Taurus Decan 1 ~ Apr 20 to 30


Taurus decan 1 is ruled by Mercury and Venus (Taurus triplicity). The Sun steamrolls through constellations Aries, Cassiopeia, the Triangle, the River and the Goldfish from April 20 – 30. These can be the raging bulls of Taurus, with less of the usually placid, laid-back energy that tropical Taurus is known for.

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Due to precession, this sector is dominated by the constellation of Aries which is why there are so many natural leaders here. At the same time, this is the most Taurus decan of tropical Taurus under the triplicity system. This makes them the most fixed and stubborn bulls with a tendency to steamroll. Therefore Taurus decan 1 may take ages to start a project, but once they get the momentum going there is no stopping them and they will flatten everything in their path.

Taurus Decan 1 Fixed Stars

Taurus 0º 24’ ~ Mirach in the girdle of Andromeda  2.4*
Taurus 1º 31′ ~ Mira in Cetus the sea monster. 3.0
Taurus 2º 38’ ~ Angetenar in Eridanus on the bend of the River. 4.8
Taurus 2º 42′ ~ Tyl in Draco the Dragon. 4.0
Taurus 3º 11’ ~ Mesarthim in the left horn of Aries the Ram. 4.8
Taurus 3º 58’ ~ Sheratan in the left horn of Aries the Ram. 2.7
Taurus 5º 07’ ~ Caph in the chair of Queen Cassiopeia.  2.4
Taurus 6º 52’ ~ Metallah in the Triangle. 3.6
Taurus 7º 40’ ~ Hamal on the forehead of Aries the Ram. 2.2
Taurus 7º 47’ ~ Schedir in the breast of Queen Cassiopeia. 2.5
Taurus 7º 79’ ~ Alpha Dorado in the Goldfish. 3.4

* Magnitude. Star positions are for the year 2000.

The influence of Queen Cassiopeia is also very strong. The poor love was strapped upside down in her throne and hung far up in the poles for boasting that her daughter Andromeda was the fairest of them all. This has taken the haughty Queen down a few pegs, but her voice can still be heard, very loudly due to Mercury ruling this decan too.

Mercury’s influence makes Taurus decan 1 motor mouths, even if their bodies can be slow and plodding at times, the mouth, never! These people are gifted orators and fight their battles with words. They are supreme propagandists, so for them, the pen really is mightier than the sword. Taurus decan 1 likes dictating so they can make great teachers, but they can also be dictators in power too. However as this is a bestial sign, their directing style might lack grace or tact, and their expression is usually frank and to the point.

Raging Bulls 

Taurus decan 1 are like primary school children, demanding and cute at the same time. They are doe-eyed Bambi when asking for treats, then give a fuming, silent tantrum if they don’t get their way. Taurus decan 1 can do petulance like no-one else. Eridanus the river gives a meandering, adaptable element surprising in a fixed sign, so they will appear to go with the flow.

They often spout “Whatever you want dear” and adapt to your idea of a dream lover… until they have bedded you… then the famously fixed stubbornness comes out. Try telling them where you want to eat tonight and watch for the silent “No” (a snort), while their hooves drill themselves into the ground. Mercury/Venus bulls love to plough into topics and are great conversationalists, so talking and eating at the same time is their unique talent.

Austin Coppock makes the point that many of the illustrations for this face include ploughs which I think is a great symbol for this decan. Later on, your will see so many of the fixed stars in this decan have the Mars/Saturn signature which describes the action of the plough beautifully. These folk also have the ability to make use of the earth’s fruits. Taurus decan 1 are useful at dinner parties since they bring the best wine and fill in awkward silences. Too much of the fine wine though can turn them into ranting bull who never leaves. It’s very hard to move them once they get comfortable and fixed into a juicy topic.

Ravenous Raconteurs

There are some very “bling” type stars here (Dorado the Goldfish), so natives may have issues with money, either sudden great wealth or sudden poverty. The psyche has to then adjust to the effect of insecurity V power.So Taurus decan 1 could be either greedy for a high-status lifestyle with all the trimmings or conversely, staunchly anti-consumerist. The fascination for trinkets though is always there. They love to pot around car boot sales and cannot resist dusty books in second-hand shops.

The tarot card associated with this decan is the five of pentacles. Karmically this card means that you may have had many lives addressing poverty and possibly greed.

