Capricorn Decan 2 ~ Jan 1 to 10


Capricorn decan 2 is ruled by Mars in the Chaldean system and Venus (Taurus Triplicity ruler). The Sun patrols through the constellations of the Archer, the Harp, the Octans, the Peacock and the Eagle from Jan 1 to 10. This is undoubtedly the most authoritative decan of Capricorn. The heat of Mars makes it strong in command and extremely competitive. These subjects need to display their achievements in material form and will show off their strengths in quite an ostentatious manner (Venus).

Capricorn Decan 2 general meaning

Capricorn decan 2 does things grandly, but there is the risk of them having delusions of grandeur also. The centaur here really aims high, just like status-seeking tropical Capricorn. The artists and musicians among them have a weakness for finely-crafted furniture and will want the highest quality instruments to play on.

Workmanship is of the utmost importance, for Capricorn decan 2 cannot stand cheap, plastic, mass-produced junk. If they can’t afford the solid oak dining table they really want, then they will just trash through substandard items. This is because they believe that it won’t be long until they can actually afford the high-spec version.

Capricorn decan 2 believes they were made for greater things, so the ‘trash’ doesn’t get treated with respect. That goes for people too… The worst offenders of this decan can be very bigoted and may even refer to the lower classes as plebs or worst still ‘savages’. Capricorn decan 2 are missionaries and believe is their duty to civilize the ‘rougher’ folk.

If Capricorn decan 2 never make it to the impossibly high grade that they aspire to, then their mental state can be a problem. Self-loathing and depression can take hold if these goats can’t be the very best. Capricorn decan 2 can also vent their anger and frustration on those they believe are holding them back from world domination. These goats are very good at domination, however, for Capricorn decan 2s have a powerful aura of authority and they make great headmasters and headmistresses.

Despite the great potential for a female dominatrix here, generally, the ladies of the breed keep themselves well covered up. Capricorn decan 2 are not generally fickle or promiscuous, however, they can be very serious about sex. Goats are horny little devils, but they are all or nothing.

Barristers & Baritones 

These guys can go through very celibate times or very (surprisingly) slutty times. It’s as if they need a good Saturnalia every so often to let off steam then they can return to their more restrained self. The high vibration Capricorn decan 2 will be a fantastic, dependable rock to lean on. They will organise your whole life for you and do all the boring, thankless, behind-the-scenes tasks that no-one else wants to do. They have great stamina and get on with things without making a fuss. Ok, they are not very good at sugar-coating, but if you want ruthless loyalty and honesty, you got it!

But we can’t ignore Vega, the artistic star, slap-bang in the middle of this decan. It’s sticking out like a sore thumb here. The only other star of Lyra in this decan is in the Vulture’s claws, which has more to do with family honour and blood ties than the arts. It seems that the only outlet to express feminine energy in this decan is through song or fancy uniforms, hence we get Elvis and his shaking pelvis, bedecked in those crazy peacock suits. Yes, only Capricorn decan 2 could get away with wearing those outfits and still be considered manly.

Artistic Domination

Everything in the life of Capricorn decan 2 has to be functional. If something does happen to be decorative, then it’s purpose will be to describe the high status of its owner, and not be purely for sensual or visual pleasure. So we are talking medals, uniforms that show rank, framed qualifications, cabinets showing off sports cups, and lastly (and most obviously) the expensive motor! A Harley Davison with lots of shiny chrome and extra-long pointy phallic exhausts is so very Capricorn decan 2.

3 Of pentacles

The tarot card associated with this decan is the Three Of Pentacles. This card depicts the architect and specialised tradesmen. It is about learning practical skills and putting long-term commitment into building something that will last. Churches are both something useful, lasting and sacred.

In this incarnation, you are ” being rewarded at long last for all the effort you have been putting in for so many years (Lifetimes). Others are prepared to back you now and offer support where in the past you struggled alone with your ideas and plans for the future.” ~ teachmetarot.

