Pisces Decan 2 ~ Mar 1 to 9 (20º-30º)

Pisces Decan 2 ~ Fixed Stars

Pisces 11º 35’ ~ Lambda Aquarius in the water of Aquarius the Water Bearer. 3.8*
Pisces 12º 06’ ~ Alpha Hydrus in Hydrus the Male Watersnake. 2.9
Pisces 14º 31’ ~ Kappa Phoenix in Phoenix. 3.9
Pisces 15º 19’ ~ Achernar in Eridanus the River. 0.4
Pisces 15º 30’ ~ Ankaa in the Phoenix. 2.4
Pisces 15º 34’ ~ Delta Sculptor in Sculptor. 4.6
Pisces 16º 09’ ~ Homan in the neck of Pegasus the Flying Horse 3.6
Pisces 17º 08’ ~ Phi Aquarius in the water of Aquarius the Water Bearer 4.4
Pisces 18º 35’ ~ Beta Pisces in the western fish of Pisces. 4.5
* Magnitude & star position year 2000

Pisces Decan 2 ~ General Meaning

Pisces decan 2 are ruled by Jupiter and the Moon (Cancer triplicity). They are the most slippery of the fishes, now you see them, now you don’t. The Sun slithers through this sultry zone from March 1 –10. This area houses Aquarius’s water, the male watersnake, Eridanus the river, the Phoenix, the Sculptor and the west fish of Pisces.

9 Of CupsThese amphibious creatures are masters of disguise and can blend into any environment effortlessly.Pisces decan 2 is probably the most liquid area of Pisces, which means it also risks being the most toxic. These subjects are supremely absorbent of their environment, so can work positively or negatively.

This placing would be great for a spy, but the most criminal and slimy of individuals could turn this great power into something quite nefarious. With Pisces decan 2 the evolutionary state of the soul is paramount, they can absorb toxins just as well as they can absorb love and bliss. Whatever the choice, they will just suck the juice out of it, so it better be good juice.

Victim/Saviour & Resurrection

Sometimes these people just don’t know who they are, so they are prone to be easily molded and manipulated by those closest to them. Pisces decan 2 should, therefore, try to associate with the clean living and spiritually aware. Much depends on how earthed the rest of the chart is, but keeping in with the right crowd will keep nasty scum from accumulating on this fishes tank!

The tarot cars associated with this decan is the nine of cups. In terms of karma “The Nine of Cups can symbolically represent being rewarded after a period of hard work and effort. Whatever you have been working on has come to successful fruition and you can sit back now and take all the praise and applause you have rightfully earned. People now see you in a different light and many will be envious of not only your abilities and skills but also because of the wonderful inner-light that glows in and around you.” ~Teachmetarot. So like the phoenix that resides in this decan, there is the potential for redemption and resurrection once you have served your penance. With Achernar being such a religious card, one can see the potential of suffering in early life, possibly through over-indulgence or addiction. Repenting and living a simpler life, devoted to good works could bring one spiritual riches in later life…

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Sun Pisces 2

Achernar 15º ~ ” To deal with, or live in, a state of crisis, to identify oneself with a crisis. To be in a rapidly changing situation requiring crisis management skills.” [4] Ankaa 15º ~ “One who can remake themselves, the ability to rebuild a life. To be identified with a transcending idea.” [5]

According to Austin Coppock Sun decan 2 is supposed to do rather well in the material world and bring success due to this decan being associated with the tarot card the Nine Of Cups which is commonly known as “the wish card”. I think this is due to the solar energy bringing out the best of the creative promise here. So many classical composers and folk connected with the stars here! We get a great cocktail of the decan rulers blended with the Sun. Jupiter brings growth and abundance, the Moon is fertile and imaginative while the Sun can cook up both into a well of creativity. Here there is a good balance of matter (mater=moon) and enterprising spirit (Sun/Jupiter.) “The ability to maintain a harmonious relationship between material and spiritual layers of life is the art of following the tao itself…. Indeed several traditional images (of this decan), suggest that the material riches are the product of spiritual labour” [3].

The Picatrix image for Pisces 2 shows an inverted figure rather like the Tarot’s hanged man, so that “the material and spiritual priorities that have been inverted, and that the figure is grounded in the invisible, rather than upon the earth. Yet the inverted figure offers sustenance, proving that this strange act is not futile.” [3] Again the theme repeats of self-sacrifice and of martyrdom that comes with the Jesus archetype so strong in the decan. The natives will sacrifice themselves for their art or for a good cause. But women, in particular, need to make sure they don’t totally devote themselves to the man (Sun) in their life and need to own the talents promised in this decan.

