Pisces Horoscope 2018

Saturn moves into your friends and wishes zone for your Pisces horoscope 2018, here it tests how much responsibility you are willing to accept at the behest of your friends. There is usually quite a positive outcome however. Like your comrades may want you to become a spokesman for their cause, yet you have a real fear of public speaking. The challenge of Saturn here, is that in fulfilling your peer’s needs, you become skilled in something that you might never have done otherwise.

Mars transits your career house from Jan 26 to Mar 17. You will be tested on how much you try to avoid confrontation in your dealings with others. If you tend to constantly compromise for fear of causing offense then Mars now will show this tactic unexpectedly fail even though you have gone against your principles to make someone happy. Suddenly you can’t help but generate a resentful vibe! Eventually, the seething viper of this energy is picked up on and the other starts acting out even more. There is no way you can avoid confrontation with this bad behavior now. You have to decide whether this issue is really worth fighting for however, because things could turn quite ugly if the other is used to your backing down. If not, then this is one of those times when confronting the problem is actually about severing ties with it all together.

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Spiritual warrior, friends responsibility, healing purges, master & servant, soul-searching.

Pisces 2018 Horoscope ~ January to March

The Jan 31 Lunar Eclipse falls in your health zone. You want to be careful at this time not to consciously provoke people into revenge behavior because right now you are not in the strongest position (Unless you have other mitigating transits). Mostly though, this is a time of much internal cleansing. This means you might well experience quite a few sniffles at this time in the form of colds or flu. (These can be the tears of unacknowledged grief too) Don’t try to work over it or suppress your body’s natural wisdom, just help it heal itself. Have hot curries, blow your nose a hundred times a day, whatever it takes, just let it all out! Bleurghhh. The Feb 15 Solar Eclipse switches sides and falls in your mystic zone. The universe is speaking loudly and you are divinely inspired. If however, there are some unrecognized boogie men that are giving you nightmares, then it’s time to open the creaky cupboards of your subconscious and shoo them out. This area of your chart is also one of hidden enemies so there is the possibility of psychic attack, which could show as psychosomatic illness. This Solar Eclipse is just shining a light on great big chinks in your psychic armour, that are in need of fortification.

Ceres spends an extra long time (Until Jun 27) in your health house because of its retrograde in Leo. Ceres healing work here will just support the work of the eclipses. The connection between mind and body is paramount now. Dis-ease of the mind manifests in the body. Before it gets a chance to get a grip, counselling may be the best recommendation, as well as giving up bad habits and addictions. The rape/abduction theme of Ceres can turn the enslavement of the position into something more sexual. Innocent Persephone could manifest as one being seduced into a sadomasochistic relationship that involves role-playing and bondage. This can be figuratively or literally depending on your own proclivity!

Pisces 2018 Horoscope ~ April to June

Saturn continues through your hopes and dreams zone. During this time you will also find out whether your career goals have been realistic or not, sometimes this time can be one of disappointment where you see you friends ascend or promoted while you are left behind. If that is the case, all ideas and plans will be aborted. Don’t fret! you will get the chance to start all over again when Saturn enters your first house for a brand new cycle. We tend to perfect 11th house visions on our second cycle here, rather than the first. (Saturn has a 29 cycle around the chart.) so it is not the end of the world if you don’t make it this cycle. What you will at least come out with is valuable advice from the peers who did succeed.

Jupiter loves travelling through your expansive house of far-away places. There is serenity in feeling that there could be a higher power taking care of things. Events that occur at this time seem to have a special, destined feel about them and result from being able to tap into a universal intelligence. When we have that sense of the architect in the sky, there is less pressure that we have to work everything out ourselves. So after the intense soul-searching of Jupiter in heavy house 8, you are ready to emerge into this carefree, experimental phase.

Black Moon Lilith supports Saturn in your friend’s zone. New friends made at this time could all carry Lilith themes. For example; you form a triangular friendship, you become friends with a healer/witch/shaman or make a friend who is taboo in the eyes of your regular friends. (Too poor, rich, religious, bohemian or traditional etc..) The lowest manifestation would be befriending an addict, hoping to rescue them, but then getting pulled into the drugs yourself. More positively you could make friends with someone who ‘red pills’ you, which distances you from your more unenlightened friends. Sometimes this can feel like you have joined some sort of cult! You will tend to feel pretty uncomfortable with regular society, once you know too much!