These folk can be elitists, but the material gain that comes with this decan is usually well earned and deserved. The evolved native does not become complacent, nor expect rewards to be handed to them on a plate. Everything is worked hard for and material gains are valued and reinvested for future generations.

Capricorn Decan 2 Fixed Stars

Capricorn 12º 23’ ~ Nunki in the vane of the archers hand in Sagittarius 2.1*
Capricorn 13º 38’ ~ Ascella in the left armpit of the archer Sagittarius 2.7
Capricorn 14º 59’ ~ Manubrium in the archers face in Sagittarius 3.0
Capricorn 14º 37’ ~ Vega in Lyra the harp 0.3
Capricorn 16º 15’ ~ Albaldah in the back of the archers head of Sagittarius 3.0
Capricorn 16’ 38’ ~ Rukbat in the horses leg of the archer, Sagittarius 4.1
Capricorn 17º 20’ ~ Lambda Aquila in Aquilla the eagle 3.5
Capricorn 17’ 36’ ~ Delta Pavo in the peacock 3.6
Capricorn 18º 53’ ~ Sheliak in Lyra the harp 3.5
Capricorn 19º 41’ ~ Nu Octans in Hadleys Octans the navigation aid 3.7
Capricorn 19º 51’ ~ Dheneb in Aquilla the eagle 3.0

* Magnitude. Star positions are for the year 2000

CAPRICORN Decan 2 Fixed Stars Meanings

Nunki 12º “is an indicator of one who may be expected to be an authoritative orator on Sagittarius and Capricorn topics on business, state or foreign affairs, religion. Interest in long-distance travel and in ships and aeroplanes.” [1] Both Nunki and Ascella 13º are of the nature of Jupiter and Mercury. Ascella in particular though gives “good fortune and happiness.”

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Capricorn Decan 2 Planets & Angles

Sun Capricorn 2

Nunki 12º ~ “ Influential public position, favourable for domestic and family matters” [7]
Ascella 13º “Good fortune and lasting happiness”. [8]
Vega 14º ~ “Critical, abrupt, reserved, unpopular, fleeting honours, influential position, insincere friends.” [9] “Seeing the magic in life; touching another world. Devotion to another world; music and the arts, or a strong spiritual life. A charismatic leader or a cause.” [11]

Mars ruling this decan makes is extremely ambitious and they see themselves as being important specimens of the human race and essential to the building of civilisation. The word ‘industrious’ describes these folk very well. Sometimes Sun Capricorn 2 can find they just cannot get off the treadwheel. When struck by this workaholism Sun Capricorn 2 wills for someone to throw a great big spanner in the works. In some cases, this action pushes the cloven-hoofed ones into the very opposite mode. They become as devilishly indolent and stubborn as the Taurus triplicity that rules here.

You can definitely see a touch of Beelzebul in some of the natives below, there is a dark humour and also a touch of the supernatural too. Austin Coppock calls this decan the Pyramid. “Castles are built, labyrinths of laws and hierarchies. The architecture of civilisation takes shape.” [12] The pyramids are indeed mysterious but also hierarchal. The soul needs to go thorough upward stages of evolution in order to return back to the source. This decan is about the competitive nature that helps achieve excellence. The structures that support Sun Capricorn 2 spiral the human upwards and are aspirational.

SUN CAPRICORN 2 EXAMPLES: Richard Nixon, Kim Jong-un, Isaac Newton, Johannes Kepler, J. R Tolkien, Jeane Dixon, Stephen Hawking, Cicero, Alan Watts, Mel Gibson, Nicholas Cage, Rowan Atkinson, Nigella Lawson, Victoria Principal, Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Donna Summer, Shirley Bassey, Marilyn Manson, Syd Barratt, R Kelly, Jimmy Page, Joan Baez, Crystal Gayle, Henri Matisse, Yves Tanguy, Louis Braille, Eris Discovery, John Edgar Hoover, Ian Brady, Linda Lovelace, Lyle Menendez, Jim Bakker, Christy Turlington, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, Michael Schumacher, Henri Matisse, United Kingdom, The Euro, Ceres Discovery, Taylor/Burton Davison Chart.


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