SUN PISCES 2 EXAMPLES: Osama Bin Laden, Mikhail Gorbachev, Alexander Graham Bell, Yuri Gagarin, Patrick Moore, Nicolaus Copernicus, Bernadette Brady, Nicholas Campion, P. D. Ouspensky, Frédéric Chopin, Antonio Vivaldi, Maurice Ravel, George Frideric Handel, Elizabeth Barratt-Browning, Sharon Stone, Juliette Binoche, Rachel Weisz, Jean Harlow, David Niven, Rex Harrison, Gary Numan, Lou Reed, Roger Daltrey, John Bon Jovi, Justin Bieber, Karen Carpenter, Andy Gibb, Bobby Womack, Kate McCann, Aileen Wuoros, Rik Mayal, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Tammy Faye Bakker, Victoria Sackville-West, Piet Mondrian, David Wilcock, Prince Charles/Diana Davison.

1 The Astrology of Fate. Liz Green. p.259
2 Astronomica, Manilius, 1st century AD, book 4, p.243.
3 The 36 faces. Austin Coppock p 252 & p. 254
4 Star & Planet Combinations. p. 67/68
5 Star & Planet Combinations. p. 121

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49 thoughts on “Pisces Decan 2 ~ Mar 1 to 9 (20º-30º)

    1. Im not an expert, so dont quote me on this, but I feel strongly that yes, having a planet here would have an effect on them, depending on which planet was there.

      For example, I knew someone who had their Moon in this decan, and reading this article felt like I was reading an article about this person! Emotionally he did not know who he is/was, and was constantly being manipulated by others. He was capable of very idealistic actions, and was very devoted in certain ways, but he had no firm grounding, and emotionally he was swayed back and forth by others and thus became very untrusting, understandably. But then again, he couldnt see how this vicious cycle played out for the life of him(self-delusional?), even when I tried to show him this. Actually, it backfired into my face because then he started to distrust me! *facepalm* To say we had problems is an understatement. I believe he really has good intentions, but what he needs is more than a friend… he needs divine intervention. There was this constant saviour/victim dynamic being played out, and I am no martyr. He was draining me and so I ended it.

      Dont take the above example as a sweeping statement btw, this was just one example of someone I knew.

    2. Yes Michelle, the closer to an angle the more powerful. Remember though, that this is a kind of summary of the whole zone. It is a guideline because there are still so many variables. For example MC on Ankaa the Phoenix trine Jupiter would bring out the fortunate saviour side of the this zone in a person especially if they have a very strong and fiery Sun. If they had Sun conjunct Mars for example would probably not go too far down the self sacrificial route, if they have a good Saturn they will also have the will to resist temptation from drugs.
      Someone with Moon in the 12th closer to Alpha Hydrus, squared by Neptune and who hangs around with junkies is far more likely to manifest the victim.

  1. I thank from the bottem of mij harth, for all your efforts and clairre insigth-information!!!!!
    I have my birthday on 03.03.2013 and wolked than 65 years on earth.Without astrological information( i started to take that information seriously afther my 40e) I was NOT ABLE to give the adventure from the first 40 years a propper place, in my life.WHITH astrological (extra!!!) KNOWLEDGG it MAKES sence,what was not to understand WHITOUT!!!!!Thank You Again and keep on the GO(o)d Work!

  2. If the Two Eyes Become One.
    If the “Western” AND “Eastern” Science commes together………………….
    They WILL Becommes ONE.

