Horoscope Maker

To get the best out of my Year 2017 Horoscopes and monthly horoscopes it is recommended you draw up your natal chart using the chart drawing tool below. In that way, you can find the decan of not just your Sun, but also your rising sign (or ascendant) and that of your Moon. You will need your time of birth and location for this. Once you open the chart there are some preferences which includes Black Moon Lilith. You can set it to either True Lilith or Mean Lilith. (I recommend True Lilith which is the default.)

ATTENTION! In the chart maker form, do not click the ‘Time’ box or you will get an Aries rising chart. If you don’t know your time, click the ‘Time’ box, but be sure to add a location otherwise the chart will not load. If you have a problem with this chart maker, then head over to Astro.com who also provide a free chart-making service.

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