, as well as in Hindu astronomy. The Greeks had for Delta, “First Dancer”


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Cancer Decan 1 Planets & Angles

Sun Cancer 1

Alhena 9º “ Pride, love of ease, luxury and pleasure. There may be martial honors but danger of losing them.” [1]and “A person who has a desire for a mission, to seek or be identified with a cause. To lead a life engaged in large or difficult tasks; to feel lost without a goal or purposeful journey” [2]

The Sun is high in the sky and lovingly shining its rays on all flora and fauna. The Sun Cancer 1 nurtures with its light and is generous with its rays. These people are often seen as a glowing ray of hope in a dull, unkind world.

They are the do-gooders and doting parents. This is not always the most practical carer energy, but more of a radiant, emotional supporter. Yes, Cancer is lunar, but it is definitely an extroverted, divine goddess energy.

The Sun here conjures up images of dancing in golden fields. Life is lush and we are enjoying the first fruits of the summer. The problem with this endless sunshine is taking one’s good fortune for granted.

Sometimes a traumatic event occurs in this persons life that puts an end to the heady, carefree days. Suddenly they wake up to the fact some people in the world are living in a cruel winter.

When this happens these folk go serious saviour mode, then their aim is to awaken the seed potential in those that are less fortunate. The activist energy comes out very strongly here as the Solar force heats Cancer 1’s nurturing potential to its very limits.

SUN CANCER 1 EXAMPLES: Diana Princess of Wales, Prince William, Edward VIII, Lord Louis Mountbatten, James I Of England, Erin Brockovich, Helen Keller, George Orwell, George Sand, Dan Brown, George Michael, Ariana Grande, K. T Tunstall, June Carter, Debbie Harry, Liv Tyler, Carly Simon, Missy Elliot, Duffy, Stuart Sutcliffe, Cyndi Lauper, Cheryl Cole, Rickie Gervais, Pamela Anderson Lee, J.J Abrams, Meryl Streep, Kathy Bates, Olivia de Havilland, Selma Blair, Giuseppe Pelosi, Janet Farrar, Violette Szabo, Pierre Cardin, Antonio Gaudi, Jean- Jaques Rousseau, Rupert Sheldrake, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Zinedine Zidane, Mike Tyson, Michael Phelps, Wallis Simpson/Edward VIII Davison


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