  3. very correct and true piscean healing, as 2nd husband, 3/9 mars/sun was not remembered till now, and it was deception all around, not by day self assured energetic, or histronics at home, he really was the large man in a wide brimmed hat having a tet-a-tet with the ocean.
    At work he was the music man, with the companies credit card, preventing disasters with unrelenting purchaces, the joke at his mothers place was. “have you put them out of business yet?” (2 by the time we ment and counting it turned out) and he had allusions about mom’s love the story being after his 2nd wife’s death, he lived in a basement apartment at her B&B, “what did you do there, help her out?” I asked, “yeah I sawed wood for her fireplaces.” With this knowledge I asked him, befor we were married, to saw some pieces with a bow saw, the picture is of a man holding wood down with his finger tips…any way he stayed with his mother, the story being she refused to give him the money because she didn’t want him to go, then by some odd twist $1100 droped in his lap, (probably origionated from the mom who wouldn’t let him leave.) Sooo when I finially did meet her he took me down the stairs that ended in a wall all around, “what happened to the door here?” and a voice that sounded just like my voice said, “I had it taken out” so for a moment we were standing in a tight basement landing feeling the wall for evidence of a door. She had him taken out too. one does wonder w/ their sun’s in opp how it really was.
    Anyway there I was putting up w/ alot all the woman loved him thought he was our savior, me a widow w/ 3 little boys… the trouble was he didn’t work if he could avoid it at the same time developing an aura of indespensibility, his cars, offices,our storage rooms were jammed with stuff, in the end it was three truck loads of dreams of incredable re-sale value when it really was junk from someone elses up grade, what he did to others he actually bought, placed on shelves, lost $$$ meanwhile grafting the company so they hire at 1/3 more salary a guy who’s job it was to tell my husb. what to do while holding tight the plastic.
    At different times he thought him self lron hubbard writing books in his head, he was disappointed the mailbox wasen’t filled with responces to letters he never wrote. A lot of his ideas were interesting entertaining but later he frightened us. So you’re right on target marina. His venus in 1 degs pisces, merc hadn’t made it over yet.

  4. the sculpture of family, trying to turn us into something was there as well as playfulness. Early computer games showed up in his all female home office, so when the boss arrived all he heard was rat-tat-tat, tuoo, tuooo, and ran to confront his systems man innocently looking up from the paper, so the boss was had, women loved my husband more than him.
    My great uncle was snd dec too and a boss, legendary temper, sucessful, lost his only son so doted on my dad and his bro. he collected wax flowers, had a special climate controlled creepy room. His second wife was mean,he visited w/o her, it’s interesting too because I said the meanest stuff to my husband and he liked it,a look of delight spread over his face, he hated it when I put the whip away, (metaphorically speaking)

  5. Lol. So mercury on Homam. The whisperer? I’m constantly being told I am a loud talker. Gotta love me some Pegasus! 🙂

    1. Wow! That’s fantastic. Oh yes if they all rang that would be something else. I have to post the picture.

  6. Thank you Marina, I’m loving these posts, they are so useful. My son’s sun is pretty much exactly on Achernar,but close to the MC and trine Pluto so he does not blend in to the background! It’s interesting what you say about Saturn,his is closely conjunct Neptune in Cap and widely sextile (3 deg) the sun. He has really good friends and a lot of self control – he literally didn’t drink until his 18th!
    He is very much a creature of light and shade though, his repressed shadow side worries me, he suffers from psychosis in its true sense – he sees and hears things that he knows aren’t real but is no danger to anybody except perhaps himself. This also gives him extraordinary insight and perceptiveness, not everything he sees and hears is an hallucination.
    He considers himself to be a compulsive liar, too, but is so conscientious that he tells ridiculous and obvious lies (“it spontaneously combusted”) to channel it and is actually really honest and reliable.

  7. Hi Marina!

    Pablo, father of my children, was born on the 5th. mars. He always has been misterious. I still remember the wife of one common friend who told me before we were married Pablo and myself: I kind of worry about you marriying Pablo; I like him very much but he is soooo misterious. I would never marry one who has so deep feelings and secrets within…

    So, another Pluto subduction for me! (the worst and most painful one, for sure). And -as you said in the weekly aspects- I had my lessons… I do have to go very, very slowly. I loved blindly and now I do have to checkout i´m not fooling myself!

    I just took the chance because there were sooo many things I did like from him! And of course, I thank my children, who are so a mix!

    His sun seems to be near from Homam and by Reading all this I just sigh! So true!

    He went into bankruptcy f-o-u-r times, while we were married! Looking at his chart, he has oh so much on the 7th H! Venus, Mercury, Sun, Juno and Vesta. His MH is on Algol. His Saturn is in Antares. And a Regulus Pluto Conj. too.

    I tend to understand what brought us together!



    1. ha bet if you look you’ll find pisces commonly swimming around in broken ruins, my father in law, from 1st marrage is 3/2, their marrage lasted, as he retired @ age 50 and watched TV.

  8. I have the descendant/south node conjunct at 17 Pisces.Does that mean I draw these types of people? How does the south node factor in?