Pisces 2018 Horoscope ~ July to Sept

The Jul 13 Solar Eclipse falls in your fun house. Yes, this can be a blinding eclipse and a half, but you will get more love juice if it falls in close aspect to the ruler of House 5 or to a personal planet located therein. Parents might find themselves on a volatile ‘merry-go-round’ with their children. One minute they are adorable, the next possessed by brat demons. (This includes teenagers…) Children can become very demanding of your attention, just when you are least in the mood to be a responsible adult. The Jul 27 Lunar Eclipse in your 12th house puts the spotlight on what you take into your body as a result of your work timetable, Ie: too many coffees, sitting, cigarettes from stress etc etc. You may get a shock from the weighing scales, or a wake up call running out of breath for the bus. This prompts you to take action and change your bad habits for the better. The unexpected gain in all this is a clarity and awareness that really enhances your ‘bullshit’ detector. The more you see how fake some of the world is, the more you might feel at odds with your work environment.

There is more focus in the enigmatic 12th house where the Mars Retrograde falls from Jun 27 to Aug 12. It will revise and reheat all the themes brought up by the Lunar eclipse. There is a weird place for Mars to hang out. It’s like a flame-breathing dragon suddenly finds itself 2000 leagues under the sea. Any trumpets of fire will come out as bubbles, but those dragon wings can learn to swim pretty fast! This is a floaty, mystical time and one where you might find out what spiritual values are worth fighting for. Mars retrograde in the Neptunian 12th house has a Joan of Arc type of energy and is a spiritual warrior. The much-maligned 12th is called the house of self-undoing because it really isn’t a place that is conducive to material abundance. This is the area of the chart where some self-flagellation happens to some extent in order to gain enlightenment. You won’t have to beat yourself senseless with a pointy stick however. Instead Mars will bring challenges into your life, (most usually loss of some kind,) where you will have to painfully let go of something you have become addicted to. You might go through some ‘cold turkey’ over drugs, alcohol, gluten, sugar or a person.

The Aug 11 Solar Eclipse flips the above energy in the opposite direction with the hands-on healing of the 6th house. The mind/body connection is awakened big time with this eclipse. Dis-ease is exactly what the word says. It arises because your body is unhappy with what you are throwing at it.(or letting others throw at it!) If you don’t learn to say ‘no’ then your body itself will have to speak very loudly to compensate. However, after this period of adjustment, you should feel more integrated with your surroundings and back to better health as a result. A short illness can be a blessing, serving the purpose of shaking you out of a routine, that was in fact stagnating you. Nature’s way!

Mars Retrograde backs into your hopes and dreams zone from Aug 13 and goes direct on Aug 28. You will place a great amount of energy into wishful thinking. If some friends do suddenly disappear then it shouldn’t be very long until new ones take their place, voids have a habit of being filled so don’t worry if you literally feel ‘cut off’ from company for a little while. It will give you the chance to dream up a new social network filled with people who more closely align with your interests.

Pisces 2018 Horoscope ~ October to December

Meeting a long-lost love in a faraway land is the most fairytale manifestation of Venus retrograde in your travel zone from Oct 6. Most of all, this transit can transport you back into ancient times, but whether you meet a tall, dark handsome foreigner is debatable… You will feel however will be a strong pull towards places where you might have had a romantic connection in the past. You could even stumble across an exotic old flame if other astrological factors support this. Less fantastical options would be taking a trip with a suitcase full of crayons. A drawing holiday to a past life location would be greatly inspiring, you might even find you draw out and remember your olden day persona. This is one of the easier Venus retrogrades, for it brings a reconnection with ancient wisdom that is sometimes felt very acutely through the land itself. Therefore going to a place that has many sacred sites is a fantastic use of this energy, as is going to any group spiritual retreat. Rewriting material for publishing is also a good move, as is going back to study in higher education as an adult. During this time you might feel drawn towards, art, music or styles that reconnect you to places you have visited in the past. During the first half of this period from until Oct 26, Venus is in her more harmonious (Hesperus) phase which makes travel pleasant and easy-going. During the second half from Nov 1 to 15, Lucifer Venus becomes sorcerous in your taboo 8th house, so keep your wits about you if you don’t want to fall under her spell. Venus turns direct on Nov 16.

