Pisces Horoscope 2019

Your Pisces Horoscope 2019 welcomes you to an exciting and illuminating year in your neighbourhood.  This year you will be discovering new possibilities in the learning and communications sector also. The local scene gets a huge boost when Uranus makes its permanent entry into your communications and immediate environment zone. You also get the most out of the dreamy aspect of the year that activates your career zone with Neptune in your sign being activated by lucky Jupiter. The big Jupiter aspect of the year is not without its problems, but the contact between your ancient and modern ruler should make manifestation magic work pretty strongly. Really it will just be a case of being careful what you wish for. Thoughts really are things in 2019 and the square aspect is a lot more proactive than a trine.

The most magical times will be when Jupiter square Neptune is exact on Jan 6, Jun 16 and Sep 21. Piscean musicians, mystics, healers, artists, poets, photographers and filmmakers will benefit the most from this pattern, and if you are one of those dreamy procrastinating Pisces, you will be more likely to actually start crystalizing these visions. (Which might not have been the case with a blissed-out trine!) None of the eclipses of 2019 will bother you in the slightest so there will be no upsetting that crystallization.

Pisces Horoscope 2019 Keywords

Thoughts are things, crystallization, imagination boost, healing hands, stable cash-flow, self-nurturing, status rise, career recognition.

A really great date for promoting your artistic works or healing modality will be Jan 22 with Venus conjunct Jupiter and trine Mars at the same time. Mars in your money zone could activate a bonus or advance on your work. Maybe someone at work has taken a shine to you and wants to see you do well. It may well be that this work benefactor may also want to lure you into their love-nest so be careful you are not sending out the wrong signals. Neptune can blur communications very easily. There is also the issues of transgressing professional boundaries too which can sometimes happen with Neptune squares. Mars trine Jupiter on Jan 25 cannot hold you back, however, so just make sure you channel that energy in the right direction.

Pisces & Saturn Brakes

In your Pisces Horoscope 2019, Saturn will help pull Neptune back to earth if it starts getting too misty-eyed. Saturn sextile Neptune happens Jan 31, Jun 18 and Nov 8 so you can use these days to try and get a grip if there have been miscommunications and misunderstandings. This is a great aspect to bring structure and organisation to artistic projects that have gone off the rails. Saturn sextile Neptune also very useful when what was once beautiful harmony descends into chaos due to those pesky ‘artistic temperaments’.

Those Pisces who are not involved in any of the above professions might find 2019 quite hard to deal with as you will be constantly daydreaming out the office window hoping to be rescued. Well, there is the possibility of a handsome prince or princess coming into your life and captivating your attention, and they are most likely to be found in the workplace as that is where you are most lucky this year. It will be quite hard not to mix business with pleasure, however.

Pisces 2019

Transits of Saturn, Jupiter, Ceres, Mars & Lilith

As I stated earlier Uranus is about to leave your money zone for good on Mar 6 which should bring more stability back into your cash flow. For the last seven years, it has been very hard for you to predict where you next buck with come from. Even if you have been in a steady job all sorts of unexpected expenses have cropped up but that is all about to end. It is by far more fun to have Uranus throwing his thunderbolts in your learning zone as here you will come up with so many bright ideas. This is a great year for inspiration and invention, so make sure you have the opportunity to put your thoughts out into the world and where they will be appreciated.

Saturn continues in your friends and wishes zone. This period of your life is rich opportunities to come together with like-minded people and to work as a team. You have learned to shine as an individual, so now it is time to bring your expertise into group situations. It might be quite a challenge at times because you are still riding on the laurels of your individual successes.

Still, you have the chance to take your biggest dreams to the next level, and this will get easier as time progresses. This zone of hopes and wishes has a visionary feel and one where you are inspired by other peoples’ excitement for the future too. On May 20 and Jun 23 Saturn is conjunct the south node which could revive an old friendship. This also could bring a karmic tie back so that you can break the cord for good and bring closure to an element of the connection…(Your Pisces Horoscope 2019 continues in eBook.)


Pisces Horoscope 2019


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