    1. Hi Jane, Yes you may draw in those kind of people from a past life, partners may have unfinished karma with you of this nature.

  9. not to beat a dead horse but these people, 2nd dec, (the ones I know) are very self preserving, my father-in-law is trapped in a time warp, having not aged a bit since he took to his TV viewing, his cancer wife, favorite foil, returned to work, drank, smoked, over ate while he covered his plate, “no more for me”, he also refuses to go to a Dr., while she’s under no-stop care, the crowing insult is he a times refuses to push her wheelchair, but will, offer an arm or shoulder.My mother-in-law was 5’11 he 5’4″, now they are the same height. My Uncle’s ‘mean’ wife was 4″ taller, they do love battle axes, I was a frazzled ax to my husdands tree of etrunal, fountian of youth, glowing presence

    1. Pablo does look younger also!For many, many years, he looked sweet and handsome. Now, looks funny though, like a Young though old guy…


  10. Narcissist, my second husband displayed traits. When I refused to give him anymore money he said, ” You don’t understand, I’m dieing!” fists banging the table, water works turned on. Delusions of grandure, self aggrandizement that type.
    anyway my brother in law and neice are 2nd deacon. there’s height on both sides, her 1/2 sister is 6’1″, she was born acting, turning 10 soon, Their wedding was hit w/ non-stop showers too!

  11. Yes, narcissistic. I have known a few men with this placement who are very charming, seductive, mysterious, but ultimately can be deceptive, pathological liars, lost in fantasy, refusal to grow up, forever playing the “peter pan”/ lost soul/ victim so they can avoid responsibility. Also, addictions of all kinds. Saviour complex. Not to be critical, but this must be a tough position to carry… I can see how going into such murky depths could ultimately lead to one’s ability to be a great healer if used correctly and based on other aspects of the chart.

    1. the ultimate escape(ism) he isn’t the man in the mirror, but a self made billionare, wirh a garage full of cars etc. Illusion shattered he was “dieing”, I was killing him.
      A more postive escapism is the movies, and he loved movies,so did my big sis, 3/18, her first day licensed driving, she piled us in the car for an afternoon at the movies. little sis, scorpio, (sun&merc.), befor she had her head injury used to call big sis, a vampire, stealing life from her. Big sis’s happiest when we were all around her gave a lot but very pale and hollow eyed.

    2. Yes Ig. We recently came to know that Pablo -father of my children- lives his s-i-x-t-h bankruptcy.

      I really have been worried about the men I choose. My Desc. is in Capricorn. So they should be earthly. And Juno is were there is a Sea Monster and rocks. So rude!

      Pure karma! And in Pablo I saw the mysticism and he was much more tender! Then, his Pluto took me to the worst bottom of my life.

      I now tend to “understand” that my children came here for a reason (and I love them… now, we are having pretty days; young adults both of them).

      Otherwise and in this Hygea season (Aries decan 3, myself), I don´t know how to heal passion (I´m not so young anymore and should be calmer now), interest ( I do seek for a cappy…). And this unending ups and downs in my emotional and dramatic world (should have been an actress…).

      Cancer Asc. as I am, I often feel very vulnerable and lock myself in my shell, using some cement. Sometimes, I feel a little misantropic (…topist?).

      Saying no to the rude, came to see rudeness right on the face, in the very underworld.

      I also don´t know how to choose men. This material for me, therefore, is precious: starting to knowing me.



    3. R, careful what you wish for! . Capricorn men do love…THEMSELVES, Capricorn may love the status you provide, your home, looks, car, energy, but I have never known one to love deeply…. virgo/aries works, Aquarius or Gemini if you follow Marnia’s decans., and your heart. Leo is (your second hs/?) won’t hurt your pocket-book especially w/ cancer, Virgo planets

    4. Pisces I can understand, especially decan 2 (my descendant on Homam). They are very alluring to me. Scorpios, the women I like and can comprehend; we get along as equals. But I still don’t get the Capricorn influence. Unknowable, unfathomable, look but don’t touch. Beware. My moon is near the end of 6 degrees Cap. Mother has sun, merc, mars and venus in 2nd decan. Adoptive grandpa was a decan 1 Cap. So was maternal birth grandma. Capricorns are emotional monoliths.