Ceres moves in to help fellow goddess out in your higher wisdom house from Nov 11 to Dec 28. You could come into contact with an influential teacher in the form of a healer, astrologer or seer at this time. Maybe you meet this guide through taking part in a course that involves the priestess crafts of herbal medicine, divination or planetary magic. Your mind is expanded through being contact with the sacred wisdom of mother earth. You may take part in pagan rituals, harvest festivals or activities that bring you into contact with lay lines or telluric currents under the earth. Even simply walking in nature or gardening is enough.

Mars moves into your sign from Nov 16 until New Year’s Eve! You are feeling quite passionate about everything right now, but could become extra-moody if people get too close. Give yourself a wide-berth while you enjoy feeling so hot-blooded and virile, because you might snap at others if they get too close. This is a time when people see your tempestuous side! Coming out of your watery sea-shell means you are successful with ‘shock and awe’ techniques of persuasion. Don’t overuse this tactic however, take the bootie and carry on with your independent activity. Solo projects at this time can fly, sky-high because you carry an enthusiastic, can-do, upbeat attitude.

Jupiter strides confidently into your “look at how damn wonderful I am” house on Nov 8. This is mainly in the realms of your career. If you are not some wheelin’ dealin’ entrepreneur, you are still likely to find some fame of sorts, even if it’s just opinion expressed on social media. Your tweets, status’s or whatever could gain some notoriety. In this case, the expression “ there is no such thing as bad publicity” fits really well. No matter what you say, people will at least admire your honesty and balls. Even if you do get trolled, the mud shouldn’t stick. It could be tempting to think you are untouchable during this transit, but it would still be wise not to push it. If you get too cocky, there could be a backlash after Jupiter has left this house in Nov 2019, so go gentle on your more sensitive clients, employees or colleagues.

Pisces 2018 ~ The Decans

Pisces Decan 1 Feb 19 to 29 (0º to 10º)

Pisces 2018 Horoscope The major transit for you this year is a very useful Saturn sextile your decan from Jan 1 to Dec 19. You should tickle the eye of people in power while Saturn tickles you by sextile! This is a budding type of energy. The sap is rising and it has bags of potential. As always with Saturn, it will take effort on your part to encourage these seeds take root. It won’t happen by chance or through luck, but through a sustained application. Stamina is what this gift of a transit will give you. So once you get the ball rolling, the road to the finish line shouldn’t feel too much of an ordeal. This can work out to be an exceeding fortunate period once the majority of the work has been done, then it’s just a question of letting the momentum carry you forward.

This Saturn transit is very ‘useful’ because it’s not particularly harsh, and has a great structural energy to support other more imaginative and fluid transits. The Mars square from Jan 27 to Feb 11 does much to power the stamina generated by Saturn so that it helps push forward your goals. It’s a great balance between steady, careful planning and then daring leaps forwards. Saturn is the safety break. The Venus conjunction from Feb 11 to 18 is fantastic for serious relationships. Saturn should bring you security and commitment to the Venus flirtation and romance, which won’t lead you down the garden path. This is a really easy first half of the year, with progress moving carefully along with no bumps in the road. Even the Venus square from Apr 25 to May 2 is handled easily because you already have so much support and confidence. You can use this square to help sculpt any artistic ideas and give them material form. After that the beautiful and harmonious Venus trine from May 20 to 27 is a real treat and brings some fun. You can veer of Saturn’s timetable for a while and enjoy free flow!

July Onwards

Relationships with mother earth, children and partner are the focus while you have two goddesses vying for attention in your marriage sector. (Especially if reading this for your rising sign.) The first is the Ceres opposition from Jun 28 to Jul 22 and then the Venus opposition from Jul 10 to 18. Together this emphasises how honest and natural you can be in relationships. If you have to be fake and feel you have to hold back what you really think about someone, then this person isn’t for you. If they are easily offended then they are not mature enough for you. With Saturn working in the background, you need someone who can be responsible and not just a grown-up teenager. Ceres is about respecting the wisdom of what has been working well for thousands of years, the goddess of natural law. Venus can be a little frivolous, but together Venus and Ceres strike a really grounded middle path where Venus’s tendency to luxury materialism is transmuted into sacred earth-ism.

