Leo Decan 2 ~ Aug 1 to 10


Leo decan 2 is ruled by Jupiter in both systems. (Sagittarius Triplicity). The sun blazes through the lynx, the watersnake, the lion’s mouth, the great bear, the crab and the great ship from August 1 – 10. You can see straight away that these are a different breed of cat from the sedate and Saturnian Leo decan 1. In this decan, Jupiter gives Leo even more fire and the influence of the defensive crab is replaced by the overtly passionate water-snake.

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There is less of the religious influence too, for the energy is primal, spontaneous and uncensored. This does not mean these people aren’t spiritual, it’s just that they don’t like bowing down to a Guru, or following established paths to enlightenment. These pioneers will always prefer the road less traveled.

Leo Decan 2 General Meaning

Jupiter ruling here will, of course, exaggerate their bad traits as well as their good. And let’s face it, with a big cat, these traits are going to be extreme one way or the other. Leo is known as the dramatic sign, so here we will certainly get full-blown theatrics.

These folk, are typically mouthy. So they are outspoken, fearless in their reasoning and dive into debates with gusto. Combining Zeus with the Lion King and you get someone who relishes power and very happy to give orders. Of course, they will be accused of being bossy, but at the same time, they are wonderful at organizing when most people can’t be bothered.

Leo Decan 2 Tarot Card

The tarot card associated with this decan is the six of wands. This card is about victory. A great deal of passion is being put into focusing on a particular person or goal. Confidence and self-esteem are high and fits well with Leo decan 2’s general proud demeanor and very healthy ego. Karmically these Lions have earned their reward.

In their life “The answer is Yes.  Success is yours. You have won…..it suggests Victory in whatever it is you are pursuing or fighting for.  However, it will only be as a result of hard work, stamina, tenacity and strong determination on your part.  If you are prepared to put in the effort then you shall be rewarded well.  

There is no need to battle anymore and it is time to start building for the future.” ~ Teachmetarot. Generally, this is quite an auspicious decan with no really problematic stars compared to most decans. This optimism with the double Jupiter rulership is reflected in the meaning of the tarot card here.

Tarot card designed by Marina

You can always rely on them to cut the crap out of any chaos while other signs may just faff-about politely, not wanting to appear rude. Leo decan 2 does ‘tough-love’ extraordinarily well, but sometimes make enemies because of this. The roaring mouth of the lion does not sugarcoat, and you may be left with an embarrassing love-bite if you been fool enough to put your delicate neck within mauling distance.

Healthy Egos & Lion Taming

These golden-maned lions have the healthiest egos in the Zodiac. But of course, there’s always the risk of excess. Their pride can go to their heads, the crown becomes gigantic, and the weight finally causes them to topple from their lofty position. This usually comes from their greed, they have a ferocious appetite and sometimes just don’t know when to stop. Eventually, just like King Midas, some of them do learn their lesson.

Leo decan 2 maybe attracted to spiritual practices that help them avoid attachment, whether it is to people or material objects. They can go through phases of feast or famine; even literally through their intake of food, drink or drugs. Leo decan 2 can never be accused of being mean even in their famine stage. They throw the most lavish parties, give generously to charity and pamper their loved ones.

It can be tough getting these lions to invest in your business, as they are great hagglers. However, they have an unlimited budget when it comes to their own kids, who will be spoilt rotten. Leo decan 2 must watch out that their offspring don’t just become an extension of their empire, ie; the money that they lavish onto them is for something that the children themselves want, and not just because they have to blend in with the rest of their gilt-edged family.

Leo Decan 2 Fixed Stars

Leo 11º 51’ ~ Alpha Lynx in the tail of the Lynx 3.3*
Leo 12º 21’ ~ Epsilon Hydra in the Watersnake 3.4
Leo 13º 12’ ~ Zeta Hydra in the Watersnake 3.3
Leo 13º 19’ ~ Kochab in Ursa Minor the front right hip of the little Bear 2.2
Leo 13º 38’ ~ Acubens in the left arm of Cancer the Crab 4.3
Leo 15º 12’ ~ Dubhe on the back of Ursa Major in the great bear 2.0
Leo 17º 52’ ~ Alterf in the open mouth of the Lion 4.5
Leo 18º 33’ ~ Naos on the deck of the Stern in Argos the Great ship 2.3
Leo 19º 26’ ~ Merak in the flank of Ursa Major the Great Bear 2.4

*Magnitude. Star position for the year 2000.

Leo Decan 2 Fixed Stars *

Zeta Hydra 13º and Epsilon Hydra 12º are the brightest two of the four Hydra stars that fall into this decan. The slippery serpent Robson says “is said to give an emotional and passionate nature, threatened by great troubles.”  This water serpent had nine heads “Hercules found that if he cut off one of the heads, two new heads grew back: hence some evils are spoken of as “many-headed hydras”.

The only way to stop the heads re-growing was to burn them at the stump. So “The expression “hydra-headed” refers to a weed or trouble that is very difficult to get rid of.” You can see that this adds to the great drama, magnification and the tenaciousness of Leo decan 2. In their life, there will be many battles with this Hydra within and without. Leo’s great courage and resilience may have formed as a result of these battles over time.


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Leo Decan 2 Planets & Angles

Sun Leo 2

Dubhe 15º ~ “To protect, to nurture people or ideas. To value quietness and to have great strength in maintaining your views, to be able to resist force” [1]

These are not shy Lions! The flamboyant side of Leo comes out blazing here. Most Leo decan 2 loves a mission, as they need to channel their flaming egos into some great project. Leaving a big golden paw mark on planet earth is important to them. If that is not possible though, their resentment can brew into something quite ugly. Ignore or disrespect these folk at your peril, for that is when their tyrannical side erupts. Otherwise, these folk are natural born leaders. When they are appreciated for their good work they really blossom.

Leo decan 2 genuinely does have a big heart and is very generous with its patronage. It loves to play the great patriarch or matriarch and will often be very patriotic and sentimental over its home hand. The protective-parent influence is fierce, but these folk have to be careful that they don’t imprison their cubs out of fear, therefore stunting their development. Sun Leo 2 can easily scare the pants off potential partners to their beloved babies. Only the strongest suitors will make the grade!

Sun Leo 2 Examples: Barack Obama, Fidel Castro, Marine Le Pen, George Soros, George VI Of The UK, Mata Hari, Andy Warhol, John Merrick (Elephant Man), Hulk Hogan, Neil Armstrong, Helena Blavatsky, Alexander Fleming, Percy Shelley, Alfred Tennyson, JonBenet Ramsey, Stacy Valentine, Charlize Theron, Kylie Jenner, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Martin Sheen, Lucille Ball, Melanie Griffith, Dustin Hoffman, Antonio Banderas, Barbara Windsor, Eddie Fisher, Louis Vuitton, Pete Burns, Whitney Houston, Mark Knopfler, Geri Halliwell, Neil Armstrong, Samantha Ronson, Newman/Woodward Davison, Pierre/Marie Curie Davison.


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