    5. Where is Saturn in your chart and what sign & aspects, etc. Capricorn may be your 7th house but it’s ruler is Saturn.

  12. it’s interesting to me when other (non Pisces) people convey their feelings and thoughts on Pisces people. it’s very odd because it’s usually negative feedback but in the most vague of ways… -but it’s difficult to give feedback on someone you can’t understand or even fathom. We are on a totally different wave-length… which can be both painful for us and sometimes fulfilling. Unless you can understand our depths by experiencing what it’s like to be one of us you will never be able to make sound judgement. we are mysterious but we do not know it… we are aloof because we are so affected by our environment and by you that it can be paralyzingly overwhelming… we appear confused because we soak up everything and everyone like sponges (quite unwillingly I might add!) and so it is difficult to differentiate between who we really are and who we are becoming based on the company we keep and the places we go. we feel things we can’t explain and sometimes it frightens us. we have a very intense connection to spirituality but sometimes we do not know how to utilize it. we suffer because we feel you suffering… and not just one or two people… everyone, the world, the freaking Earth and we don’t know what in the hell to do about it. so sometimes we drown in our sorrows with toxic substances… if only to shut out the noise for a moment. we shut out people too… because we are so fragile on the inside we cannot take your harsh views so lightly. we don’t understand the real reason behind harsh criticism because we, ourselves, tend to be more accommodating and we don’t readily throw your flaws out in your face unless you really deserve it. it may sound odd but it is true. I am a Capricorn rising so I’m even more conflicted… I don’t just have two fish swimming in different directions, I also have an ambitious, power-hungry Capricorn to satiate but how does that tie into the peace loving Pisces? it’s contradictions all day long! very frustrating. very conflicting.

    1. I can testify for what you just said as well, being a Pisces rising to Leo. Very good description of the Pisces kind, both by Marina and Wolfgang 🙂

      I’m 22, still haven’t had a single job in my life. I’ve been studying pretty much my entire life, and excel at sabotaging opportunities. I’m still living through my parents, which I think is the best solution knowing how kid-minded and unprepared I am to live in society. Indeed, the only time I lived all by myself, I’d live on 50 euros a month (60 dollars a month) which is basically… nothing, even though I had more money in the bank. My parents thought I was dying. I wasn’t. I was shut out from the world, and it felt amazing and so refreshing. Pisces people are JUST the most vulnerable out there, period. Pollute the water, and we all die: no escape. And from what I can tell, there’s no stopping the water from getting dirty. It’s a very important duty for all Pisces people to learn how to stand up for themselves, no matter how alienating that is for us. Enough with being fed by people’s understanding pity. Enough with being solely fed by the mothering side of our intimate partners.

      So yes, we’re charming, mysterious, cute, lost in fantasy, kids for ever, and apparently, the missing piece of the puzzle is for a pisces to draw out his sword… or should I say, water filter. After all, I don’t think anyone’s pulling any punches as far as I’ve seen hahah.

    2. In the end, it’s probably the duty of a picses to accept the fact that these aspirations will NEVER become a reality but that these dreams can be used to their fullest potential by being an inspiration towards taking action.

      Too bad if being an entrepreneur means that the weak will indeed be left out. Too bad if the world can’t be saved, but if we save the few that live close to us, then maybe the world does a chance for survival.

      In other words, being a sponge who doesn’t shy out from compressing itself, and too bad if people who are around get pissed off for being wet.

  13. Hopefully I did not offend any Pisces with earlier comments. I, too, am Pisces sun (decan 3) and have fallen deeply in love with Pisces people. As a very “Pluto” person, I respect the need to have deeply transforming experiences which often involves dealing with some toxic stuff necessary for soul growth.

    1. Kevinizer, with all due respect, I don’t think that’s true at all. In fact, I’m going to live my dream and it has absolutely no bearing on whether I can still serve as an inspiration to my family, friends and people I don’t even know. The only reason I would accept at this point for not fulfilling dreams as a Piscean, if it were feasible, is by not putting in the hard work and still blaming it on being a Pisces. To tell you the truth, I do blame the loss of multiple long term relationships on (and complete stagnation for six years) on being a Pisces. I can only do that to a point though and then I realize that I can still fulfill my dreams because they’re two separate issues. When I look back now I feel pissed at myself for wasting that time and for not putting forth the effort I owe myself as a musician. There’s no way I can let my dream go after that because in the end I can only blame myself and that’s not near good enough since I actually do have a pretty intense work ethic when I get momentum going. There are even legitimate excuses why I’ve been taking time off but this is not just a job for me, it’s me fulfilling my purpose and after walking through my own personal hell for ten months, I have to do everything I can to make it happen. We are daydreamers, I admit that but I will also say that Pisces are more than fully capable of getting it done because I want it that bad.

