Libra Decan 1 ~ Sep 23 to 30


Libra Decan 1 is ruled by the Moon and Venus (Libra triplicity). The Sun saunters through the constellations of the Herdsman, the Dragon, Berenice’s hair, the Virgin, and the Great Ship from September 23 to 30. The combination of the popular moon and charming tropical Libra gives us the zodiacs courtesans, diplomats and artists.

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These people are adept at bringing peace and harmony into the most fraught situation. They have a reputation of being the good guys, your best friend in the whole world, the one who you can call at 3 am in the morning and a softly spoken voice will say ‘That’s fine hon.’ Are they perfect? Not quite. Like all the decans there will be a negative side, all this sugary sweetness can give one diabetes.

Libra Decan 1 general Meaning

The ironic thing about Libra decan 1 is that sometimes their push for peace can attract very aggressive and mean mates. Either that or violence just seems to blow up around them for no reason at all. Libra has a horror of arguing, they don’t like to offend, so they tell lots of little white lies, and I mean lots….The danger is that they could all become one big fat lie which then will reveal itself at just the wrong moment. When this happens our perfect Venus turns into her nemesis. 

Eris!! What, the ugly goddess of discord in our perfectly balanced and aesthetically lovely Libra? This is Libra’s shadow of course, but Eris is just as much a part of Libra as Venus. Just as the 7th house is both partners and open enemies.

In Crowds & Triangular Relationships

This is where our lovely Librans get accused of betrayal and other nasties. They can’t help but fall in love with love, so are branded philanderers, Casanovas and erm, harlots. A hot-blooded and promiscuous Aries will gladly admit they are sex mad. Our demur Libran, on the other hand, is deeply upset by the notion of ever being called a “Slut” or “Player”. They maintain that they were deeply in love with each and every soulmate, which is different.

The reason Libra decan 1 may say they want conventional marriage is that they loathe being the odd one out. Being the only singleton in a roomful of couples is hell for them. They can also become fashion victims because of their almost pathological need to fit in (Harmony again..).


Libra Decan 1 Tarot Card

The Tarot card associated within this decan is the two of swords which “often indicates arguments between people who are being rigid and unyielding.  Both sides are locked into the battle.  There is little room for forgiveness and no sign of a thaw. 

This argument could go on for years and taint generations to come unless someone is brave enough to sort it out. People need to lay down their weapons and open their heart to forgiveness.” ~ teachmetarot. Karmically this shows the polarity of Aries to Libra where Libra is the ‘other’. The balancing of the scales indicates finding a compromise in this lifetime to extremism in the past…

Being in with the in-crowd gives them a real sense of self-worth. That also means getting into the right university or intellectual set. They look in the mirror a lot. Not because they are particularly vain, but because they are so darn insecure about their appearance. Is their face symmetrical? They wrongly think that if they are less than perfect, people will hate them.Libra decan 1 are big collectors. They look after their treasures as if they were their children, lovingly dusting and organising them into aesthetically pleasing patterns. Their collections are never junk, but classic, rare items that have quality and history to them.

They seek out and preserve these specialities before they are lost forever in our fast food, high speed, cyber-centric world. Libra decan 1 could own a wonderful specialist library or a collection of fine wines, (Vindematrix is the grape-gatherer). It would be something that becomes more rarefied with age.Libra decan 1 appreciates nostalgia, they like to see things ferment and mature over time. They are not in much of a hurry to do anything. Nice and easy does it.

One thing Libra Decan 1 has to watch out for is defaulting to putting a relationship above all else, even when it’s a lousy one. The ironic thing, as I said earlier, is that they need freedom more than they think. As a result, they may envy and resent their opposite number Aries for being bold and selfish enough to say “No” to unwanted advances. Libra is inclined to sleep with someone because they bought them dinner. Austin Coppock and Ibn Ezra associate the scales more strongly to decan 1 than with the other two Libra decans. I also think the qualities of Maat are strong here.

Libra Decan 1 Fixed Stars

Libra 2º 36’ ~ Theta Bootes in Bootes the Herdsman. 4.6*
Libra 3º 23’ ~ Nodus I in the body of Draco the Dragon. 3.2
Libra 4º 23’ ~ Beta Coma Berenice in Coma Berenices, Berenice’s hair. 4.3
Libra 4º 31’ ~ Zaniah in the left arm of Virgo the Virgin. 4.0
Libra 4º 57’ ~ Edasich in Draco the Dragon. 3.5
Libra 5º 20’ ~ Tureis in the keel of Argo Navis the Great Ship. 2.2
Libra 6º 58’ ~ Lambda Bootes in Bootes the Herdsman. 4.2
Libra 8º 57’ ~ Diadem in Coma Berenices, Berenice’s hair. 4.3
Libra 9º 56’ ~ Vindemiatrix in the right arm of Virgo the Virgin. 3.0

*Magnitude. Star positions for the year 2000.

Libra Decan 1 Fixed Stars *

Stars Nodus I 3º and Edasich 4º fall in the constellation of Draco, this is the dragon that guards the golden apples in the garden of the Hesperides. “Draco gives an artistic and emotional but sombre nature, a penetrating and analytical mind, much travel and many friends but danger of robbery and of accidental poisoning.” It also said to be the point where two meteor showers radiate from in January and March every year. Bernadette Brady says this constellation actively guards and protects.


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Libra Decan 1 Planets & Angles

Sun Libra 1

Zaniah 4º ~ “ Educational and studious interests, popular, social success, much pleasure, favourable for marriage.” [4] Vindematrix 9º ~ “Worry, depression, unpopular, failure in business, harassed by creditors.” [5] and “The one who gathers information, things or people. To bring order to collections, to see patterns of meaning. People gather together, an event that unites.” [7]

When these folk shine they really, really shine. These folk indeed are the perfectly charming Libran, the sweetest friend in all the world. Just make sure you do not betray them because if you do then their shadow side can spit venom like the best Scorpio. As I said in the general section, there can be quite extreme flips over to Eris if the delicate Libra balance is upset. Libra is an air sign and can be quite mentally anxious. Yes, Libra is famed for its harmony and peacemaking, but they can also just as much work themselves into a negative worry spiral such is the influence of Vindematrix at the end of this decan.

Sun Libra 1 could also find themselves partaking in too much of the vine if they are not getting the love they need which can also pull them into depression. The contrasts between happiness and sadness can be pretty sharp and there is a certain bi-polarity here. The bright Sun can suddenly flip over to eclipse itself and its Venus ruler (As the morning star) can go full-on Lucifer! Austin Coppock’s interpretations of the Sun here echo this peacemaking paradox. Of Libra decan 1 he says “They believe in fairness and strive, in their way, to make the world a better place. They often accomplish this in their works, but in their personal lives they are often much less successful, for they are often blind to the small injustices commited within their own relationships.” [8]

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Libra eBooks

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