After this marriage of nature with magic, you are able to really enjoy the Venus trine from Sep 9 to 28 and turn Venus’s pentagram into pentacles in a good way. You can make money easily through doing the work you love. This work may be something artistic or maybe counselling others. What you give to others in terms of care and nurturing you will get back thrice with the Ceres trine from Nov 12 to Dec 4. During this time the Mars conjunction from Nov 16 to 31 will really help power your ambitions upwards and onwards. Right at the end of the year you get a taste of the sort of equal-but-opposite energy of the Saturn sextile your decan, with the Jupiter square from Nov 8 to Dec 2. The Saturn sextile is like soft work, whereas the Jupiter square is like hard relaxin’. You could put a lot of energy into expanding your mind through learning. The growth of one’s wisdom can never be a bad thing, as long as you don’t turn into an awful know-it-all. With a square there is always a ‘but’, with Jupiter there is always a positive side. Together then, this energy can be the best of both worlds, or the very worst, it’s really up to you. If somebody tells you that you have become too overbearing or preachy, believe them!

Pisces Decan 2 Mar 1 to 10 (10º to 20º)

Pisces 2018 HoroscopeHow is the poetic imagination and mysticism going? You still have the background influence of the Neptune conjunction all year. Having Neptune so close up and personal can mean that you actually don’t see that you have become Uber-Piscean yourself. It’s just that everyone around you sees it. You should also realise that you have also become super psychic and intuitive, but again you might just think everyone feels like you do when they clearly don’t. On the other hand, you could be feeling what everybody else is thinking and not realise that it is their thoughts and not yours. Quite good if you happen to be surrounded by artistic geniuses, but not if you take on the entire paranoias of a mental-health ward. Those who work with people who have depression or are mentally unstable, could have quite a hard time with this transit and will need to shield themselves. It might be a year when you choose to drop out. People around you might criticise this retreating, but this could be what you have to do to preserve your own sanity. By ‘dropping out’ I mean that you might choose to ‘find-yourself’ through travel or by going on a spiritual retreat as much as you are able. You might give up the corporate world and become a self-employed healer. Using this energy at a high vibration and to serve others would be ideal, but you still need to ground yourself so you don’t absorb the dis-ease of those you are trying to heal.

The Mars trine from Jan 1 to 9 is a great Kickstarter for you to channel the Neptune energy in a useful manner. It has quite a spiritual warrior energy to it. At the same time you have to say goodbye the very fortunate Jupiter trine from Jan 1 to 20. You have had this transit over the end of 2017 and it should have left you sitting pretty if you have used it righteously. The Mars square can be aggressive from Feb 11 to 28, but it is also tempered by Neptune’s great empathy, so you might find it impossible to be angry for long. Again this is prime spiritual warrior energy, even with the square. Musically this is very healing too, so pay attention to what audio vibration you are giving out or taking in. Another challenge to watch out for is drugs, Mars with Neptune is notorious for addiction problems. This comes from wanting to feel at one with the universe and striving for that bliss. The Venus conjunction from Feb 19 to 26 could bring you that love bliss that you have been yearning for. Neptune in Pisces does a LOT of yearning. It is the queen of unrequited love moping. Try not to let the unattainable overwhelm you with the Venus square from May 3 to 10. It the same time it is good to have dreams and sometimes these long distant loves can become reality. If you have fallen madly in love then the Venus trine from May 28 to Jun 4 will show you what is possible with this relationship.

July Onwards

The second half of the year has bags of exciting transits for you. The most romantic is the Venus opposition from Jul 19 to 27. This will really ramp up the soulmate possibilities of Neptune. Now this could be a good or bad thing, so check out my twin flame post before you get too blind-sighted. The Ceres opposition from Jul 23 to Aug 14 actually keeps things real. So plunge your feet into the sand, mud, stream, large furry dog or failing all that an Epsom bath. Do this every time you start getting too floaty and silly. Ok, you could get exceeding floaty and silly during the next few weeks as you get a double dose of the Venus transit due to the retrograde. The first Venus trine levitates you from Sep 29 to Oct 5, after which it goes retrograde from Oct 6 to 11. If you have started a new relationship be careful that an Ex doesn’t suddenly show up declaring undying love for you and their deepest regrets. You may be tempted to forgive and forget, but with Neptune in the background, the betrayal aspect is always a possibility, as is falling into fantasy mode. Again, see grounding advice from Ceres previously.