“The Five of Pentacles can be an indication that deep spiritual change is needed and an understanding that money is not everything and, most certainly, not a guarantee of happiness. Instead of being physically hungry, the hunger may be more on an emotional or spiritual level.  You need to evaluate your life to see where the true feeling of deprivation is coming from. You may need to take a look around you, and certainly further than your front door, to understand what true poverty means.” ~ teachmetarot

Taurus decan 1 have a love of learning, but their research always comes with a healthy scepticism, so everything needs to be tested and proved. There is also the capability for letting the mind wander, but with the unique ability to organise all its many disparate ideas into one coherent form. Taurus decan 1 can be extremely outspoken and opinionated due to the Mercury/Cassiopeia influence.

These bulls can make huge claims with words, so copywriters, journalists and spin-doctors all do very well here provided they don’t offend the head-honcho (A Neptune media type) too much. Some Taurus decan 1’s can get into trouble with their outlandish claims, and at worst sued for libel. Taurus decan 1’s negative side breeds thieves or extortionists thanks to greedy Queen Cassiopeia. With Taurus decan 1’s powerful agility with words, these folk will make excellent blackmailers.

Taurus Decan 1 Fixed Stars Meanings *

Mirach ~ 0º is found in the girdle of Andromeda. It is an extremely fortunate star “portending renown and good luck in matrimony.” [1] Andromeda had pay for her mother Cassiopeia’s boastful tongue by being chained to a rock as a sacrifice. This was to appease Neptune offence at Cassiopeia’s claim her daughter was more beautiful than any of Neptune’s sea nymphs. It all ends well as Andromeda is rescued by brave Perseus whom she marries. This is probably why there is fortune here, due to Andromedas lucky escape and the fact she bags a courageous, alpha-male husband.


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Taurus Decan 1 Planets & Angles

Sun Taurus 1

Mirach 0º “Trouble through opposite sex, disappointments in expectations but otherwise favorable.” [10]  
Hamal 6º “Dissipation, evil associates, loss and disgrace.” [12.]

We have some controversial figures in this section. With the Sun here the subject feels it is their mission to speak out on subjects that others might deem “politically incorrect”. These folk just don’t care what people make of them and are sometimes branded bigots. The Sun is not especially powerful here and the stars do not rescue the Sun’s lack of dignity either. But as you can see from the above, this is certainly not an obstacle to success in the world.

Just like stars Mirach and Mira, there is much admiration for these folk, even towards the bigots! At the same time, Mercury and Venus ruling this decan breeds very talented artists, screen idols and endows these subjects with a certain roguish charm. Of course there is always the danger of boastfulness, vanity and the tendency to attract slander and gossip too. There can be sexual misadventure and scandal. A good example is Dominique Strauss-Khan experiencing his “trouble through the opposite sex” with a hotel maid.

I think the combination of the Mars/Saturn nature of the fixed stars come through very strongly in figures like Hitler and Hussein. These dictators, with their solar life-force shining through this very stubborn decan, will be very hard to shift once they have a taste of power. The Sun does not intrinsically feel genuinely potent here, so Taurus decan 1 will find it extremely hard to let go of the acquired veneer of superpower, if and when they have to step down. These folk really need to work on their inner spiritual wealth, otherwise, without fame or status, they will feel worthless in the world. Taurus decan 1 needs tangible proof of their influence on others, therefore they will tend to have a real weakness for winning shiny gold trophies, medals or awards.

SUN TAURUS 1 EXAMPLES: Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, Leonardo Da Vinci, William Joseph Turner, Queen Elizabeth II of UK, Emperor Hirohito, Aaron Spelling, David Icke, Michael Moore, Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jack Nicholson, Uma Thurman, Barbra Streisand, Penélope Cruz, Renée Zellweger, Daniel Day-Lewis, Jessica Lange, Ryan O’Neal, Shirley MacLaine, Anthony Quinn, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Roy Orbison, Ella Fitzgerald, Willie Nelson, Iggy Pop, Yehudi Menuhin, Bettie Page, Paula Yates, Jay Leno, Lee Miller, Willem de Kooning, Timothy McVeigh, Vladimir Nabokov, Walter de la Mare, Ulysses S Grant, Ferruccio Lamborghini, Rudolf Hess, Dominique Strauss-Khan, Chernobyl disaster.


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