Best Pisces Crystals


What are the best crystals for PiscesThe following three crystals support and balance Pisces’ positive and negative traits. These Pisces crystals are also traditionally associated with the zodiac sign of the fish.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is a calming, cooling stone, giving Pisces a sense of tranquillity and peace. With its powerful throat-healing properties, it facilitates verbalizing thoughts and feelings. Choose this crystal when you need to increase your ability to express yourself.

Pisces can suffer from brain fog so Blue Lace agate can help clarify communications and allow you to focus. In addition to neutralizing anger, inflammation, infection, and fever, Blue Lace Agate is a nurturing and supportive stone. It is very effective for releasing any pent-up frustration and resentment.

You can let go of any negative feelings associated with others’ opinions as its energy assists you in expressing yourself freely. In terms of emotions, Blue Lace Agate encourages you to let go of old emotions, especially those related to childhood trauma. This crystal should also greatly help with public speaking and performance anxiety. It is a good idea for Pisces to keep this stone with them when they have an important job interview. The delicate blue laces soothing energy will help you through.

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