Then there is the confusion of the Mercury retrograde square from Nov 17 to 23. That could scramble up all your sensible insights and replace them with full-on fairy tales. When this is over your mind returns to its former sane self so don’t make any major commitments while your brain is so mushy. The Mars conjunction from Dec 1 to 16 gets you back on track. Hurrah! Then you get superb transits that really are quite heavenly. Just right for Christmas time and all its twinkly lights. The Ceres trine from Dec 5 to 28 runs alongside the lovey-dovey Venus trine from Dec 17 to 27. Time spent with loved ones and family should be harmonious, nurturing and enjoyable. You end the year feeling supported and secure with the start of the Saturn sextile in your decan from Dec 20 to 31. This is a superb grounding device for countering the long term dreamy Neptune conjunction in your decan and another perfect transit for supporting and conserving family relations over the Christmas period.

Pisces Decan 3 Mar 11 to 19 (20º to 30º)

Pisces 2018 HoroscopeYou start the year bounding with confidence due to the feisty Mars trine from Jan 10 to 26. This prepares you for the fantastic Jupiter trine from Jan 21 to Apr 25 then returns in the second half of the year too. A trine from Jupiter really can feel like a gift from the heavens. The biggest problem is feeling so contented and blissed out that you fail to make any use of it. For sure your vitality, enthusiasm and sense of wellbeing will be great. That is, if you don’t let yourself fall into the five-course indulgence that is often served up with this transit. The only downside of Jupiter’s generous bounty is the tendency to become a little more erm rotund.. Will all this Jupiter marvellousness the benefic Venus conjunction from Feb 27 to Mar 6 can only be a boon. This is a great time to attract new friends and lovers into your life. Use the time to enjoy yourself and ramp up the fun factor. Laughter is healing and will fortify you for the coming Mars square from Mar 1 to 17 and the Venus square from May 11 to 19. Consecutive squares from the love planets might work really well to bring excitement and passion into your life rather than aggression and angst. Jupiter always helps bring out the best in the other transits you are having, and you have the free will to use the squares in their higher vibration too. Both can be used creatively too as these squares can work hard in the arts and sports. Venus and Mars squares are great for dance too, or anything where you get sweaty… You will really enjoy the Venus trine from Jun 5 to 13 after strutting your funky stuff. Now you can do something less frantic and more romantic. Wind down with candlelit dinners and frothy scented baths with your beloved. If you are single, this is a good period for attraction.

July Onwards

This part of the year is fantastic for relationship and making new starts in your social life. The Solar Eclipse trine on Jul 13 is fresh and friendly. It won’t be a sharp reboot, more like a lemon granita on a hot, sunny day. The worst it can do is set your sensitive teeth on edge. This is followed by two romantic and sensual transits with the Venus opposition from Jul 28 to Aug 6 and then the Ceres opposition from Aug 15 to Sep 5. Both these indulgent goddesses are apt to spoil you. That’s if you let your partner take a protective and nurturing role. These ladies can also just be mother figures or healers in your life that give you beneficial medicine at this time. All is running smoothly now and you get even more treats with the return of the Jupiter trine from Sep 19 to Nov 7. Laughter is one of the great gifts of this transit and you might find yourself reduced to giggles at the smallest thing. Your cheer is infectious so you could attract new friends or partners into your life. Good times are scheduled for this period so don’t let it go to waste. You could use this time to take a holiday as it should go harmoniously without any travel hitches. Take off, be happy and let your hair down. Make money or spend money, but whatever you do have fun! Nothing really gets you down this year. The Mercury Retrograde trine from Dec 1 to 12 just gives you the chance to revise your business strategy or possibly to rebrand. Then you get zippy with the Mars conjunction from Dec 17 to 31, which could put you in quite a flaming mood for Christmas, so go easy on the alcohol. Otherwise, Mars is passionate and bold with the Venus trine from Dec 28 to 31 which is great for those New Year mistletoe kisses. There is a good chance that you won’t see in 2019 alone!

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