  14. I am Pisces decan 2, Mar 9,1978. Fargo ND USA. I was on the most virtuous, pious, devout, spiritual path. Apparently a dormant rebellious streak, or untreated child abuse left me with a nasty 5 year regression. Neptune’s “drugs” helped numb and mask my pain. And maybe I wouldn’t have realized how paramount my need to connect to the most high was without seeing how detrimental the opposite path may have been. I had used the powerful frequencies of the divine for my own selfish reasons. This will set you even farther back on the path then where you started. Some may never even come back. Karmically I face these poor decisions daily and pray that I will never in the future nor currently have such blinders on. I realize now that the only way to move forward is to be completely selfless and any virtue I do gain needs to be given back to help humanity. To the farthest, darkest corners. Until everyone’s inner light can shine like the one That’s starting to shine again within me. Light, love and wholeness to all of you and Marina for her dynamic insight.

    1. I am too another march 9th pisces. I can definately relate to what you are saying. I too see the result of my selfish decisions and now realize that it is not the correct way to live. It’s been a tough time but I now see the light 🙂 good luck too you!

    2. My Taurus neighbor has her Mars here, she’s having problem’s with her feet, (Pisces) with the Chiron Transiting, I told her it wont last long though since Chiron is almost completing it’s Conjunction. But sometimes she “reads” things out of the air, I cannot remember exactly what since my Mercury is in Pisces. But I called her psychic a few times since she anticipated a few things. For the most part she’s funny and cool. Just a little too focused on her comfort to the detriment of bothering others for her substance abuse issues. But I think its all the Mercury Moon Venus Aries.

  15. No high status. That most likely has to do with the invisibility of the blending factor. And gosh darnit, the current climate seems to want to thwart my integrity at every turn. But it is always part of the deciding factor.

    I found the neck thing kinduv funny. I love my chiropractor. Maybe I’m stickin it out too far yet. But I know I am improving on that. For some reason, I was convinced it was my job. It’s another reason I evaluate before committing. Staying off the chopping block saves me alot of grief.

    This has been great fun!

    1. Thinking it was my job . . . loose opp between pisces mars and jupiter virgo. tee hee hee. Ain’t I the funny one. Funny to the point of close encounters with the dire and death. Not so tee hee hee.

  16. 3/2/72 11:59 pm Syracuse NY. Uhh I’ve been completely bashed around this year. This is all very accurate. Our impressionable nature DEMANDS we find good people. Takers have knocked me over. Got to stand up and swim 🙂

  17. Alan Yentob is a Pisces decan 2.- Just. A slippery fish, he was caught out faking some of the interviews for BBC programme Imagine. He has Mercury in 2nd Decan Pisces too. He is Creative Director of the BBC.

  18. Ah ha! A common thread? Tony Hall current director general of the BBC is a 2nd dean Pisces. He has the Sun Jupiter and north node conjunct in the 2nd dean Pisces! He also has a yod of Neptune and Pluto to Jupiter to Jupiter and the Node in 2nd Dec. Pisces.

    Slippery or chameleon? The BBC under fire at the moment for the Clarkson debacle -(caught swearing off camera… however, they famously pay Gordo Ramsey to swear on it!)

    The BBC itself was founded in 1922 18th Oct with a Libran stellium inconjunct natal Uranus in Pisces 10 degrees – as a private broadcasting company. It morphed into a public corporation on 1 Jan 1927 by which tim Uranus has become 3rd dean Pisces – it will be interesting to see what Marina uncovers for 3rd decan Pisces. A little off topic but the public BBC corporation has Pluto conj Sirius and opposes s. node and Sun conjunct Facies. eeeuuwww!!!!

    1. Uber – FYI – your name is linked to the crop circle website when it is clicked on as a commenter. I don’t use the side bar when going to your comment -I have to go back to the blog topic instead.

  19. I would like to ask pisces that are born in 29th of February what is their decan the 1st or the 2nd?

    1. It depends on the year you were born because the sun changes over to 10º at different dates every year. If your Sun is at 10º and over it’s decan 2.

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