Horoscope Maker

Horoscope Maker

To get the best out of my seasonal horoscopes it is recommended you draw up your natal chart using the chart drawing tool at ASTROTHEME. In that way, you can find the decan of not just your Sun, but also your rising sign (or ascendant) and that of your Moon.

You will need your time of birth and locationto draw up your horoscope. Once you open the chart there are some preferences which includes Black Moon Lilith. You can set it to either True Lilith or Mean Lilith. (I recommend True Lilith which is the default.)

How To Find Your Sun & Rising Decan

It is more accurate to find the actual degree of your Sun rather than referring to star sign dates or birthday lists if you are born on a cusp. This is because each year the Sun enters a new sign at a different time and day anywhere between the 21st to the 23rd day of each month.

A sign is comprised of 30º and approximately travels 1º a day. To make a decan, the sign is further divided into 10º divisions. So for example;

  • Aries decan 1 starts at 0º 00′ Aries and ends at 9º59′ of Aries.
  • Aries decan 2 starts at 10º 00′ Aries and ends at 19º 59′ of Aries
  • Aries decan 3 starts at 20º 00′ Aries and ends at 29º 59′ Aries.

After that, the Sun enters Taurus at 0º 00′ and so on through the signs. In some posts I have shorted this to Aries 1 = 0º to 10º, Aries 2 = 10º – 20º etc, but I mean up to the second numeral. The same goes for rising decans, the degrees will give your the rising decan once you have created your birthchart on the horoscope maker.

Using The Seasonal Horoscopes

So if you draw up your cart above, you will have your Ascendant degree, which is actually the most accurate way of reading horoscopes. This means that when I talk about a planet transiting a house, it will actually be traveling through that sector in your horoscope!

This is how an astrologer would normally read your chart and forms the foundation for predictive, natal astrology. Of course, you can still read my horoscopes for your sun sign too, which is how popular sun sign astrology works.

However, in my opinion, this tends to work better if you have a stellium (3 or more planets and angles) in your Sun Sign. So when reading my horoscopes, I would check out the ascendant 1st, followed by the Sun Sign. You can look at the Moon for your emotional life.